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Someone’s March 2022 Experience “Seeds”

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

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Hello Beautiful Souls! Welcome to my Garden, it’s almost planting time and it’s time to pick our seeds. If this is your first time visiting, don’t forget to click on The Garden Entrance and read before you continue on, it’s much appreciated.

This is the time to choose the seeds for the plants we’ll be nurturing until harvest. (Metaphorically speaking of course)

Remember that many visit the garden, many with different stories than yourself. This means not all that is shared here is meant for you, and that’s okay. My garden is an excellent place for you to practice using your inner guidance to discern what story is meant for you (if any.) It is my intention that you get the information you need to maximize your success. May it bring rewards for the highest good of all including, and especially you. And so it is.

The Prince & The Pattern

There Once was a woman who found herself in a cycle of making poor choices in romantic partners and put herself in vulnerable positions. She would often feel cursed or hexed due to the continued patterns of picking toxic partners who seemed to be Prince Charming. She would often be left feeling foolish and heartbroken without a solution at hand.

One day, after exhausting herself in grief of another cycle of the same situation, something changed. She didn’t want to focus on faux princes from hell anymore. She had had enough. She was tired of being left in despair clinging to less than she deserved through fear. She made a decision not to allow herself in such a vulnerable state again. It was time to focus on her healing. It was time to truly and deeply look within and ignore the symptom of a much bigger cause.

She gave herself room to feel all of her emotions to the fullest no matter how uncomfortable. This wasn’t easy and it didn’t come without pain. She felt the pain intensely, the grief rushed over her with the might of a tidal wave at inconvenient times. The work was not in vain.

Her fear that was once so deep, began to wane slowly.

For a time, she wondered if the pain would ever end completely. But the work continued. Her focus changed; her life began to change.

After some more time past, (see the pattern here?) she almost forgot that she was ever in pain at all. The work had paid off! Giving herself time, and repeating the skills she’d learned, she overcame her own blocks to healing. This is a beautiful end to her painful story. It is also the beginning of a beautiful and hopeful future. All of this made possible, because she allowed herself the one thing, she’d denied herself for so long, time to heal.

👀 👂 🙏

Take from her story what you need, and leave the rest.

(some) March 2022 Astro & Calendar Events

Here is just a small peek into some of the events above and below in the Month of March. More interesting highlights can be found in the weekly stories this month!

March 2nd - New Moon in Pisces ♓️

Deep diving is the only way for the feisty fish of the zodiac. This is an excellent time to really look at matters of the heart, and things that truly mean a lot to you. Taking time to sit and write out what you value will help you reflect on where you are going against yourself. When you look at all the times you made choices against what you desire for your life through friends, family, lovers, jobs etc. You know what needs to change to put you back on track for success!

(New Moon Story Bonus can be found in the first weekly story of March!)

For Full Story Click HERE

March 13th Daylight Savings

If this applies to you, you know! Spring forward!

March 17th St Patrick’s Day

March 18th Holi

Full Moon 🌕

This Full Moon plan see all that’s healing that you took time to feel at the New Moon. Here is a beautiful video explaining the beautiful story behind this Celebration. Do you Celebrate Holi?

Full Moon Bonus found in weekly story!

March 19th Queen Latifah’s Birthday

Hail to the Queen 👑

(okay so technically her birthday is not a holiday,

but she’s a queen Aries ♈️ in my book!)

March 20th


The welcoming of spring

Are you ready to shift into spring?

Are you ready to plant those seeds for harvest?


Like any garden, your emotional garden seeds should be chosen carefully.

This is an excellent time for practicing using your intuition. Using your discernment are any of these seeds for you this season?

Seeds of Forgiveness

For some visiting The Garden, there is a grudge being held. The intensity of this grudge is so strong it’s affecting every area of our sweet visitor’s life. They are angry more and more at everyday mishaps that normally don’t warrant their anger. They are finding it harder and harder to find joy in their activities, and even when nothing seems to be wrong in their world, they will find something wrong! Anger is filling them where joy once lived. Bitterness is overtaking their once peaceful world. They are fighting everyone and everything around them determined to find the culprit against them.

