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Story Time: The 12 Helpers of Gemini

Hello Welcome to My Garden! I’m so glad you came for story time today. If this is your first time visiting please don’t forget to go through the Garden Entrance (HERE) before you continue.

We are entering the Solar Returns of our Gemini visitors.

Happy Birthday Gemini ♊️

You don’t have to be a Gemini to enjoy this story, but it was written in honor of Gemini Season! I do hope you enjoy it. If you have found the hidden rewards in the difficulties of the present, then congratulations! You are growing and it’s showing! Take a moment to celebrate yourself today. if you find yourself struggling in this time, you are not alone, and this is an excellent time to practice surrendering what cannot be controlled, and accountability for what is in our control to change. Remember, Not all that is shared here is meant for you, and that’s okay. Story Time is an wonderful opportunity to practice using your inner guidance to lead you to truths that resonate with you for your highest good, and leaving what does not. It is my intention that you only receive what will assist you as you move forward on your journey. I will it, and it is so.

The 12 Helpers of Gemini

On the eve of their birthday season, a Gemini is granted a gift. This is not an ordinary gift either. No. They are being granted helpers to assist them on their journey through the next year. For the Gemini in this story, the gift they are given is not only needed, it has been asked for. Twelve little helpers to keep them on their path.


wrapped in a not so pretty bow, the first gift requires codependence to GO! Financially, emotionally, In the solar year to come, there may be many opportunities to believe in one’s self. When tested with trauma bonds, or unhealthy attachments, Gemini is granted freedom through independence. Someone will be tested by handling triggers on their own, and they can and will be able to do this with practice.

As a Gemini learns they are capable of making decisions and handling hard situations on their own, they release many toxic codependent habits and relationships. This can feel uncomfortable at first, which is why practice and repetition will bring them the best results. Celebrating the little wins brings bigger ones in! When Gemini finds themselves in situations that bring that familiar feeling of losing themselves in another, or passing off responsibility to avoid taking it on, remembering the purpose for their independence will help guide them back to where they want to be. Capable and worthy of this helper, Will Gemini accept this gift?


For the giving, generous and loving side of Gemini, this one is especially for you. By taking steps towards independence, Sweet Air sign you may discover that you have given a lot of yourself to others. The effort you put forth into others plans, dreams and pursuits is a lot more than you realize.

For this Gemini, they have dedicated themselves to their work, and have passionately supported the goals and wishes of others. Gemini is now seeing that they are quite valuable. They are worthy of the rewards that come with this. People will come to support this Gemini, there are so many things waiting to be received by them. Will Gemini believe they are worthy? Will they open themselves up to receive freely, without shame or guilt? Will they choose to believe they are worthy, and receive?

Unconditional Love

Without condition, Gemini has been shown a great deal of favor with the Most High. They have been at the bottom and at the top, the love has never failed. Growing up they may have had an incredible example of unconditional love from a parental figure. This is why In the year to come, when Gemini finds themselves not meeting their own expectations, the help they receive is remembering to love themselves. Love themselves through everything will be a key asset in the upcoming year. Remembering they are worth more than the mistakes they have made and will make, is so important. They won‘ t stay in those mistakes, they will move forward and learn, so Gemini could benefit from being more gentle with themselves. People will disappoint them, Loving them anyway, is a strength. It’s time to acknowledge this for some Gemini.

Loving them differently, perhaps from afar is also okay.

A Gemini ♊️ finds community when they learn to love themselves. Truly all the parts, the wins, the failures, the mistakes all of them unconditionally. Will Gemini reach for this helper when they struggle? Will you love without expectation? Are you surrounded with people you know are stable?


There are so many beautiful things coming but the one thing that takes time and cannot be manipulated is the time and patience required to receive.

This Gemini has more practice being patient than they know and as an analytical thinker this a big miss. This year ahead will bring moments that test all they have learned. These moments may take all the patience they have and push them to grow even more! Yes, this Gemini may not want to hear that, but there is none more capable than they at this beautiful Transformative time. This will all be worth it in the long term. Will Gemini choose to grow this gift? Allowing it to assist them in their success? Be still. Be STILL. BE STILL. You can do this….


