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Someone’s Story May 9th-15th “Starving the Fear”

Updated: May 30, 2022

Hello fellow travelers, Welcome to May in the Garden! I’m so glad we crossed paths at this time. We are feeding the plants we are growing in our spiritual garden this month and this requires to also feed the faith, and starve the fear. Where do you need to starve fear in your life?

As we take a look deep into the pool of wisdom and retrieve a collective story, take a deep breathe in, and out. Remember, not al that I share here is meant for you, and that’s okay. This is a space to practice using your inner voice to guide you towards the next step of your journey. It is my intention that all that visit are blessed with clear communication this difficult season an that what you receive from this space be for your highest good and the highest good involved. I believe, and so it is.

Let’s begin shall we?

Some Dates to remember this week:

The month of May- April 2023

Pluto is Retrograde There's more coming up for healing

Those who take time this year to truly dig deep will

find rewards worth the wait when Pluto goes direct.

Tuesday the 10th

Mercury goes retrograde

This is an excellent time to revisit, remember,

reuse, reunite, reintroduce, (rebuke in some cases) etc.

Using this time to rediscover your potential is highlighted

🧿 🧿 🧿

The Principle of Rhythm:

Everything flows out and in

Everything has it’s tides

All things rise and fall

The Pendulum swing manifests in everything

The measure of the swing to the left

is the measure of the swing to the right

Rhythm compensates

-Hermetic Principle

👀 & 👂 let them see and hear 🙏

🧿 🧿 🧿 🍱 “Food” 🍱 🧿 🧿 🧿

When your resources are available,

feed the need.

When you have more than you need,

Fill your reserves.

When you have enough,

Feed your neighbor.

When you feel challenged and stressed

Satisfy your hunger for knowledge

When you don’t want to budge,

Indulge in humility.

When you can’t see another’s perspective,

Intake more compassion

When you’re wrong and need to concede,

Swallow your pride

When you’re ready to move to the next level,

Be prepared for a new devil,

devour peace in your Mind, soul and your body.

What will you feed when the time comes to act?

Your faith or your fear?

What do you feed right now?

💥 💥 💥 💥

A mantra for fear:

You will not control me with thoughts of what could go wrong

I’m done with this vibration! I stayed much too long.

It’s not my burden to carry, I can’t control what’s not mine

So trusting my inner guidance, the Most high and I’ll be fine.

I will not feed you power, I claim it for the throne

I will not feed you attention, I’ll leave you all alone

I will not feed you energy It’s a precious resource

You will starve without me as your main course.

Yes fear, fear, you are not welcome here

I release,

with gratitude I have peace

It is done it is done it is done.

💥 💥 💥

This Month, as we loon at solutions and focus on strengths, we are also focusing on the power of manifesting through action. What we think, we create, how we act, we also attract. If this can be remembered, we can choose to focus on each movement, and decision by taking the steps in faith. Deep faith.

Starving the Fear

Someone feels unable to speak their truth, they feel persecuted and standing alone. This is unhelpful at this time, and they need to take a moment and breathe. Someone needs to remember they have all that they need at any given time to be successful. They do not need to make moves in fear, because no matter what happens next, they will figure it all out in the end.

This all sounds well and good, but for someone, this feels more like theory than fact. Especially since everything is changing again. It feels like someone just found their bearings after a long period of instability, or what felt like a long period anyway.

The fear is telling them, that this change could be a bad change. There is so much to worry about and a lot of hidden road ahead. Hidden means uncertain and uncertain means danger. DANGER means be afraid, anxious think of nothing else!!!!! What if the worst happens? What if I don’t have what it takes? What if everything falls apart? What if… What if What if????????

Cutting off supply

Someone is surrounded by people that do not mean them well. They are looking for a way to set them up to fail. When people send ugly thoughts and intentions their way, someone feels their energy shift and rejects it right away! (This may show up for them looking like impatience and short responses with others. Immediate mood shifts that seem uncharacteristic. )

They come so far in their journey and may not recognize that this is an opportunity to practice taking their energy back, and rejecting the energy of others. This may mean releasing friendships that have been long standing, and or acquaintances that cause more stress and bring unnecessary drama to their life. By choosing to do this boldly, they are clearing a path towards something better for them. They have to use their discernment to wisely cut out the relationships that are draining them at this time. They know the trauma drama bonds do not serve them well.