It may be time for someone to ask themselves who they are angry at. They may be surprised to find that it is themselves they’ve been raging war against. They have been sabotaging their own happiness without even realizing it. There has been so much happening in their life that has torn down the attempts they are making to rise above the past and move forward boldly. For this visitor, March is a time to start planting seeds of Forgiveness. They did not know their choices would lead them here, they made some pretty poor ones and even if they haven’t seen the results of this yet, they have been punishing themselves and sabotaging every moment of happiness.

If this resonates for you, Forgiveness is a beautiful and powerful choice. What you didn’t know and when you didn’t know it, the mistakes made are composted for your highest good! You are not limited by your past. It was a learning experience, you have learned. You are not the same as you once were. Forgive yourself for what you didn’t know when you didn’t know it and remember, it’s okay to feel your emotions. All emotions are safe no matter how intense. If they don’t feel so, therapy is very helpful tool that you can utilize to manage and balance them. If this is what you need, take it, and plant it for the future.

Seeds of Compassion & Gentleness

Someone has only been able to “see the end of their nose.” Unable to relate or hold space for any situation that they have not gone through, or that threatens their carefully constructed reality that has blinded itself to the pain of others. This person has not seen that the compassion they were denied in difficult times isn’t what made them stronger, even if that is the lie that plagued them and helped shape the way they see the world now. The beginning of the month will shake loose some deeply rooted fears and shame. Someone will need to have compassion for themselves and become gentler in their dealings with themselves and others.

It’s about to become abundantly clear that they have misjudged another based-on rumors, assumptions, or their current set of circumstances. This may bring a wave of guilt that will require them to reach out compassionately and ease the pain of another gently. This may be the key to the start of healing in that hidden wound they carry. This isn’t something they have done often or recently, so someone will also need to consider practicing being gentle with themselves and others, instead of allowing their harsh and critical side to lead them.

If this resonates, take these seeds and plant them for harvest.

Seeds of Love, Patience & Self-control

Someone has been choosing lust for a very long time. Desperate to “fit in” to a world that their soul rejects on every level have brought an abundance of trauma, drama, and pain every year. This year however, someone is determined to experience something different. Something their soul cries out for, true love.

Before someone can find this love in another, they must find it in themselves. This requires a lot of patience. Patience must be practiced every day, when we don’t use it, we lose it. This month will be the time to remind themselves that the situations that test their patience are actually opportunities in disguise to grow in this area. This is why it’s companioned with Self Control. The impulse may be great to return to habits that utilize the darker elements in this person. The lack of control of outside circumstances could tempt them to sabotage their own growth and progress. Someone will need to remember that the only person they can control is themselves, and like patience, practicing self-control leads to more steady and potent contentment.

If this resonates, take some seeds of love, patience, & self-control to plant for harvest.

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March 2022 Communication Challenges & Strategies

In honor of our feisty fishies,

we will begin this month with the water signs!

If you have your mercury, sun, moon, or Rising in these signs,

this may be for you!

Pisces ♓️

The Challenge:

Last month, there was a Pisces working on speaking their truth boldly, without fear. Something that was either new or hadn’t been done in a long while. Now, all that recent exercise opened a clogged flow of energy. Someone’s words are powerful and fertile this month. When they communicate, they want, they are getting it and quickly! This has a lot of potential to bring growth and stability into their life. Speaking up and asking for what they need and no longer being stuck in indecision is preparing them for anything that comes their way! Someone is receiving a new beginning and they are feeling themselves becoming unstuck. This is something they’ve wanted for a long time! Seeing themselves creating all these positive things with their words, the Pisces in this story now knows they can create release too. A long-awaited release of a toxic ex. It’s been long enough. There’s no room in their new exciting life for the lessons of the past, can Pisces learn to control their emotions? Or will they allow their emotions to control them?

Strategy: Seeds of expression

An Outlet

Someone is considering using their gifts to express their truth artistically. It’s going to take courage, but this Pisces has their own story to tell and they may be surprised just how much their story was needed by another.

