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The Garden Entrance (Before You Continue)

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

Tia Khaleesi’s Sacred Garden of Whispering Guidance

Welcome to this sacred space! Wisdom seekers, Soul Family, fellow travelers,

Yes, Hello & Welcome! Welcome to my Sacred Garden Of Reflection.

This is a place of sovereignty , by entering, you are agreeing to sacred reciprocation . If you offer discord, this is NOT the space for you. You may leave now with blessings on your journey. All the energy you have brought is returned to you, exactly as you meant it to be received.

This is not a space to replace medical, legal or other professional advice. By entering this space, you are aware of your responsibility for your decisions and your responsibility alone. This is a spiritual space of awareness of the noticer, the watcher. This is a space to witness without judgement, and leave what doesn’t serve. If this makes sense, then this space may be for you.

Sweet kindred,

This space has been needed for a long time. I am thrilled and honored to offer it at this time and for as long as it’s meant to be here!

Kindness is offered here, a different perspective in love, and as always in sacred respect to another’s right to disagree is offered. Through the tradition of storytelling, I offer a space to be still, listen, seek and find wisdom using your intuition.

The Garden is a resting place to reflect on your journey, and that of another, reminding you always, it is YOU that chooses the direction of your life and nobody else. These stories may be of what is, what was, what will be, or what never has been.

Stories have been used throughout history to bring people together, to stretch our imaginations, as well as look for guidance and wisdom through observing another. It is also my intention you find your imagination here, a resting place in your busy world. May the stories of others and the open outcomes bring more reflection when you come to a crossroad in your own life. There’s always another way, a hidden option or path that is for the highest good of all, for the seeker, they find It.

Not all I have to share is meant for you, and that’s okay. You aren’t obligated to agree. The most important wisdom you will ever receive will come from within yourself.

It is the intention of this space and I, as the Holder that you only receive guidance for your highest good. This space is filled with Parables, tall tales, and adventure.

For wisdom seekers following Someone’s story, someone’s experience and other tales it is also a place to gain the knowledge needed to move into new challenges as you move forward. What you take from this space, is up to you.

Deep inside each story is a gift of healing.

At the end of the day, it’s your journey This space is created and held as a place to rest, revitalize, & strategize on your unique and individual path.

YOU, and you alone, are responsible for your life and you have power in each and every one of your choices from the small to large decisions to shape it.

May this space give you a chance to listen to your OWN inner wisdom you may have neglected. (As we all have at one time or another...)

May each person who visits here with loving intention find they are always safe, worthy, powerful, loved, living in truth, knowing themselves and Connected through the Holy Spirit.

Come! Sit with your Tia, listen to the stories that are whispered in this space, enjoy the break from life. You are enough, just as you are. Sit back and enjoy this magical place I’ve created for you all. It’s ever evolving as is your beautiful life. Let’s enjoy it from an outside perspective.


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