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Updated: Jul 14

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Hello Garden Visitors, Welcome back to The Garden, and welcome to all of the new visitors! I’m so glad you came here today. For all wishing others love and happiness are welcome here.

My garden is growing and it’s showing! This month the sun is going to be an important part of the growing process. When dealing with plants, some need all the light they can get to grow, some need only partial sun, and some thrive only in the shade. Too much sun will make some of them wither away. As the sun rules July in Someone’s Experience, they are about to see the gifts and the challenges in moving forward in authenticity, and knowing when to step out of the spotlight and observe from the shade.

(We all could learn this lesson!)

Remember, not all that I share here is for you, and that is okay. This space was created to assist you with trusting your inner guidance to lead you to what is. It is my intention as the holder of this Space that you receive only what is for your highest good, and so it is! Let’s begin shall we?

( Some) Important Dates to Remember

April- October 8th

Pluto Retrograde


Things you don’t like about yourself may have been making an appearance lately.

Maybe you try to ignore it, maybe you even deny it exists. Pluto is inviting you to see yourself truly by not letting you look away. Take this time to see , heal and fix the issues that have been holding you back while left unhealed. You are worthy of this change

June 4th - October 23rd

Saturn Retrograde.


Did you learn from your past mistakes? Have you made the necessary changes? Are you living your truth regardless of how it looks to others? Then this time will feel like an easy breezy ride in the middle of chaos. For others, they may feel the heavy burden of lessons unlearned and they may have a harder time as they are being asked to change unhealthy patterns. Consequences are more severe at this time. Be mindful of what you say and do.

June 28th - December 3rd

Neptune retrograde in ♓️


This is a time to go within for the answers. Sure, outside opinions of wise advisors is an asset, but this is a time where your inner voice should be followed. Don’t give in to temptation. There is a lot of energy surrounding “nobody’s looking” that doesn’t lead to anything good. Restraint. Practice, practice, practice!

June 21st - July 20th

Cancer ♋️ Season


This is a time where temptation to retreat, to nurture oneself and find safety in solitude is heightened. This is a time of great preparedness for what is to come. Take time to evaluate what tasks need to be done and organize them. This will be a huge help in a period where time seems to flow quickly and work piles up while we’re unmotivated to move. Those who push through and do what they don’t desire to, will make space & conserve energy for the more daunting tasks ahead.

July 4th

US. Independence Day


July 13th

Full Moon 🌕


This Supermoon is bringing things to light. For some, this is all subconscious. What have you been dreaming of lately? Answers come in dreamspace for many.. Keep a log of what your dreaming at this time.

July 20th

Leo Season Begins

Last quarter moon ( 6:19 am)


Does Leo season really need more of introduction? Prepare for the explosion of BDE that hits when the royals of the zodiac come out to play! Rawr!

July 28th 9:55 am

New Moon 🌚 /Jupiter Retrograde


It’s the end of an old cycle and beginning of something new. Clear out any and all grudges, resentment, and bitterness. Pick new fuel. Now is the time for integrating all the lessons we’ve learned this year to lighten the load that has become a bit hard to bear. This is the time to release it and make room for something better. Will you realize that you have the experience and skills you need to come out of this situation successful?

July 31st

End of giving Beginning of receiving

Take this day to look at all that you have given, all that you have received since June 21st 2022. There have been many opportunities to save instead of spend, stock up where they needed to, and save money where we could. Now is the time to be thankful for what you have and have faith that what you need in the upcoming season will be made available to you in perfect time!


☀️ ☀️ ☀️ ☀️ ☀️


3 gifts of the month in the Sun


🎁 Gift 1: Clear Vision

Someone is in the process of making some big moves and life changing decisions. In order to make room for success they must first see their failures and learn from them. All that is coming to light is being shown to them for their highest good. It’s beautiful how freeing it will feel when they move forward in the truth. Knowing that they are coming into this new space and time where there is no illusion about the choice they are making, and they are pleased with the outcome. The sun sheds light on what was hidden, and someone is granted all the information they need to make a the best choices for themselves and the ones they love.


