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Enter The Garden

The Garden whispers through the trees the pool reveals all it sees. For all who are called, You will find Tia’s own Version of energy reading here! Using a variety of Oracle messages, scripture, and wisdom from ancient and current sources to help you on your own unique journey!  


What Is The Garden?

About Me

What I Do

Tia Khaleesi is a Keeper of sacred space, writer, seeker of hidden truths and much more. She shares all the  stories gifted to her for the highest good of all who are brought here. We all need a space to gather our truths, The Garden is her creation for Holy inspiration! She created this space to bring healing, light and movement towards the highest good of the Collective.  As a Spiritual being & knowledge seeker. Tia Khaleesi is an Initiated & Ordained Priestess, Heyoka  and facilitator of space for ego release and accessing inner guidance. She’s a certified crystal/holistic healer,  and more! She trained for 10 years in leadership Working with All age groups, she is now entering her service as gate  keeper for the garden, a resting space on your journey  All who choose Love, are welcome here.

My Services

What I Do

You are not powerless, you don’t need to be rescued, 

You are not broken. You are not what needs to be fixed. I see you, in your wholeness, because you are already so. As you remember your light & purpose I will stand with you believing in your highest good, I will assist you as you remove the blockages holding you back, You are your own hero. I'm honored to be here with you now

Crystal Meditation (15- 30 minutes)

Cord cutting guided meditation (30 minutes)

Personal Story Time (birth chart reading and more)

Private & Group Ceremony (cacao, dedications, weddings etc.)


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Enter The Garden

Enter The Garden

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