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Story Time with Tia : A Feminine’s Story

Hello my wise fellow travelers! I hope you’re having a wonderful day! Welcome to my garden, I hope you’re here to stay! (Don’t forget to Subscribe at the bottom of this story)

If you’re returning to the garden, this is a reminder, and for my new fellow travelers, when this story refers to the Feminine, or she, I’m speaking of energy not gender. Men carry both masculine and feminine energy, if the story resonates, there’s something for you to learn here too! Sit back, and enjoy the story. May the wisdom you seek find you in perfect time.

Welcome to Tia Khaleesi’s Story Time. I’m so glad you could make it. Thank you for taking time out of your day to visit with me here. I ask that you take a big deep breathe in… release it. Be here with me now. As I tell you a Story, May the person who sees this story receive guidance for their highest good, and so it is.🙏

The Truth & Light

Let me start by expressing just how powerful this feminine energy is, she is a manifesting generator. She is completely capable of creating whatever life she wants. To get a full picture of this beautiful nurturing and caring energy of this feminine in our story, we must look at her motives for safety. She feels safest when she feels her money is in balance when SHE is in balance. She feels capable when things are going her way when things are working out fairly. When there’s justice in place. She feels safe, she feels loved she feels secure, right now.

The Truth & Shadow

The hard truth about this, is that things won’t always be in balance, or fair. She does not find safety when things are not in balance. There are many, many moments for this heroin of ours to feel very afraid and very unsafe. This may give her the illusion that things are unfair. In those unsafe moments she forgets her power. She feels things that are meant for her are just far enough away that she just can’t reach them.

She feels almost there, and yet so, so very far away from what she desires. So when she’s out of balance, and things don’t feel fair, desires feel out reach, she begins to feel love is a battlefield.She feels she she must fight twice as hard to get a slice of what others have.

Integration of both

She’s so successful and she knows this she does not let anyone see her fear, she doesn’t let anyone see this imbalance. She’s in a constant fight with herself between with what she knows that has been promised to her, her faith, and what she sees now, in the physical. It doesn’t seem to be here. (Yet)

But as I’ll remind you, she’s a manifesting generator ( if you don’t know what that means and want to know more about “The human design” you can look here)

If you know what that means perhaps you understand her, she has everything she needs. Do you see her?

I’ll tell you some things she doesn’t know…

`When she is feeling unbalanced, when the world feels unfair, when she sees things she thought would be forever leaving her life, it’s important she remembers that everything is happening for her not to her. Sometimes divine intervention looks like loss. We can’t see things that the creator, the divine can. They see paths that we’ve chosen that will lead to our destruction. So they will give us a chance, a detour to move away from those things and start over to keep us safe. (This is all happening for her.) She may not be able to see that right now, but I think she will.

She’s emerging, and she is READY to activate her potential. Calling her power back to her, that is very important. It’s very important that she remembers that everything happens in divine timing. How she manifests isn’t by holding on to control, it’s by letting go and trusting that the divine has her back. That her dreams are in alignment with what her higher purpose is.

In this time of harvest, she’s planting seeds for the next season, she’s planting seeds of love into the next generation. She is choosing a higher path. She has the power to choose to see things differently at this time. When she’s feeling like it’s a fight to love, it’s okay to let go. What’s meant for her can NEVER be taken from her and will always find it’s way back to her.

If she believes this, she can come out of that fear She doesn’t have to hide behind the mask of everything’s fine, while everything is burning around her. She has been training for this, for this specific time in her life. She doesn’t need to be in battle anymore, it’s all an illusion she has worked through the hard stuff! This woman is ready she’s no longer being tested she’s being asked to Jump. To take that leap of faith to believe in herself, to stop wondering or worrying. It’s NOT a test! It’s encouragement to jump forward in faith, into exactly what she fears most, and that’s success to believe she deserves it.

She’s ready to emerge from fear of what’s not balanced she’s ready to emerge into trust and faith that everything comes in perfect time. She’s ready to emerge from the feelings of justice being taken from her to believing that everything happens for her. She’s emerging to a higher place inside of her. She’s ready to emerging from believing she has to fight for everything. She’s believing the work she puts in and trust the Divine to meet her halfway. Everything comes to her. She’s emerging from the time loops of the past living the same situations playing over, and over again in different ways. She’s starting to see she already beat this level She knows how to get out of it. She knows how to rise above. She is powerful. She is going to defeat the lies, the betrayals the hidden agendas that have held her down and held her back in the past. She’s cutting the chords to ALL of that.

Finding & living her Truth

She’s releasing the people from the past unapologetically. She’s making room for more nurturing caring individuals just like her. She’s learning to be strong and see herself as not just the nurture but she’s getting in touch with her inner masculine. She sees where she has had protection and where she has protected herself as well. The divine gave her the power to protect herself. To be strong, to provide to make the most of what’s been given to her. All that she is given comes from her creator not a human source. She sees this now. She’s accessing her deepest soul wisdom, taking time to reflect on all she’s been through. She’s connecting with the lessons of the past, who she is now, and who she wants to be in the future. She’s choosing to integrate all of that, and emerge from the victim mentality of the past into the magician of her own life. She is a corrector with the divine and she’s ready to face that now.

Thank you for taking a moment with me to hear her story.

May all that is not meant for you be released back into the pool

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until next time remember, Faith over fear and victory is near! You’re enough just as you are.

-Tia Khaleesi

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