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Someone’s August 2022 Experience “Blossoms”

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

Hello Garden Visitors! I'm so glad you came this August. This is Month to truly put those dreams into action. Are you ready? All the work up until now is starting to show where it's going to grow, and the process requires a lot of letting go. Again I ask, Are you ready? I

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When flowers wither on the vine, fruit is formed int it’s place on the plant! In order to gain the fruit and allow it to grow, the beautiful blossom must be let go. Not all flowers become fruit, In the case of the squash plant, the squash will grow a tiny little bump while the flower is in bloom. In life, we may start see the fruits of our labor start growing before we are asked to let go of something we have enjoyed watching grow. Will you take the month of August to let go and grow what you intuitively know? Remember that the stories and information you find here in the garden are shared for many or possibly only one and may not be for you. This is okay. This space was created and designed to help you use your inner guidance to lead you and this will ultimately be up to you to discern what is for you. It is my intention as the holder and keeper of this space that you only receive guidance for your highest good. I believe, and so it is! Let’s begin shall we?

(Some ) Events in August 2022 to look out for

August 1st


This holiday originated in England as a festival where the first of the harvest was blessed. What new growth in your life can you celebrate?

Moon opposes Neptune in ♍️ 7pm GMT

Beginnings/ Endings.

Watch your words very carefully. Pause before you speak and be sure of what you’d like to communicate. When we speak with wisdom and love, the outcome is much more positive when we consider what we could crush with our words.

Accept what you cannot change, and change what is your responsibility to change. Are you ready to start something new? You can overcome so much more than you realize. This is not the end of the world, just the end of a story, can you see this in a time of uncertainty? Find the blessing, find the lesson and leave the rest behind.

August 2nd & 3rd

Moon in Libra ♎️ opposition with Jupiter and Chiron

Don’t be presumptuous get your facts in order do not just rely on your feelings. IS it really your intuition? Silence and observation are favored for the rest of the week! You don’t want to repeat anything . Check up on your health mentally, physically, financially and emotionally. Be gentle with yourself and others. Everyone is trying their best.

You can and will achieve what you need if you put your energy into what you desire to accomplish and not on what could go wrong. You can do this and you will! If you are confused, don’t do anything.


Moon square with Pluto/ Venus

Consider accepting an ending that is happening. This is a great day for healing and letting go of what no longer serves. Are you holding on to any of the pain you’ve holding on to? Be aware of holding on to resentment that could lead to major mistakes when decisions are made through bitterness. Acceptance is key to healing on this day

August 8th

The Lion’s Gate Portal is open at it’s peak

What do you want to accomplish? What do you want to create? What energy needs to be shaken up? This is a powerful portal that can heal, bring abundance and a massive change in your favor! It can also be a time of great uncertainty. You get to choose what direction this will take you for the next year! ( more in the weekly story)

August 11th

Super Full Moon in Aquarius

The sun and moon are in opposition

Buckle up visitors, it’s about to get real! Are you doing

your best? If better is possible, you know it's not! get up

move or stay stuck for a very long time.

(More in the weekly story)

August 23rd

Virgo season begins

August 27th

New Moon

Equally as juicy, this New Moon has some flare and a New cycle begins for those who did their homework in the full moon energy. was that you?

(more details in the weekly story)

August Focus
Week 1- Acceptance

The world has changed in so many ways. Now is not the time to get lost in what is lost. Now is the time to rise into a new age, a new place, a new space. Someone is facing a world of possibility all the while holding on to what is no longer here. Can someone release the grief to step into their new life full of possibility.

Week 2- Manifestation

Someone has more power than they realize to create the world they desire. It takes faith filled action, belief in themselves as well as their dream. Any and all dreams that make the world a better place are possible at this time. Will Someone be available and aware of their power and how to use it for good.

Week 3- Motivation

Someone is starting to see what motivated them in the past doesn’t fit their situation anymore. When we upgrade our circumstances or our mindset, We see things on a soul level. Someone is ready to change what motivates them to succeed. This change is the difference between success and failure

Week 4- Growth

There has been a lot of change this month, with Fire moving into earth, this is where the magic happens! In the sign of Virgo ♍️ someone will be tested with their desire to create in chaos. Will they choose to go the extra mile to get them to their next milestone? Will they see the importance of experiencing the ups, downs , and steadiness? There is much to learn ahead.

Week 5 Mars

This is a time of NEW and there are roadblocks ahead. This is a time where a Mars placement work against someone’s highest good. This is a time to allow the feminine aspects to rule it’s a time of receiving.

Will they allow their ego to be surrendered to learn something beneficial for the rest of the year and many years to come?

His Truth

He is in a space of growth, he is using his skills to help him prevail. Yes, all of his skills and he’s using them to beat the odds. He is using them to find success. He needs confidence, he needs faith in himself. He knows what he’s doing, he knows how to get the job done. Can he? Will he? Is he ready to step up? Is he ready to move forward knowing it is his responsibility to take over? To take control of a situation he’s been on the sidelines watching? On the sidelines knowing it’s his destiny to be in the game? Is he a leader or a follower? August brings so many questions, self doubt is his challenge. Investing in himself, and in his capabilities is all he needs! He has everything that he needs to succeed inside himself. The answers are there, the solutions, the fuel, the energy are all coming from within. Now is the time for him to trust he is enough. He can do this if he stays consistent. Will he choose to live in the old lie, or boldly stand in the truth, HIS truth?

