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Someone’s Story May 2- 8th "Back in the shadow"

Updated: May 30, 2022

Hello, Welcome back to the Garden. I'm so glad you made it here today. We are giving the plants that are growing in our spiritual garden food this month. What you choose to feed will grow. So this week we will be looking into a story about learning to feed faith over fear. There is a heavy sadness in the air this week, and this is a week to prepare for what is desired and not on what’s going wrong. What a challenge. This week, let’s look at the solutions coming through the pool for the person in our story. Remember that not all that is shared here is meant for you, and that’s okay. This space is created to observe and yourself a moment to practice using your inner voice to guide you to what is meant for you to see. It is my intention that you only receive what is for your highest good, and so it is.

Someone is preparing for Mercury’s Retrograde. Will they choose to be proactive or reactive?

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🌱 🌱 🌱 🌱

Being Prepared

Be prepared to shield from unkind words

Be prepared to speak from love

Be prepared to separate yourself from the ideals of the herds

Be prepared to speak life, let the words come from above

Be Prepared to shine

Be prepared to cause a glare

Be prepared to act when you see the sign

Be Prepared to stand alone, if you dare

Be prepared to Feed the situations you want to grow

Be prepared to send out to receive

Be prepare to stand in faith and what you know, you know.

Be prepared to believe

Be prepared for a storm while enjoying the sun

Be prepared for your Journey, a New one has just begun

🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏

Dear Someone,

What is your soul calling you to do? When the path seems to be uncertain, when there are multiple directions you can go, have you stood still to be sure, that the voice you listen to is the one you know? How long can you carry another’s burden, pretending it’s yours before you realize you aren’t able to carry your own? There are no answers outside of you. (If you know, then this is for you.) How long has it been since you sat in silence. This is not a time to look outside of yourself for the answers. Looking to others for direction right now will only take you farther. Listen, Listen Listen wise one. Sitting in silence can bring you clarity. Where is God’s Kingdom? Could it be, inside you?


Your Tia ♥️

Working with Prayer & Mediation

Someone has questions this week. Big questions. Do they help their loved one who is in trouble with the law? Do they clean up the mess they didn’t make for another to lighten the burden around them? Someone has learned that going to outside sources seeking another’s opinion has not worked in their favor. It seems to have taken them farther from their goals.

Should they help? Should they allow someone to go through a rough lesson that they could learn from and possibly heal from if they don’t interfere? Does it make them selfish to not get involved? Weigh so many questions on their mind and so many answers that nobody that is not them can give, they are given the opportunity to take it to a higher source. Finding some time alone, someone is choosing to pray. Whether they choose to write them out, speak them aloud, or pray through thought, this is how they know that the source of their advice is not only the right one for them but is in alignment with their path.

After expressing their hopes, fears and dreams to the most high, someone is called to be still, and listen. It may require patience, the message that comes through will be clear. There will be no doubt that it’s the path to their highest good even if it’s not an attractive option. Someone will have their clarity in this situation, and will know what they need to do.

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🌸 🕉 🌸🕉 🌸

“Whatever you did for one of the least of

these brothers and sisters of mine

you did for me”


in the book of Matthew 25:40

Someone has entered a time in their life of great prosperity after a long period of being stretched thin in their budget. With gratitude for what they already have, someone notices that even in the hard times, they are blessed beyond their needs. As they begin preparing for greater wealth and abundance, they need to make some room.

Someone might be learning that they’ve been been blessed with plenty so they may share it with many. They have more clothes than they need, and it’s time to give some away. They may be unaware of just how important these items will be to another. Their is a beautiful lesson of a difference made by simply releasing what isn’t serving their highest good.

Someone else has time to give another. Perhaps they’ve noticed a friend seems distant or they haven’t spoken to a relative in awhile. Choosing to stop by may be on their mind. Enjoying another’s company could be a much needed remedy for someone’s momentary loneliness.

We all need to know we’re not alone, and when we show up for another, this can strengthen the tribe!

When someone has clarity, choosing to use their financial resources to prepare for their future becomes their focus. Taking each step in faith that their will be prosperous, someone is making wiser saving decisions. They are choosing to believe that what they have now is enough and instead of spending recklessly they have learned to be wiser with their choices each and every day.

By helping another, someone may see God, The Source, The Most high in a real way.

Did this resonate? Don’t forget to leave a ❤️ below.


You and your loved ones are safe and spiritually protected. Being prepared helps someone feel safer. Now that their prepared fear no longer serves a purpose. Focus on releasing fear and worry.


Look back in March. What seeds did you plant?

Focus on your goals today


It’s time for someone to use dance or movement to move some stuck energy in and around them. Focus on moving to raise the vibe


Focus on upholding boundaries it's easy to forget your worth or what you should give and what you should withhold. Use that inner guidance and don't back down.

Friday- With a retrograde period coming up messing with communication, someone needs to believe in the power of their words.

