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Someone’s Story: “A Harvest”

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

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Welcome back to Tia’s Garden subscribers! I’m honored you are here with me this August. As we push forward in fixed fire 🔥 also known as Leo Season, ♌️ it is a good time to practice acceptance. The world has changed in so many ways. We must adapt to our new circumstances while integrating all we’ve learned up until now.

Now is not the time to get lost in what is lost. Now is the time to rise into a new age, a new place, a new space. Someone is facing a world of possibility all the while holding on to what is no longer here. Can someone release the grief to step into their new life full of possibility? This week, we’ll look into John’s Story. A quick view from his perspective with no judgement attached. He has something to show each person who is ready to receive it. Is there something for you? Remember, not all that is shared here will resonate or be for you, that is okay. Tia’s Garden is the place to practice using your inner guidance to lead you to what you need to know for you individual journey as well as develop a stronger intuition. As the holder of this space, it is my intention that you leave here with only the information that is for you your highest good. I believe and so it is. Let’s begin shall we?

(Some) Astro Events & Other Events

this week to look out for

Moon opposes Neptune in ♍️ 7pm GMT

August 1st

Moon opposes Neptune in ♍️ 7pm GMT


This is a holiday that originated from England. In the following video, there is an opportunity to learn more about this tradition and why many celebrate it today. If you are interested in educating yourself about this custom this video may be for


August 2nd & 3rd

Moon in Libra ♎️ opposition with Jupiter and Chiron

August 4th

Moon square with Pluto/ Venus

“John’s Fate”

John was a man of many talents. He had a successful business, a beautiful supportive wife, and a reputation for being able to sell sand in a desert. His house was in a neighborhood reserved for the elite gated and guarded. His car was special ordered and customized just for him. John had everything he’d ever wanted.

Perhaps he had forgotten all of that when his greed took over that day. The day he betrayed her trust. The day he decided that he didn’t have enough, that he wanted and deserved more. The day that changed his life forever.

Don’t think about it. Just get this day over with.

He walked into the office with a scowl on his face. This wasn’t where he wanted to be, and he didn’t care who knew it. His secretary didn’t deserve the death stare he gave as she greeted him warmly. He paid no mind to her feelings as he snapped at her and asked not to be bothered as he slammed the office door behind him.

3 years to the day since she’s been gone.

He thought bitterly to himself. He opened his top drawer and pulled out his wedding ring. He knew that this was the real reason he’d been so harsh with his new secretary. Even now, after all this time, he couldn’t stop wishing for her return. Wishing, hoping that she’d somehow forget why she’d left in the first place and come running back to him. Even if she did, would she stay? He remembered their last fight as if it had happened yesterday. She had been staring at his phone without a single hint of emotion. No anger, no tears, no shouting about what a fool he’d been. No. It was as if she’d been expecting what she’d seen. She handed it to him and gently said,

“ You have a message. You should return it. I’m off to work, don’t call me”

Don’t call me. The words that broke his heart then, and broke his heart now. He didn’t go after her. He didn’t say a word as he watched his world crumble to the ground that day. Too prideful to admit he never should have been receiving the messages coming in, and too prideful to chase after the one person in the world he actually cared about more than himself he went about that day as if it wouldn’t change anything.

John had no way of finding her now. She was a black and white photo in the announcement page of his newspaper and nothing more. The paperwork had been filed, and the decree official. She had no reason to leave a forwarding address and still, he felt she would come back to him. Some way, some how.

This is why on the morning of the newspaper announcement of her engagement to another man was particularly disturbing. How could she move on so suddenly? No warning, it was as if he’d meant nothing, and he was just another stranger.

It’s only been three years.

He wasn’t getting any work done. The work was piling around him. His inbox was full, his office phone had every line waiting, and his cell phone couldn’t hold a single voicemail more. He caught a glimpse of himself in his office mirror only to look away in disgust. He had worn the same suit all week. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d shaved and his new secretary wasn’t bold enough to disturb him or comment on his appearance.

She was the only one. The only one to tell me the truth.

Frustrated with himself, he opened his bottom drawer to pull out his bottle of liquor kept for the really difficult days. It was almost empty, as every day without her became more and more difficult. Somehow, he had a knowing that this would only get worse. He couldn’t let her go, and she would never let what he did go. She was moving forward happy as she said she would be. He was miserable and his life was falling apart as she’d predicted.

If I could go back… If only for a moment to change it all.

John knew there was no going back. He knew he could not change what had happened. No matter how he tried to justify what happened to himself, he could not. Though he tried to move forward, everything and everyone he tried to fill the void within himself with, could not. So here he stayed in a purgatory of sorts knowing that the only way forward was to truly let her go. Somehow that was something he just could not do.

If you see, let you move in the direction you are called to.

One size does not fit all, So use this space to practice using your intuition to guide you to what will help you most in the week to come!

Monday-Beginnings / Endings.

Watch your words very carefully. Pause before you speak and be sure of what you’d like to communicate. When we speak with wisdom and love, the outcome is much more positive. when we consider what we could crush with our words.

Accept what you cannot change, and change what is your responsibility to change. Are you ready to start something new? You can overcome so much more than you realize. This is not the end of the world, just the end of a story, can you see this in a time of uncertainty? Focus on the blessing, find the lesson and leave the rest behind.

Tuesday- Facts over appearances

Don’t be presumptuous about anything. Get your facts in order and do not rely on your feelings alone. Idle gossip and tabloid news do not give facts and can cause a lot of confusion. The author of confusion is NOT a source of high vibrational energy. Focus on tangible and practical decision making today.

Wednesday- Observe & listen

Silence and observation are favored for the rest of the week! Watch what information is being shared. Someone may show you exactly who they are and where they stand. This could be a relief and may bring more stability to a work relationship.

Focus on becoming more gentle with yourself and others. Everyone is trying their best.

You can and will achieve what you need if you put your energy into what you desire to accomplish and not on what could go wrong. You can do this and you will! If you are confused, don’t do anything.


Consider accepting an ending that is happening. This is a great day for healing and letting go of what no longer serves. Are you holding on to any past pain? Be aware of holding on to resentment that could lead to major mistakes when decisions are made through bitterness. Focusing on acceptance is key to healing on this day


There are plenty of reasons to be mad, if you focus hard enough you can also find the sadness in what is no longer here. Today is an excellent day to practice the opposite. When tempted to hold on to the pain of the past, Focus on letting go of the suffering. It has no place in your future. The lesson is all you need


There comes a time when we must all ask ourselves if we are doing all we can. Someone is about to see that their best is good enough. The question is, are they giving their best? Today is a good day to focus on self awareness. Someone knows that they could give more and now is the is the time to give it to someone deserving in their life.


There is a lot happening tomorrow with The Lion’s gate Portal being at it’s peek. Today someone would be wise as to focus on what direction they’d like to take going forward. The life they desire is possible. The old question comes back for someone today. What are you willing to lose to gain everything? The loss is always something unnecessary and no longer needed for success but hard to say goodbye to nonetheless.

There is nothing in our world that we are stuck with, garden visitors. Each and every one of us has the power to change our circumstances with each move big or small. Whatever you decide to do with that power, will take you closer or farther from where you want to be. Use that inner guidance, listen for the voice from within that says this speaks to me this is the way. That’s what I have for you for now, Subscribers! May all that was not meant for you be released back into the pool where it belongs,

I wish you a week of Acceptance that takes you to higher places that are meant for you in the best way possible,

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