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January 2022 “Communication” Pt1

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

Hello and welcome to the garden! I’m so glad you made it here today. If this is your first visit Please don’t forget to check out The Garden Entrance. A quick reminder that you are asked to use your inner guidance when visiting this space. Listen for what resonates, and for what feels right to your soul. What convicts you? Many come to this space and the whispered guidance has something different for everyone. Not all that is shared here is meant for you, and that’s okay. May you only receive guidance for your highest good, and so it is.

Mercury has many functions including ruling communications, travel, electronics and more. For the focus of January, The gift I offer this space is strategy in communication. When Mercury is in Retrograde, (The appearance of the planet moving backwards) we could use a little extra planning. Governing communication and how we perceive the world around us, Mercury in Retrograde, allows room for miscommunication and misunderstandings. People from the past come back to clear out the karmic debt between you & people you had an easy flow of conversation can turn uncomfortable and short tempers may flare up easier too. In your natal chart, where your mercury sits gives you a glimpse on how you communicate and how it may affect you, especially in a Retrograde period. Your mercury sign may differ from your sun sign and you may feel that resonates more. Make sure and check your Birth chart for your Mercury placement for a deeper look.

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An Aries ♈️ Experience

Communication & The Challenge

Heavy masculine energy surrounds the pool today. So when I use “he” I speak to the energy not gender. If that makes sense, this may be for you.

Someone is having a difficult time figuring out when to speak up, when to stand up for themselves and when to back down or walk away. It seems every situation they find themselves in with their partner, they are responding in hostility and threats. They control with fear

in every disagreement. They are frustrated unable to see at first that it is their words causing disruptions in their relationship right now. Their harsh words are causing the conflict they so desperately want to end. They haven’t been willing to go deeper.

They are used to using manipulation to control this situation and sometimes even the other person. When they don’t feel secure or safe in the relationship, this has been their power grab. They aren’t allowing safety in. This is bringing discord and a feeling of being unsafe in their relationship.

He has dedicated himself to a new way of being. He’s been working on himself reflecting on his behavior and he is working to fix it. It’s going to be a challenge to accept that miracles & opportunities come in with kindness and not by force. It’s not necessary to fight for everything they need in this new space, they can communicate softly and honestly with better results!

True power comes with others not over them and he is beginning to realize he craves that more.

A New Path

As the situation intensifies, an Aries will need to find their peace in exercise. In the gym, in a jog to clear their head and every activity that brings movement, this is where they find clarity. This is how they will access that inner guidance they’ve been detached from. Perhaps they need to turn their workout routine into their own personal form reflection, worship and/or meditation.

If they do take time away from their situation to relieve the stress through physical activity, they may find a clearer view of something that’s been clouding them too long.

Someone is being guided to change course in how they speak. Looking back at past relationships, they felt they had to defend themselves in some volatile connections. Their ability to stand up for themselves was a survival skill they developed over an accumulation of toxic connections. They have done this for so long, they don’t even remember the last time they had an honest interaction without games. Now that they are in one, they find themselves repeating patterns of the past.

Someone is challenged with a choice of holding on, or letting go. Will they continue to hold onto the pain and anger? Or will they choose a new path? Are they willing to allow safety in? Will they choose to be vulnerable? If they don’t feel safe to do so, will they choose to walk away? The choice has always been theirs and there is always a way out of the pattern.

Questions for Meditation:

As this Aries contemplates their life, they are in need of deeper reflection. With tough questions. Are their words rooted in love? Is what they’re asking of their partner loving, kind and peaceful? Is this going to bring joy? Are they coming from a place of patience are their words kind and necessary are they looking for an outcome that is for the greatest good of all? What is the outcome they’re looking for? Are there words bringing unity or separation? Are they truly viewing themselves authentically?


He is strong and knowledgeable. With discipline and surrender, he is powerful. When he leads with love he is the strongest leader. He is a trailblazer, his gift of discernment brings the right choices for him and yes, to him in perfect time. He is capable of unwavering faith as well as keeping a flexible mindset willing to heal and willing to listen. Though it has not come easy to him, surrender to the Divine, brings him victory in all his endeavors. Release of ego controlled thinking and action brings him closer to goals with every decision. He is a leader, a Spiritual warrior, the champion of his life! He is strong he is brave and he is in touch with his inner feminine. He’s learning to love himself more everyday, he will succeed, he is motivated to grow beyond what he knows and what he’s been shown. His deep knowing tells him there is more, he is Aries.

