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Someone’s Story June 20th - 27th“The Welcoming of Summer”

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Good Morning, Good Afternoon and Good Evening. It’s a beautiful June, Garden Visitors! With so many NEW things coming to the Garden, please excuse my tardiness in greeting you this week. I appreciate your patience and understanding.

Welcome back, I’m So glad you are here! And Cancer ♋️ Visitors, Happy Birthday Season!! What would we do, without each of you? Thank you for existing. Thank you for being, thank you for choosing this space, Thank you for visiting.

It’s officially the beginning of summer and that means things are starting to heat up! It’s not just the weather either! 😉 Now is the time to put into action all the big and small steps that are available to take towards the next big thing in our lives! Are you ready to embark on an adventure? Remember, Not all that I share here is meant for you, Someone’s Story may not resonate in part or whole that is okay. This is a space you can practice using your inner guidance to direct you to what you need. It is my intention that you only receive guidance here that is for your highest good, and so it is. Let’s begin shall we?

Any and all videos not from “Tia Khaleesi’s Story Time” Are for educational purposes and not affiliated with this site. They may be removed at anytime. Viewer’s Discretion is advised.

(Some Events To remember)

Saturn, Neptune in Retrograde

June 21st

“The Summer Solstice “

Saturn Retrograde

Continued until October 23rd

This is a time of deep testing from all the lessons you’ve learned. Are you taking time to evaluate what is happening in and around you? Are you taking time to learn? Shifting blame to others is not advised at this time as this retrograde period is about personal lessons. How we see ourselves and how we choose to act from what we know we should do, instead of what we feel we want to. Rewards come in hearty, and so do consequences. Be mindful of your choices during this time. Deceit is NOT rewarded.

Neptune Retrograde

Continued until Dec 4th

The ruler of Pisces ♓️ which means they will be affected most.

The planet of illusions and dreams is retrograde not all is as it seems and

Past illusions are shattered to reveal the truth. Are you living in authenticity? Do you believe your own hype? Now is the time to be impeccable with your word and even more careful with whom you share it with. Not everyone who calls you family or friend would like to see you do well. This is a time to Remember all that you have learned and take caution when spreading information you did not receive first hand.

Someone’s Stories

There are 3 different paths and Situations that have been revealed. Only take the wisdom that resonates. Your intuition knows what you need. Seek and you will find.

A Wave of Power

Rest, has not come easy for Someone visiting. When they lay their head down to sleep, this is the time stress, worry and fear creep. Dream space is also a bit of a mess as they are finding themselves with many messages coming through their dreams. These messages through have come in for different reasons. Some are signs of healing from the past, some are intuitive messages giving warnings on how to proceed for a better future. Mostly there is a lot of simple dreams that are decluttering the day to day stress. Someone is learning to see the difference. They may decide at the beginning of the week to start writing down their dreams first thing in the morning, and reflecting on them during the day in their quiet time.

For those who have chosen to attempt to understand which is which, they receive a rush of energy.

Someone is feeling replenished & Fulfilled. They feel ready and willing to do the impossible they are motivated and they are working very hard. They are not interested in resting. They are interested in making progress in their new direction. They are fearless as they face an unknown outcome and it requires all that faith they have feeding along with these intuition lead actions that they are taking at this time. At the beginning of this week, this person is given an extra boost of energy to achieve more, and motivate others around them

By choosing this path, someone’s energy is contagious. It’s signaling others around them to rise in vibration and meet them in this new found energy! Will they choose to use this wisely and keep moving forward?

Dear blessed one,

You have been building momentum in this direction for some time and you should be proud of yourself! Celebrate yourself and your wins because they are a long time coming! You have worked very hard you deserve all that is coming, do you believe this? Believe and you will receive.

The Consequences of "Putting it Off"

For a very tired, and frustrated loving soul, it is a different season and situation.

