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Someone’s Story June 13th -19th “Critical Steps ”

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Hello Garden Visitors! Am I sure glad to have you back here! Thank you for visiting my Garden! There are so many beautiful possibilities unfolding for myself and many of you! The Garden is growing and it’s truly showing! Thank you for your time and the love you contribute to this space. Truly, this week has the potential to be full of beautiful rewards for those of you who put in the work this year. Those just beginning, believing in yourself is very important and you are worthy of seeing that truth!

We are continuing to take the weeds out of the Garden this month and take a good look at the beautiful growth shown through the pool. Remember, not all that is shared here is meant for you, and that is okay. This is a space to practice listening to your intuition, and trusting it to lead you to what will be helpful to and for you on your personal journey. It is my intention that you only receive what is for your highest good from this space and release the rest. I believe, and so it is. Let’s begin shall we?

(Some ) Dates to look out for this week

Monday 13th

THINK before you speak or act!

Tuesday 14th Full Moon In Sagittarius ♐️

This is a time to take the risks toward something new rather than allowing yourself to become stagnant and stale in your daily life and ambitions. Travel and adventure are favored but don’t forget to TELL THE TRUTH! No more lies to yourself or others, this Full moon will not allow this to stand.

June 17th

Watch yourself!

Be impeccable with your word. Sneaky behavior and toxic plans are given severe consequences very soon. Step into integrity if you aren’t already there. It’s time to take your job seriously. Are you pouring into your work or just going through the motions?

June 19th

Happy Father’s Day

To the men that provide for their children far beyond what is expected of them, We see you. You are the diamonds in this sea of coal. How blessed are we to know you exist? Thank you for choosing to prioritize your children. You are an important ingredient in making the next generation strong!

Happy Birthday Geminis! Don’t forget to check out your gift 🎁 Here

There is a place where he goes that nobody knows. He needs time away, he needs time to think. He needs time to decided if this is the right one for him. He’s taking some risks in fact this one is a huge. He could lose it all. He could also double all he has and end up living the life he dreamt of so long ago. This is a big decision and he’s responsible for so many. Would they trust him again if he’s wrong? Will he believe in himself? He has all he needs, he always did. He shakes his head to myself remembering how many times he let the doubt sink in, the fear. Someone else/s fear. No, all of this back in forth, he’s sure is just his responsible nature giving him one last chance to push through the last obstacle to his new path. When he returns home, he has a lot of good news to share, now is the time for him decide, which way is home?

What’s Growing in the garden?🪴


Someone has begun to learn how to use every circumstance for their good. There was a time they would experience hardship or disconnect from others and blame the people around them, or consider it punishment. The growth this year has been abundant. They see their role and their choices that have brought them into those circumstances and have gained wisdom and knowledge on how they can make better choices in the future! This is a big win for them, an asset that can be cultivated into a more balanced viewpoint. Someone is learning they are not the cause of all situations, and they are learning to take accountability for what they are responsible for.

New Roots, New opportunities

Welcome to your new life! Someone has been manifesting a new start, new job, new life. They have been working very hard to create a new community in a new place. There are many opportunities that are coming for them and all that new, is exciting! Pushing past comfort zones and moving beyond where they’ve been before has required them to believe in the impossible and put the work in too! This requires a lot of patience and gentle care, but this is a time of growth, and being gentle in this unfamiliar yet exciting space.

Patience & Poise

Someone has been doing ALL the things! Someone is trusting in perfect time!

Someone is learning how to make the present beautiful while they wait. Yes, everything they have learned has been put into action and the results are a more confident version of themselves! It takes a certain bravery for someone to face their own flaws with grace and dignity with the intention and follow through of accountability for those mistakes, and someone deserves to see their progress! It’s a long time coming. There is a reward coming their way, though it is not here yet, someone is ready to receive and is being called into life’s waiting room where there is plenty to do, and lots of beauty to experience while they wait on the results!

The Weeds

For maximum growth, someone may consider working on getting rid of these weeds. They can be tricky and present themselves as flowers, but they must go, so these plants can grow!


Standing in the way of Alchemy, someone may be looking back at situation and incorrectly remembering a time they felt in control. Could they be remembering things incorrectly? Someone can remember everything that has been done to them, but forgetting that they too had a role in the happenings. Sometimes when they go through things that are difficult, they turn to their attributes and all the good they have done as it’s easier for them.

Humility is going to help them remove this “weed.” To be their most authentic self, someone will benefit from being brave enough to face themselves honestly. Where did they stand in their own way? Where did they choose to inflict pain, chaos, or deceit that contributed to the circumstances they find themselves in? Will they choose to be honest with themselves or will they continue trying to manifest by taking from another?

Repeated Cycles.

At every new level, there’s a new devil.

Someone new feels all too familiar. For someone starting a new journey in a space, has found that not everyone can be trusted. There is a person that is moving quite shadily. They say the right things but their actions do not match their words. They may have promised to help this person or is gathering information to use against them. Someone has learned from competition in the past, and they know a weed when they see one. Will someone recognize their responsibility to walk away? Will they remember that they have come this far and worked this hard for a reason? Will they realize that choosing to keep this facade of this other person (Or their own depending on the situation) is choking and killing their new start? In order to keep their fresh start fresh, someone needs to make different decisions when picking friends in the work place. Not confronting the problem is making it worse. Someone has the opportunity to change it, by taking different action. Can they remember that their only competition is the version of themselves they are ready to release? Can they be confident enough to be honest with themselves and others?

