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Someone’s Story “ The Chosen Few”

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

Welcome Back to the Garden loved ones, I’m so glad you’re here! This is a beautiful week of Release, as the moon wanes, it is time to rest, it is time to release, and it is time to recalibrate back towards the goals that are necessary. It’s time to plant and water the seeds that were chosen this month, with intention of growing them all year! Of course in this space, we are speaking of the metaphoric garden we are growing this year Spiritually, physically and financially! All are connected and what we put out comes back! Remember, there are many that visit the garden so not all that is shared here is meant for you, and that’s okay! This is a space to practice using your inner guidance. Finding your own wisdom hidden deep in another’s story or another’s words. All wisdom comes from within, regardless of the outer source chosen to deliver what you already knew deep inside. (If it doesn’t fit, don’t try to make it)

Reminder that this is not to be taken as professional medical or legal advice. Any and all videos not from Tia Khaleesi’s Story Time are for entertainment and educational purposes only and are not affiliated with this site and may be removed at anytime without notice. If this is your first time visiting please click HERE to go through the garden entrance, and leave a ❤️ on the page below.

Story Time In the Garden

(A re-telling of an ancient truth)

There was a young a man that was once seen as favored by his father over all of his 11 older brothers. Besides being excused from the workload of their farm, He was given clothing to represent his status amongst them and an opportunity to enjoy the finer things their father had to offer. They scoffed at him, called him the “dreamer” as he also had a prophetic gift. Things seem to come easy for him, and the more the brothers watched his gift grow, the angrier they became.

They (the brothers) continued with their chores day in, and day out unaware that they too, were growing. Yes, they were growing in envy, hatred, and resentment. The very father they lived to impress became their target of anger. How dare he not notice their hard work? How dare he not see that they too, deserved favor?

There came a day that this favored son chose to share a dream of his that implied that one day his brothers would bow to him in sovereign reverence. Outraged by this prophecy, the brothers had hit their limit of being considered less than him. Even his father was uneasy, as he too was depicted to bow to this son.

After a time of discussing their desire to bring there brother back down from his high horse, his brothers decided to teach him a life long lesson. When he came to bring them their lunch for the day in a field they were working in, they jumped him, and took his fancy clothes that distinguished his status. They tied him up and threw him into a *pit. Within earshot, they discussed his fate and what they wanted to do to him. In the end, they decided that instead of their original idea of killing him, as none of them could bring themselves to finish the deed, they would sell him as a slave to some passing strangers in exchange for a little money. They kept his fine clothes and dipped them in animal’s blood to convince their father he’d been killed by a wild animal. Devastating their father for years to come. Even declaring he would mourn until the father himself died.

( actual story Found in Genesis 37)

This sounds very grim, yes. This is a very sad situation indeed. How cruel, how unjust and could you for a moment imagine what the favored boy was feeling? The brothers he loved so deeply, betrayed him out of sheer jealousy. Acts that would haunt them and future generations to come. The favored, unaware of what his favor caused in them, watched as his most trusted, the most beloved and admired role models tear him down and sell him like an animal? I bet he didn’t feel much like a chosen one. I would ponder he felt forsaken in the pit they threw him in as they loudly decided if they should sell or kill him. The pain he must have felt, the shame, and probably feeling utterly alone and confused as to why they hated him so much. How heartbroken he must have felt not understanding what it was he’d done to them to deserve this. Again to wonder how those whom he loved could hate him this much?

do you resonate with him? How about the brothers? Wherever you see if you see, see with love that you are not alone.

Fear not, his story does not end here. This was all used for his good, and as we continue into the Month, it is my hope you see that chosen does not mean trouble free, but divinely favored and protected in ALL circumstance. ALL things work together for their good. This was the beginning of a ruler’s Story. This was the Origin of a Hero, that kept an entire nation alive, whom became favored amongst many the chosen one, for this story…. To be continued.

For a moment let’s view the brothers shall we? What if they were wildly talented and focused on their gifts and their own destiny? What if instead of allowing their ego to lead they allowed themselves to focus on their own gifts? What would the outcome have been then? More so what of the father? His ignorance of his children’s growing resentment or his encouragement of the divide whatever you choose to take from that, he was most unkind to the one he supposedly favored by putting him in a position to be envied before his time. If this was meant for you to hear or see, may the healing take place. .

*a cistern was the literal


“The Chosen Few”

Someone has felt targeted and forsaken by those they love the most. They have struggled to belong, and have worked to connect with their friends and family while also trying to raise their frequency, and be in a higher state of mind. The problem they have been facing, is that few in their inner circle will be able to go with them where they are choosing to go next. Someone is being called to cut ties with toxic people, places and things that used to resonate but no longer feel right to them.

Where someone once found comfort in sneaky and underhanded dealings and tactics, they are now seeing the damage that has been done. They are seeing that the rewards of this behavior do NOT outweigh the consequences. Someone is facing the consequences of their past actions and is now changing their ways. This a beautiful and positive transformation but in the meantime the person visiting the garden this may resonate with, will also need to recognize where they are holding on tight to toxic habits and pretending they don’t exist.

Someone is going to need to think very long and hard about the type of people they want in their life. And this week, someone will need to make changes to their group of trusted people. There will be a chosen few of these people that will move forward and the rest will be left to heal on their own, this may feel lonely, and that is to be expected for a time. Someone is evolving and that requires some much needed alone time with the most high. Mediation and preparation are coming into play and the person in our story this week is in need of remember that they are NEVER alone, and that when they choose to step out of the toxicity of the past, they will be challenged by unexpected sources. They will be tempted, and their choices will direct where they go next.