Aries ♈️ most valuable asset in January

An Aries will find that when they align their words with transparency that their situation improves. Communication is clearer when they choose to bring to light what may not have been apparent the first go-round. The only way they will find their messages get across as intended, will be to pause before they respond. Taking a moment to breathe before speaking their truth will give them room to gather and organize their words. It will also separate them a little more from ego.

Choose to heal with your words Aries, don’t call your fear into existence with your words. By the fall this Aries will see the rewards this change will bring!

A TAURUS ♉️ Experience

There once was a cautious, patient and guarded Taurus who knew exactly what and who they wanted. They had no doubt what they wanted, was meant for them and they knew that they wouldn’t change their mind about what that was. The question is, would they dare ask for what they desire? Would they be bold enough to take a risk and allow their truth to flow freely and finally confess what they have wanted? Will they confess to who they desire most to know? Or will they continue to play it safe? Afraid to grow, stuck in their fear of their feelings not being returned?


There is a lack of honesty within a Taurus Male. Someone isn’t telling the truth. Someone was given the chance to have what they want where they are at right now. They don’t feel good enough and someone isn’t spending time with the person they want. A lover is being open and honest with their feelings and all the while this Taurus is nodding and listening as they hide their secret desires and pretend to want the same things.

He’s struggling to find himself worthy for a partner with a lot of fire 🔥. Because of his feelings of unworthiness he uses money, weight, class and social differences as excuses for not coming forward and telling the woman he loves that she’s the one. He robs her the chance of response and tells himself she’s the snob, the gold digger, the one who doesn’t see what she’s missing. Lying to himself is only poisoning his belief that he is worthy of better than what he’s experienced. It’s time to step up and step into truth, he is his biggest blockage, and he is also the only one who can remove it.

Successful Communication & a Secret Gift

This Taurus is beginning to see he is a role model wether he chose to be or not. People look up to him and are drawn to him often. He will need to be mindful of how he speaks to and around the child/ren he influences. His words are powerful and what he says is taken to heart and it wounds deeper than he knows. Especially if it’s a male child close to him, even deeper if it’s his son.

Kind words have the opposite effect. When this Taurus male chooses to lavish praise and positive words of affirmation, they build others up and they believe they can do anything, all because this Taurus believes in them.

That gift of encouragement leads many to find their own greatness. This is all thanks to the wonderful Taurus taking time to see & heal his deeper wounds. He is making a conscious decision to change his words with every step

Taking the Lead

He may feel at first that it’s not his place to speak up first, and as he’s not sure if he should. ( Here’s your sign, stubborn Taurus, the answer is YES)

Waiting on another to say how they feel first is going to lead to a lot more waiting. It’s time to speak up. This transfers into business communication as well. If a change needs to be made or they see something isn’t right, waiting for someone else to speak up first, will lead to nothing being seen. He’s being called to take the lead and say what isn’t working.

Assertive Vs Aggressive

When anger and threats don’t work, this Taurus will stubbornly become passive aggressive. Right now their greatest strategy for a successful interaction is to find balance in assertiveness.

This Taurus has power in their words and they only need to speak up!

What they need will be addressed. Compromise and patience don’t come easy to him, but it will help ease him out of his stubborn ways and into a more cooperative space for communication,

NEW MOON 🌚 Intentions

All he has to do is ask, and it is given. Before February’s New Moon, he would be wise to sit down and actually write what it is he wants for the year ahead, and then read it out loud to himself as he speaks it into existence. He would be wise to believe it’s already his, and begin to take the steps towards those desires each day. When he does this with the greatest good of all involved in mind, the intention put in will manifest possibly as soon as their birthday. It’s time to pick a direction once and for all. It will set the tone for the rest of the year! Here’s to 2022 ( come on Taurus, you know what to do!)

