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Bonus Pisces ♓️ New Moon: Tea in The Garden

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

Hello Wisdom seekers, a small thank you for my subscribers. I appreciate you. What you are seeking is seeking you, and it is my intention that you may find the key 🔑 in my Garden! First time? Please click HERE to go through “The Garden Entrance” (leave a ❤️ at the bottom in acknowledgement please, the reciprocity is much appreciated!) As we access the pool of wisdom, please keep in mind that not all that I share here is meant for you. This is a space to learn to trust your inner guidance. There is after all, much that your higher self already knows, access it. It is my intention you receive the guidance needed to create a life for yourself based on choices for your highest good, and the highest good of all involved. This or much better,

And so it is.

Temporary feelings should never make permanent decisions. A push forward can look like a setback, patience is a friend. Reality is shifting. What always was, no longer is in the end. This truth, must be acknowledged.

What it seems to be now, may not be after all… this illusion must be observed. When one feels like procrastinating, it’s time to push forward or the window will shut and lock. When wanting to speed forward one must slow ( maybe choose to listen and not to speak.) If you understand, then that is all you need to know.

The New Moon In Pisces ♓️

An open letter to someone from The pool of guidance

(retold by Tia Khaleesi)

Dear Someone,

For far too long you have run far away from your emotions, you may feel that there is no value in facing those painful memories. You may feel it’s unproductive to revisit the mistakes of your past. This is normal in your world, you were taught to push forward. The idea that you should spend time truly allowing yourself to feel what you feel wholeheartedly doesn’t seem wise and never has. This New Moon may hit you like a ton of bricks! It will not allow you to handle situations the same. All that hidden emotion will bubble to the surface, and if you choose to try to force it down and not face it, the explosion will go from inward to outward expression.

Facing the truth is not bad but healing when done in a safe space. If you do not feel safe alone, speaking with a professional that can help you through this is advised. Only you can choose the path that is right for you. Make the choices necessary to live your best life. Only you can choose the direction you go. Now is the time to make that choice. Let go of what needs to be released. You don’t need it anymore.

The Money Speaks.

Dear Someone,

you have money flowing freely and effortlessly to you whatever was stuck isn’t anymore! The rewards coming towards you are unexpected and flooding your doorstep get ready, you earned it! By the Full Moon you will see an opportunity to change your current situation for good! NO MORE DEBT for someone who has patiently lived within their means and has kept a strict budget trusting in perfect time. Their generosity during their time of need is about to pay off in HUGE WAY. The way you choose to give freely and accept freely is about to pay off in a HUGE way! YOU did this, YOU have earned all of this and more! Being open to receive is key. Do not allow your past to dictate your future. what was will not be, and it is not now.

Celebrate these good times! When things are going well, they can often be challenged with fear of what isn't happening, but ego reminds us it could. Keep the faith, believe you will receive as it is already yours! What is meant for you may be delayed, but it will not be taken, you will not be shaken. This is so, and you will receive. ( Feminine Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Masculine: Sagittarius, Gemini, Taurus & Cancer)

Dear Someone,

Do you owe money? To the person who has cleverly hidden away their riches and avoided paying what they owe, has for years evaded their responsibility by abandoning their obligations, choosing selfishly to live for the flesh, this New Moon will NOT feel like your friend. If you would like to avoid the shenanigans and you have called into your existence all on your own through greed and revenge, Now is the time to pay this back! You will not be allowed to bypass this debt. You will have to pay. If you elect to hide from your debts, they will be taken twice.

Once, to the source you are bitter with and don’t want to receive the blessings owed to them, and again through misfortune and loss in unexpected events. The Hermetic principal of vibration is at play here. There is no curse from another, the pool shows you did this. You chose this and you will receive what you’ve enjoyed doing to others. Your victim mask is coming off and all will see you true. The pool shows a multitude of people waiting for justice and all will see the demise of this miser who has systematically ruined lives around them for selfish gain. For this person it’s been decades in the making, if this is you, women, children, and men have been left behind bewildered by your cold exit and story flip to make villains of your victims.

