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Someone’s Story “The Old and the New”

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

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🧿🧿🧿 The End of Winter is Coming🧿🧿🧿

This week is a time to declutter your spaces. Some have been doing this for weeks, others have not begun this process. As within so without, the winter has been a time of going inward, and we must release what no longer serves. When your space is clear of clutter, you may find ideas come easier.

Welcome back to The Garden wisdom seekers! I’m so glad you’re here! This week is full of surprises for many and the NEW MOON earlier this month plays a big role in the happenings of this week. This is a time to practice all you’ve learned this year. Patience, will be necessary. Remember not all that I share here is meant for you and that’s okay. Use your intuition to guide you to any and all messages and wisdom hidden away for you. May you only receive the guidance here that is for your highest good, and so it is.

Looking 👀 Forward To THE WEEKEND

Friday Full Moon in Virgo ♍️ & Holi Celebration

7:17 GMT This beautiful day comes with so many beautiful things, and it’s a beautiful time for so many around the world, including right here for those in the garden. When beauty arrives in our world, it’s important to protect ourselves. Watch out for the irrational fears that mean to come in and distract you. Be still, be still be still. For some, it’s easier to hide themselves away from the truth, than watch their heart break from it. Blinders are more likely and tempting. Stay in the spirit and out of the flesh. ( If you see 👁 )

The need to express ourselves can be great and now is a time to spread joy & positivity. Powerful communication takes place. More understanding of what needs to be communicated is possible for us all.

What is hidden is shown and seen very brightly, and it is a good time to breathe, and be still before responding to any unfavorable news,.

Someone is conflicted between wanting to be free and having restrictions they must follow. This is a time where tension, aggression & impulsiveness are more likely. Awareness of this will help someone gain control of these. It’s time to heal and control these aspects within the shadow self.

Let love motivate all actions.

March 19th

Take extra care of your physical, spiritual, financial health today! Don’t get distracted by situations that won’t even matter next year. You are too precious and so is your time for that mess!

Compassion and compassionate acts towards others brings great rewards today! For those souls who are naturally kind without expecting things in return, you’re going to get one. A HUGE ONE.

March 20th

Blessed Ostara

The welcoming of Spring! It’s time to spring clean! Clean out the closets donate what you no longer need, and plant something new! Today is a today to celebrate the new in YOU

🧿🧿🧿🧿The Split of Infinity🧿🧿🧿🧿
A story for the seen and unseen

Okay wisdom seekers, as we end the winter and hibernation, it is a time to really dive deeper into the lessons that came in the months of cold, dark & dead. IF you are in the part of the world where you are just entering this space, then it may be a preview for the work ahead. A reminder that not every story is meant for you, and that’s okay. Do not take on what is not yours, and do not try to make the story fit if it does not. observe, learn from another’s lesson. The Light and Dark are in us all. If any, What side do you resonate with in this time?

The Light

“I embody Love and I invite expansion for my highest good “

Someone has been feeling trapped, stuck, defeated and limited by someone controlling their finances and someone in authority that has the ability to hold them accountable for their actions. They thought they had outsmarted another and now they aren’t quite sure what to do. The reason this person feels trapped right now is due to past actions of their own toxicity. They feel they made terrible past choices that brought them to their current position of feeling stuck between what they’ve done and where they are.

What is seen?

Someone sees that the person standing in their way, is themselves. (This is why they are in the light) They see how they have blocked their own manifestation by not being honest with how they feel, by competing with others ,and being careless with their wealth when it comes in. They are beginning to realize that there isn’t anything that someone has done to them, that they have created a lot of their own blockages. This is such a relief, because one thing this person has learned how to do recently is take accountability for their own misguided steps and they are learning to take responsibility for acknowledging and changing their own missteps.

The unseen:

The path forward for someone is revealed to them in their quiet space and time with the divine. For someone, walking in sovereign truth,, they are open and willing to make time and space for being still and listening to guidance. What they don’t see yet is that the more time they spend outside of Tv, social media, news, etc and sit in quiet silence, the more they will see the path their meant to take clearly and will no longer make decisions misguided by mimicking what was meant for another. This beautiful soul is on their way to finding their purpose for this time, and they will soon courageously take the steps needed to complete their missions one by one.

The secret weapon:

The person choosing the light side of this week, is being given strong intuitive guidance. That feeling they get guiding them in every situation is correct. Once they see the unseen they will truly trust their inner guidance and this is needed for. Such a time as this

If this resonated please leave a ❤️ below, thank you

The Dark.

Someone is trying to avoid a very painful ending. ignoring it isn’t making it go away, and pretending that it’s not happening won’t keep it from playing out either. Their intuition has been screaming at them that it is time to move on and that the situation they’ve found themselves in is no longer high vibrational or serving a higher purpose. The problem is, someone is aware that what they are doing is not only not high vibrational but flat out wrong and toxic. Someone has been using this situation for their own gain and manipulating the people around them that are involved by pretending to be and feel like someone they definitely are NOT.

