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August 2022 “His & Hers”

Welcome back to My garden Subscribers! August 11th - 18th is the last chance many of us will have for the entire year to shift out of and away from the frequency that fear and anxiety bring. It will require bravery in areas that we may have chosen to be stagnant and frozen in. Though those energies have served us well and kept us safe in this unprecedented time of war, imprisonment, freedom infringement, famine and sorrow, in order to move forward out of that space and back into our true high vibrational & harmonious truth, we must do what we are afraid to do. We must prepare and prepare others as well. Kindness is the antidote. What will your world look like in December. What you do, and what you choose in this time will steer your direction make sure it’s a direction you truly desire. As the keeper and holder of this space it is my intention that you receive only what is for your highest good. I believe, and so it is!

let’s begin shall we?

August would not let him stand still any longer. Distractions were losing their appeal. The truth was staring him in the face. IT IS staring him in the face. Try as he might to avoid the truth he couldn’t any longer. The news made him feel dumb. He could see through the façade yet he was still living in the lie. He was used to just falling in line. He claimed it was simpler that way. He didn’t see a need to initiate any altercations. Still, there was a nagging feeling that kept rising up inside of him that something was just not right. What he saw happening around him was causing his stomach to reel. He had his own ideas of how things should go. He had his own plans on how to get passed the season to come. He could see the very real need for planning and preparing for a harsh and lacking year ahead. He could no longer fight his urge to prepare. It didn’t matter that the people around him weren’t worried. It didn’t matter that not a single person would believe him. HE felt what was coming and he knew he wasn’t wrong.

He is now tasked with a choice to move forward knowing his truth is not only valid but it could potentially save himself and those around him a lot of pain and suffering! Or he can stay in the dark until it consumes him and he is robbed of a choice or a chance.

Yes, he’s afraid. That fear is not his driving force however. He is driven by his desire to step up into the role he’s always been meant to take. The role he’s been destined to take. THIS IS HIS TIME. He IS the chosen one for this time, for this task. Denying it further is only going to bring him failure. Failure is not an option for this masculine. HE is a winner. Success is his birthright! Pushing past this point of stagnation and listless movement is his challenge and if he does not beat it, who will? Nobody can do what he is called to in the way he can. Nobody. This isn’t a heavy burden but a heavy blessing. Can he see it that way? Can he leave behind the life that felt comfortable? Can he choose this life that leads to his own personal utopia? Will he choose Faith in what could be over fear of what he doesn’t know? Will he choose action over stagnation? Will he HEAL what needs to be healed, forgive what needs to be forgiven? Will he open his heart to her once more? What, indeed is he waiting for?


As many suffer in the world around her, she does the best she can to ease that suffering. She has given more of herself than she should and it’s taking it’s toll. August will be a time she needs to push past the illusions and keep her focus on own goals, her own healing and her own rewards.

Two women, only one walking with the Divine. The other, has an addiction to drama and she’s wasting her own time. This is why it’s so important that feminine in this story leave her behind. This cannot be her focus she needs to see the truth, that she is the hero in her story. She is the one she needs to choose. No more blaming obligation to other people, places, or things. It’s time to admit what she believes her true path is, and to follow it with all of her might! What she’s willing to put the work into is where the changes will take place. August is a time where she cannot focus on him or what he’s doing. Her purpose for this time is too great to waste anymore time. Her job begins now! She cannot refuse to step into those shoes that were made specifically for her. She cannot allow fear in. She cannot allow fear to rule. It’s time it all ends. The veil has been lifted and she cannot hide from the truth any longer. No lie she tells herself will stick.

What is ending? Not an earthly situation but a heavenly separation. She is finally integrating all that she has learned. If only, yes if only she decides to push forward past the fear of the unknown. The lies she tells herself that keep her small served their purpose. They protected her from taking the necessary risks that scare her to the core. She doesn’t feel ready, she may feel unworthy but the lies won’t keep her from facing the moment she’ll be called to action. She is not weak, she is not stuck, she will not fail. Can she see past her fear? Can she see her worth? Will she allow herself to grow? There is a need to break herself free from all of those thoughts that tell her “No.” The lies that she cannot get passed this pain or past the shame. There is none. It’s all an illusion. The fear has kept her trapped. The fear has guided her moves but not anymore. She has seen the truth, she knows what to do and now, she is taking the necessary steps forward in faith.

August will bring many opportunities that she had no idea she truly desired to have. She has never been stuck. It was all an illusion. She has never been chained she has always been free. Now, in August she has a chance to see this and move forward for good. Healing, and feeling will bring her closer to her goals. The she is preparing to join the he, and together they become the we. The work is about to begin. She will prepare, she will be ready, because faith over fear brings victory near.

(If you see, then you know)

Short and sweet! In this story, we have a special treat!

Strategies in communication for these Sun & Mercury placements!

Mutable Fire will be thrust into a time of action and this will not be easy. This is not a space that comes easy for this Sagittarius. They. May have been holding back communication from others purely out of procrastination. The Challenge a Sagittarius will face in August will be tied to coming forward with honesty.