You really are the leader you think you could be, you are. You have all you need, believing in yourself is half of it. You are ready to move forward

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Gemini ♊️

There Once was Gemini waiting on their fairytale to come true. Time had tested their faith and so did circumstance. They have seen lack, they have seen loss, they have seen pain and they have been deep in the darkness. Waiting and hoping that someday, someone would come rescue them from their situation. They were waiting for a person who would never come. The question is, would they ever realize the person they are waiting on has been with them all along…

The Challenge: Manifesting lack

Someone has been lying to a Gemini and that may be what’s been clouding their judgement and separating them from their truth and higher self. There is a Gemini that has forgotten just how powerful they really are! Because they have forgotten how powerful their words are, someone is limiting themselves and they don’t even know it! (Or maybe they do…) Gemini is speaking words of lack within many areas of their life. Physical wealth is affected, so is their emotional life, and calling lack into their space through complaints is how this is happening.

They are complaining about their job, their money, love, home, family you name it, they have a complaint for it. Through their own words, they are blocking all they have worked hard for. Patience has never been their strongest area, but it is needed and they know it.

They don’t want 2022 to be a repeat of what they experienced last year.

What this Gemini needs to remember is that they are also leaders in speech if they say that their world is dark and covered in sh**, then those around them will believe it and see it too, and so the world around them will become. THIS is how powerful their words really are. SO the challenge? Believing their words have power and changing them for good!


Taking time to address and heal old wounds from the past will be huge this month. Choosing to trust their intuition and look into the things that don’ t feel right are important. There may come a choice to confront the people this Gemini feels are lying to them, or walk away. Only this Gemini knows what they should do And their intuition is correct!

For success in all areas, It’s time to tear down the old way of speaking and thinking, and raise the vibration! When all that is missing makes itself known, this Gemini can remind themselves of what they DO have the right know. It’s time for some positive words of affirmation, changing the space with positive words, and gratitude for all that is going right in all areas will raise the vibration and attract more to their space. They can motivate those around them by acknowledging what they are doing right and thanking them for their contribution to a peaceful environment. Encouragement breeds more encouragement and what was once an angry, sad, sullen environment full of chaos and loss can be transformed into a space of pure growth.

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Cancer ♋️

There Once was Cancer who lived in their shell, they preferred places and things they knew very well. They only come out when they know all is well, and if they feel threatened they can unleash their inner rage and make those around them experience hell. Can this cancer surrender & come out with their claws up? Will they choose to trust someone new and fill their emotional cup?

The Challenge

Someone is lying to themselves about being happy and what it is that makes them so. Someone has been hiding from the truth about their financial situation and even minimizing the colossal amount of debt they’ve accumulated. They are lying to themselves about what would make them happy in love and they are lying to themselves about the burdens they’ve picked up that were never theirs to carry. They say this is what they want, but deep down, there is a cancer that knows better deep in their soul.

The burden they need to drop is heavy. It’s causing stress, weight gain and physical pain is manifesting in their body as if they are carrying an extra heavy load. Self care isn’t happening routinely and they are letting themselves go. The challenge for this Cancer will be honestly facing themselves where they are right now, and how they allowed themselves to get here.

Will this cancer get out of their own way? Will they admit their true feelings to themselves?

The strategy:

It’s going to be a time of starting over. Chakra balancing will be a huge help! This cancer has felt so lonely even surrounded by others.

What they are seeking is also seeking them, and this cancer is seeking kindred spirits. They are looking for someone who is willing to go through the fire with them! Cancer is in need of getting out of their shell, and allowing themselves to find their tribe! By going out into their community they may find like minded souls on the healing Journey. Having support while they make these big decisions will be very important for them. It may give them the courage to take the steps to move out of this situation that they put themselves in. Healed space is what they are ultimately seeking and they are headed in the right direction!

It’s time to connect with your people, sweet Cancer. Community will push you forward. To find the inner wealth of love, joy, fulfillment is a greater form! Believe you deserve it, that you will receive and it will eventually manifest into physical wealth as well.

That’s all I have for you This Month Aries ♈️ Taurus ♉️, Gemini ♊️ & Cancer ♋️ May all you desire for your highest good manifest in perfect time! May all that was not meant for you be released back into the pool where it belongs.

May you see that you are now, always have been and always will be enough.


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