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Someone’s April 2022 Experience “Water”

Updated: Apr 2

If this is your first visit, please click HERE to go through the Garden Entrance, and Leave a ❤️ at the bottom of that page before continuing. Thank you 🙏 As a reminder, this is not a space to replace or be taken as medical or legal advice. Any videos not produced by Tia Khaleesi’s Garden LLC are for educational purposes and are not affiliated with this site. . Please enjoy the stories that flow, and allow yourself to grow however you are meant to.

Hello and welcome to Fire 🔥 Season The time of action and forward movement, a time filled with possibilities of Progress!

Yet our story today is all about water.

On a personal note, Sometimes I forget where my happiness comes from, and allow myself to get distracted by situations I can’t control, or people and places that have not been for my highest good. I am humbled remembering my own pride and ego to overcome. True happiness comes from within, and the lessons learned, bring us farther from the illusion and closer to a more truthful conclusion. This is why this April, I too have much work to do.

Like many others, not allowing outward circumstances to shake my inner truth can be a challenge. The mind sure likes to convince us that we are breakable. The truth is happiness comes from within. (I rely on Philippians 4:12-13 . To remind me from time to time) I share this with you as you ponder your actions going forward into April. Know you are not alone. It is my intention that whatever you take away from this space be in alignment with your highest good.

What are you willing to act on? What will you be disciplined with? Will you choose progress towards peace, love, community, and kindness? Or will you choose another path? We all have our paths, and this Month, there are set to be many challenges, and even greater possibilities and rewards. Having wisdom is beneficial but it’s even better when you put it to use! Like the visitors of this space, I too am learning and growing and contemplating big and small steps. I am honored to share this space with you. Not all that is shared here will resonate or be meant for you, and that’s okay. Again I say May you only receive guidance that is for your highest good, and so it is.

(Some) Astro & Special Events to Remember

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April 1st 2022

New Moon in Aries 6:26 am GMT

Fool's Day

This is a time of choices. Risks taken in sovereignty may be rewarded, and impulsivity in greed may lead to regret in life changing ways. Will you choose to utilize the sacred PAUSE before responding to people places and situations to usher in a new era of peace and happiness? Will you allow the Electrifying nervous, impatient, impulsive, angry energy this moon carries bring you to your knees by exposing your weakness? Tensions may rise and fast, they will end just as quickly . The consequences for a lost temper however, will last much longer. Now would be a great time to check your water supply. Do you have enough drinking water?

(More on this in the weekly story

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April 12th 2022

The great conjunction

Jupiter & Neptune conjunct in Pisces

You may find a once in a lifetime experience this day. Take this opportunity to grow, it’s time for an upgrade! Peace is possible this day. Choosing peaceful resolutions will pay off!

Others may have a pipe dream exposed. There may be an illusion that tricks you into to taking risks that lead to failure.

(More on this in the weekly story)

April 16th 2022

Full Moon in Libra ♎️ 18:58 GMT

Life is full of possibilities Now is a time to restore harmony in your relationships and work. Flip it and reverse it today. So much to do and so little time. Now is the time focus on prioritizing what is needed and what is standing in the way of success. Will you free yourself from too many self appointed obligations and make a plan to improve what needs improving?

April 17th 2022

Easter Sunday

April 30th 2022

Beltane 🔥

(we'll go more in depth into some of these in the weekly stories this month)

New Moon in Taurus ♉️

New Moon energy brings in a need for peace. This is a time to truly water the seeds planted in March. By staying disciplined in the month of April, the rewards will be long lasting! The sacred pause will strengthen that intuition we rely on. By choosing to be still before action, clarity comes in quicker. Paths that lead to peace and harmonious compromises are illuminated and UNION is possible for twins.

Reacting too quickly this month will have higher consequences so it is good time to “water” your patience and practicing the sacred pause often. This month, good things truly do come to those who wait before responding. This is especially true for anything that evokes strong emotional reactions.

Is love blind?

“Opening your eyes is all that is needing.

The heart lies and the the head plays tricks with us,

but the eyes see true. Look with your eyes. Hear with your ears.

Taste with your mouth. Smell with your nose. Feel with your skin.

Then comes the thinking, afterward, and in that way knowing the truth.”

-by George R.R. Martin.

A Game of Thrones

( A Song of Ice and Fire book 1)

This month is a time to use all your senses to make informed decisions. Love as a sensation can block intuition. It is important to remember fact as well as feelings.

