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Strategies in Communication July 2022 ♒️ ♓️ ♈️ ♉️ ♊️

Hello Garden Visitors! Welcome back to my Garden! You didn‘t think I’d forget my Air, Water, & remaining Fire Signs did you? Of course not!

You are so important to the world, and to this space, and I am holding space for gratitude that you have found this space I created. As we dip into the pool for the wisdom that awaits, remember that not all that is shared here was meant for you. Tia’s Garden is place to practice using your inner guidance to lead you to what is for your highest good. It is is my intention as the holder of this space that you receive what you need in perfect time. I believe, and so it is. Thank you for visiting and thank you for your support, likes, shares and for subscribing to Story Time.

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Problem solving, energetic, advanced, clever beings of light cloaked in optimism, welcome to Tia’s Garden! I wish you so much happiness that you never doubt your worth. Let’s begin shall we?

An Aquarius Challenge:

A common theme in cancer season seems to be the need to go within. For an air sign that is used to using their intellect to problem solve, this may be a difficult season indeed. There is an Aquarius who has reached the end of their energy reserves. They have been carrying a lot of emotional weight that they are ready to release but still unsure on how to do it. They have listened to the advice of others, read informative self help books, and have checked all the boxes off that their mind could think of to release the stress they’ve been carrying. Though this Aquarius feels they intellectually understand the problem, they cannot seem to find a way around the answer, and the answer is to feel. An Aquarius in July will be challenged with leaving their comfort zone of analytical thinking and taking some time alone to process what they are feeling. Will this Aquarius choose to face what they are hiding from instead of distract themselves with more to think about? Will they communicate with their emotional side and allow themselves to heal?

A Strategy for an Aquarius ♒️

As many wiser than myself have said throughout the years, the only way to healing, is through exploring those uncomfortable feelings. The uncomfortable emotions that would rather be stuffed down and ignored are the very ones to set them free. What an Aquarius is afraid to face has the answers for them. By expressing to those around them that they need space, peace and quiet, they can create a space in their environment that is sacred and just for their healing. By holding firm to their boundaries and allowing themselves the time to heal, they can release guilt for taking time to themselves as well. This may make it easier for them to move forward with grace.

Affirmations for Aquarius ♒️

“My emotions are teaching me something new. It is safe to feel them, to observe them, without judgement. I am learning more about myself. By knowing what I feel and who I am, I can discern who I am not.

When I choose to hold firmly to my boundaries, I can give to others freely for I know my limits.”

For my highly intuitive, empathic, caring and deeply feeling Pisces ♓️ visitors, welcome to Story Time! I wish you success in all your endeavors

A Challenge for A Pisces ♓️

There can be many Reasons something does not work out the way we hoped. Most of the time without even realizing it, rejection is truly God’s protection. In July, there is a Pisces that is struggling to let go of the illusion that they can control a situation that is ending. The time has come for Pisces to start a new adventure, and though they want to, they know it needs to be, they may be standing in their own way. In July a Pisces is challenged with accepting another’s decision and giving them their blessing to move on. Will a Pisces let go of their need to hold on to what is done?

A Strategy for a Pisces ♓️

It’s not like this Pisces to go into anything half way. They do not tread shallow waters. They enjoy the deep end of relationships. When they give so much of themselves to any relationship it’s to build a new not have a temporary friend or lover. That is why learning to surrender in July will be an important key to moving forward. A Pisces is learning in July that not all endings are bad, even if they feel sad. They are learning that sometimes goodbye brings healthier relationships, renewed strength and even more self love. If Pisces is willing to release the illusion that they can keep someone around that is not meant to be there, they will find the peace they are looking for. After all, they deserve it!

Affirmations for a Pisces ♓️

“ I come from love, I am love and I am enough. I surrender what is not mine to fix, change or heal. I can grow in this space, I choose to grow, I choose to let go. I am ready for the next chapter and I free space for what is to come now”

Hello my ambitious, competitive, knowing warriors

visiting Tia’s Garden

An Aries Challenge

There is an Aries that has been in “Captain Save ‘em energy” for a long while now. They have made it their business to take on everybody else’s business. After all, who could solve the world’s problem better than Aries? 😉 In July however, it is becoming increasingly exhausting for an Aries to carry the burdens of others as their own issues and challenges are beginning to also seem heavy. The more they ignore, the heavier this gets for an Aries too. It’s quite easy for this Aries to observe the solutions for others, and they are great at hiding that they cannot see the solutions to their own problems. Will Aries see their energy is on low? Will they redirect it in a way that benefits them?