Familiar toxicity

Someone might be mistaking a friendship or relationship for a divine counterpart. Someone has a past pattern of finding people who are not ready to be in a relationship and trying to force one with them. This codependent pattern is ready to be removed as it’s standing in someone’s way of making true connections and moving forward into they’re manifesting. Someone has an opportunity to be honest with themselves about a charismatic love offer that screams of red flags that are easily overlooked through temptation and loneliness. Not all that glitters has value, and it’s time for someone to be honest with what they see ahead of them. Being honest with themselves, someone may need to let go of someone who is toxic and untrustworthy. This is what is delaying their blessings.

The answer when you don’t know what to do, is nothing. The darkness is the author of confusion not the light. Your intuition is strong, do you trust your inner guidance? The answer is right in front of you, accept it. Changing people places and things bring new situations. Changing relationships that have a pattern works. Before deciding someone else is the problem, focus on your own patterns. Self sabotage is a real threat to all that you are trying to accomplish. Stand firm in your boundaries.

IF they didn’t resonate with you, perhaps the one daily

Monday- Someone is chipping off at past debt! Focus on the progress made in reducing bills or coming up with a strategy to start

Tuesday- Someone needs to stop pretending to be someone they are not.

Take off the mask and focus on being your authentic self. Decisions made in this time will have consequences in the future and they won’t be light. The high road is very pretty, make sure that you are being honest while taking it.

Wednesday -

Someone needs to be clear with their intentions in all situations. Passive aggressive behaviors will not work in a higher frequency. Focus on communicating clearly with what you want.


Focus on releasing the need to control. Someone is standing in their own way by trying to manipulate and control situations that don’t need it. Someone needs to ask themselves honestly if this is even their business when they insert themselves into situations.


focus on removing fear from faith based action. Intuition has lead you to your conclusion now is the time to boldly move forward. Every action has a consequence, what you put out will be what you receive. When you choose the truth, you have nothing to fear.


Something old will lose it’s appeal focus on what’s coming in, not on what is being released.


Dad (duh) If your a blessed to have your father still on this earth, focus on him today as well as any other fathers that deserve a nod! Is there a man in your life that could be reminded of his presence being comforting?

Full Moon Bonus:
The Virtual Burning Bowl

Burn baby burn! Every once in awhile We bring out the burning bowl in the Garden as a way to intentional rid our energetic space of situations, behaviors, lies, attachments etc that are standing in the way between us and what we desire. Take a moment to release with

Fire 🔥

There comes a moment when we are ready to transmute our own lower vibrations and toxicity. If you see it, you’re done with it, and you are ready to move forward send it down into the earth to be composted and returned into usable, healing positive energy

Earth 🌎

When we are ready embody peace, we need only to intentionally shift our focus. With every breathe you take, intentionally inhale what you need love, joy peace, patience, kindness, gentleness and or self control. Exhale any and all toxic energy that you’ve absorbed through others. Release anger, bitterness resentment. Release what you will as you exhale.



Release through tears, release through a cleansing bath or shower. Allow the stress to release down the drain, remember it is all temporary. Free yourself from the pain. Today is all you have so live it, be it release.

Sagittarius Moon 🌝 people are very gifted and highly intuitive beings. As such, this is a time where truth is revealed and nothing is off limits. Be aware that others sneaky behavior will come out, or your own. It may be time to come clean. Or, know you have the ability and strength to release what does not serve when someone else has an ugly truth revealed.

What’s blocking progress and needs to be removed?

This is a time to break the cycle! Whether you have seen or contributed to a patter that has been past on from generation to generation, now is the time break the pattern and move in another direction. A healthier start is exactly what is needed to shift the next generation into a prosperous and healed space! This is a long time coming, make no mistake this is the time for many to rise and say “it ends with me.” Fear does not belong in the future you desire. Now is the time to take an honest accounting of what fear is ready to be released.

Journal Time:

Nobody can hold you accountable better than yourself when you are choosing to grow. This full moon would be a great opportunity to get real honest within.

Am I being authentic to who I truly am?

Where is my focus needed right now?

Am I avoiding any situation, person, or place unnecessarily?

Where do i need to improve my communication?

How can I make a difference by being myself?

Am I taking small or big steps toward my goals? If not, what are some steps I can take right now?

There is a woman who does not see

She is the one to set herself free

Try as she may, she just cannot believe

Being herself, NOT someone else is the key to receive

She has what she needs if she would only pay attention

The lesson here, is very clear,

When you copy another you go to spiritual detention.

Dear Someone,

Believe in your own gifts. They are not like anyone else. Your unique gift to the world brings joy and beauty to those that experience it. There is no lasting growth in another’s shoes. You are needed in this world AS YOU ARE. You will not be this version of yourself forever dear one. There will come a day that you will look back at this one and see how much you’ve grown. This is when you will be glad you learned all that you have.

When in admiration of another, what you are seeing is your own reflection. You too are capable of being and having the happiness you see in another. Likewise, when you find someone irritating and you find yourself disgusted by their behavior, ask yourself what about this is triggering you? Do you see a part of you in them? Do you see a past situation they remind you of? You are intuitive, you are strong, capable, a powerful and loving individual and you know this! It’s time to stand in the truth. No more pretending to be who you are not. You are them, but that is good, because you are YOU and that’s who you came here to be.

If this makes sense, this is for you.

That’s all I have for you for now Wisdom Seekers! I wish you all the happiness as you move forward in your journey! May all that was not meant for you or not in alignment with your highest good be released back into the pool where it belongs,

Wishing you all the success you can handle in perfect time,

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