Someone is learning an incredibly tough lesson that came from avoiding working on themselves. They convinced themselves that the people around them were the ones that needed to change. They have become laser focused on the flaws and presumed missteps of others, that they cannot see their own shadow.

Being blind to their own shadow has made them unpleasant to be around and people are acting as if their walking on eggshells when interacting with them.

This is only a temporary state of being of course. The planetary energies have certainly not helped their situation. The environment has not been a friendly space to be their highest self.

This may be the reason they felt they had no choice but to ignore their behavior and try to control others. Could they be looking for a sense of order, predictability in a time that chaos and tension have been amplified?

The heart is willing, and the kindness, and love they have within is much more powerful than their darker traits.They can and they will move through this time. They have what it takes to do this with ease.

Something at the beginning of this week comes in fast and hard as a wake-up call for someone to look in the mirror at themselves and see where they’re at to change direction.

“Everything that happens is happening for me. I can choose to learn from any situation and watch all situations be used for my highest good” “ I am capable of changing my circumstance. At any given time I have all that I need to be successful. I am ready to face myself honestly. I am done hiding from myself and my responsibility to do the work. I am worth doing the work for.”

Dear one,

If you look back at the beginning of the year, you may see that you were far less capable of handling all that you can now. When we feel pushed to grow in uncomfortable ways, this is lasting maturity and situations that bring about wisdom for future outcomes. You are almost there, please don’t give up on yourself now. Remember, As within so without. What you are criticizing in others is also in you. Being your powerful capable selves will be the key to getting through all situations. You are ready for this. You really are. It’s safe to face yourself, you are capable of changing anything within yourself you want or need. You have the power to change your circumstances. You are lovable and you are worth loving. Love yourself. Your truth is important. Choose to be honest with yourself. Your intuition is correct. Trust your path and remember, you are never alone. You are connected and supported to and by the Most High

The Copy & a hidden talent

This has been a recurring theme this year, and yet it is still so very important that the message gets through to the one who needs this.

Someone is blind to their own talents, gifts, and capabilities. They can’t see their own journey or where they are going because they have been watching someone else on theirs. Someone has been secretly holding resentment towards another due to jealousy of their gifts, and success. They have been secretly competing with another, trying to emulate their talents and abilities. They may feel a rush when they think they can do something better than the person they copy. For awhile, this secret competition gave them that high. They felt they were “winning” Or “better” than someone who was given this talent and these gifts naturally and were chosen for this specific path.

Someone may not even know why they are doing it, but the pool of wisdom shows that they are afraid they have none of their own. This person they envy is just the latest of a long list of people they have tried to emulate. But someone may find that this particular path will lead to their destruction because its far from their own destined place and who they truly are inside.

This week will be one of needing to see themselves authentically and see how their obsession with someone else is the reason they are now, or soon will be watching everything they built based on stealing and competition fall apart around them.

To this dear soul,

It’s time to remember you are enough, as you are. There is no need to fear who you really are. Facing yourself may reveal that who you are, where you are meant to be headed feels much better than what you’ve been pretending to be.

You may even find it easier because it was meant for you. That ease, that contentment and success you see in another, you are capable of having that too, in a time and a space that was meant for you, and only you! There is a unique lesson, a unique growth, that is waiting for you in this time and space. You have all the power to turn this around and find what’s meant for you. There is no competing for what is yours. Your only completion will be you against who you’ve been in the past, are you ready to reach higher spaces than you have before? Believe in yourself and who you can be, and all the things you desire for yourself will arrive in perfect time. Believe in yourself and who you will become.

What you contemplate will actualize

From the land of the Fae, The garden brings you ONE focus a day


Someone should use this day to focus on shifting their career in a new direction. They have gotten comfortable in their work and it has created a small but significant shift in an uncomfortable place. Focus on elevating your presence in your job space. Do you really bring your best self to your work? Now is the time to evaluate what you could be doing better, because you are more than capable of a positive change and outcome.

