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Someone’s Story “Small Hands”

Updated: May 2, 2022

Hello and Welcome Back! How was your Easter? This week has so many beautiful possibilities the beginning of the week we are still in work work work mode and by the end of the week it will be time to switch into receiving mode, and if that made sense, then this week’s story has something in it for YOU! Remember that not all that is shared here is meant for you and that’s okay This is a time to practice using your inner Guidance to Move you into the direction you are meant to go! It is my intention that you only receive what is meant for your highest good, and so it is.

( Some) Special dates to look out for:


Go to the most high before making important decisions and you will see results in a positive way in time



Doubt will creep in stand your ground dont allow yourself to doubt the moves you made after going to the most high. Trust that inner guidance. God isn’t the author of confusion, so if you feel this way, check your motives.


Things start to move in the right direction . Fortune and justice favor those who are on the light side of the situation acting in transparency and honesty. Check your health maybe this is a time to check on neglected areas.


April mercury and North node conjunction

More sacrifice is needed. Mercury retrograde is around the corner. It’s time to look at what needs to be released to make room for the new way of life they’ve always desired. Say what you need to say and who you need finish the book travel do the the thing you “intend “ to do. DO IT. Big rewards come to those that work!


Things may feel stuck. Stand Stills are just a necessary part of the process. This is a time to BE STILL.

Small hands

Someone has been facing the past like a boss! Even so, their ego has taken hit, To be humbled to see how small they are in comparison to the problems in the world, they are feeling terrified. This is something that was meant to be. Fated. They are not ready to let go of their youthful identity where they felt like the most beautiful, or the “GOAT” of their friend groups.

This new chapter requires them to realize moving up means moving down in rank as they learn this new place and space. Someone wants to go back when they were top dog. They are not happy having to accept this new lower position.

Never doubt the power of faith. Never underestimate a person with unshakeable belief in someone and something bigger than themselves. Never forget that you have the power to change your circumstances, by changing direction. It’s time to remember who you are.

After a long time of disappointments, someone has lost their faith. The world has been cruel, their fears have been confirmed over and over again. This has caused them to lose hope, grow sad and possibly in need of a professional to talk to. This person is fighting the urge to give up on their dreams or wait for the Most high to move. When they need it most, Someone will experience a miracle. They will see how someone considered small whether in stature, age, or position will use the “little” they have to change their circumstances or those around them. Seeing someone who has less than themselves, bring change in a major way. This is shown to them to inspire them to move forward. Will they? Will they choose to move forward in faith? WIll they choose to see the power in just one small pair of hands or will they choose to see them as insignificant and miss the miracle?

A project has a beautiful opportunity to get off the ground and grow to new heights, Someone just need to keep the faith, and BELIEVE!

Monday- Someone may be feeling envious of another’s life, this is causing blockages in their money, relationships and self worth. Focus today appreciating what you have. The grass is growing, and when you tend to your own, it will be the greenest.

Tuesday- Someone is giving too much time and attention to one area of their life and not another. This is probably why they have been relying on false promises to get them through a very busy schedule. Today Focus on what you say. Do you really mean it? Can you follow through?

Wednesday-This is an excellent day to remember that not all risk is bad, and some lead to great rewards. For someone that has been playing it safe thinking about making a calculated risk, Focus today on taking that leap in faith!

Thursday - Someone is starting to see the results of a “wrong turn a few roads back”. Today, Focus on fixing the mistake by coming forward.

Friday- Someone is healing wounds from the past and making progress in their healing! Today there is a potential to get stuck in scars of the past. Today, Focus on what is going right, and remind yourself that you are in charge of your present and the past does not need to be repeated.

Saturday- Someone has been in a long term relationship that was only meant to be a lesson. Today, Focus on asking yourself what your motives are in your relationships. Be honest with yourself about who you are genuinely authentic with and who you choose to wear a mask with. Are you ready to start releasing inauthentic relationships?

Sunday- Someone is in need of a sweet release. Today, Focus on enjoying the small things. There is a lot of wins to celebrate today, rewards for honest actions are received today!

🧿 🧿 🧿 Strategies in Communications for April 2022 🧿 🧿 🧿

♋️ Cancer ♋️

Hello hello Cancer! Thank you for your patience. Remember not all that is shared here is your story, so use your intuition.