A Strategy for an Aries ♈️

In July, It would highly benefit an Aries to communicate the need for space from people that rely too heavily on them for the answers. Though this may not be easy at first, Aries has a lot personally they need to consider and deal with and in order for them to reach the best possible outcome, they need to retreat and spend some much needed time alone. This is a time for Aries to re-strategize and organize their emotional life. There may be an Aries making the hard choice to end the codependent relationships they’ve been involved in. Ending these may not be easy but it’s for their own well being. Taking time by themselves and truly listening to that inner guidance and what they need, they will find the answers they are looking for, and see clearly their next steps. This is a time of solution, retreat, and rebooting. Can Aries allow themselves the space.

Affirmations for an Aries ♈️

“ I am leader, and I choose to lead by example. I am capable of facing my challenges and others are capable too. It is not my job or responsibility to fix, heal or change anyone but myself. By changing my mindset, I change my reality. “

For my dependable, grounded, firm, and reliable Taurus Visitors, I wish you truth spoken in love, with helpful intention.

A Challenge for a Taurus ♉️

Like many earth signs, there is a Taurus that would rather create tangible wealth for themselves then face their feelings. This is not a bad thing in fact, in the upcoming season, there will be many opportunities for a Taurus to create more wealth for themselves, IF they face their emotions now. (Somewhere, a Taurus just puked a little… in their mouth 🤢) Easier said then done, this is why it is the challenge in July for a Taurus. In July, Taurus will be forced with seeing themselves and their recent behavior honestly and they may not like what they see. All they want to accomplish and more is on the other side of facing their truth. Will they take the deep dive needed to get past their past?

A Strategy for a Taurus ♉️

This is not the time to lie. For a Taurus that is serious about meeting their goals and moving on past unproductive situations, they will need to be honest with themselves and others. Their ability to be transparent with people that love them in July, will be important. They are working towards removing their focus on the past and what they’ve lost. This may have felt like motivation for awhile but it has been putting a dark spot on what would and should be a happy victory. Spending more time in the present moment will also help Taurus remember that positive motivation takes them much farther!

Affirmations for a Taurus ♉️

“ I am capable of facing myself and my inner truth. I am ready to feel what needs to be felt and release it for good. I can decide now, that I am done with resentment. I can draw inspiration from all sources and I don’t need bitterness anymore. I release it with gratitude for all I’ve learned, and all I can change going forward.

To my clever, endearing, charming, flexible, and outgoing Gemini visitors, I wish you love in all ways for all your days to come.

A Challenge for Gemini ♊️

When you like to make people happy and are really good at multitasking, it’s easy to overwork yourself. There is a Gemini that has lost their energy and the lack of rest is distorting their reality. In July they may be recovering from sleepless nights and a mountain of stress, worry and fear. They haven’t really recovered physically from all that they had to endure in June. If a Gemini is feeling like a meltdown is coming, they may be challenged with communicating their need for a break to others around them. Their intuition is trying to tell them something. Will they take the time to listen to what that is?

A strategy for Gemini ♊️

That inner voice, is a powerfully accurate one. A Gemini has developed Their intuition, they can trust it. There may be someone around them that is adding to the confusion by questioning their choices and their judgement. Though they think they know better than Gemini, it’s simply not true. This is why a Gemini can’t see clearly at this time. They are in need of being their own advocate and taking some time and space to nurture themselves and get in touch with their intuition again.

Some Affirmations for a Gemini ♊️

“ I am stronger than I realize, I boldly take accountability for my life, for my choices and my words. I listen to the advice of others, I put my faith in the most high, I believe in the wisdom I’ve acquired and my decisions come from healed space. I can trust my intuition and I bravely move forward in faith. Sometimes I walk this life with the support of others, sometimes I walk seemingly alone. My intuition guides me and I am learning to trust the information shown. “

That’s what I have for you this time, visitors. May all that was not for you, or for your highest good be released back into the pool where it belongs,

I wish you all the success you’ve earned and all that you need come in perfect time,

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