The glow, the show, the magnetism of Gemini's success is bringing all the long lost "friends" to the yard. The same ones that left a certain Gemini feeling isolated and alone. This may leave a Gemini feeling lost for a bit or confused as to who is safe. OR, it will remind them of who they are and how far they have come from where these people remember them from. Gemini's Kindness is NOT weakness, and those who don't know, are going to learn!

When we know what we need, and take responsibility for meeting that need, we learn to protect ourselves where we may might be vulnerable. Gemini knows that not everyone is a safe space to vent. Not everyone deserves a space in their inner circle. Keeping firm to boundaries will help Gemini ♊️ keep unnecessary problems out of their experience. This will make it easier to focus on the lessons that come with purpose.


Often given the gift of the Gab, great at seeing multiple sides of any situation, it's no wonder this Gemini is an over thinker. They analyze every situation and do what they can to predict the possible outcomes before making a move. it's a strategy that has served them well to an extent.

The answers they need this year will be found in trusting their gut. Gemini has had a lot of practice using their intuition. Reminding themselves that they may not like what they feel, but they should trust their intuitive signals can save them from a lot of pain.

Smart enough to know better, deeply affectionate and a warm heart make it difficult not to care. Even so, they may find themselves having to swallow a hard truth. Some people are not ready for a healthier vibration, and they can’t go with Gemini where they are going. They need to trust they know when it’s time to release a connection and not second guess that moment. Is Gemini ready to believe in themselves again?


When A Gemini knows what they can handle intuitively and honestly, they are ready to release what they cannot carry alone. With all the blessings and work coming Gemini’s way, they may find themselves feeling overwhelmed by the every day demands. Gemini has people around them willing and capable of assisting them in their workload. Gemini has developed strong boundaries and has a good idea what they need and how to communicate that. Gemini can lighten the load by allowing others to help them and release their need to control at the same time!

Sacred space

A Gemini’s life may become Chaotic this year and finding time to themselves might be a challenge. When life is good it can still be very fast paced and even the best of times can be overwhelming.

Making a space for retreat will be a huge help in relieving stress in a healthy way. A sacred space for moments of solitude is a helping hand that this Gemini needs as they will come to understand.

Quiet time

In that sacred space there will be no phone, no computer, no tv. A Gemini that is determined to grow this year will find what they are looking for in quiet time. Silencing their mind and choosing the stillness. The moments may be long and they may also be very brief, taking that time to be still, can be the difference between success and failure. Clarity and uncertainty.

Will Gemini allow themselves time to be still?

A wise Advisor

As the year brings tough challenges, Gemini may find a time they need someone to talk to that can help them sort out some sticky situations. When we lack skill in an area we need fixed or healed, we seek a professional. A Gemini ♊️ that finds themselves bravely facing the unseen parts of themselves and bringing them to light may find assistance through therapy. This is brave and has the ability to bring positive permanent change for the better.


When our environment is cluttered with people, situations and things we cannot see our path clearly. This Gemini may find that when things are taken abruptly and people disappear from their life without warning, that this isn’t a punishment of any kind. This is a time of removing what doesn’t serve their highest good. It may not be clear at this time, but a Gemini may be saved from a lot drama that would have been overwhelming otherwise.

Infinite supply

In the Garden for May, we’ve been discussing feeding the faith, and starving the fear. Many things will test Gemini in the upcoming year. The truth will not change and it is absolute. At any given time Gemini has everything they need. Everything. When they feed their faith, they will find that their superior strategy skills are heightened, because they are no longer planning and searching for solutions in fear. Success comes because they believe it is so

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Your life is blessed. You have passed many tests to get here, YOU and you alone navigate your next solar return. You have all that you need to be successful!

Happy Birthday Gemini ♊️ May al that was not meant for you, or aligned to your highest good be released back into the pool where it belongs.

Wishing you all the success you can handle in perfect time,

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