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July 4th - 10th “Lighting up the night”

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

Happy July My darling Visitors! I’m So glad you came to visit this week! This has been an exciting time in the garden! With all the growth happening within and without, I am pleased with the new things coming to the Garden by harvest! If you are feeling the fatigue and need for rest this Cancer ♋️ Season you are not alone and some rest may do the body good this week! If you feel unmotivated, this too will pass. What you do to motivate yourself in this time will be a huge boost when your energy returns! Now is the perfect time to reconnect or learn to “mother” Yourself. Receiving love, comfort and patience that is so readily given to others.

As we continue with Story Time remember, Not all that is shared here was meant for you. That’s okay. Many visit the garden and all that you are meant to receive will be in perfect time. Tia’s Garden is a place to practice using your inner guidance to lead you to what is for you. It is my intention as the keeper of this Space that you only receive information that is for. Your highest good, and so it is!

(Some) Dates and Events to Remember this Week

Pluto Retrograde

Things you don’t like about yourself may have been making an appearance lately.

Maybe you try to ignore it, maybe you even deny it exists. Pluto is inviting you to see yourself truly by not letting you look away. Take this time to see , heal and fix the issues that have been holding you back while left unhealed. You are worthy of this change

Saturn Retrograde.

Did you learn from your past mistakes? Have you made the necessary changes? Are you living your truth regardless of how it looks to others? Then this time will feel like an easy breezy ride in the middle of chaos. For others, they may feel the heavy burden of lessons unlearned and they may have a harder time as they are being asked to change unhealthy patterns. Consequences are more severe at this time. Be mindful of what you say and do.

Neptune retrograde in ♓️

This is a time to go within for the answers. Sure, outside opinions of wise advisors is an asset, but this is a time where your inner voice should be followed. Don’t give in to temptation. There is a lot of energy surrounding “nobody’s looking” that doesn’t lead to anything good. Restraint. Practice, practice, practice!

June 21st - July 20th

Cancer ♋️ Season

This is a time where temptation to retreat, to nurture oneself and find safety in solitude is heightened. This is a time of great preparedness for what is to come. Take time to evaluate what tasks need to be done and organize them. This will be a huge help in a period where time seems to flow quickly and work piles up while we’re unmotivated to move. Those who push through and do what they don’t desire to, will make space & conserve energy for the more daunting tasks ahead.

July 4th

US. Independence Day

This is a time to remember that freedom didn’t come without

A price. How can you use the freedom you possess to help another?

July 5th

Mars in Taurus ♉️ Venus enters Gemini ♊️

Stubborn can rule at this time as it’s fueling the way we fight and argue.

Now is the time to remind ourselves what’s more important?

The Win or the relationship?

Monday- There comes a time that we all must recognize that we have more power to change situations than we realize. Instead of ignoring a problem that seemingly has nothing to do with your interests, today Focus on recognizing what is within your power to change it. An injustice that someone has watched from afar is crying out for their intervention. Will they choose to intervene?

“Blessed are those who mourn for they be comforted” Matthew 5:4 The Beatitudes

Tuesday- Someone has been struggling with their faith. What they wanted and how they wanted it, is not materializing. Today, focus on redirecting where your faith is placed. If it’s placed in something or someone temporary, remembering that people make mistakes and temporary things fade away. Is someone ready to trust the Most High?

Wednesday- Someone has been given a clearly marked path to follow. Because it’s not always without it’s distractions, it can be easy to wander off in directions never meant for them. Today, Focus on staying on course. Minimizing distractions can help too, by keeping firm boundaries.

Thursday- There is something to celebrate in everyday! When someone looks around, they may see that they have a lot more to be grateful for than they realized. They have plenty to share too! Today focus on making someone else smile. Great is the reward that we receive when we give freely of our time, love and energy.

Friday- Sometimes after allowing ourselves to be kind, loving and merciful, we can feel attacked ourselves. There is a need for remembering that no weapon formed in physical, spiritual, or mental will succeed. That doesn’t mean they will not be formed. Focus on Faith, not on the fear.

Saturday- There comes a time when someone realizes they have not communicated what they want and have been expecting others to just know what they need and what they want. This hasn’t served them as they aren’t getting any results. Focus on asking for what you want instead.

Sunday- When we ignore the people we were blessed with to love in pursuit of material things, we lose. Someone needs to be very honest with themselves on what they value. They have been focused and obsessed with something that was never meant for them. This is why they are losing contentment and joy with their current circumstances. Today, Focus on returning to perfect love, and see the value in what is here NOW.

“ Lighting up the night“

He has been in the storm for longer than was comfortable. By now he should have felt some relief. All he desired all he created for himself is crumbling it’s falling down around him. He has nowhere else to go. Why is it that it’s always only now that he chooses to do it? Why did it take all of this to get here? It doesn’t seem to matter, the sun was cruel, teasing him, taunting him as it shined brightly on the land he left behind. Darkness invaded this space he dwelled. He can see it now, He has finally reached his breaking point as his knees hit the muddy ground. He finds himself pounding his fists in on the earth. As the night lights up around him, and the rain weeps down on him with intensity, he is surrendering once more. He surrenders, He surrenders, He surrenders.

The Spotlight

Someone has been in need of sanctuary. They abandoned all refuge offered to them in the past. They’ve found themselves in a strange position. They want to belong, they want to feel safe, yet they have forsaken everything and everyone that was, in a time where they felt powerful and in control. The darkness that has encroached and overtook their situation has them feeling in over their head. They feel as if a giant floodlight is pointed on them revealing all the flaws, all the mistakes and hidden obsessions are on full display. This is a time someone is learning to surrender and stop fighting their need to change, and to face what they’ve done, and who they’ve become..


