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How Can I Help?

  • Where do the stories come from?
    Energy surrounds us, and we leave our mark wherever we go. The Collective stories are the interpretation of that energy that come from the collective of souls who visit the garden. Wisdom of their situations seeps through each one and received by all who it resonates for.
  • How do I know what story is for me?
    In the Garden, we interpret the energy in a way that will be most helpful to all who visit. We are all connected, and our stories, help each other. Not every story will feel familiar and not every story was meant for you, that doesn’t mean there isn’t wisdom for you or someone you care about. YOU know your situation, and only YOU know what is for you.
  • Can I try it before I subscribe to a plan?
    Yes! We want you to enjoy your experience here and we offer a 7 day trial on all our subscription plan options! Take time to enjoy the garden, we believe you’ll love it here! If you don’t feel this space is for you, we wish you well on your journey, cancel before your trial ends with no charge to you!
  • Why are the subscription prices so low?
    Tia’s Garden was created for everyone to enjoy their experience. to reach more people and allow everyone an opportunity to grow, we ask for a small fee to honor our writers, and our Artists for their contributions. We also offer Free trials and Stories so everyone has an opportunity to receive the value of what we offer.
  • What is Manifestation?
    ALL is mental, meaning everything we see comes from the mind. IT is a visual and physical representation of what we think we deserve. In order to see this, we have to accept responsibility for a portion of what we experience. Manifestation is a powerful thing. It is what we create from our mental space. What you believe, you receive. We can manifest good or bad from what we choose to believe is so. This is why in Tia’s Garden, we work hard to provide stories to show examples of what is possible for those who choose to have faith.
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