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The 12 Lessons for Cancer

Is it your first time in the garden? Don’t forget to go through The Garden Entrance HERE before you continue.

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Intuitive, Kind, feeling, determined and often unpredictable Cancer, Happiest of Solar Returns to you!

How lucky are we to have you in the Garden today? You are the kindness you seek and this next Solar return ( The time it takes the sun to return io it’s original position from your birthday) Is chalk full of Lessons. Saturn, the Planet of lessons is in retrograde during through your season moon child! For many, this will be a year of lessons. For the Cancer ♋️ Sun, Moon, Rising, Venus, & Mars Placements in the Natal Chart These are some possible lessons to look out for, and Someone needs all 12!

Remember, That not all that I share here is meant for you, and that’s okay. This is a time and a space to practice using your inner guidance to show you what it is needed or can apply to your situation for the best possible outcome. It is my intention as the keeper of this space that what you receive is for your highest good. I believe, and so it is. Let’s begin shall we?

Sitting outside in the porch swing by the garden, a Cancer was preparing for the next phase of their life. She was leaving a very somber place she’d been accustomed to for some time. She had been in mourning, she said goodbye to many people, moved from away from familiar places and finally found stable ground once more. Now that she had the time to sit for a moment and rest, she began to imagine what the next 12 months would bring. What new things would she know? How would she be asked to grow? What would be left behind? Would she meet more people that were kind? So come the 12 lessons for Cancer in the year to come.

“ Be impeccable with your word” - The Four Agreements

Lesson #1: Honesty

There is a Cancer that will be learning the importance of being honest with themselves and others. It is easy for the caring one to put their needs and desires aside for others and convince themselves it's not taking a toll. As their energy is drained and they feel like they are not making progress towards their own wishes and goals, Cancer may learn that it's time to be honest with themselves. Their needs not being met is the blockage. Denying their needs is not helping them achieve what they would like in relationships or in other areas of their life. They may also feel themselves growing resentful of outside demands the longer they delay their needs.

They may feel misunderstood and even offended by the constant assumptions that Cancer will comply with all that is asked of them. Will this Cancer give themselves the respect they give others? Will they stand in their truth? Will they set boundaries and mean what they say, when they say what they mean? These choices bring moments to appreciate the rewards that come from living authentically and speaking their truth guided by love. when they replenish their energy, they have more to give.

#2 Growth

Someone with good intentions and determination to heal, may struggle greatly with their past actions in the year to come. When looking back, a Cancer may reflect on the poor choices they have made that have lead to some unfavorable outcomes and tricky situations. They may be blaming themselves for making choices that weren’t coming from honest positions. There may also be an overwhelming amount of guilt that comes in as they begin to see where they went off the path and allowed desire or others to influence their decisions away from their integrity.

It’s a humbling moment when this arrives, but it is a healing realization.

it is a sign of growth for the Cancer that experiences this lesson in the year to come, there was a time they didn't look back and their focus was on others and their mistakes.

These past situations they are ruminating in, are coming up for healing. Now that they see a better choice or a better way of being, they have an opportunity to put this into action instead of repeating a past cycle. By believing that all that has happened will be a guiding force for future situations, they will be embracing the lessons and the growth that has taken place. They may even be able to acknowledge the miracles that have come by taking the “wrong” path for so long and the key to getting back on track to the place they want to be.

Will Cancer forgive themselves for what they didn’t know when they didn’t know it? Can they release the past for their own growth?

#3 Decisive Action

Hesitation brings a load of frustration in the year to come. After research, and educating themselves on any and all situations that come up, A cancer is asked to act quickly. Being highly intuitive, a Cancer can feel the next step they need to take, in their gut. The source of their self doubt is revealing itself slowly.

When the time comes to make a choice, there is a need to release the desire for revenge. An unfair situation may tempt a Cancer to act out in dark way . The desire to retaliate may be strong, but it is against their truest nature. Others may try to influence their decisions and now is not the time for cancer to doubt their choices, especially when they are coming from such a high vibrational space. Lowering themselves to another’s toxic actions and being does not serve this cancer’s highest good. Trusting their original choice will be important for them as it was based on intuition not on ego based feelings.

The path they choose will be the one they were meant to take all along. All things will be used for their highest good, do they believe this?

There may be a moment or several, they start to doubt themselves and their ability to make decisions that support their highest good. This is a learning point for them. Trusting that inner voice that is nudging them closer and closer to the truth even when it’s not favorable, is the key to a Cancer’s success in the year to come. As it’s been said by many before “ What is right is not always easy, and what is easy is not always right.” By making an intuitive based choice and sticking with it, they may find that some that they thought would support them no longer do. This, is all part of the process. Will this Cancer learn to trust their intuition? Once they know the direction to take, will they move forward without wavering?

As the old saying goes “If I look back now, I’m truly lost”

#4 Balance

A Cancer is going to find the answers within. The naturally beautiful and strong water sign is ready to believe in themselves and their ability to discern friend from foe.

Someone is learning not everyone deserves to know what they feel or have a say in their life. Though they need to trust their intuition, they must also remember they are not all knowing and seeking a trusted advisor is wise.

Likewise, when a cancer remains in their feelings for too long, instead of using their critical thinking skills, they lose sight of what actions need to be taken. Their emotions are strong and if they don't learn to control their emotions, the emotions will control them.