Her Lies

She told herself she needed someone else to help her. She told herself she couldn’t do this alone. She said it was impossible, that work was too much, the load to heavy. She told herself she was at the mercy of another. She told herself she had no love, no safety, exposed with no cover. She lies, she lies, she lies. To herself, yes she lies. She is her own worst enemy. Her own sabotage. She is more capable than she realizes. August will be a time of releasing each and every lie, It’s time for action, bold assertiveness and fighting for what she deserves. Avenging the tears each that fell, to break the bonds that tie. Tie to what you ask? To her doom and gloom. The blessings she desires cannot dwell if she holds on to these falsehoods, there’s simply no more room. It’s getting more intense as her purpose for this time approaches. She needs to user her third eye to reveal the hidden cockroaches. There are many feeding her self doubt and that benefit from her ignorance to her power. She is not weak or fearful she is ferocious and that roar makes unsafe people cower. She must face the truth of her existence, the truth of who she is here to be. She’s a leader, a warrior and from this point on, she can no longer say she doesn’t see.

To be Continued…. Here

Someone’s Experience

August is the month of true forward movement. There will be new jobs, friendships, new love, new adventures, all blossoming this month. There are many opportunities to move forward in major ways! Someone is beginning to see that they have more options than they realized. They are not stuck with one idea or way of being or thinking.

Someone is being called to meditate, or be still as they carefully consider their options. Not all that blossoms is meant for them. It will be a time where wise and carefully considered decisions will keep someone from feeling anymore regret. It will also remind them just how skilled they really are! They have a talent for making and stretching money that will bring even more abundance when it doesn’t seem possible!

There will be many challenges for many people. Someone has been sensing this for quite awhile, headlines are becoming more grim. There is a way to brighten their day, and Someone is choosing to focus on what is growing! Blossoming into a wiser but more optimistic version of themselves, someone is not allowing the circumstances around them to dictate their happiness. Now is not the time for that.

Some of those challenges are intense, intimidating and immense. They are still not to be feared. Preparedness in a time of plenty is what is being asked of Someone. Instead of succumbing to the pressure to buy more things they don’t need, someone is being pulled to prepare essentials they may need for the rest of the year. They are being asked to save instead of splurge.

There is something exciting and will need their full attention ahead, and taking care of the essentials will help them really focus on gratitude in a time where it’s easier to focus on a build up of tension. Just before someone sees the blossoms of their harvest, they may see some challenging aspects clearly that need their attention.

As fixed fire season turns mutable earth, someone has an incredible opportunity to manifest a clearer path to their dream’s fulfillment. Will they take action instead of being complacent and stubborn? Will they believe in themselves? Will they trust that preparing for something they cannot yet see may be the wisest decision they ever made? Not all that blossoms will bring forth fruit.

(If you see, then you know)

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🪬 🧿 🪬 🧿

Now is the time to be bold, strong and ready to try new things. Get rid of what is not making Leo ♌️ feel happy and confident.. You are the one who makes you happy Leo, go within.

In July, many Leo’s were tested with choosing themselves over others. As a natural leader and giver, this was not an easy task. They may have had to make bold moves to end relationships and situations hips.

There is a Leo that has had a really rough few months of their own making. They may have been stuck in a series of rock-bottom losses. For this Leo, due to past mistakes or stubborn misgivings, the odds have not been in their favor. Communication has been skewed, misunderstandings have caused divide in their family and all of this is finally, finally coming to end for them in August!

Being too close to a situation or situations, has clouded a Leo’s ability to see themselves clearly. Before they have big conversations in August, A Leo ♌️ Is challenged with recognizing how far they have actually come. The easy way or the hard way, a Leo has learned when to cut people off, and when to honor their commitments. They have learned lessons that they have been stuck in or looped in for quite some time.

August will be a time where a Leo will need to take bold action to change their life for the better! In Leo season, all communication needs to be from a high vibrational space. Confidence over self consciousness! A Leo is being asked in August to stand boldly into their role as they move forward into a brand new way of life. There will be many new opportunities that will test a Leo’s flexibility and being a fixed fire sign, they may have to grow and blossom into the highest vibrational version of themselves yet!

The lion does not bow to the sheep, but he honors their contribution to this life.

This Leo is ready to see their potential and does not hide from it in August. They are ready to move forward boldly, strategically and purposely. They have a lot to accomplish before the end of the year and the 1st 20 days of August will require that they choose to think positively, choose to be happy and most importantly, communicate with love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control. NO, Is a complete sentence. Goodbye is an acceptable answer. Will Leo embrace their sovereignty in August and ground themselves in the truth of their position and purpose?

You have everything you need Leo, Trust in perfect time!

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That’s Just the beginning of what’s coming to the garden this month Subscribers! Don’t forget to check back later for updates! May all that was not meant for you or your highest good be released. Released back into the pool to be washed away where it belongs ,

Be kind to yourself and others. We are all learning and mistakes happen. When we choose to learn from them, that’s what brings us closer to our highest self!

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