For another, The consequences of choosing deceit filled acts and stealing of another’s identity to gain clout or praise are pretty harsh. Someone is about to be revealed for who they really are and in a not-so-gentle way. Someone is learning a you cannot spiritually bypass the work and they’re is about to see that they can not hang their hat on another’s divinity. A mimic has no voice of their own, and their true nature is about to be shown!

Beware sweet visitor,

may you be seeing another’s colors so true.

May this be them, be sure that this energy is not you!

The Pit

Someone may have found themselves feeling set up and betrayed by those they trusted. This is a time to recognize that all of this is being revealed now and that someone has been spared of the true intentions of these beings. Sometimes what seems like the worst possible ending is actually happening for your highest good. This doesn’t make how someone is treated okay, it doesn’t mean this person doesn’t feel the deep betrayal or the heartache, it is simply a gentle reminder that this pain will not be wasted, and there will be justice for what they’ve gone through. For this person, they are being placed in a space of contemplation, they have been removed from untrustworthy sources and given an opportunity to go within and spend time with the most high. By choosing to take this time to feel their emotions without retaliation or an audience, they are choosing to heal. There is something to gain from all of this, but it will only be discovered by the one brave enough to leave what and who they need to behind.

“Even Loss and betrayal can bring us awakening”

- Gautama Buddha

Monday- Journal Time

Focus on what needs to GO before the beginning of April. It’s time to intentionally choose what will go and what will stay as this will determine a lot going forward.

Tuesday- *Drink more water

Someone really needs to detoxify their space. Focus on clearing the space While drinking more water filling their space with this frequency right now will help with an energetic spring cleaning 741hz for at least an hour this day (no more than 24)

Wednesday- purify the temple

Someone needs to take a long shower or bath. This self care is been needed for awhile. The ritual has been lost and bath/shower time has become a quick thing on the to do list losing it’s intentional cleansing helpfulness. Focus on releasing emotional pain that’s been carried and wash down the drain cleansing within as so without.

Thursday- A loving Vibration

Someone is in need of remembering the common goal today. Prepare to focus on approaching all situations in love.


Focus on the sacred Pause. When something irritates you, walk away if you cannot control your impulses do not look for power in vengeful acts. This will NOT end well.

Saturday- Mediation

Focus on controlling your impulses today. Take some time away from others to spend with the Most High. Choosing solitude over arguments is a wise move for someone.

Sunday- Early Morning Gratitude

Plan to wake up early today. It’s a time to get out that journal and start counting your blessings. Focus on all that has gone right, everything that has made you laugh and smile. This needs to be the focus because there will plenty trying to get you off your path, and choosing gratitude over focusing on what’s going wrong brings back to center.

🧿 🧿 🧿 Aries New Moon 🌚 🧿 🧿 🧿


Preparation is not the same as fear hoarding. Remember, that all your needs will be supplied for. Gathering drinking water at this time is advised. Don’t over do it! Remember others are also in need. Making sure you have enough for your home in case of an emergency is wise preparation Stock piling what you don’t need in the present past an emergent need, is wasteful and greedy. If you are able, don’t forget to supply a little for another. Giving to another may be exactly what brings you peace of mind you need. Doing so on a New moon starts this next lunar cycle with love. Let the wisdom of the folly of the past be a reminder however of how the toilet paper hoarding of the pandemic lead to unnecessary shortages.

This moon brings a lot of opportunity for those who continue the work. When you recognize that every stressful situation is also a simulation, or a practicing ground for your patience, and ability to respond and not react. No matter how great or how small, every action has a consequence and this fiery new moon will not allow the hidden motives to stay hidden when they are hurting others. Truths that will bring a lot of pain to some will test their growth and ability to walk away from what hurt them. (even if they have love for the situation or person deeply. ) What isn’t meant for this group it resonates for, must be released. This is a test of sorts, are you ready for what you’ve asked for? It cannot thrive in an environment that is full of toxicity, and continued patterns of chosen ignorance and helplessness.

New Moon What ifs

Remember to use your own guidance on what is yours and what is not. Do not take on what is not yours to carry.

What if we chose to be bold and courageous?

What if we chose to simply consider what may seem outrageous?

What if we saw ourselves on a timeline and could see where we’d gone wrong?

What if we chose to acknowledge our mistakes, and that’s what we worked on?

What if we made choices with compassion for others as well as ourselves?

What if we believed leaving people with kindness was the only thing that mattered and left the bitterness back in the past on their forgotten shelves?

What if we had compassion for past decisions and past mistakes?

What if we chose ourselves instead of our toxic patterns that people pleasing makes?

What if we chose dedication to our work and put an end to the charade?

What if we chose compassion for the past versions of ourselves for the mistakes we made?

What if we chose to do the work for the version of ourselves yet to be?

What if we really believed in ourselves, and put the work in to become what we see?

What if in all situations we took time to find the love

and what if we can’t find it so we become it with help from above?

What if this month we chose to come together in community choosing compassion and love as our guide?

What if first we have to learn how to be content walking alone and then stand boldly fighting the urge to hide?

What if we acknowledged what holds us back is fear?

What if we didn’t run from that and stood right here?

What if we chose to stand still look at it in the face?

What if we acknowledged it for what it is, and watch it flee this space?

What if that fear,

began to disappear?

What if the illusion is shattered and we realize that there is no lack?

What if we see that the fear will not serve us and we can’t take it back?

What if we find that together we are strong!

What if we find division is what is being sold all along?

What if we choose not play ?

What if we changed the station, turned off the tv, and didn’t listen to what “they” say?

What if we chose to be active and present in each moment enjoying the peace

Refusing to add to the turmoil, what if we changed the story for good.

If any of this resonated please feel free to leave a ❤️ at the bottom of the page.

That’s all I have for you this week! May all that is not meant for you or your highest good be released back into the pool where it belongs,

Thanks for visiting. may you find your strength and may you find your peace

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