When someone makes a decision to stop gossiping, they will have a chance to heal from their own struggles. They are or have learned a very valuable lesson in keeping their mouth shut. When they once were sharing information that was never theirs to share to begin with, they now see for themselves the damage they caused in their carelessness. This created a delay in their personal life towards their goals and dreams. Learning to be cautious with what they share and respecting the privacy of others who trust them, will remove the blockage keeping someone stuck. Will they choose to be impeccable with their word? Will they be a trustworthy source to confide in? Will someone retire their title as confidant in sovereign respect for others knowing they cannot keep things to themselves? Someone will be given a chance and a choice. What they do with it, is up to them.

Do unto others…

Someone has made some past decisions that haven’t been favorable. Everything is in Rhythm and what they have put out, is coming back to them. This is a time where someone has changed their ways and has chosen a different path. They have become kinder, wiser, and no longer in competition with anyone but themselves. They are beginning to understand why the Christ spoke of “doing to others what you would have them do to you” They can’t help but notice what is being done to them in this time, is what they have done to another in a time they were toxic. There is no punishment here, simply a lesson. A lesson in forgiving not just others for what they do, but themselves for what they have done. The one holding on to their past mistake was always them. They have manifested this outcome by feeding the fear that they would get what was coming to them. There is a need to be still. To take a moment to ask, what lesson can be learned, what is in their power to change, and what they can trust and rely on the Most High to handle. Which is, after all any and everything they cannot carry.

July Affirmations

My Best is good enough.

I choose to be honest about what my best is.

I will choose to redirect the focus onto myself

And away from blaming others

I have proudly transformed.

I have claimed deep healing in past wounds

I move forward protecting my newly discovered sensitivity.

I am ready to separate myself from relationships and situations that lower my vibration and distract me from my purpose.

July is the time, it is the space that I grow,

that I show my truest and kindness self.

I am ready to step into my qualities bathed in Divinity.

I am sovereign.

I am here.

I choose to love, live, and learn

Outside of fear.

I step into the sun and I live authentically

Happy Early Birthday Leos!

A Challenge.

Regal, mighty, strong, fierce, an apex predator. As a fire 🔥 Sign in July, it is important to know that Leo is a masculine sign by default. Meaning, they are givers, protectors and providers by nature. They are used to being the problem solvers, the ones to offer help. They are the leaders! If someone is in trouble, they are the ones to help.

For a Leo in July, they may be feeling they’ve gone in too deep to the masculine energy and have fallen out of touch with their feminine side. As a Leo faces their own stress, they may find they need exactly who they are in return from their world.

The receiver in them has been long overdue for some TLC. A Leo in July is in need of support from their friends and family, but they may be challenged with finding a safe place to vent or confide in someone. A Leo may find themselves in need of a hug and a good cry with someone trustworthy.

What is blocking them from doing this? Well the challenge for Leo in July is feeling safe being vulnerable after finding out they’ve been betrayed and rejected by a friend who they thought was loyal to them.

This is blocking Leo from trusting themselves and the friendships they have surrounded themselves with recently. Is Leo ready to be vulnerable? Are they up for the challenge of letting their sensitive side lead them? Can they get past the pain of a trusted source that made them feel separate, and alone? Can they trust themselves to pick loyal friends?

A Strategy

Not everyone who asks questions is showing concern. Some are looking for your weakness or a way to use the information against you. Using discernment is important in July. The strategy in July is for Leo to remember that it is not their responsibility to fix, heal, or change anyone. This lesson can serve a higher good. Sometimes just listening to a problem rather than offering advice or a personal anecdote is preferable. Now is not the time for Leo to play super hero. This will blind them from people working against them. Not everyone is going to respect them the way they show respect. Leo is never without strength. Ruled by the sun, the Leo is here to bring light warmth and joy. It is pride wounding to realize that someone betrayed your trust or to learn someone is looking for a way to do so. It is wise for a Leo to go to the Most High before confiding in anybody else. They may find that is the only place they need go.

This will strengthen their discernment. When someone is shown to be untrustworthy, a Leo must close access to themselves without feeling guilty for the change. It IS a Leo’s responsibility to accept, heal, and change themselves. It’s Safe for Leo to speak to the Most High about anything, they are worthy of trustworthy people to surround them, they are powerfully protected by their loyal and honest heart, they are lovable, they are kind and see the bigger picture. Leo is connected to the Most high and when they remember this, they need not fear being vulnerable.

Welcome to water season. It can be hard for a Virgo to explore their feelings. In fact that’s not something they enjoy doing at all. Yet feel they must. This may Challenge them throughout the month. If a virgo is brave enough to tread those waters, they will find healing.

A Challenge

There is a Virgo that has grown cold and bitter by focusing on the ones around them and their talents gifts and abilities. Rather than look on with admiration, the jealousy is growing and begins showing in July. By focusing on others they have become blind to their own capabilities and robbing themselves and the world around them of their gifts. There may be a moment where a sunny day shines light on how big the problem has gotten. Will Virgo take the opportunity to grow, and recognize this within themselves?

A Strategy

“Know thyself.” July can be a time of great discovery for Virgo. They have the opportunity to shift their focus from others to themselves in the most positive way. By taking a step back from others they are giving themselves space to explore. Who they truly are, what they want and all their capabilities are waiting to be discovered! If they take the time to get to know themselves truly and authentically in July, they will communicate confidence moving forward and have no need for jealousy which will open More doors to success moving into the fall.

That is what I have for you this week Subscribers! May all that was not for you or your highest good be released back into the pool where it belongs,

Wishing you Freedom, Justice, and Healing,

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