You have left many broken and shook by your evil intentions at the end of their “usefulness” to you. This may have been something you have gotten away with for decades, but someone you didn’t know was watching and your darkest secrets are about to be exposed by an unlikely source.

It is time your outer world matched your inner world, empty and alone. This is the only way out of the mess you have created. In 2022, your choices to make things right on your own will greatly affect your life going forward. Allow the cleanse to heal you, to help you move forward, allow yourself the courtesy of acknowledgement, and healing will take place for your highest good as well.

It is never too late to change the darkness you’ve allowed to become you. It will however require you to make right the wrongs you have chosen. Save yourself from a public demise.

For someone visiting the garden, this is the most gentle warning you could get, mercy is waiting on the other side of consequences. (Feminine: Scorpio, Libra, Taurus, Aries Possibly Sagittarius. Masculine : strong Leo, Taurus, Capricorn & Virgo)

(If it resonates, leave a ❤️ at the bottom of the page. The exchange is much appreciated.)

New Moon

March 2nd 2022

🌚 ♓️ ♓️ ♓️ 🌚 ♓️ ♓️ ♓️ 🌚 ♓️ ♓️ ♓️ 🌚

New Moon in Pisces ♓️ Bonus Story

Welcome to the Pisces New Moon! We’re going to look at what this new moon is bring through to the garden just for you. In honor of the kind, deep, intuitive Pisces we’re going to take a good look inward, deep inside for what is needed this New Moon.

Someone has been longing, there is a separation that is not planned. This is not something that the person visiting the garden wants, they’re pining for them, they are wishing to be in their experience right now. They are having visions of this person, out of body experiences even! Their dreams are telling them that this who they’re meant to be with, this is the life they’re meant to have.

It can be so frustrating for this person to understand why they are in separation, why there is no healing at this moment or in this time. As they are searching, they are searching for home. They feel that this person is they’re reward, what they are searching for what they are hoping for. What they believe they deserve. They believe what they are working for is a life with this person. As they think about this person, as they yearn for this person, their patience is being tested. Patience is needed. Patience is necessary.

“ I accept that everything

happens in divine order”

Someone is recognizing that weather or not this person is meant for them, that this relationship will happen exactly when it’s meant happen. This knowledge does not quench the thirst this person experiences.

They are feeling jealousy right now, they are not happy for those around them happy in relationships or single. The envy they feel is getting in their way of what they truly desire. They are unwilling to see that everyone struggles in different ways, and in this way, we are all connected and the same. This person’s journey cannot be measured or compared against another for worth. Though connected we are also separate and have our own paths to follow and our own choices to make and what is right for one, may not be right for another.

This person needs to see that a relationship is not what they need right now. to reach their desired outcome, they need to heal the relationship they have with themselves. When they see their worth, when they give themselves what they feel others should give them, they will call in their soul group. They are calling in their relationships that will bring peace, raising their vibration and expanding their awareness. They are bringing themselves “home” to where they feel safe and settled. They wont arrive there however, will only happen when they take responsibility for their own healing.

The Focus

Stop trying to fit in. Don’t say things you think will be accepted by others. Be aware of the power your words have. Speaking truth in love is powerful. Complaints spoken into existence appear. Now is not the time to fit in with an environment by speaking lack into your existence. Change your speech, speaks truth and life into your world, you may lose some, but you will attract the right ones to your side. We attract what we think we deserve. The vibration we put out comes back to us. It’s time to speak on what you want to happen. Be grateful for what you already have. See yourself honestly and allow yourself to feel all emotions remembering that they are safe, no matter how strong, it’s energy and it’s teaching you something about yourself. Be still, listen to what you are trying to say. (If this makes senes, this is for you )

Thank you for being with me here this Pisces New Moon 🌚 May all that is not meant for you be released back into the pool to be washed away where it belongs

I wish you so much joy and happiness on your journey

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