Tuesday -

Someone has a lot that they need and they haven’t been expressing this to the people that can give it to them. Today, Focus on asking for what you need. Those who ask have a better chance of receiving from the people, and places that are in alignment with their highest good. Be bold. Your needs are valid, and will be met. Be clear with your intentions. Passive aggressive behavior is toxic. It doesn’t lead to a healthy outcome. Be aware.

Wednesday -

Someone has been enjoying the summer sweets and treats! Now is the time to revisit your dietary goals and focus on eating healthier for your specific body type. Your body is your temple. This is where you will live for your entire life. Be good to your body and treat it well.

*Hint: are your energy levels low? Check your intake of vitamin rich foods. You may be lacking something important and a simple diet change could do the trick! As always, check with your doctor or dietician before making any changes. Professionally guided and Intuitively followed changes are the best ones.

Thursday -

Someone is so excited and ready for what is next, that they may miss what beautiful if not chaotic changes are happening in the present. Today Focus on practicing being still when given an opportunity. Choose a response instead of a reaction. You may not be in the right, you may be in the wrong. If you are in the right, choosing not to succumb to intense feelings and responding with wisdom and firmness may be the only way to push through a situation and level up to a more zen feeling and understanding of yourself. After all, isn’t that what this is really about? Focus on being still. Be still, be still BE STILL.

Friday -

Someone has been cooped up inside. Someone needs to focus on reconnecting with nature. Spend sometime outdoors. If weather is not permitting, with unbearable heat or other extreme weather, summer nights are also good for reconnecting with nature. Nocturnal creatures may have a message for someone who is willing to listen. Is it you? Focus on removing yourself from artificial living. Turn off that TV, Phone, and Computer!


Someone has been stationary and hasn’t had a lot of exercise recently. Perhaps they haven’t been feeling well or their best self. Today is a day to get moving! Walk to a nearby space instead of driving, take a short walk around the neighborhood if it’s safe to do so in your area or go to the gym. However you choose to do it, put that body in motion! After all, this is what will begin someone’s journey back to where they want to be.

Sunday -

Focus on recognizing where you are is exactly where you are supposed to be. Someone has been focused on what could be, instead of what is. By not trusting in perfect time, wishing to be ahead of their current circumstances is delaying someone’s progress as they are showing themselves, and The Most High that they are not ready for it as well as having little gratitude for where they are now. It’s time to Focus on the gifts of the present for they will not be around much longer, and this time will be looked at as either a welcomed blessing or a missed opportunity. The choice, always lies within the chooser. What will you choose?

Summer Solstice Activity
“Welcoming of Creative Force”

What you need:

Yellow, Orange & Red pencils, pens, or markers

8x10 or bigger Paper of your choosing

(construction paper works best)



Magazine clippings of your choosing

Your artistic self!


4Clear quartz points

4 pieces of Carnelian

1 citrine sphere or obelisk

What to do:

This activity is all about YOU! What are your unique talents and abilities that you may have been ignoring or perhaps you have forgotten about?

Like a vision board, Decorate your paper with drawings, I am statements, and pictures of your talents, abilities, wishes and dreams for your ideal future.

When finished let it sit and dry. When it’s dry hang it in your meditation space as a focus point for the rest of the year and beyond to remind yourself of what you are capable of and what you desire!


Before hanging this masterpiece, place your sphere or obelisk in the center and create a grid around or on top of your creation. Leave over night and allow yourself to activate your creativity a step further using the power within these crystals! Everything is Rhythm and you are putting into motion a new direction and placing your energy into your creative force. When you connect creatively to YOUR unique gifts and talents, you will see a significant difference in your focus. This is about taking back your energy that you have had on people, places, and things that do not serve your highest good. Don’t forget to check back in a year from now to see your progress!

That’s what I have for you this week Visitors! May all that is not meant for you or your highest good be released back into the pool where it belongs,

I’m believing that each of you will receive all that you desire, all that you deserve in perfect time,

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