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January 2022 “Communication” Pt1

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

Hello and welcome to the garden! I’m so glad you made it here today. If this is your first visit Please don’t forget to check out The Garden Entrance. A quick reminder that you are asked to use your inner guidance when visiting this space. Listen for what resonates, and for what feels right to your soul. What convicts you? Many come to this space and the whispered guidance has something different for everyone. Not all that is shared here is meant for you, and that’s okay. May you only receive guidance for your highest good, and so it is.

Mercury has many functions including ruling communications, travel, electronics and more. For the focus of January, The gift I offer this space is strategy in communication. When Mercury is in Retrograde, (The appearance of the planet moving backwards) we could use a little extra planning. Governing communication and how we perceive the world around us, Mercury in Retrograde, allows room for miscommunication and misunderstandings. People from the past come back to clear out the karmic debt between you & people you had an easy flow of conversation can turn uncomfortable and short tempers may flare up easier too. In your natal chart, where your mercury sits gives you a glimpse on how you communicate and how it may affect you, especially in a Retrograde period. Your mercury sign may differ from your sun sign and you may feel that resonates more. Make sure and check your Birth chart for your Mercury placement for a deeper look.

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An Aries ♈️ Experience

Communication & The Challenge

Heavy masculine energy surrounds the pool today. So when I use “he” I speak to the energy not gender. If that makes sense, this may be for you.

Someone is having a difficult time figuring out when to speak up, when to stand up for themselves and when to back down or walk away. It seems every situation they find themselves in with their partner, they are responding in hostility and threats. They control with fear

in every disagreement. They are frustrated unable to see at first that it is their words causing disruptions in their relationship right now. Their harsh words are causing the conflict they so desperately want to end. They haven’t been willing to go deeper.

They are used to using manipulation to control this situation and sometimes even the other person. When they don’t feel secure or safe in the relationship, this has been their power grab. They aren’t allowing safety in. This is bringing discord and a feeling of being unsafe in their relationship.

He has dedicated himself to a new way of being. He’s been working on himself reflecting on his behavior and he is working to fix it. It’s going to be a challenge to accept that miracles & opportunities come in with kindness and not by force. It’s not necessary to fight for everything they need in this new space, they can communicate softly and honestly with better results!

True power comes with others not over them and he is beginning to realize he craves that more.

A New Path

As the situation intensifies, an Aries will need to find their peace in exercise. In the gym, in a jog to clear their head and every activity that brings movement, this is where they find clarity. This is how they will access that inner guidance they’ve been detached from. Perhaps they need to turn their workout routine into their own personal form reflection, worship and/or meditation.

If they do take time away from their situation to relieve the stress through physical activity, they may find a clearer view of something that’s been clouding them too long.

Someone is being guided to change course in how they speak. Looking back at past relationships, they felt they had to defend themselves in some volatile connections. Their ability to stand up for themselves was a survival skill they developed over an accumulation of toxic connections. They have done this for so long, they don’t even remember the last time they had an honest interaction without games. Now that they are in one, they find themselves repeating patterns of the past.

Someone is challenged with a choice of holding on, or letting go. Will they continue to hold onto the pain and anger? Or will they choose a new path? Are