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12 Crowns for The King Leo ♌️ A Masculine’s Journey

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

In honor of a few good men I know personally who happen to be honest high vibrational royal leaders. (Some who are readers!) Thank you for your support May you be blessed Physically, spiritually, & Financially! Amen, And so it is!

Happy birthday to the Kings of the zodiac! If you are a high vibrating Leo male, this is especially for you! This Story is for a Leo who has stepped into his royal role. He is loyal, honest and in charge in ALL of his dealings with others. His fairness is not to be taken as weakness, he knows what he owes, and he pays his debts. This is what makes him regal, majestic. He knows what is owed to him and he assertively claims it when necessary. He does not slander, nor does he complain! he doesn’t have to, he is regal, he is poised and meek, he is a King.

Not all are on this frequency yet, Many sun sign Leo men are not at this stage. Not to worry, they will get there in their own time as it is their destiny through blessings or through trials to get there, with Leo as their sun sign. It may take a lifetime, but those who truly were born to lead and shine, will when they connect to the highest version of who they are here to be!

(This may also apply to a North Node Leo ♌️)

Keeping this in mind remember, not all that is shared here is meant for you and that’s okay. This is for a small few Leo males who have already answered the call and changed direction into honest, loyal, vivacious, strong, sovereign dare I say deliciously decadent, while also fair, leaders. The next Solar return will gift you 12 crowns to see you through, will you accept each challenge to receive them? Are any if not al for you? Allow your inner guidance to lead you to what is.

It is my intention as the holder of this space that every Leo that visits only receives what is for their highest good and in perfect time. I believe, and so it is. Let’s begin shall we?

The 12 Crowns of a Leo’s Journey

The Crown of Creation & Experience

There is a Leo who is coming into a time where everything is new. What he wants to create, can and will come about. He has everything he needs including, dumb luck. The journey ahead is all about the new.

New experiences, new jobs, new friends, lovers, places to visit, you name it! He has come into a time that is blessed and fruitful. He is truly growing and that growth reaps bigs rewards. He’s seeing everything he puts out, coming back to him. The nice guy truly finishes with the most reward!

Choosing generosity and being honest in his dealings with others, has lead to a certain Leo’s ability to find joy and pleasure in all things!He has found joy in a new business venture and is ready to thrive onward. Even so, he will need to prepare for the journey’s twists and turns.

Wearing the crown of creation & experience reminds him that there is something valuable in the good, the bad, the ugly, and the extraordinary. This is a time of receiving all he’s manifesting. King Leo is getting everything in order to start fresh and has the ability to create all he wants to see happen in his life.

Everything is in motion. To acheive this, he will need to remember the sober truth, all is temporary! Being present is a powerful tool in manifesting for the future.

If that made senes, then perhaps this is for you. Focusing on the positive things happening now is just as powerful as focusing on the negative things that may occur. King Leo must decide, what space he would like to create from. what will it be, King Leo, Faith or fear?

The Crown of graduation

King Leo has seen his mistakes, for what they are. He has corrected them or is in the process of correcting them. He has made peace with past people where it’s in his power to do so.

He’s taken responsibility for his actions and has made sure to keep his agreements. Harmony in his relationships is his reward. The period of needing redemption is over. He has learned the lesson this long repeated cycle has been trying to teach him. King Leo is ready to move on forward to the next quest in his personalized journey!

He has much to be proud of and the worry and fear that try to overcome his victory, cannot and WILL NOT prevail! Not without his active participation. A king knows his authority. (even over himself.) This is the time for his final integration, the union of his masculine & feminine energy. As within so without, his provider and nurture within are in harmony making it easy for this king to see himself clearly.

He is seeing the truth, and the crown of graduation comes before a time where he must begin again. Learning more about himself. This means exploring territory that he hasn’t ventured before. Is he ready?

New lessons, new skills, new weakness to expose and heal, More strength, and shadows to acknowledge. Welcome to higher learning, Leo!

The Crown of Perfect Time

King Leo will be using the skills he’s acquired from graduation by living in patient moderation in new space. King Leo is wise and has learned to wear his spiritual armor as he walks into an unfamiliar place.

He observes silently, taking in the information available to him.

Strategy and acting from an honorable place, brings everything he needs, when he needs it. King Leo may be tested with physically less than he’s used to, In weight and strategy he is elevating. His wisdom will help him make decisions in the moment he needs it most.

This crown carries the weight of remembering to be patient for results that have yet to appear. Skills requiring Hard work, innovation and perseverance are being sharpened and our dear King wears this crown well.

(Even if he can’t see it, we do.)

The Crown of Fortitude

There is union happening for our King. Inner union and outer with a truly beautiful new type of love. something he’s never quite experienced before, unconditional. The Leo that wears this crown does not carry the weight of unfinished business from the past. He has honored his vows, and his promises fulfilled. He has paid his dues and made peace where possible. He is not thinking about the past but moving forward into something beautiful and new. This is a time of both beautiful new beginnings and preparation for harder days ahead. Our king does not need to worry, this all works together for his greater good!

He realizes now the price for success. The price being removing the toxic people, places and things he used to engage with. it will also cost him the toxicity within.

He sees what once enticed him for what it really was, empty illusion. It was always a distraction, from facing the pain or the stress of the root of his suffering. Now that he sees this, he can never go back. He‘s facing his weakness and choosing not to move forward from that space. He must release it to go where he desires.

