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Someone’s March 2022 Experience “Seeds”

Updated: Mar 12

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Hello Beautiful Souls! Welcome to my Garden, it’s almost planting time and it’s time to pick our seeds. If this is your first time visiting, don’t forget to click on The Garden Entrance and read before you continue on, it’s much appreciated.

This is the time to choose the seeds for the plants we’ll be nurturing until harvest. (Metaphorically speaking of course)

Remember that many visit the garden, many with different stories than yourself. This means not all that is shared here is meant for you, and that’s okay. My garden is an excellent place for you to practice using your inner guidance to discern what story is meant for you (if any.) It is my intention that you get the information you need to maximize your success. May it bring rewards for the highest good of all including, and especially you. And so it is.

The Prince & The Pattern

There Once was a woman who found herself in a cycle of making poor choices in romantic partners and put herself in vulnerable positions. She would often feel cursed or hexed due to the continued patterns of picking toxic partners who seemed to be Prince Charming. She would often be left feeling foolish and heartbroken without a solution at hand.

One day, after exhausting herself in grief of another cycle of the same situation, something changed. She didn’t want to focus on faux princes from hell anymore. She had had enough. She was tired of being left in despair clinging to less than she deserved through fear. She made a decision not to allow herself in such a vulnerable state again. It was time to focus on her healing. It was time to truly and deeply look within and ignore the symptom of a much bigger cause.

She gave herself room to feel all of her emotions to the fullest no matter how uncomfortable. This wasn’t easy and it didn’t come without pain. She felt the pain intensely, the grief rushed over her with the might of a tidal wave at inconvenient times. The work was not in vain.

Her fear that was once so deep, began to wane slowly.

For a time, she wondered if the pain would ever end completely. But the work continued. Her focus changed; her life began to change.

After some more time past, (see the pattern here?) she almost forgot that she was ever in pain at all. The work had paid off! Giving herself time, and repeating the skills she’d learned, she overcame her own blocks to healing. This is a beautiful end to her painful story. It is also the beginning of a beautiful and hopeful future. All of this made possible, because she allowed herself the one thing, she’d denied herself for so long, time to heal.

👀 👂 🙏

Take from her story what you need, and leave the rest.