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His & Hers July 2022

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

Welcome Back to Tia’s Garden, subscribers! If you are interested in diving a little deeper with me this Cancer Season, you may enjoy this pondering of Someone’s challenge.

Let me begin by reminding you that regardless of physical gender, we are all created with both Masculine and Feminine energy. If this is a truth you can see, then you may see only one person in this story. You may also see two. Whatever the case, I would like to remind you that this is a space where you are called to go inward to decide what if anything is meant for you to learn from these stories. Intuition lead conclusions are the most accurate. Believe in yourself and trust your inner guidance. Not all that. Is shared here is meant for you, that’s okay, sometimes a story is just a story and that is a beautiful thing. It is my intention that when you visit the garden, that anything you take with you be of your highest good. I believe, and so it is.

Have you read The Garden Entrance? Perhaps it’s Time for another visit! Click HERE If you are called.

A short simplified introduction to these energies

When you see SHE or HER:

I am speaking of the feminine energy that we all have, some more than others. Those who come in the Male atomic form with dominant feminine energy are a blessed with a beautiful gift. This is someone who is more comfortable receiving as that is their natural frequency. This part of us all is present as we must fill our cup when we pour into other. The feminine energy In healed space, is a nurturing, loving and gentle one. Their insight and support is needed, desired by the world around them.

In shadow or in toxicity, This can show up as spiteful, vindictive vengeful, and unforgiving

When you See HE or HIM:

I am speaking of the masculine energy that we all have, some more than others. This is someone who is more comfortable with giving and providing as that is their natural frequency. This part of us all, is strong, and is present to solve problems by finding solutions. In healed space this energy is generous and has strong boundaries. It knows when to give and when to stop giving too.

In shadow or toxicity, This can show up as stingy, unforgiving, overbearing and possessive.

She is excellent at calming the storm for others. She knows how to encourage them, love them and bring them hope when they need it. Regardless of who the “They” is. She is the rock that never waivers in someone else’s storm. She is learning at this time to calm her own.

Rest is a very important part of self-work. There is a need for her to place rest on the top of her priority list. She is by no means lazy, she works very hard all year. She has a very difficult time taking breaks when she needs to.

This July, She is going to need to brace herself for the changes coming her way. These are not your everyday challenges either. Life is about to change in a beautiful and permanent way. Before this can take place, she must rid herself of a lot of baggage that has been carried with her from different times in her life. Much like cleaning out a basement or cluttered attic, She is doing some emotional mid-Summer cleaning, and releasing some pain that has controlled or limited her for far too long. The dysfunction, toxicity, betrayals, shame, public embarrassment, etc. come up not to bring back the pain, but as an opportunity for her to free herself more and more each day. For this, the Feminine has been preparing all year.( For some, much longer.) She may have worked in therapy for years before taking a break. She may have had many opportunities to see her trauma in full view and has relived it more than enough. She has gathered all she can and learned from each situation what she needed to, that is why she will be challenged with deciding to let those situations go, for good.

Some may not understand her choices, they may not understand her journey, after all for longer than some can remember, she’s been the one who needs to discuss her issues at length. The truth is, they don’t need to understand and she does not need to worry about what anyone thinks about her choice to move forward. Those who can adjust will and those who cannot won’t be around long enough to matter. She is moving forward into a new way of thinking, and being. She has to remind herself that she is safe to explore new was of being, she is capable of letting go of past pain. She has the power to change her life story going forward. She has the strength she needs to shut the door on past relationships that do not serve her any longer. She is kind, loving and she allows empathy to help guide her when dealing with others.

She has learned forgiveness for herself, and she has learned how to forgive and release others. She is standing in her truth, boldly choosing authenticity over blindly following trends and what others feel and think. She knows herself more today than she ever has before, she is connected with The Most High, she is guided and she is listening to that guidance before any on earth. She is transforming, this is why she needs to rest and give to herself in cancer season. This is why she must nurture herself. Be kind and gentle to herself. She is facing the mistakes of a version of herself that does not exist anymore. In order to grow from this, she will need to see herself with gentle eyes. This is very different from the condemning ones of her past self. When she was once so hard on herself she kept herself tied and chained to her mistakes, even after she’d long learned her lesson. She is ready. She is strong, and she is enough. Right now in this time, in this space, She is learning that she has always been enough. Will she believe it? Will she let it all go for the beautiful rewards ahead? Will she remember to allow the truth to set her free even when it isn’t flattering? She is the one that will decide. Her lows become her highs and all because of her choice to move forward.

Does she resemble someone you know? Is she you? What can her lows help you discover within yourself?

He’s in the middle of a terrible fight with himself. He has no choice but recognize that the motivation is waning. His desires are strong, but the goal seems far away. Much too far to continue. It feels like a good time to take a break. Or is it? With so much farther to go, he finds himself stuck in the middle. He’s come so far and yet he has so much farther to go. Can he rest? Can he take a break now? Sure, but he knows deep down that he’s being tempted by his fear. It isn’t the failure he’s afraid to face, it’s the success. Wasn’t easier when people expected nothing of him?

