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12 Crowns for The King Leo ♌️ A Masculine’s Journey

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

In honor of a few good men I know personally who happen to be honest high vibrational royal leaders. (Some who are readers!) Thank you for your support May you be blessed Physically, spiritually, & Financially! Amen, And so it is!

Happy birthday to the Kings of the zodiac! If you are a high vibrating Leo male, this is especially for you! This Story is for a Leo who has stepped into his royal role. He is loyal, honest and in charge in ALL of his dealings with others. His fairness is not to be taken as weakness, he knows what he owes, and he pays his debts. This is what makes him regal, majestic. He knows what is owed to him and he assertively claims it when necessary. He does not slander, nor does he complain! he doesn’t have to, he is regal, he is poised and meek, he is a King.

Not all are on this frequency yet, Many sun sign Leo men are not at this stage. Not to worry, they will get there in their own time as it is their destiny through blessings or through trials to get there, with Leo as their sun sign. It may take a lifetime, but those who truly were born to lead and shine, will when they connect to the highest version of who they are here to be!

(This may also apply to a North Node Leo ♌️)

Keeping this in mind remember, not all that is shared here is meant for you and that’s okay. This is for a small few Leo males who have already answered the call and changed direction into honest, loyal, vivacious, strong, sovereign dare I say deliciously decadent, while also fair, leaders. The next Solar return will gift you 12 crowns to see you through, will you accept each challenge to receive them? Are any if not al for you? Allow your inner guidance to lead you to what is.

It is my intention as the holder of this space that every Leo that visits only receives what is for their highest good and in perfect time. I believe, and so it is. Let’s begin shall we?

The 12 Crowns of a Leo’s Journey

The Crown of Creation & Experience

There is a Leo who is coming into a time where everything is new. What he wants to create, can and will come about. He has everything he needs including, dumb luck. The journey ahead is all about the new.

New experiences, new jobs, new friends, lovers, places to visit, you name it! He has come into a time that is blessed and fruitful. He is truly growing and that growth reaps bigs rewards. He’s seeing everything he puts out, coming back to him. The nice guy truly finishes with the most reward!

Choosing generosity and being honest in his dealings with others, has lead to a certain Leo’s ability to find joy and pleasure in all things!He has found joy in a new business venture and is ready to thrive onward. Even so, he will need to prepare for the journey’s twists and turns.

Wearing the crown of creation & experience reminds him that there is something valuable in the good, the bad, the ugly, and the extraordinary. This is a time of receiving all he’s manifesting. King Leo is getting everything in order to start fresh and has the ability to create all he wants to see happen in his life.

Everything is in motion. To acheive this, he will need to remember the sober truth, all is temporary! Being present is a powerful tool in manifesting for the future.

If that made senes, then perhaps this is for you. Focusing on the positive things happening now is just as powerful as focusing on the negative things that may occur. King Leo must decide, what space he would like to create from. what will it be, King Leo, Faith or fear?


The Crown of graduation

King Leo has seen his mistakes, for what they are. He has corrected them or is in the process of correcting them. He has made peace with past people where it’s in his power to do so.

He’s taken responsibility for his actions and has made sure to keep his agreements. Harmony in his relationships is his reward. The period of needing redemption is over. He has learned the lesson this long repeated cycle has been trying to teach him. King Leo is ready to move on forward to the next quest in his personalized journey!