Someone is facing a decision and they cannot afford to let another’s ability to manipulate their emotions get the best of them. Now is the time to rely on trusted information as well as intuition. For some, this has been in practice all year. Someone has been working on recognizing information that is for their highest good, and what feels like it’s taking them off track. This is going to help them make a much better decision than they would have made a year ago, and that is a beautiful transformation!

🧿 💧 🧿💧🧿💧


Find your center. Focus. Breathe.

Quench your thirst for knowledge. Be still and absorb

Quench your thirst of justice. Be still and observe.

Quench your thirst for love. Be still and forgive

Be Still when you know. Be still when you worry. Be still in your anger.

I must remind myself ,

we must remind each other, we must.

Quench your thirst for victory. Before anything else,

Be Still.

Be still


Yes, before anything,

Be. Still.

Surely, you will know,

Surely, I will know.

Surely, we will know.

The Most high is with us,

We never walk alone.

It’s safe to be our authentic selves

A side some have never shown.

Be. Still.


Some visiting the Garden will experience many situations that test their patience. It may seem easier to react, (natural and possibly justified to do so and harshly at that!) Before this happens however, there will be a time and a space through less difficult circumstances through the month to practice patience and giving themselves time to do so, they will find that it pays off in a significant way come the middle of the month.

Perception is key. Can you perceive with an open heart and mind?

Creative flow & Self control

What if you took the time to nourish your dreams? To quench your creative side and indulge in working on your creation? Can you realize your dreams and distinguish between yours and another’s? Could you remember to have compassion for yourself and others? Are you taking time to truly think your ideas through?

These are the the pondering this month in the garden. Nourishing and watering someone’s creative pursuits may come easier by the middle of the month, and their ability to maintain control of their impulses will greatly affect their success.

Compassion and Forgiveness

Sometimes the lesson is that you have to forgive yourself for what you didn’t know, when you didn’t know it. Someone is holding on to a past mistake they’ve made. This could be recent or very old, but they haven’t let it go. Though they really want to move past this mistake, this visitor can’t seem to get past what they think they “deserve” for their misstep. Now that someone knows better, the choices they make in the future won’t be the same if they take this knowledge with them going forward. It will also require them to take some time to sit with just how far they’ve come and how they would have responded before, choosing to see the difference in their ability to pause now and make a better decision.

🧿Communication Strategies for April 2022 🧿

Given the powerful transits happening this month and the potential for great change, I remind you that not all that is shared here is meant for you, and that’s okay. Trust your inner guidance and as with everything, be still before choosing action.

♈️ 🔥 ♈️ 🔥Aries ♈️ 🔥 ♈️ 🔥

Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to yooooou! Happy Birthday Wise, seemingly but not really and yet kinda always right Aries, Happy Birthday to you! Truly, with all my heart I wish you so healing followed by blessings physically, spiritually, and financially! May the Most High bless you with favor and protection in the year to come!

An Aries main Challenge: Aries has had a lack mindset, stuck in the past situations they’ve experienced as if the circumstances are the same. Aries may have forgotten their own growth since they faced this situation before. We return to lessons when we have more to learn, and there is something new to learn here for them. In a time where Aries should be leading and taking action, this Aries feels halted, interrupted by people from their past, that caused major disruptions. This Aries trusted someone who didn’t deserve it and they paid for this heavily.

With this person making a reappearance in April, Aries is going to have to halt their plans of action towards this source to be sure they are coming from a healed space. At first, when they try to speak up they may feel unheard, this could lead to explosive reactions. They may feel disillusioned in their conversations with others.

This month the main challenge will be Aries ability to trust themselves and learn compassionate and assertive communication. Can Aries express what they need kindly and peacefully even when they feel enraged, tongue tied?

Possible Strategies:


With all situations, when our emotions are affected, stepping back and taking a moment to process this, is a very helpful tool. This month may offer Aries many gentle opportunities in every day life to practice taking a pause, before responding. Time and Repetition will be Aries friend. If they utilize this, they may find they’ve saved themselves some serious communication problems and grow in positive ways.

Rewind & Replace

Could it be time for Aries to Start over? There is an Aries that has approached their conversations with their anger and aggression. Aware or not, Aries is attacking the person instead of the problem. Regardless of what this Aries point is, or the validity, when they approach someone in this energy, that person doesn’t and won’t hear it. Taking some time alone to think about what they really want to say will be beneficial for this Aries. Their point has validity, and when made with everyone involved’s highest good considered, they can communicate the same strong point without the pain filled backlash of a harsh delivery.