The crown of Fortitude will help him overcome it all. He is learning more and more and it’s all for his good.

The Crown of Faith Lead Risk

Is King Leo ready and willing to start new in a time and space unfamilar to them? After all he’s learned, is he willing to be a beginner again?

Our king Leo in this story is brave in the face of the unknown. He‘s learning to be gentle with himself instead of critical while learning something new.

A leader sees that there is much to learn In order to teach. This is the space before he takes that step and many others.

The Crown of Faith-Filled Risk comes at a time that he must be still, observe and learn. Taking educated risks for his highest good, he goes into the new adventure with child like faith. All the wisdom he has carried from before is useful now.

He knows that he can trust that whatever happens, he his highly favored, protected, and shielded. He has nothing to fear! The risk is worth the reward to venture into something new!

The Crown of Higher Perspective

In this new space and new place, King Leo is having to shed old worn out beliefs systems that no longer apply. He may have been awakened to a new way of thinking and his limiting beliefs about what he can do, what he will do, and what he should do are crumbling. This is not easy, many choose to stay stuck in what has always been and this leads to more of the same. The Leo that wears this crown is in a time and space where he is willing to broaden his perspective and is dropping fear of the Future.

The Crown of Sovereign Strength

King Leo has realized that he does not need to fight the petty battles of this world. His strength is shown in his fairness, his silence, his willingness to be still and observe. He does this with grace, while keeping his communication with The Most High open and honest.

He does not win boastfully, he’s regal, and he’s humble. When he moves forward it’s quietly in silence, the smooth moves of this jungle cat are both undetected and from the purest of spaces inside of himself.

This, takes more strength than any cruel act. This is what makes him a King, this is what makes him elevated. This new version of himself learnings quickly. . Gentleness for himself will be the healing balm that soothes his wounds of the past or the ones that come in the future. He is ready to extend that gentleness and mercy to another.

This opens a floodgate of money and abundance for him.

The Crown of Inner Authority

He’s starting to see the good and the bad of this quest he’s on. He’s seeing the power that his words hold. He’s seeing the results of what he speaks into existence. He’s used his words to protect others and speak kindly too.

He’s also seen the effects of his pain filled words that he wishes he could take back Knowing he cannot. All of this is teaching him he creates his reality. This responsibility is being explored and practiced at this time. So many mistakes can be made when choosing what he focuses on. If he approaches things from his ego they are sure to go sour. So many miracles can exist when he focuses on the greater good of all.

He has the power to change his circumstances at any given time.

The Crown of Choice

It’s time for a shake up in a King’s life. He may be shown contradictory situations to what he has learned in his quiet time alone.

Perhaps someone around him is wearing a mask and purposely causing confusion. This really does not matter as our King is well aware of whom the author of confusion truly is! The crown of Choice comes in a time where our King will need to remember that his happiness matter too. He can be a people pleaser, or he can be happy. He’s aware of his ability to blind himself to his own mistakes. He must keep his eyes open and his ears should be ready to listen. This king is headed into a time of testing; a time in which all that he has learned again will be used or ignored to his benefit or peril. Will he enter this time in love and feeling peace that passes understanding?

The Crown of inner light

In a time of great darkness, King leo is offered The Crown of inner light. He is the example keeping his eyes forward on the light, on The Most High,and in the darker times of life, he is being called to BE the light for others. He is a leader, and he has the ability to calm others in a time of great uncertainty. This is when his ability to lead, to govern, to rule will be tested, and who he relies on will matter. Will he keep his eyes on The Most High? Will he let go of expectations of how the outcome is executed?

If that makes sense, then this is for you.

The Crown of Surrender.

Something that has felt important to our King is falling apart and being ripped away. This at first feels unfair and may bring confusion. He is freeing himself from a situation that has long outworn it’s purpose in his life. It is time to let it go. This is not a punishment, but a necessary unkindness that must take place in order for Leo to see where he is standing in his own way. Where he is still holding on to patterns and people that no longer serve his highest good. He is also seeing where he might have tried to control situations that were never his to do so. This crown comes to bring him farther from his toxic past, and closer to his beautiful future. It will not be an easy time, or painless. There will be many moments of sadness but they are for a moment, and they will pass. This is only temporary. The season will soon end and that peace will wash over him that passes all understanding. He is freeing himself of guilt of the end. He is on the right path. Sacrifice is part of the journey. The journey gets harder but he’s a king these challenges make him stronger, more regal, more loving and more deserving. Nobody can get enough of this magnetic Leo. What he chooses in the now is most important. Surrender. Surrender. Surrender.

The Crown of Sovereignty

In his sadness, a king may feel tempted to return to self destructive behavior to numb the pain. This Crown comes to remind them that they are not a slave to their desires, they are not a slave to the darkness, that has no more answers for him. He can walk away. Even if he doesn’t see it, there is always another option, This too will pass and he can choose another path. The hardest test of all is not from an outside source, but his own feeling within. Will he fight his urges and keep on his journey? Only our king will know, as he will be the one to grow! All the crowns lay before his feet waiting to be chosen. When he needs them most will he believe he’s worthy to behold them?

That is what I have for you, King Leo and observers! May all that is not meant for you be released back into the pool where it belongs,

Happiest of Birthday wishes to you all! May you see just how important you are.

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