The Challenge(s):

#1- There’s a cancer that has been stuck in a soul cage. They have been quietly hiding in their pain, away from the world and unable to speak their truth feeling trapped by the shame of what they’ve been through. But in April, that cage door is swinging wide open and Cancer has an opportunity to be freed ( If this makes sense, then this is for you) Cancer is going to find their restrictions lessen. The challenge is releasing control rooted from fear. There is no need to be afraid of opening up again.

Strategy 1:

Be bold. Courageous, do not be afraid and if you are remember to move as if none. Don’t allow others to be an excuse for your limitations cancer. You are not stuck, it’s an illusion. You have choices and moves you haven’t thought of yet. Be patient be still, and before you speak on what you desire, listen to that inner guidance that gut feeling isn’t wrong. Trust it.

#2 Another Cancer challenge is that they have been isolated for awhile. They want to spend time with family and friends and reunite with a trusted confidant to go over some private information. This cancer is having difficulties reaching out in fear of rejection

Strategy 2:

Cancers that remind themselves of an old saying “open mouths get fed” will find that when they speak up, the fear vanishes as these people have been waiting patiently for Cancer to arrive on the scene once more! So many people have missed this cancers presence and being bold and speaking up will also show this cancer who they want to spend time with going forward!

♏️ ♏️ ♏️ Scorpio ♏️ ♏️ ♏️

The Challenge:

There is a scorpio that has so much passion and beauty to release into the world through their own unique way. The Challenge of this Scorpio will be to find their own unique way of showcasing their talent (and acknowledging this underestimated gift they posses). As of now, there is a Scorpio that has hidden behind an insecurity of failure. If only they knew how uniquely blessed they were with unseen potential that is of their own and not resembling anything another does?

First, while trying to go, a Scorpio may find that they are tested through their temper. Their feelings may be felt intensely and their choice of responses may be aimed to wound and end up doing much deeper damage.

The Strategy:

The future has not been sealed, scorpio. you are a powerful being and your Truth and faith will be useful all of your days going forward. Scorpio, don’t lose them in a moment of weakness. Kindness, is the only response in April for Scorpios that would like to change the tone in their environment. Reminding themselves that everyone is just trying their best, is the way a Scorpio finds peace where they were once very stressed and obsessed with controlling a situation.

Tearing down what others have accomplished will not help a Scorpio rid themselves of insecurity. Letting go of their need to shrink others down with cover jabs at their success, will help them reach their own success. They may find a new surge of energy and creative drive when they stop trying to tear down others work or block another from progressing.

Releasing the past is still important for Scorpio. Release regret. Everything Scorpio has gone through, has lead them to now. Releasing regret will free a Scorpio to be open to new paths and new energy.

There is a scorpio that is healing and will eventually be in the vibration of beauty, grace, loveliness, integrity. They will be honest in all their dealings with others. They have dropped their mean guy or mean girl ways and they are no longer allowing themselves to feel bad for the past, but choosing now, to be person of integrity, kindness and laughter because they are quite clever and funny. Finding humor in mistakes in a gentle way will open relationships in a powerful way.

♓️ ♓️ ♓️ Pisces ♓️ ♓️ ♓️

Hello Beautiful Pisces!

The Challenge:

There is a Pisces that has been overwhelmed with information, interruptions and some of these are deliberate attacks from toxic people in their environment. All of this is leading to burnout. The Pisces in this story can feel it. Their once sweet nature is slowly disappearing behind short answers, irritated responses and even a few people get snapped at by this Pisces. The Challenge in April will be for this Pisces to remember that they have a right to their desire for space from others right now. What they need is valid. How will others know what that is if they don’t Speak Up?

The Strategy:

Asking for a time out. A Pisces will gain strength and replenish \their energy by asking for space and time alone for awhile. Asking for what they need when they need it will lead to support from others that they didn’t know they could depend on. This will bring validation and admiration from others that they are as strong as they are.

Choose to put your foot down Pisces, walk away from people places and things that are exhausting you and robbing you of all your good feelings. Pisces your belief and faith that you deserve what you need will get you through.

Taking time to yourself in April will help you see clearly what it is you want and what steps need to be taken to get there. Most importantly, it will show you who deserves to be with you when you get to the top.

That’s what I have for you this week! Don’t forget to check back in for the May Preview Later this week! May all that is not meant for you or your highest good be released back into the pool where it belongs,

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