This Pisces is learning how to speak up when they need to, and this is going to bring them to their tribe. They are going to find people that went through what. They’ve been through and here they will have a space to heal with support that they have always desired. They’ve called this into existence with their fertile words that created space for healing.

The strategy for the month of March is to boldly speak up and hold their boundaries They are learning where their power is, and it is a beautiful shift in direction for the Pisces in this story, that may choose this path.

Cancer ♋️

The Challenge:

There is a Cancer working on getting their spark back after a time of broken dreams and nursing a broken heart. The trust they had was for the wrong person and this has sent their life in a direction they never wanted to go. They are looking for inspiration to start a new path and they are looking for it everywhere, and in everything.

No matter where they have been looking however, inspiration brings perspiration and all confidence is lost. In fact, they seem to be reminded of the past and the pains that they once felt that they no longer wish to feel. It’s easy for cancer to climb back in their shell, to protect themselves from any and all intruders. This Cancer will grandstand and pinch whatever is near with their pinchers and often end up snapping at someone who doesn’t deserve their wrath.

Will they choose to see where this pain is coming from and how far back it goes? Or will this Cancer Choose to stay in this pattern of feeling alone as those who love them keep a safe distance from their snappy defensive moves?

The Strategy: seeds of release and surrender

Someone is dissecting the past. (Possibly in a therapeutic setting) really looking at where they contributed to the situation that brought them so much pain. It may be wise for this Cancer to think about utilizing their journal to give themselves a space to sort it out. There is wisdom in their emotions and when they feel them. Something they write could lead them to a powerful truth they need to move forward.

When the Cancer in this story chooses to release the pain of the past, take responsibility for their current energy and circumstances and surrendering to what is that they cannot change, they will find something they didn’t expect, their truth, their power, and possibly even their faith! It’s up to this brave cancer to decide if they will allow what happened to them to control them limiting their potential, or will they rise and use discernment going forward knowing that betrayal is possible,but it is not the only way this story goes.

Scorpio ♏️

The Challenge: Balance

Scorpios are naturally beautiful, clever, intuitive, and so much more! To choose a Scorpio, is to choose all that comes with them, the good, the bad, and the deep, dark and twisties that you didn’t even know could go that deep. It’s a rare beautiful and raw truthful experience, if you are deserving. At least, that is what the Scorpio visiting the garden in this story brings forth from connections! There are deep lessons playing out in their life right now. Their entire way of being is challenged at this time. What they thought would bring happiness and freedom feels more and more like a chain. Every step feels like it’s in the wrong direction. Nobody is harder on this Scorpio than themselves! They are frustrated that those around them seem to be healing and moving forward at alarming rates while they feel held back and attacked with multiple obstacles showing themselves right before every possible victory. There seems to be a never ending cycle of happiness being tested and the darker side of Scorpio being taunted and teased to overcome the kindness that has always lived deep inside of this wonderful water sign. The exhaustion of keeping up appearances when they just want to abandon their missions and start over is overwhelming. How long will this Scorpio be able to live in these worlds simultaneously?

The Strategy: Seeds of acceptance

The Month of March is about to bring a lot of latent gifts to the surface for development. At the beginning of the month, the first thing this Scorpio is in need of is abandoning harsh communication patterns with loved ones, and jealous responses. This was a skill that served them well when it was time to survive in a world full of sharks ready to devour, now that Scorpio is in friendly water so to speak, it is time for them to drop their weapons around their most trusted loved ones and choose vulnerable communication instead. The kindness, the gentleness, the self control that develops in this time are the seeds that will bring a harvest of beautiful change that brings this Scorpio into the reality they’ve been desperately trying to build. The cost? Letting down their walls, and really learning to trust they chose wisely whom to allow in their life.

Don’t forget to check in with our weekly stories for fire, air, and earth signs this month! Sign up Here

That’s Just the beginning of what I have for you in the garden this month! If this space resonates, and you felt it helpful for your situation, I do hope you’ll come back and visit next week! May all that is not meant for you, and does not resonate with your highest good be released back into the pool where it belongs,

I’m wishing you Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control, when you need it most!

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