Someone is ready to do this so they can focus their energy on home and work life. To be their most successful, they are called to release connections they’ve known need to end for awhile and have held on past the expiration date. This will cut off a huge supply of energy that has been feeding their fear and anxiety, freeing them to use that energy for creativity.

The Gifted One

Someone has unique talents and gifts in the arts. They know what their talent is, they know they have a gift. 🎁 It’s time for someone to realize that the gift they have is not insignificant. But can aide them into their purpose. Doubt will not serve them anymore. They are talented, it’s time to acknowledge that. Will someone choose to utilize their gifts to their advantage?

Someone is ready to see, they are enough as they are. Unique, strong, capable, powerful, loving, authentic, intuitive and connected, Someone is realizing their worth.

Starve the Fear it has no place here. Starve the fear, it has no place here. Starve the fear. It has no place here. It’s removed, it’s removed, it is removed.

Retrograde Helper


Someone is feeling disconnected spiritually. Someone has come a long way in recognizing when they feel off and that is a win! Someone should be proud of their progress.

Someone may need to reference what they’ve learned and put it into practice.

Be still

Someone needs to take a moment before speaking or interacting with others to sit and listen for divine guidance. By clearing their mind in mediation they may find clarity in their own desires for the outcome and exactly what they want to say and how they want to say it. By reassessing what they want to say beforehand, they may find a more positive outcome and less miscommunication problems.


Now is a time for someone to recommit to their faith.

Anything they believe they deserve, they will attract to themselves. So believing they are safe, worthy, capable, powerful, lovable, authentic, and connected beings they will attract situations in alignment with the vibration of their belief. Someone is believing they deserve the good things coming their way! Recommitting to loving themselves and choosing to reciprocate love to others, attracts more to be grateful for!

Remember: The formula for success is: Time and repetition

Someone needs to remember when they feel drained to retreat without fear, and replenish their energy. Anyone who comes with discord not offering solutions needs to be “ put on mute” for awhile Someone needs to have a clear mind and these situations and people do not help, so releasing guilt of guarding their energy is advised. Will they protect their energy and remember their goals?

It’s okay to recognize when we feel faithless,

It’s okay to admit when we are overwhelmed

It’s okay to take steps forward in faith while still in fear

“I believe, I believe, help me with my unbelief “

“I trust in the best possible outcome, even if that means saying goodbye “

When we follow our true path and boldly move past the distractions and temptations, we are naturally pulled towards our purpose for each stage of our life’s journey. Fear does not serve us here, we are all on separate journeys and in this way, we are one.

Did that resonate? Leave a ♥️ Below!

IF that was not your story, none of this will do, perhaps it’s one daily focus that is for you!

Monday -

For someone, by returning to what makes them happy, they find clarity in an important matter. There is always time to return to your joy! Focus on expressing yourself through creative activities


Someone needs to focus on how far they have come in their transformation. They couldn’t be where they are now at this time last year.

That needs to be enough today.


Focus on the beauty in your environment. No matter what is happening around them, someone will find beauty through the flowers.


Someone needs to focus on releasing their stubborn need to do things on their own and ask for help. By delegating what can be, they will find the strength they need to accomplish their goals and also developing stronger connections through teamwork!


Focus on revising safety measures around your home.

Someone needs to see just how safe they truly are. By reviewing their safety procedures will give them peace knowing they are being proactive and responsible. Unrealized fear disappears after this for someone.


Focus on Self love

After this week of giving and working hard, it is time for some self attention to fill their cup.


Have you been working too hard? This is the day of rest after all.. Focus on replenishing your energy

Taking some time to unplug from social media, tv and electronics will replenish someone’s strength and help them recover to full strength for the week ahead.

Did this help or resonate? Don’t forget to leave a ❤️ Below

That’s all I have for you this week Subscribers. Thank you for visiting the Garden May all that was not meant for you or your highest good be released back into the pool where it belongs,

I wish you peace that passes understanding and joy that fills the heart ♥️

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