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Someone’s Story June 27th - July 3rd “The Hardened”

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

Hello Garden visitors,

I’m so glad you came to the garden in this last week of June! This week will be short and to the point as there is more coming your way!

Circumstances are changing this week. There are a lot of distractions in the way of what we, as a collective are supposed to be focused on. Celebrity marriages ending, court battles, dramatic public outbursts are flooding our news outlets, and this isn’t good for us. How could it be? A question we might ask ourselves going forward into the week is, how is focusing on someone else’s life and how they live it, going to bring us any closer to our goals? It may be time for someone to get rid of the “news” for a bit. This weed is the worst one to surround our thoughts casting a lot of doubt, worry and fear.

We may all need a break from the constant fear, drama and tragedy the news carries and this week is a good time to fast from it all. This week would be a fantastic time to choose to make time for prayer and meditation. However you choose to receive messages and guidance, this is the week to make time for it, and rest from the woes of the world.

There is a need for us all to remember all that has been done for us in these times instead of fearing what may happen, we must prepare for miracles, and believe that we are seeing things for a reason. This moment will pass. Yes this too, this moment is just a season.

We cannot help if we too are depleted. It is now time to rest, relax and redesign our next move. With the New Moon 🌚 This week, beginnings are possible and great things come to those who wait. Remember, not all that is shared here is meant for you, and that is okay. This is a space to practice using your inner guidance to take you where you desire to go. It is my intention that you receive only what is for your highest good. I believe and so it is.

(Some) Important Dates to look out for

June 5th- October 23rd

Saturn is Retrograde.

Did you learn the lessons that you have been experiencing this year? Are you ready to move forward tot he next chapter? This time will test you and the heat is turned up. Remember all works together for your good. Find the blessing in the lesson

June 28th- December 3rd

Neptune Retrograde in ♓️

Look within not outward for the answers.

Hearing another’s opinion may help you come to your own conclusions.

Your inner voice needs to be the final one you listen to

June 21st- July 20th

Cancer ♋️ Season has begun.

Recharge and nurture yourself.

You are worthy of your attention and it’s time you took care of your needs.

June 29th

New Moon 🌚

This is a time where remembering the skills developed all year will serve you well.

Listen twice, speak once.

Boundaries set must be kept.

Don’t look back, face forward

June 30th

Safety will be important. Be sure to watch where you go.

End of the month Gratitude 🙏

July 1st-3rd

Excellent time to negotiate and make decisions.


There are many people who struggle with the lack of affection and attention they received as children. They may have only felt seen when they preformed. On Monday, focus on giving yourself that mothering you needed then, now when you need it most. This may look like attending to your needs, comforting or encouraging yourself. You have the power to change what you’d like within yourself when you first recognize you have the ability to heal it within yourself.


There has been a long held grudge that has been overdue to be released. Someone might be recognizing how they block themselves from happiness and success by holding on to what was never meant for them to accomplish or have. Today, someone needs to focus on letting go of their grudges. Releasing themselves from the grasp of resentment will be important today. A solution can be found for a big problem as a result.


Someone is reflecting on their cluttered schedule and they know that something has to go! They may be in need of revising why they chose to be so busy. Something they are distracting themselves from will not be ignored. On Wednesday, focus on facing that nagging issue. It may not be as scary as it seemed.


This is a time where strange things take place, and shocking events seemingly happen out of nowhere. Safety is highlighted and focusing on staying put in a safe space instead of venturing out. For someone who really desires to heal this is an excellent time to do so.


Tension from a difficult decision is starting to ease. There may be a clarity that is felt and a new perspective is possible. Focus on a bright future and remembering the lessons of a dark past leaves the sorrow and junk from that time behind. It’s a beautiful day to move forward in faith for someone.


Nature is full of life. From the smallest ant to the tallest tree it breathes. Someone has been living a world surrounded by it and yet, they may have forgotten to sit and just simply enjoy it. Today, is an opportunity to do just that. Focus on connecting with nature. You may receive message just for you.


Focus on bringing in more positive outcomes today. Everything you put out , comes back when you’re up, take care of those who are down. This is a day to give generously what you have extra to give while you receive more than you ever thought possible. .