They have been denying their own needs in fear of becoming selfish, that others may suffer if they put themselves first. This has only brought more blockages, stress and severe fatigue for a Sagittarius that is supposed to be winning and thriving. It’s time for this Sagittarius to start thriving!

The Strategy in August is to speak their truth! Telling those around them what they need and allowing themselves to receive it will take them out of this time of exhaustion and bring them back into an energetic flow of accomplishment. Will they give themselves time to replenish their energy? Will they believe they deserve the same TLC they give to others?

There is a Capricorn that has been obsessed with their personal accomplishments. People around them are not pleased with the constant comparisons they have been making either. Capricorn has the wrong audience at this time and it is not painting them in a pretty light.

It’s one thing for a Capricorn to be proud of what they’ve achieved, and it’s quite another to brag endlessly to people they are aware are struggling. August begins with fixed fire, and this energy is ripe for removing and burning away obstacles. In the case of a Capricorn, it’s time to take a knee and practice humility when speaking with others. Encouraging others around them without turning the conversation back on themselves will bring success to those around Capricorn bringing them praise from others who have done even more for themselves. This may even open doorways for Capricorn to reach achievements they have dreamt about for some time. Someone is watching and listening to this Capricorn and the bragging is blocking them from a higher level of success. Will they allow themselves to become an encourager?

August is a month ripe with opportunity for this air sign. Their ideas are fruitful and their plan is precise. The problem is, they don’t trust anyone to help them with what they want to accomplish. For awhile, this Aquarius has been trying to achieve a lofty goal all by themselves. This is not what they need at this time and it is coming from a space of ego. For an Aquarius to be successful in a secret plan, they need to ask for help from a trusted source. Any all projects and ideas that come from a space of integrity are blessed when they share the load with another. Will Aquarius speak up? Will they ask for help when needed?

There is a Pisces that has had a lot testing their ability to hold their temper. Some unpleasant news that comes in August that may come from an undesirable source for such news, could push them even further.

This Pisces has been working on controlling their emotions instead of allowing their emotions to control them. This will serve them well when interacting with others this month. When Pisces has the opportunity, walking away and choosing not to react will give them the space they need to process the news. They may find that though the news isn’t pleasant, there is a gift in the situation. A way for them to move forward where they were once feeling stuck. In August, the strategy for Pisces is to walk away and refrain from reacting. When they give themselves time to process they will have a wiser response and come from a place of powerful communication that changes everything.

An Aries that has been in a toxic space is exposed in August. This is a good thing because they have been shaken awake to what has been blocking them from success… their own misdeeds. In August an Aries that is stepping into healed space will benefit from coming clean. When they choose honesty, they find their reputation can be restored and their vibration will rise! Naturally their blockages will be removed one by one! Will this Aries face themselves and the web of lies that they spun to bring misfortune to others? Will they hold themselves accountable to experience something different and better?

A stubborn Taurus is stuck in their ways. This Taurus is feeling frustrated with the lack of cooperation from others in a project they want to see brought to fruition. They have worked tirelessly on every point in their proposal and can’t understand why anyone would want to alter it. In August, if this Taurus wants to see a dream become a reality, they will need to step out of their comfort zone and prepare to compromise. This will require them to act from a space of teamwork and listen to others ideas. They may find one or two are actually better and fit in perfectly with their plan. In August Taurus is called to listen and be open to new ideas and people to help them finish a project. Will they choose to grow past their stubbornness? When a Taurus gets out of their own way, many new opportunities for success in their project will appear!

A Gemini has allowed too many opinions to influence their decisions. August will bring opportunities for this Gemini to redirect the path they want to take. While many are encouraged to work together at this time, a Gemini is being asked to take some time for themselves to consider what they truly want to see happen in their life going forward. By taking risks that support their clear vision for what would make them happy, Gemini will find more success than the people pleasing they have become accustomed to. August does not hold back a Gemini’s responsibility for their own happiness. This Gemini is at the final crossroads. Will they do what they think others will approve of or will they dare to live their best life? When Gemini takes responsibility for what needs to change and makes the changes, they will see that firm boundaries were necessary and now, they can communicate from a space that is not about pleasing others, but authentic to who they truly are. That, is someone pretty incredible.

August is a time of action and authenticity. Feeling is no new space for this water sign. Sometimes the decisions they make can be made from how they feel instead of what is right and true. A Cancer has been caught in a lie. They didn’t expect the truth to come out in such an embarrassing way, and now that it has, August is bringing them a chance for redemption. Kindness and compassion await a Cancer that embraces and speaks the truth. They will find that their honesty now will heal a connection that was almost lost. If a Cancer chooses to reflect on why they lied in the first place and learn from that mistake, they may fix their reputation. They may find mercy, grace and a new start by choosing to be authentic.

That’s what I have for you at this time subscribers. May you receive what will help you achieve your best possible outcomes. May all that is not meant for you and does not serve your highest good be released, where it belongs,

Wishing you love, light, and healing always,

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