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Someone’s Story 24th- May 1st “Double & Extra”

Updated: May 30, 2022

Hello and welcome back to the Garden! I’m so grateful you are here! This is a week to truly decide where you stand in all areas of your life. Sometimes we get complacent in areas we didn’t understand we have the power to change, fix or heal. This is the week to change circumstances for our highest good IF we are strong enough to separate ourselves from people pleasing and focus on the bigger picture. Remember, not all that is shared here was meant for you, and that’s okay. Your inner guidance is strong, and this week it’s even easier to discern your voice from others, listen to it, It is my intention that you only receive the guidance that is for your highest good, and so it is.


Important dates to remember this week:


Give yourself time to meditate and connect with the most high every morning. Opening yourself to communication with the Most High. This will give someone the confidence they need to fight for what they need and what they want


Solar Eclipse


Anytime we’re dealing with an eclipse we are dealing with interesting and intense energies. This is a day to remember to stay grounded, record your dreams and any messages that come through this day. This is also an ideal time to burn the bridges of the past that no longer serve your highest good.

It’s time to let the people places and things go, that do not grow. Making Space for union.

Hardworking, determined, loving, compassionate and strong, the person in our story this week in the Garden is all of these things. They should remember this when facing any challenge for they are more than what they face.

Perhaps it’s been the busy day in and day out struggle that has kept them in an old vibration of

“ shop shop shop, until the money drop drop drop then I pick it up again”

Someone has been working very hard on controlling their impulses. Though they want to spend spend spend, they have chosen to put their plan into action and live modestly for a time. This is something they have been working on for awhile, and as they are getting closer to their goal, they are finding themselves tempted more and more to just stray off their path impulsively. This is also the case in their indulging with gossip. They have been lying to themselves and even convincing themselves they are discussing things out of “concern” for another know full well this is not the truth. Someone has been in the process for awhile of facing their shadow head on and dealing with these addictions. This has been a rough ride so far changing their old ways of doing things. There is a need to reach out to a trusted source when in need of help as they may find themselves tempted to slip into old habits to cope with a painful situation.

“ I am capable of correcting my course on my journey” “ I am making wiser choices now, for the future I wish to be in.” “ I am worthy of the life I desire”

Shoulders back, head held high, someone needs to straighten their crown and remember their sovereignty.

They have come too far to allow a small slip to be their downfall. Doing the work now is more important than it ever has been before. The word for the middle of the week as the challenge is even greater is:


When facing their own shadow, ( unhealed, unseen parts of themselves and toxic behaviors ) Someone is going to need to stick firmly to their tribe. There are plenty of people that will prey on divine beings working towards healing pretending to be a listening ear when truly they are looking for a good plate of gossip. Choosing to be selective with their time and energy will serve someone very well as they battle their past for a better future.

As the week comes to a close, looking back at their hard work, time attention and focus, Someone has learned a lesson that makes them feel proud. They are actually healing! They are learning and they are feeling! Feeling what, you say? Better. A little more, every single day. 💜

Someone’s choice to move forward even when it’s hard this week, will bring them beyond the karmic connections and choices of their own past. Where they were once in a cycle of turmoil, drama, toxic relationships, they now find themselves standing out, beautifully confident and stepping into their confidence.

This has been a long, long journey. But the work has paid off, their is a reward for this person. They finally see what all they went through brought them too. Life is about to get exciting, and this time they’ll enjoy the ride!

The Second Story

In order to achieve a goal, someone may have to work with others they would rather not to meet a project deadline. The very execution of this presentation depends on someone being able to put their feelings aside to work with a difficult coworker. They view this person as being a shark who would gladly turn on them for their own profitable gain. Regardless of their view, someone may be challenged at the beginning of this week to change it and see a different perspective. They may find a solution to the issue that is more peaceful than they realize.

As things between work & home get busy someone may be in need of getting some clarity on pending matters that seem to be clouding their judgement. Someone may find that by the middle of the week they truly need a break and Remind themselves that not every person they meet is going to be a repeat of the past, and not every work situation is going to end the same.

Knowing this makes it easier to spot when it’s time to leave a situation and someone is taking time to be clear on where they want to work and may even be searching for a job.

For another, someone realizes that all the stress and hard work is worth it as a breakthrough comes after a long period of suffering. They are beginning to see where they’re needed and that bring them the satisfaction they’ve been looking for.

Someone has time to transition where necessary and change behaviors that may be keeping them stuck in toxic habits of the past. They have everything they need to keep moving forward and change their future forever into the one they’ve always wanted and perhaps something they couldn’t have possibly imagined. Whether they chose to stay and work through the difficulties with a project worth their time and effort and hardships, or beginning new adventures in new places to find their perfect fit for work, someone has made a decision and moving forward it changes everything. They know they’ve made the right choice when they’ve taken the matter up in prayer and listened for the guidance in meditation.

Worthy of the finest riches of this world, is a heart that cares, gives freely and has compassion for themselves and others never giving up. That my dear visitor, is possibly you!

The steps have not been taken, the journey has not begun. Someone has the power to choose each and every one!

Monday: Before repeating a pattern that has brought them more trouble than it’s worth, someone needs to remember to focus on what they want to see happen in the future. Remembering the power they have to start walking and working towards it now.

Tuesday: Someone who is worried about job security or has recognized their budget doesn’t fit the rise in prices may need recalibrate their spending. Focus on choosing wiser saving and spending habits.

Wednesday: Someone May be in need of self love at this time. Focus on giving yourself what you need when you need it today, maybe even a bit of pampering.

Thursday: Today is a day to expect better from those around you than you’ve allowed in the past.

Focus on holding boundaries firmly today.

Friday: For someone, there’s a lot that has come to the surface that needs processing Focus today on reflecting on what needs to be released.


Focus on releasing some toxic patterns and choices. This will make room for the good you are working towards right now.


For someone, allowing their temper to lead them could land them in spaces they don’t want to be. Focus on walking away from anything or anyone that is confrontational. Now is not the time, no it’s not worth it.

Did any of these resonate for you? Please leave a ❤️ below



In this space, I offer you a virtual burning bowl ceremony for Saturday, April 30th 2022

We as a collective have had quite a year so far. With the world filled with uncertainty, this is a time where inner work becomes more important. As you watch the fire burn imagine throwing in the habits, the shadow no longer serving you. Below you will find a few that were whispered through the garden trees that someone needs to release. If this makes sense, then this portion is for you.

The Burning bowl 🍲

Into the fire I cast these thing to be burned away,

into the pit these things are removed, banished today!

I believe, peace I receive and so it is

Karmic relationships no longer serving a higher purpose

Pain from past connections

Engaging in Gossip.

Doubting inner guidance, doubting the Most High

Rivalry and Jealousy

Childish Games

Hurt and pain that has served it’s purpose


Lazy behaviors that block success

Communication with the ex

Playing both sides

Betraying a friend

Stealing energy, time, ideas or content

Resentment for past missteps

Fear of sickness

Blockages in chakras ready to be released

Burn baby burn 🔥 That’s all I have for you this week wisdom seekers, May all that is not meant for you be released back into the pool to be washed away where it belongs,

You truly are enough just as you are. Everything you need, you have with you right now I wish you the discernment needed to use it for your highest good,

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