🍞 🐟 🍞 🐟 🍞 🐟

The Hardened

There was a group of men that had the privilege of traveling and learning from a miracle worker. They watched him wow the crowds with his sovereign presence, holy wisdom and divinely preformed miracles. Crowd after crowd, they watched as he solved impossible problems such as feeding thousands that came to see him. They stood in the presence of a true tot he word glorious being.

Time and time again he delivered when he started with enough to feed less than a dozen. They knew the capabilities of their leader.

Could you imagine witnessing such incredible acts knowing this person selected YOU to be their companion?

So when they found themselves boarding a boat for a long journey across the water with only enough for a small snack, it’s bafflingly and disappointing to know, they were afraid with no idea of what to do.

How could it be that they saw so much and yet were blind to the truth?

What does it mean to you when you hear the phrase “hardened?”

Have you ever suddenly found yourself uninterested in something or someone you were once passionate about? Indifferent to the happenings of their life as it no longer has any validity in your own? That, is an example of hardened heart. It no longer has connection to something or never has. When you have seen someone rise from terrible circumstances and become something new and when the next trial arrives you doubt their ability to make it through, this too is an example of a hardened heat. There is little to no faith in the person no matter what has been seen. This week someone may find themselves observing this within towards something that meant the world to them in the past. This is happening now for gentle release. Someone will need to decide if they have it in themselves to find the gift in the lesson that no longer serves a purpose before letting it go for good. (Spoiler alert: If they desire peace they will find a way, if they cannot let go, they will find an excuse. )

How many times has someone found themselves in an impossible situation where they were worried and afraid of what might happen to them only to be given what they needed. They may not have had what they wanted, (and this may be the bitterness holding them back) but they always had exactly what they required and more. This week they may need to be VERY CAREFUL about complaining about what they don’t have yet. They may wound someone that has worked very hard on what they do have and they may also offend them.

Can they remember that now is not the time to complain? If they don’t have a solution that they can execute themselves, it’s not productive and deep down, someone knows it.

There is a sad ending taking place in a family. The way it always was is changing. There may be a lot of feelings surrounding this ending but someone is being urged to look forward into the potential of a brand new life! They have worked tirelessly on themselves and are ready for the new heights they will climb. This ending is necessary for the beatuiful brand new beginning to take place.

Letters from your Tia

Dearest Someone,

There has been a lot you have had to get rid of this month. So much emotional clutter you didn’t know where to begin. Look at you now. You have cleaned out so much! Be gentle with yourself. You are stronger than you know. It’s not fair you had to endure such difficult circumstances in your life. The fact that you choose to accept that this is so, and thrive within the life and space you have been given is just proof of your uniquely needed gifts! You have a compassion for others that runs deep and this was developed through your own struggle in toxicity. Take a moment this week to breathe, to relax, to appreciate what you have and who you are. Because you have achieved so much in a short amount of time. These little things are the big things and you know it. Show it, and grow it! This is a week to be in appreciation, because it will set you up for a month ahead of more to be grateful for!

There is no need for another to panic. You are not behind at all in where you are supposed to be. You may have recently been tempted to believe this by seeing someone you are close to seemingly thrive where you feel you are struggling. This week is a time to remember that you have talents and things that come easy and natural to you that are a challenge for another. What you see isn’t[ always the whole picture and for you, letting go of your imagined idea of who and where you are supposed to be will free you in the month to come to enjoy exactly where you are in the present while preparing yourself for a successful future.

Lastly, I understand someone’s hesitation. This is a time where friends feel like a rare and precious resource. We are all being called at this time to release our idea of what we think we need or what we fear will happen and have faith, to really trust we are cared and provided for in al circumstances. You think you need them, but you don’t. You know what is heathy and what is toxic. It’s time work on you, and release your attention on another. Perhaps releasing them all together for this time. There is work to be done, you are ready and capable of doing it al. Will you? Only you get to decide what is right for you. Believe in it. That unwavering faith is exactly what you need to take you the extra mile! You can do this! Now believe you deserve the good things coming your way, and be open to receive!

That’s what I have for you for now subscribers! May whatever is not for you be released back into the pool to be washed away ,

Walk by faith not by sight, believe & you’ll be glad you did! I wish you faith based miracles that only make you stronger, wiser, and more fulfilled,

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