There is a strength that comes from taking a breathe in and starting over with a different approach.

Speak Life

If Aries were to take a look back at their life, though worry and fear may be present there, they may also see that they’ve never been without what they need. Aries may be holding on to the things they’ve wanted and never received. This is a time to start remembering what they have now that they didn’t have this time last year. Aries has been blessed with many people that care for them, and they have all they need. What would happen if in April Aries chose to say things like, “I have all I need at any given time. I am working towards what I want while believing it’s already mine” ? What if they considered the importance of truthful praise of another? What if Aries realized their words have power and when used to strengthen others, they create the life of wealth & wisdom they seek?

Everyone has their own battles Aries, everyone has their own journey. Compassion is a strength not a weakness. The ability to allow compassion to lead your words is a powerful skill. Will you use this skill to empower yourself and others?

Did that resonate with you Aries? Please leave a ❤️ Below!

🔥 ♌️ 🔥 ♌️ Leo 🔥 ♌️ 🔥 ♌️

A Leo’s Challenge:

Short and to the point, A Leo can no longer deny that someone who lied to them, isn’t worth the risk that being involved with them carries. As loyal sign, when someone is disloyal to a Leo, it cuts deep. No matter how the other perceives the situation, a lie is a lie and an indiscretion is a betrayal. This is not an easy wound to mend, and when a Leo realizes the truth about this person, they may be challenged with keeping their temper in check and responding in that cool controlled Leo Style that they carry. This Leo may be challenged with being assertive as well as kind.

Possible Strategies.

A Breathe

As with fellow Fire sign Aries, a pause could be this Leo’s Best Friend. When taking a moment to take a big deep breathe in and slowly out before even thinking of what to say, could be essential to Leo being able to see a clearer picture, and having the words to defend their honor while holding onto their respectful, and poised position.

The Truth in Love

Communicating the truth does not need to be cruel. A Leo may need to remember this when they explain why they don’t want to continue relationships that they are ready to separate from in April. When expressing the truth from a loving vibration, words can be powerful for the greater good of all involved. There doesn’t have to be a villain if Leo doesn’t want there to be. The power Leo holds in their kindness, authenticity and truth delivered from a compassionate and loving space is incredible. Will Leo use this to change the lives of those around them for the better?

Did this resonate with you Leo? Please leave a ❤️ below!

🔥 ♐️ 🔥 ♐️ Sagittarius 🔥 ♐️ 🔥 ♐️

There is a Sagittarius that has long awaited their opportunity to move in a desired direction with someone they believe is their perfect match. This Sagittarius has built a life for themselves that does not fit (or that is their perception) the person they desire to be with. Instead of communication what they truly want and whom they want it with, Sagittarius has held back from expressing this to others.

The Challenge for this Sagittarius in the month of April will be separating from fear of change and rejection to realize their desire to express their true feelings (and to whom) They will allow be challenged with allowing courage to lead them going after what they want boldly and unapologetic.

There’s also a challenge of asking and accepting help from others. This Sagittarius has mistaken their stubbornness and need for control to be strength instead of shadowy aspects that need some healing and attention..

Possible Strategy

A leap of faith

How fitting that the New Moon is on Fool’s Day? Someone once said “it’s never a risk to express your truth, to the person who deserves to hear it” This Sagittarius gets to decide who that is. By taking a moment to be sure, they are following their inner guidance, a great leap of faith could be exactly what this Sagittarius needs to lead them to fulfillment and happiness.

Asking for help

When overwhelmed by life’s woes, it could be time to delegate what they cannot handle to others. Working with others for the greater good of all involved will serve Sagittarius well. Expressing their need for help will minimize stress for a Sagittarius this Month. Will they allow themselves the assistance they need to succeed? Will they choose to detach from the outcome to allow themselves much needed space to enjoy the unfolding of beautiful manifestations that could come their way this month?

(To be continued in the weekly story for other signs)

Did that resonate with you Sagittarius ? Leave a ❤️ below!

That’s just the beginning of what’s to come this month, Thank you for being here with me today. I wish you so many blessings in April. May you remember to pause when necessary and lead with love 💕 May any all that is not meant for you or your highest good be released back into the pool where it belongs.

Please remember that there’s only one you, and that’s a beautiful thing. Your words matter, when given the opportunity, choose words of love. Xoxo

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