🎁 Gift 2: Energy

The sun is an energizing resource. The morning sunlight has many benefits and someone is ready to benefit from the physical benefits as well as the emotinal ones. Someone is able to use what they know to better their circumstances. Speaking up when they have ideas in confidence will become easier as they see their ideas clearly. They may have felt stagnant for awhile but now they are starting to see their own talents and abilities. In their quiet time there is a moment that someone sees all that they have available to them to solve a big problem themselves! By finding their strength alone, they raise their vibration! When they raise the vibe, they attract their tribe, and they are ready to welcome others that are walking their own path, doing their own work!


🎁 Gift 3: Preparedness

The sun is shining brightly on the next steps someone needs to take. This is a stroke of luck and shows the favor of The Most high.

When someone sees that the road ahead has a lot of twists, turns, and rocky ground, they can be proactive and prepare to the best of their capabilities. Instead of investing into fear, worry and panic, someone has the option to choose that what they are capable of doing now is enough. Someone is investing their faith in believing that all their needs will be taken care of, Everything is in Rhythm, what someone puts out, comes back 100 fold. Faith is a wise investment for someone (all of us for that matter.) will they choose it?

The 3 Challenges


Don’t ignore that nagging feeling that you need to act, the longer you wait the bigger and bigger the problem becomes until the heat is almost unbearable. The fear, the panic and frantic need to squash an issue that could have been solved while it was still small can be avoided. Take care, take care now. Remind yourself that there is no worse regret than not preventing an unfortunate event that you could have by simply acting.


Challenge #1 The Void

Someone may be looking back at June and realizing that in the process of removing all the toxic people and habits, they find themselves with what feels like emptiness. The quiet may be uncomfortable. This of course is a resting period for someone at the beginning of July. They need and deserve to take a break from a hectic schedule they keep all year and can benefit from taking time to themselves to seek their own voice. By reflecting on their truest desires, they see themselves clearly. Will someone allow themselves the space they need to heal or recharge?


Challenge #2 Exposure

Someone may feel like their life is on display in July. They may be at the center of some gossip and this could be overwhelming at first.

Though this is challenging, someone has what they need to endure this and there is nothing to fear. A breathe, and faith is required at this time.

Taking some time to move back and observe their situation and reflect on themselves honestly may take determination to surrender to. When they do, they’re reminded that They were made for the pressure and they will overcome this moment. That is what this is after all, a moment. By choosing to see themselves honestly for all their flaws as well as their attributes, someone is able to comfortably face themselves unmoved by the judgement around them.

Others may not be willing to see themselves and find themselves hiding deeper behind a mask. They may be too afraid to see what is on the other side. Sometimes it’s a necessary lesson to shrink down and hide. Sometimes we need a little more time. They may find that taking this time has a price, and they need to make a choice to pay it or not.


Challenge #3 Intensity

When something comes up for healing, pushing it down only intensifies the need for healing in this area for someone. In July it may just be the time that this issue is done waiting to be dealt with. There may be an overwhelming amount of emotion that comes up in July. Someone is experiencing what facing their feelings after being bottled for too long feels like and it’s a rough moment for some. The bright side and the beauty that shines on through this emotional storm is wrapped in the healing. As the tears flow, cleansing is taking place.

To feel what they do, may be a little much for someone and they require assistance unpacking this issue. They need not suffer alone, they have many options available to them. Someone would be wise to seek any type of assistance they require.

Someone that seeks professional help when in need of support from a trusted source will find comfort and a healing that is permanent in time. Will they allow themselves the opportunity to heal and move on from a long time wound?

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They must remember to be still, and take in the sunrise. No matter where they are in their daily routine at this time, they must try to remember to allow themselves a moment to just enjoy it. The sunrise will only be this hue this once, as it changes every time. The gift of a new sunrise begins each day in gratitude, in peace. This is where they want to start, or return to. The sunrise is their reminder to take a moment to remember that they have a lot to be thankful for, and they attract more.

July Sunrises are a reminder that they have what they need in this space and this time. Together, they see it will all be fine