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Someone’s Story: “The Cusp”

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

Hello Garden visitors! Welcome back to TIa’s Garden! I’m so glad you made it here today, Some messages are delayed with purpose. This one, happens to be one of those. This week is filled with life changing choices for us all. As the Sun moves out of Cancer into Leo things heat up! For Leo placements, this is thriving time baby! There are just a few things to remember the most important being sovereignty. Every move made in integrity will be important this week. Significant life change is possible this week will we step up to the challenges ahead? As we dip into the pool of wisdom I must remind you that not all that is shared here is meant for you. You may not agree or resonate with everything shared. That, is okay. This is a space to practice using your inner guidance to lead you to what is useful and meant for your highest good. It is my intention as the keeper of this space that you find what you need from here when you need it. I believe, and so it is.

(Some) July Astro happenings & Reminders

Planets in Retrograde:

  • Pluto

  • Saturn

  • Neptune

Keeping this in mind, when feeling tested, remember what you’ve learned. When given the opportunity to grow, take it! Using your inner guidance will take you far! Trust yourself, believe that feeling and allow yourself room to fail and you will succeed.

( If that makes sense, then you know, and this is especially for you. )

Sun in Cancer ♋️ until July 23rd

If you have cancer anywhere in your natal birth chart, don’t forget to read The 12 lessons of Cancer. This is a time to enjoy what’s left of the relaxing vacation some of us have been on, and get ready for an intense, lucrative and action packed season ahead.

July 19th

Mercury enters Leo ♌️

Avoid impulsive decisions and watch what you say! Your words may carry

Unintended consequences. If you feel you can’t trust a source, don’t listen or keep your mouth shut.

July 23rd

Leo ♌️ Season Begins

Royalty has arrived y’all! It’s time for the Kings and Queens of the zodiac to please, please stand up! The sign ruled by the sun ☀️ the majestic the beautiful, indestructible Leo 🦁 Let your inner power out!

For the week, focus on releasing attachment to what always has been, for it will be changing with or without our permission in the days ahead.

Monday- Focus on being silent and still before making decisions

Chaos is space some barely survive where others thrive. Starting the week with a Pause before an educated response will set the tone for the entire week and perhaps strengthen someone’s response to chaotic people, places, and events.


Someone who is critical with themselves and their own accomplishments may have forgotten the impact of their words on those who trust and respect them. Those words hold the power of life and death in their relationships. They don’t kill the love someone has for them, but the love they carried for themselves. Don’t crush what The Most High meant to flourish. Focus on strengths not weakness in yourself and others. Kindness in correction goes much farther than shame and deep criticism.


There is a lot of confusion fogging up someone’s ability to make decisions. Could there be too many opinions taking up space in someone’s mind to hear their own opinion?

Focus on reclaiming your voice by spending some much needed time alone. Even 5 minutes of silence can make a world of difference for someone who needs to make a big decision that affects many people around them.


Distractions can ruin a well thought out plan. They can also mean life or death in some situations. There is no sense in being reckless where you don’t have to be. Today remember that the phone call, the social media update, the text can wait. Focus on safe driving habits.


Today something that feels unbearable really is. Today may require a “one hour at a time” approach. When tempted to dip into toxic behavior, remember who you are and who you want to be. Your future plans require a much more sophisticated and regal form of you. Don’t fall back, focus on the bigger picture.


Leo season begins and so ends the pity the party! It’s CANCELLED! This is go time. BE who you are loudly and proudly. because there is only one YOU in this world. Instead of focusing on your flaws, Focus on Fabulous!


Someone has made it this far. It’s time for someone to remember that they can’t look back now. Though the temptation is great to revisit an old chapter, an old version looking for answers, the answer lies within their ability to let their integrity lead them. Not their past.Focus on sovereignty

“The Cusp”

There comes a time when we walk between two energies, and the ability to transition from one to the other seamlessly is a skill developed overtime. This is why someone may be feeling all over the place when it comes to their weekly goals and schedule. It’s heating up all over the world. People who used to make light of summer heat have no choice but to mindful of it’s effects. This week, someone is being urged to put the focus back on themselves and what the path they have chosen. It’s so easy to get distracted or compare themselves to others, but this isn’t helping them achieve their goals.

Someone is forgetting that they have their own unique path. To them, it may feel quite ordinary or mundane. They may feel that others are living a more glamorous or fulfilled life and this makes them feel like all that they are working towards is for not. Take heed, my friend this is not true.

Someone has the power to engage themselves fully in what they desire and this is a week to fully nurture their faith in what they see as their future. There will be plenty of time for action soon enough. Where do they go for clarity? Can they remember to go to The Most High God for the answers? Will they trust their intuition when it’s needed most? Those distractions that come up are their for a reason. Those roadblocks are there for a reason.

Some distractions are there to remind them of what they don’t want to return to. Someone is facing a copy of an old toxic worn out version of themselves. Seeing the toxicity they carried in another May stir feelings they didn’t realize they had. This is coming up for healing and moving forward but does not come without temptation to rationalize and explain away their past actions. This is an easy test to pass. Will they? Will they leave their ego response to this in the past? Will they recognize their folly for what it was and carry compassion in their heart for another? Will they use the wisdom they have learned from that experience to navigate them in a different direction going forward?

Some roadblocks are there to protect someone from going down a path they don’t need to. Some, are there to be removed with purpose. Someone recently discovered that they have been being tested the whole time. Are they grateful for their life and all that has been given? Do they believe they are ready to rise to the top and capable of holding their own? Are they ready to ignore their fear and reclaim the power within situations? Will they accept NO or WAIT as the answer to their prayer? Will they leave bitterness behind to move to something better??

Someone ready to move full speed ahead have no choice but to accept that this is not the time for pursuits that feed vanity and not the soul. This is a Soul’s journey, and what is being blocked for someone is meant to be.

For another, it is not stubbornness holding them back, the road block is a puzzle that intrigues them. There is something to be discovered here and their gut, their intuition is screaming at them to take a closer look. How do they know the difference? They know the difference by first, taking time to ask for guidance. Meditation after prayer is listening for a response. Taking time everyday to ask for what they know they need to ask will serve them well.

We as a whole are on the cusp of a new cycle. Moving from the nurturing mothering energy into the Divine Masculine by default energy of the Leo The giver, the provider, the leader that is to walk in sovereign energy and authentic exchange. The Loyal sign of Leo has no time for deceit. Will someone choose to stop lying to themselves about what is meant for them and stop envying what is not? This week is transformative for many, for someone visiting the garden, the ability to adapt to the rapidly changing circumstances around them will be the key.

That is what was needed to be shared in the Garden this week! May all that was not meant for you or your highest good be released back into the pool where it belongs,

Remember, You are enough as you are. Transformation is beautiful and it is you,

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