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Pre-Full Moon Subscriber Bonus: “The Reveal”

*Any and all Videos not from: “Tia Khaleesi’s Story Time” are for reference purposes only. These videos are not affiliated with this site and may be removed at any time. Viewer’s discretion is advised.

Welcome to your bonus in the Garden! I’m so glad you’re here! what better time than Friday the 13th to prepare for this upcoming Full moon? With Both Mercury and Pluto in Retrograde, we are in a period of challenges in communication and in correcting and or healing wounds that have been ready for some time to be seen. For some of us this will be a year long process and will end when Pluto goes direct in 2023. This is what is needed so there is no need to fret. As we have adopted in the garden, give yourself a year. Wherever you are on your journey, My wish for you this Full Moon in Scorpio is that you see what is yours to heal in all situations and that you have the courage and strength to do the healing.

May you feel confident and strong in leaving the pain of the past where it belongs.

In the Garden we honor many walks of life, and there’s no need to take what doesn’t resonate. This is a Scorpio Moon in full Eclipse story , so it is a little bit darker. This is an excellent time to remind you that not all that is shared here is meant for you and that’s okay. This is a space to practice listening to your intuition and allow it to guide you. It is my intention that you only receive from this space what is in alignment with your highest good. I believe, and so it is.

Dear Someone,

Learn to stand on your own, You are not helpless, you are not weak. When you do not know what to do be still and breathe, you know more than you think. When you need to admit your mistakes, do so with full intention and action in correcting it. Face your past and release it so you can move forward.

There are so many people that need a crowd to validate them. There is power in standing on your own. It is not everyone’s path. Those who stand alone have a very important path to follow and it requires great strength. Keeping this in mind, you can no longer mistake, that you are weak. That lie has no standing any further. YOU are STRONG.

Don’t believe everything you hear. Some things that come in are meant to confuse you, trust that guidance and intuition that comes form within.

A message for someone.

The Reveal

There is a facade coming to an end and much sooner than the deceptive one thought. Out of panic or perhaps money troubles, someone betrayed a friend to take what was theirs. This person has been slowly losing their grip on reality and is spiraling downward. This deceptive person is having a breakdown from all the guilt they’ve been carrying for hurting their friend.

For some, this is a memory of a past mistake. For this person, they might be frustrated to have all of this coming up again when they thought it was healed, hidden or just over. The memory is bubbling to the surface to heal properly. However this ended healing is still missing. Perhaps someone needs to forgive themselves. Forgive themselves for the choices they made when they were still learning the hard way. If they took a look at themselves now and can see a difference in the two versions of themselves, they might have more compassion. They have learned so much since that version existed. Who they are now would never find themselves in those toxic situations and they know their worth so much better than before.

Forgiving themselves may not be an easy ask. The guilt that they’ve carried comes up in waves and can sometimes overwhelm them making them feel unworthy of forgiveness. This is not true. If they have come a long way from that version they are asked to believe in their growth and move forward in love.

🌹 🌹 🌹

For others, they are just leaving that toxic cycle or still in it. The pressure is getting to them and they can’t grip the control they once had. Desperate moves are giving them away. They are being asked to change direction and take the hard steps of accountability. Will they be brave enough to face their actions with honesty and transparency when needed? Will they do this for themselves so that they too, can have peace knowing that healing comes when they are finished with the pain? Only they truly know. There is no need for them to worry, though they may be uncomfortable and face undesirable consequences, this too, will pass. They will find themselves in a healed space sooner than they realize. It’s all on the other side of this powerful choice to change direction and believe that they can do better, and deserve better from themselves. The love they need, the validation that they seek is waiting within. Realizing that this not the end for them, this is not the final version. No, they have a much more powerful, loving and authentic version just waiting to be realized and actualized. It all begins with accountability.

💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕

Messages for Someone of love

Separate from the stories above.

You are correct. Your moving closer to your divine purpose. That feeling you have, is trying to get your attention. You have the ability to brighten the day of everyone around you just by greeting them every morning with kindness. You’ve had this idea and this feeling that you need to do this, and it is divinely guided. You have been wondering what in the world you should do, and should you trust it? Yes, yes. You should.

Someone else is falling in love 💕 This feeling is all butterflies and giddy grins when they didn’t expect them. There comes an energy increase unexpectedly, a pep in their step. Ooh la la, this person is glowing.

They feel home when in this person’s presence. It’s been a long time since they felt this way, or perhaps someone is falling in love with their spouse all over again. It wasn’t easy but someone finally figured out they were the problem in their relationship all along. Not the problem per say. No. The cause came from a lack of of self love from within.

There comes a moment when focusing on healing themselves becomes a great strength. When someone feels whole on their own, they begin to see their romantic partner in a whole new light. This opens them up to a deeper love in a higher state of mind. No longer depending on their significant other to validate them, they are free to accept their partners love as it comes without judgement or expectation. The love they desired their entire lives is blossoming from their own rebirth.

By facing themselves raw and authentically, they have come to accept and even love the parts of themselves they didn’t want to see before. Understanding themselves was what they were truly after all along.

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Someone else visiting’s, fear of abandonment and rejection resurface when they realize that they don’t feel strong, or tough. Something from the past has them convinced they are not enough. Though this couldn’t be farther from the truth, to heal this someone must revisit a memory youth. Taking their power back from that time and space, forgiving, healing and moving forward from this place. What better way to heal your heart? When you go to the source that broke it from the start. Someone needs to remember just how special they are, and all the people that love them waiting to be on their radar. It’s time to release the false version you see, there is so much more that you will become, it’s meant to be! Release, release, release.

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Like the clip above, Someone is getting called out by a trusted source who is lovingly pointing out where someone may have gone off track. Will they listen? Will they take this gentle reset?

Every time there is a heavy or darker space that comes, it may not seem like it, but it really is happening for you. The trick is to find the lesson. What can you learn from the space you are in? What skills may you acquire that bring you to success that lasts? We only go to the bottom to retrieve what we need to skyrocket to the top! This too will Pass, this time is but a moment. Use it wisely and keep your eyes and heart on and in gratitude.

Wherever you want to be, you can get there. What if you dedicated your next year to getting there? What if you took the small scary steps forward you need and stopped being afraid? Do you believe in yourself? Are you ready to? Feed your faith in your capabilities and remember: Practice and repetition. This is the recipe for success. You are worthy. Right now, in this time and space. Believe it with every bit of you. That is what matters in this time.

Don’t worry about what others get away with, remember who you are.

For those ready to shed their old ways, and begin a new, here is a video for removing obstacles just for you! Remember that when we set an intention to remove what doesn’t serve us, we must be prepared for people places and things to change that we didn’t see coming.

That is what I have for you this Full Moon 🌕 Wisdom seekers! May all that is not meant for you, your path, or your highest good be released, back into the pool where it belongs,

It is done. It is done. It is done.

Thank you for being here with me! Your visits are appreciated. I wish you so much happiness and healing where you need it most.

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