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Someone’s Story: “The Rising Fire 🔥 “

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

Hello soulful visitors, Welcome back to the Garden! I’m so glad you are here! Leo season is bringing some great big changes to this space and I’m hoping you will enjoy them all! As it heats up across the globe, I’d like us all to remember to send love, light, energy and prayers for our brothers & sisters in areas around the world without air conditioning or a way to keep cool in these extreme temperatures. It is a luxury and if you have it, believe you are truly blessed! As we enter this week in the Sun sign of sovereignty, it’s important to remember that grounding is essential when fire is not your main sign. There will be intense energies, and action will be taken where you may not have considered it needed. Remember, not all that I share here is meant for you, and that is okay. Get to know your intuition and allow it to guide you to what is. As the holder of this space, it is my intention that you only leave with what is for your highest good. I Believe, and so it is. Let’s begin shall we?

(Some) Important Astro events to remember:

July 23rd- August 22nd

Leo Season baby!

July 25th

The Heat

Please be mindful of our parcel carriers. The extreme heat they face has

some of them collapsing. By offering cool water and electrolytes, you may

save a life.

July 26th

Check out your early view of “The 12 Crowns of Leo”

(Get a sneak peek later in this story)

July 28th 9:55 am

New Moon 🌚 /Jupiter Retrograde

It’s the end of an old cycle and beginning of something new. Now is the time for integrating all the lessons we’ve learned this year to lighten the load that has become a bit hard to bear. How beautiful that this is a time to realize that you have the experience and skills you need to come out of this situation successful?

You ARE capable! Now is the time that you realize it. Everyone around you can

see it, now it’s your turn! Things will be heating up both metaphorically and literally.

July 31st

End of giving Beginning of receiving

Take this day to look at all that you have given, all that you have received since June 21st 2022. There have been many opportunities to save instead of spend, stock up where they needed to, and save money where we could. Now is the time to be thankful for what you have and have faith that what you need in the upcoming season will be made available to you in perfect time!

(Happy Birthday Harry )

This is an intuition workout. When knowing what is for you and what is not can be felt in your gut. You know your situation if any of these apply, then they may be for you! remember, you are the author of YOUR story! nothing is set in stone, everything that has not happened has room for change!


There is a lot to prepare for. There are many parts of the week that will require careful planning and a back up plan. Focus on getting organized. A checklist will help, and it will show you just how much you really accomplish! This is needed this week for someone to truly accept that their best is good enough. For others, this is mastering a skill they have been developing for awhile.


There seems to be a more interesting story than your own to pay attention to today. It may be tempting to feed into gossip and amerce yourself in the latest scandal. This will not help you. Focusing on Someone else’s problems also will not. Solve your own. Today, focus on your responsibilities and what is yours to carry. There is a new start coming and all that baggage cannot come with you. This will help you travel lighter into your next adventure!

Wednesday -

For someone, there will be a moment where you realize what you have been holding onto that isn‘t serving your highest good. An event from the past or several that have caused you pain have had your attention for long enough. Someone is ready to release what cannot be changed. Focus on the lesson or the blessing. Instead of the conflict, because it happened for one of those two reasons. It’s there.

Thursday-New Moon Retrograde Neptune

New Moon’s are all about setting your intentions for the cycle ahead. It requires becoming clear to what you want to accomplish in the next 15 days?

What would you like your reality to look like by then? Focus on Faith over fear.


There are a lot of things happening at once. Some plans may fall through and a gesture may not be seen as it was intended. This is a day of remembering to breathe and relax whenever possible for as little or as long as needed. This moment will pass. Focus on what your goals are and how they are achieved. Those distractions will just have to wait.


There is a need to self soothe and take extra care of the self. Someone has been putting off some much needed TLC. There may be a solution that they’ve been trying to reach that comes after some long pampering “me time”

Focus on giving yourself some rest

Sunday- Happy Birthday JK & Harry

Someone is learning how to communicate how they feel before hurting another’s feelings. This is a process and they will make mistakes. Today, Focus on choosing your words wisely. They have more power than you think.

This Story is short and to the point. With many others coming your way this week, this one is the most important for Someone. As we move back into story time, this is a story of what is, what was, or what may never be. Does this story speak to you? Can you learn from it? Is it just an interesting story? Your intuition will guide you to your own conclusions. Those are the ones that are right for you. This new moon is all about new approaches. Allow his story to speak to you however you require it to.

The Rising Fire 🔥

He left his house early in the morning before anyone else could wake. He jogged down the long driveway toward their private road. He knew he wasn’t living his purpose. He knew he needed to make a radical change. But is it the right time? His feet hit the pavement at a heavier pace. He had responsibilities. He couldn’t just drop all of his job security for a risky venture that may not lead to anything. Could he really bet on that? On his dream? People he respected and trusted advised against the risk once before. Practical and safe suggestions were given and taken. Still, he couldn’t help but feel like he was made for so much more than this! There was nothing wrong with his life and yet he felt the call. A yearning for a fresh start. Something that he knew he was here to do. With every movement forward on his run he felt it calling him. His dream and he wanted and needed to follow it. He knew he had the support of those closest to him whatever he chose. He just needed this run to clear his head. To decide if the legitimate worry and fear that seemed to hold him back of what could go wrong was worth risking boldly moving forward in faith that it might go better than expected. He knew there was no clock. The time table was all a feeling. He did not need to decide right now.Still, he felt the decision was needed promptly for reasons he couldn’t understand. Will he take it to the Most High? Will he bet on himself? Is this the time for him? Only he knows, and only will have to face the consequences good or bad for his decisions. That rising passionate fire within is not there without purpose. If he listens to quietly he may just get the best answers for him and his situation.

Your sneak peek

“The 12 Crowns of Leo”

A Masculine’s Journey

He has overcome his darkest traits. He has seen himself clearly. He has dropped his dogmatic, prideful, arrogant ways and has found humility. He is strong, brave, vivacious, loyal, kindhearted and sovereign. As he has reached new levels within himself, he is ready to learn more this time as a novice. A quest for our brave King Leo who is about upgrade once more. Lucky they say, blessed too. He’s that kind of guy, so loving to you. Now he shows true bravery as he faces himself once again.

12 crowns will be laid before his feet. Some for protection. Knowledge and some just bring a treat. Which will he choose? All will help him evolve, coming closer to what he desires.

The Crown of Creation & Experience

There is a Leo who is coming into a time where everything is new. what he wants to create, will come about. He has everything he needs including dumb luck. The journey ahead is all about new. New experiences, new jobs, new friends, lovers, places to visit you name it! He has come into a time that is blessed and fruitful. He is truly growing and that growth, reaps bigs rewards. He is seeing that everything he puts out, is coming back to him showing him that the nice guy finishes with the most reward!

His choices in being generous and being honest in his dealings with others has lead to a certain Leo’s ability to find joy and pleasure in all things. He has found joy in a new business venture and is ready to thrive onward. He will need to prepare for the journey’s twists and turns however, and wearing the crown of creation & experience reminds him that there is something valuable in the good, the bad, the ugly, and the extraordinary. This is a time of receiving for all he’s been manifesting. King Leo is getting everything in order to start fresh new all he wants to see happen in his life.

To be continued….

That’s what I have for you for now Subscribers. don’t forget to check for your exclusive first looks this week! May all that was not meant for you be released back into the pool where it belongs.

I wish you Love, Joy, prosperity Physically, spiritually and financially,

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