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Aquarius : A Journey of Self-Mastery 2024

Updated: Apr 29

Welcome to Tia’s Garden, Aquarius. I'm so glad you're here today. If you haven’t already, please first read The Garden Entrance.

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At any given time, the blank pages ahead of us in our story can be filled however we choose. Right now in April, we're going to look at the 6 ways Aquarius (Born January 20th- February 18th) will be called to master  new skills that may assist them  in correcting behavior, choices, thinking, and the way you handle other situations in life at this time. The exciting part about being here in this time is that even as it is written here, it is subject to change. We all can change direction at any given moment with our ability to choose.

Tia Khaleesi’s Garden is a space to practice utilizing your intuition. Recognizing what is for you, and what is not. Remember not all that is shared here will be meant for you or for your situation. It's okay to disagree and disregard what you do not feel you are called to. It is my intention is a keeper of the space that you only leave here with what is for your highest good I believe, and so it is. Let's begin, shall we?

There is a lot about this time for Aquarius surrounded in believing that what is meant for them, will be. They are struggling to surrender and learn. We all have stubborn moments on our journey. It takes a lifetime to truly master ourselves, and the journey is the point. I encourage you to remember this moving forward into these stories. If they are for you, then you will know. 

1. Giving back

      There is an Aquarius that has felt the heavy load of poverty. In the past, they may have suffered an unfortunate setback in money.Suffering from financial difficulties for an extended amount of time caused Aquarius to become disciplined in living within their means.  Having to cut back on things that they wanted but could not afford at the time may have been dreamily tough on this Aquarius who was used to most things being accessible. The discipline came slow for this Aquarius, and they may have felt restricted, unable to create the life they desired. This may be why even in good times they have a hard time giving. They are aware of how quickly your circumstances can change.

(If this sounds familiar, perhaps it’s for you)

Presently, Aquarius may be reflecting on all the skills they’ve acquired in that time of their lives. This brings them to a realization that changes a situation they felt stuck in.  They have everything they need to change their reality for the bette! It was right in front of them all along.

Perhaps they should look a little closer at how their current life is what they once thought would be out of reach.  They have much more than they think!

(I repeat, Aquarius may not be where they want to be yet, but they have far more than they use to! )

This is a time for celebration and gratitude. For the Aquarius that wants to change their situation, they will be called to give their time energy and money to a cause that's near and dear to their heart. By taking time to give back and make a difference in an area that will serve a community, a ripple effect of goodwill can begin. Aquarius will find themselves uplifted with the power to create what they desire once more. If the goal is to get even farther in business, then it's really important that Aquarius gives back to his community and recognizes that they are who has the power to see them successful.

(If that resonates, that was for you.)

2. Rising above

Getting a full view of any given situation requires stepping away from it and looking at every side. A clearer picture is possible when emotion is removed from the data. It's incredibly important that Aquarius remember to think before they act and consider both sides of an argument before making up their mind. By taking a moment to consider both sides Aquarius rises above the situation and is able to make a much better decision on how they want to proceed in any given circumstance. There will be a moment that comes that makes this exceptionally difficult because they’ll be baited by someone who knows exactly what buttons to push!

An Aquarius that has taken action and moving forward instead of looking back has a change in fortune. Any time we are in the present moment we can make powerful shifts in our position. This is certainly the case for Aquarius. Their luck has turned around due to the hard work they have put into their emotional growth. It has given them the tools necessary to handle difficult situations that arise such as, the lie is being uncovered at this time.

Having strong intuitive hits on unfortunate circumstances never feels good to have confirmed. They felt the hidden betrayal that has now come to light. They may have discovered that someone close to them had lied to them long ago and they don't know how reconcile the depth of their feelings about the betrayal. 

The importance of this situation is that it has ended a relationship for good. Aquarius is learning to let go without holding resentment no matter how unkind the other person is. This is not about them. This is about an Aquarius ability to live a healthier lifestyle physically, spiritually, or financially. It takes discipline and looking at the bigger picture.

When others want Aquarius to rush and make a decision before, they're ready, that is a signal to be still. It would be wise to take some time before making a choice that could risk everything they've worked for. All that said, They must remember their high favor, protection, and all they need arrives in perfect time. They might take some time to sit with the Holy Spirit and allow themselves to be protected as they ask for what they need.

