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Story Time: The 12 Helpers of Gemini

Hello Welcome to My Garden! I’m so glad you came for story time today. If this is your first time visiting please don’t forget to go through the Garden Entrance (HERE) before you continue.

We are entering the Solar Returns of our Gemini visitors.

Happy Birthday Gemini ♊️


You don’t have to be a Gemini to enjoy this story, but it was written in honor of Gemini Season! I do hope you enjoy it. If you have found the hidden rewards in the difficulties of the present, then congratulations! You are growing and it’s showing! Take a moment to celebrate yourself today. if you find yourself struggling in this time, you are not alone, and this is an excellent time to practice surrendering what cannot be controlled, and accountability for what is in our control to change. Remember, Not all that is shared here is meant for you, and that’s okay. Story Time is an wonderful opportunity to practice using your inner guidance to lead you to truths that resonate with you for your highest good, and leaving what does not. It is my intention that you only receive what will assist you as you move forward on your journey. I will it, and it is so.

The 12 Helpers of Gemini


On the eve of their birthday season, a Gemini is granted a gift. This is not an ordinary gift either. No. They are being granted helpers to assist them on their journey through the next year. For the Gemini in this story, the gift they are given is not only needed, it has been asked for. Twelve little helpers to keep them on their path.


wrapped in a not so pretty bow, the first gift requires codependence to GO! Financially, emotionally, In the solar year to come, there may be many opportunities to believe in one’s self. When tested with trauma bonds, or unhealthy attachments, Gemini is granted freedom through independence. Someone will be tested by handling triggers on their own, and they can and will be able to do this with practice.

As a Gemini learns they are capable of making decisions and handling hard situations on their own, they release many toxic codependent habits and relationships. This can feel uncomfortable at first, which is why practice and repetition will bring them the best results. Celebrating the little wins brings bigger ones in! When Gemini finds themselves in situations that bring that familiar feeling of losing themselves in another, or passing off responsibility to avoid taking it on, remembering the purpose for their independence will help guide them back to where they want to be. Capable and worthy of this helper, Will Gemini accept this gift?



For the giving, generous and loving side of Gemini, this one is especially for you. By taking steps towards independence, Sweet Air sign you may discover that you have given a lot of yourself to others. The effort you put forth into others plans, dreams and pursuits is a lot more than you realize.

For this Gemini, they have dedicated themselves to their work, and have passionately supported the goals and wishes of others. Gemini is now seeing that they are quite valuable. They are worthy of the rewards that come with this. People will come to support this Gemini, there are so many things waiting to be received by them. Will Gemini believe they are worthy? Will they open themselves up to receive freely, without shame or guilt? Will they choose to believe they are worthy, and receive?