There is a cancer that becomes overwhelmed by strong feelings., tempted to allow them to dictate how they will proceed in situations. This, strong moon child has everything it takes to resist temptation and keep moving forward. They are stronger than they realize, leaning on that strength will keep them balanced.

The best option for them in difficult situations may be hidden from them when they are coming strictly from an emotional space. This could be their warning signal to step back.

Balance becomes a gift, a challenge, and a lesson for Cancer in the year to come. Thinking of themselves, as well as others. Considering the best possible outcome for all involved, Brainstorming solutions that require compromise and setting the example will bring a new level of success and many victories for a Cancer in the year to come.

#5 Wisdom from unexpected sources

A Cancer may find themselves unexpectedly grateful for a past rival. Surprises and gifts come from the oddest of places but when they look down deep, they see the reason.

They may have viewed someone as their enemy in the past. A spat or argument had an exchange of harsh words leading to an unexpected separation.

Looking back at those words this year, a Cancer may find that though the words were intended to wound, they actually gave them the freedom they’d been looking for. Recognizing what they once saw as a weakness, now as a weapon, frees them from an unfair contract or situation. They may discover that what was meant as an insult was revealing their strength and now is the time to stand in it. They are gifted, talented and able. Are they open to receive this lesson?

Will this Cancer allow the wound from a friend or an attack from a foe to be used for their highest good?

#6 Worthiness

There is a need to remember that a Cancer is worthy of overcoming a period of lack. They may have to change their environment, they may have to let go of friends and walk away from family that have limited themselves. What are they willing to lose to gain everything? This is more than material wealth that this Cancer yearns for. This is about being healthy and content in all circumstances.

For the Cancer facing a life changing year, believing they are worthy of all the positivity coming their way is important. Knowing that they are capable of attaining stability and wealth by themselves will be very important. They are capable of a life they have only dreamt of in the past. Do they believe they are capable? Do they believe they are worthy? If necessary, They may learn this year by being thrown into unfamiliar territory and have no choice but to believe they have what it takes!

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#7 Friendship

It can be very hard to say goodbye to comfortable patterns that lead to more of the same. It can be even more difficult to say goodbye to friendships that only exist in a spiral of negative mindsets and low energy. A Cancer knows that they cannot move forward and still maintain a friendship with certain friends, because those friends will resent their success or they will resent Cancer’s willingness to free themselves from toxicity.

By releasing people from the past that couldn’t or wouldn’t move past the old unhealthy patterns and mindsets, a Cancer is making room for more fulfilling relationships. This moon child is moving towards a more positive, successful and prosperous lifestyle and they are seeking friends that are either already in this vibration or motivated to be. The transition may be difficult at first, but having friendships that support the dreams and goals they have will be important. Friends that can also hold them accountable for their own responsibility to get there, are a key to attaining that lifestyle they desire.

Are they ready to take this big step? Will they learn a lesson of what true friendship looks like?

#8 Adversity

When life gets hard, a Cancer may need to evaluate what they are going to do, and how they are going to overcome hard situations. The answer for them, is in revisiting their past. They may find comfort in remembering adversity they’ve faced. Why? It shows them that they have overcome much more than they give themselves credit for. No matter what they have gone through in the past, they are still here. They made it through each and every hardship. They have been through plenty and have learned many things the hard way. The point is, they’ve learned!

A cancer has become capable, strong, strategic individuals. They have acquired many skills from many hardships. They have made it through it all. Surely this too, will pass, just as surely as they are to pick up new talents and abilities from this situation in the end. By taking time to see how much they’ve overcome, a Cancer may find renewed strength to face what may in the future.

#9 Abundance

Whatever a Cancer focuses on, they will bring to fruition. It all begins with a thought, they have the power to create whatever they desire by putting their energy & focus into it. This makes it easy to bring in wealth, stability, happiness, harmony in relationships and so much more! This year, a Cancer’s manifestation skills are heightened and they can create whatever they put their minds to. Being aware of this is important. When a Cancer places their focus and time and energy into worrying about things they cannot control, or focusing on the outcomes they fear, they too have the power to bring those to fruition. Will Cancer choose to focus on an abundance of joy and prosperity in all aspects of their life? Or will they focus on what they fear and what could go wrong?

#10 Pride

Some water babies are going to have a lot be proud of by their next birthday based on all the faith they put into action this year. A Cancer is going to learn that they are capable, worthy, of great things. This will be a year for them to shifting their focus off of their failures and on to their success. Believing in their capabilities and choosing to practice responding in love, they will have more wins than losses this year.

#11 Regret

There may be a time that Cancer may be stuck in regret of not acting sooner or making a better choice in the past. This moment of looking back in regret is important, and will serve them well in a positive way. They are learning that they cannot change the past or take back what is said. This will make a Cancer more mindful of what they say in the present. This will also remind them to be wise with how they spend their time and who they spend it with, recognizing that time is precious and their energy is best spent on matters close to their heart and passions. Taking time to reflect on their actions is a powerful asset.

#12 Health

A Cancer will be tasked in honoring their physical, spiritual and mental bodies. By choosing to neglect any of these, they will find the others are affected. A cancer must remember their responsibility to give themselves permission to be selfish when their energy is low and replenish their resources when the need too. Taking time to honor their sovereignty and moving past their fears is essential this year

That’s all that have for you this time moon child, May all the lessons that were not for you or do not serve your highest good be released, back into the pool where they belong,

I wish you blessings Spiritually, Physically, and Financially,

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