Focus on choosing your words carefully

Saturday- Someone needs to release fear.

Focus on faith based action instead taking steps in fear.

Sunday- Someone has to address issues with close family

Focus to speak words of kindness from a loving space.

Strategies in Communication May 2022

I wish for you to get all you need from this space. Remember, not all that is shared here will be for you. You may resonate with your Sun sign or your mercury sign as well. Use your inner guidance to lead you to your strategy.

🧿 🧿 🧿 ♊️ Gemini ♊️ 🧿 🧿 🧿

Happy early birthday Gemini ♊️ You are held, seen, loved and cherished by the most high, never forget. YOU ARE ENOUGH.

Mercury Retrograde:

This Gemini may or may not know, their dreams matter, and their ideas are solid. The month of May is all about protecting their art, and getting clarity on what they are expecting from people they want involved or future investors. Though this may not be the time to act, Practice and repetition are the ingredients needed to make their ideas happen. Taking time to practice their pitch, making sure they have all their facts together, and can answer the questions that will come, someone will be prepared to share their idea with confidence. Several opportunities may come up for this Gemini in the May that are unrelated and may feel like inconvenient annoyances in their daily life. If Gemini chooses to use these moments to practice taking time to think of what they want to say, and how they want to say it, they will gain the confidence needed to present their ideas with confidence when needed in the future. Practice makes perfect and the strategy for communication in a time where chaos and conflict are likely, is to repeat what they’ve put into practice.

“ I am aware that happiness within shows I’m on the right path.

Gemini is empathetic, and does not communicate this in their words. This is due to their thoughts being elsewhere. May is also a time for Gemini to practice being in the present moment, and choosing to frame their words in love. Accepting that their is a negative possibility when going towards your dreams is brave. This is acknowledgement of all this is, this is not focusing on what could go wrong. In order to take steps forward in faith, awareness of all and acceptance of it, is needed.

You have all that you need, are you ready Gemini, to succeed? Believe in yourself and enjoy the journey.

Feed your Faith Gemini, believe yes believe and ask the most high to help you with your unbelief.

Did that resonate? Leave a ♥️ Below Gemini ♊️

🧿 🧿♎️ Libra ♎️ 🧿 🧿

“I hold space for the people that surround me that have been my support that I couldn’t see while I was in grief. “

Mercury Retrograde:

May is an opportunity for a Libra who has recently been through a very tough phase to look up from their troubles for a moment to acknowledge the support that has been surrounding them all along. Even with all the wrong turns that have been taken recently, the support they have had hasn’t waivered. Libra’s imbalance can be found here, stuck in the past when they had nobody to turn to.

There is a difference between wanting to change something and actually feeling like you can change something. Libra may want to heal, their stubbornness seems to be the only blockage in May. Too proud to admit they were wrong about who truly had their back, there is a Libra struggling in their silence. Reuniting in May can be very beneficial for this Libra. They have the opportunity to recognize the power of reconnecting in truth and love with past allies that will help them as they heal from recent events.

In May, Libra may need to be careful with their words, if they don’t make space for healing, their wounds will come up in inconvenient times. When feeling low, this Libra is looking for a way to raise their vibration. Remembering, that this moment will pass and they will not feel this way forever. Remembering what their goals outside their relationships are. To bring themselves back to balance, speaking their truth to a trusted friend, may help them get a dose of uncomfortable truth but it’s all they need.

Libra, you are worth more than your past choices, and missteps. Return to innocence, return to the simple fun loving self. It’s time to raise your vibration. Drink some waters and listen to high vibrational music like the video below:

Did you find that helpful Libra? Leave a ♥️ below

Aquarius ♒️

Reflecting in the journey, is it worth it?

May is an opportunity for an Aquarius to recognize a good opportunity when they see it.

There is something different in a new relationship, something feels weird. An Aquarius will be challenged to trust their intuition and know the difference between their intuition and their fear.

The past is ready to be released,

Grief needs to be felt and when an Aquarius revisits a past loss that hasn’t healed, they may find there is a layer of anger they haven’t dealt with that is blocking them from recognizing their blessings.

“I understand that losing something is an opportunity to appreciate it.”

An Aquarius will find success when they choose patience when listening to others. Patience is the key to having an easy Retrograde experience and making the most out of the month. being patient with another’s growing process and accepting where they are at is favored. Aquarius will also benefit from releasing worry, they are doing the best they can and it is good enough.

Aquarius, you are enough, as you are. You are growing at your own pace and you’re right on time, right on rhythm, You are creating the life you want every step you take towards healing. More and more each day you are learning. Don’t you forget that learning is a process. You know your path.

That’s what I have for you this week, May all that was not meant for you be released back into the pool where it belongs,

This can be a magical time filled with possibility. Don’t forget you’re loved beyond measure by the Most High God. I wish you so much happiness on your journey,

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