3. Releasing what doesn't serve.

There is an Aquarius that has recently realized that their love is not returned. The length and depth of the relationship in question makes this revelation painful. This can feel overwhelming, causing a person to cling to something that doesn't belong to them tightly, even though they know their time has ended. An Aquarius may be struggling on whether or not to let go of something they've invested in when they realize that there is no return. Perhaps they are afraid of letting go too soon, and that something may change. Deep down, they know.

The problem is, when anyone holds on to something that is meant to end, all the warm feelings it brought slowly disappear. It becomes your nightmare and the part of you that wanted to hold on, becomes repelled and resentful of it. Holding on after the end of a contract creates a lot of anxiety, animosity and so much worse until the contract is allowed to be completed. This is why it's so important to recognize when it's time to say goodbye. Not just to the physical person place or thing, but also to the idea, “This is for me.”

What do you do when an outside source of love and affection is no longer accessible? Aquarius could benefit from giving themselves love at this time. By taking the time to heal and release their pain and take the time to reflect on what really matters and what's worth their time and energy they can bring in a new experience that will fit them better. Taking time to give themselves the love they were once seeking outside of themselves will bring them a contentment that attracts vibrational matches in all relationships. It takes time to heal from disappointment. Aquarius has the desire to get over this disappointment and has everything they need to be successful in this endeavor. 

4. Receive with Gratitude

Aquarius are very generous people. At least, those visiting the garden certainly are.  They love to give to anyone their heart feels could use some help. The kindness that lives within them they have often denied to themselves. An Aquarius may have a very hard time accepting kindness from others. There is an opportunity that may be presented to an Aquarius that humbles them in a great way. They may feel undeserving at first. There may be some feelings of uncertainty that they have earned this and even shy away from a blessing. This would be most unwise.

Aquarius may not feel like they are where they want to be, but they are much farther from where they started on this journey. It took a lot of work and learning lessons the hard way to get here.  They can and should enjoy  the rewards coming towards them!

An Aquarius may experience a celebration as they move towards everything that they wanted for a very long time. There is a lot of joy headed their way if they learn how to receive with gratitude. They have so much to be grateful for here and now in the moment that as they learn to accept this they will start to see it grow. More and more will present itself that they should be grateful for. Aquarius can rise into their deeper purpose by seeing all the ways they are supported right here and now.

(If that made sense then that was for you.)

5. Reclaim your energy

An Aquarius may be feeling a lot at once. They may have felt overwhelmed and overworked as they've began a new position at work. For the Aquarius and this applies to, they have been working very hard towards a goal and are filling pulled in multiple directions and drain there is a need for Aquarius to recognize that they have energetic limits. That stubborn need to finish everything on time is going to half to be surrendered. Someone is spread too thin. Aquarius needs to call their energy back from all the places they've allowed it to be pulled from recently and work on being presence where they are at the moment. By soaking in every detail from the senses what they see what they feel they smell what they hear what they taste they will find their energy restored.

It's also important for an Aquarius that's working overtime to complete a new project to recognize that there is a time to work in a time to rest. An Aquarius should also recognize that they shouldn't take their work home with them if they want to get adequate rest and have a place to recharge for the next day. Someone's been taking their work home with them and has been going to bed worried about what will happen next and this is not been serving their highest good. Reclaiming their energy will bring Aquarius closer to the goals that they have coming.

6.Believe it is Yours

       Something that an Aquarius invested in has been taking a long time to give a return. They may be asking themselves whether or not it was worth the time and energy to spent in manifesting it when they haven’t seen rewards. What they couldn't possibly know or possibly see is that everything that they've been working towards is right around the corner. This is been a long time coming this is not instant or overnight results. This will be something that Aquarius can look back at and be proud of each and every step they took to see this through.

The only thing that is delaying the results that they desire is an Aquarius's disbelief that they will receive their rewards they need to have a new attitude about their ability to receive. By living each day as if they already have what they are working towards and creating a plan for how they are going handle this blessing moving forward will call it in much faster.

There is a lot about this time for Aquarius surrounded in believing that what is meant for them, will be. They are struggling to surrender and learn. 

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That's what came through for now, subscribers. I hope you found what you needed, and it assists you on your journey forward. May all that is not meant for you and does not serve your highest good be released back into the pool where it belongs,

Sending love, encouragement, support and healing when you need it most,

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