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The 12 Lessons for Cancer

Is it your first time in the garden? Don’t forget to go through The Garden Entrance HERE before you continue.


Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Intuitive, Kind, feeling, determined and often unpredictable Cancer, Happiest of Solar Returns to you!

How lucky are we to have you in the Garden today? You are the kindness you seek and this next Solar return ( The time it takes the sun to return io it’s original position from your birthday) Is chalk full of Lessons. Saturn, the Planet of lessons is in retrograde during through your season moon child! For many, this will be a year of lessons. For the Cancer ♋️ Sun, Moon, Rising, Venus, & Mars Placements in the Natal Chart These are some possible lessons to look out for, and Someone needs all 12!

Remember, That not all that I share here is meant for you, and that’s okay. This is a time and a space to practice using your inner guidance to show you what it is needed or can apply to your situation for the best possible outcome. It is my intention as the keeper of this space that what you receive is for your highest good. I believe, and so it is. Let’s begin shall we?

Sitting outside in the porch swing by the garden, a Cancer was preparing for the next phase of their life. She was leaving a very somber place she’d been accustomed to for some time. She had been in mourning, she said goodbye to many people, moved from away from familiar places and finally found stable ground once more. Now that she had the time to sit for a moment and rest, she began to imagine what the next 12 months would bring. What new things would she know? How would she be asked to grow? What would be left behind? Would she meet more people that were kind? So come the 12 lessons for Cancer in the year to come.

“ Be impeccable with your word” - The Four Agreements

Lesson #1: Honesty

There is a Cancer that will be learning the importance of being honest with themselves and others. It is easy for the caring one to put their needs and desires aside for others and convince themselves it's not taking a toll. As their energy is drained and they feel like they are not making progress towards their own wishes and goals, Cancer may learn that it's time to be honest with themselves. Their needs not being met is the blockage. Denying their needs is not helping them achieve what they would like in relationships or in other areas of their life. They may also feel themselves growing resentful of outside demands the longer they delay their needs.

They may feel misunderstood and even offended by the constant assumptions that Cancer will comply with all that is asked of them. Will this Cancer give themselves the respect they give others? Will they stand in their truth? Will they set boundaries and mean what they say, when they say what they mean? These choices bring moments to appreciate the rewards that come from living authentically and speaking their truth guided by love. when they replenish their energy, they have more to give.


#2 Growth

Someone with good intentions and determination to heal, may struggle greatly with their past actions in the year to come. When looking back, a Cancer may reflect on the poor choices they have made that have lead to some unfavorable outcomes and tricky situations. They may be blaming themselves for making choices that weren’t coming from honest positions. There may also be an overwhelming amount of guilt that comes in as they begin to see where they went off the path and allowed desire or others to influence their decisions away from their integrity.

It’s a humbling moment when this arrives, but it is a healing realization.