When they assumed he was incapable of succeeding or putting in the time, energy, and work to be his best self? It’s here, at his best that he feels the pull of distractions. He feels like a magnet that draws in all the temptations of the past to keep him from moving forward. A part of him is battling to stay where he was. A part of him is craving a deep dive back down into the chaotic mess he came from. He knows how to fail. He’s comfortable in failure. He knows how people respond to him in this space and he’s learned to simply accept it. Now he’s a space of winning. He’s in place where he succeeds yesterday’s best often. He is becoming successful in all areas and this is a space he’s not comfortable. This is new, this is big, and this is not easy to admit that it terrifies him. Can he move forward boldly into success?

Can he reconcile in the month of July. The world can see his progress, that is why the darkness of his past crouches forward trying to pull him back down. He is the one that needs to see it. He is the one that can transform from losing, to winning. His success brings in more challenges and his comfortability with failure, will be his drive to succeed. He must start becoming equally as comfortable with winning. Will he? Will he choose to accept he’s here now, he’s capable, strong, powerful, lead by his heart, speaking up for those who cannot speak for themselves, knowing his path is ahead, not behind him. Can he stay connected to his highest self, and make the journey forward on to success?

Thank you for reading. Did any of this resonate with you? Leave a ♥️ Below please!

For this bonus in Story time, There will only be two, Libra and Scorpio, I CHOOSE YOU!

Hello Libra, fair and just, beautiful people! Cancer season is a breeze when you remember you’re the wind!

You are in control of your destiny Libra don’t forget it!

Now is a time to feel, open your heart and take a good look at where you have been stuck. What is missing? What is here? What needs to be revisited Libra?

"July’s pretty little lies"

There is a Libra who is struggling communicating their need to be seen as important. There is a connection that is bringing this libra great amounts of stress. There is a masculine energy at the core of this stress too. A masculine energy who used a Libra for romantic pleasures with no intention of creating a life with them. This is becoming more and more apparent as time went on. They have felt rejected and it has given this Libra a good swift kick in the ego, leaving them with lowered self esteem and a warped perception of their worth.

The person that used them didn’t value them at all and only saw what libra could do for them, the clout they would get from being with them and this has a Libra feeling less than their valuable self. The Challenge in the month of July is allowing themselves time to heal from this painful energy exchange. The user may come back with pretty little lies that sound like everything Libra has been waiting to hear. Can Libra remember their worth? Will they buy these beautiful lies mixed in with truth and be used again?

A Strategy:

Cancer season Is a time that teaches Libra to address their feelings fully and whole heartedly. This isn’t something they want to do, but it is necessary for healing to occur. Just like the Crab 🦀 In Cancer Season, it would serve Libra well to retreat within and nurture themselves. Exploring what drew them to trust the liar that used them is important. What did Libra ignore? Was the liars charm really overwhelming or was Libra’s ego pumped up by the idea of beating out someone else for this “prize” of a person? In order to heal from this and move forward, Libra must recognize their own toxic traits and choose to work on them privately. By retreating now, and healing what needs to be healed, Libra will have no desire to repeat this cycle again. Do they believe they are worthy of being someone’s first choice? Will they allow themselves the space to heal, and grow even if that means being alone for a little while? The choices made now will set the tone for Leo ♌️ season just around the corner. There is a chance for a beautiful happy ending for a Libra that has chosen toxicity for far too long.

*Shout out to a Scorpio reading from the UK! ( you know who you are)

Water season has your senses heightened and your intuition is on point, feisty intuitive Scorpio.

You have no problem diving deep and that is good, because this Cancer Season there is nothing shallow about the depths of emotion you may face.

A Scorpio’s Challenge:

There is a deep need for a Scorpio to get some time alone. They have been surrounding themselves with friends and family, listening to the various stories, arguments, and complaints of others is starting to wear on a Scorpio. They have so many other opinions in their head at the moment they can hardly hear their own voice! There are many around them going through tough and possibly sad and unfair situations. By taking in the problems of others, a Scorpio is finding it difficult to connect to their own blessings which are numerous at this time!

The Challenge in July is to recognize when they need a time out from others. They may feel challenged with finding time to do this with a very busy schedule and or social calendar. Will Scorpio give themselves the time to rest? Will they communicate with others this need?

A Strategy for a Scorpio

What if the reason a Scorpio is so busy, is because they want to be? What if it’s a great way to distract themselves from facing themselves and the truth that is coming up for healing?

Scorpio is a very intimidating sign to some. Most do not quickly recover from the scorpion’s sting and it is even more true for this Scorpio, when they face themselvs. There is a need to balance asking and demanding what they need. It’s okay for Scorpio to decline visits from others and it’s okay for Scorpio to choose to remove themselves from drama that does not directly have something to do with them. By taking time in July to remove themselves from others conflicts, they free themselves and their time up for doing some inner work. (Somewhere, a scorpio just gagged ) Excuses are easy and plenty. Can Scorpio accept the truth that being alone is scary for them personally? That facing their inner truth is intimidating and they have filled their schedule with purpose to avoid this? Does Scorpio acknowledge that they have the power to make time? For the brave and willing Scorpio ready to sit with their truth, Cancer season in July can be a time of growth, and revitalizing of the Body, Mind and Spirit. July is helping them realize where their happiness is. and the reward is how many of their complaints disappear, and how many relationships are restored.

That’s what I have for you at this time garden Visitors. May all that was not yours, not meant for you or your highest good be released back into the pool where it belongs,

Until next time, I wish you all that you need arrive in perfect time,

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