They have been refusing to see the true feelings that surround their situation

The Seen

Rather than working with the team of people around them (feels very work related) they have been systematically working against others out of a lack of loyalty. Though Someone isn’t always going to feel like being part of the team, choosing to lie or live in denial that their intentions are self serving are not going to end well for someone and they can feel it. Unlike the light side, this person is denying how they feel. It’s not that they don’t see what they need to do to cooperate and bring the best possible outcome for those involved,

The Unseen

Someone who buried the pain from a time they broke their own heart, and shattered the lives of others, won’t be happy when this resurfaces for healing. Someone is about to receive a karmic kick in the pants and with every lesson comes and. Opportunity for growth, or healing. This wound has been festering for a long time. There is a need to stop blaming the other party, they have for a very long time convinced themselves that they were blameless or less guilty than the person they chose to engage with in cruel heartbreaking behavior. The consequences come when they are at their lowest, feeling the most insecure. As it’s been said, karma is dish best served cold.

The Secret Hope:

There is always a way out. There is always mercy waiting at the end of a painful lesson. It doesn’t have to be too late, at any time someone can decide to Stop, turn around and take responsibility for the havoc that they’ve been secretly causing in other’s lives. There is a beauty in surrender and repentance. It may be hard to face rock bottom and feel the pain that we’ve dished out, but it is only there that we may truly transform our darkness into light. Someone choosing to face themselves honestly, removing all excuses and blame shifting tactics, will find it hard at first with a big reward going forward! They may even find a way to stop another from receiving their own fate. Someone may find that what they felt inside wasn’t intuition leading them at all but fear. They were tactical and methodically trying to survive an environment they were meant to thrive in with love and joy out of deep seeded fear. When someone is ready to see and release the fear, the beautiful life they have wanted will begin to seem more possible.

If that resonated please leave a ❤️ at the bottom of the page.


Monday- Journal Time!

Focus on the lesson. Reflect on how you’ve overcome past hardships. What did you learn from them about yourself and how you see others?

Tuesday- Ask for guidance

There is a team of helpers in the spiritual realm waiting to help you through the day, don’t forget to meditate and listen for the answers to your questions.

Wednesday- Grounding

It’s time to focus on grounding, connect with the now. Be in the present

Thursday- Meditation

Spend some time contemplating what brings out your light. It’s time to focus on your light and away from the darkness. ( if it’s for you, you know)

Friday - Share your gifts of laughter, love, Joy, happiness and silliness. Today is a day to spread the loving and happy vibrations ❤️( believe it or not, some may not be feeling much of that this day)

Saturday -

Time to check in with your health! Are you taking care of your physical spiritual and mental health? What areas need your attention. Today focus on what has been neglected.

Sunday Spring cleaning

Clean out that closet, donate those clothes, rearrange that furniture its time to bring in the new! If that is your norm then it’s time to relax and be still!

Communication Strategies 2022
Air Signs Gemini ♊️ Libra ♎️ Aquarius ♒️


A Gemini is afraid of the judgement coming from something they’ve stolen in the past. It’s time for them to come clean, they took it, and now it’s time to return it. By communicating the truth of their actions to the person who they stole from, they release themselves from the burden of hiding this truth. This has been heavy on their minds and heavy in their hearts.

Another is trying to ignore the pain from a past betrayal. A lover who cheated on them was forgiven by this Gemini and they decided the past should stay in the past. But they weren’t honest with themselves or the other about how they truly felt concerning this betrayal and because of this, it’s boiling to the surface for healing. The past is waking up. By not communicating how much this hurt them, this Gemini cannot see where these anger triggers they have been experience are coming from. They have been denying their right to be heard, seen, and treated correctly. Someone needs to be honest with themselves because they deserve so much better than they were treated. It’s time for Gemini to tell someone safe the truth of the betrayal. And be assertive with what Gemini needs. By choosing this path to heal and move past this person and situation, they may see a beautiful change as soon as December 2022. It’s okay to seek professional help to walk through these feelings, honesty will heal this Gemini.


Someone is trying to buy more time resisting a change that must be. Someone is bargaining trying so hard to change what is fated and you can’t. You cannot change what is meant to be. They want to though. They want to go back into the dark when the truth was hidden from them, but they can’t. A male leo lied to a libra female he was juggling two people. But they never planned to be in a relationship with them. The person she was pursuing was lying to her. She must face that she was lied to by a man who used her for her looks and connections.

By facing their pain head on, and moving out of denial and accepting that it’s time to let go of this connections. They have sacrificed their integrity to have momentary desires and now libra is finding that they were never loved, but lusted after and once they’d served their purpose they were discarded like trash.

It’s time for Libra to see themselves truly and start communicating the truth of what they believe in. Their core beliefs are not in alignment with the way they have been choosing to act, They have the choice to turn around and stop telling everyone around them the story that was not theirs to be in or tell to begin with, then and only then will they find their place in a spiritual community. When they let go of someone else’s identity that they have been assuming, they will find their own again. It’s time for libra to communicate honestly their role in their own heart break and demise.


Something Aquarius is saying is changing their fortune and not for the better. This aquarius has not been very kind. This Aquarius has been harsh with their words, they’ve been quick to judge, they are furious with others and unable to see this shadow within themselves. They have been blinded and see everyone around them as the problem blind to the negativity that is coming from within themselves. This negativity is coming from pain and sorrow that wants to be seen and instead of feeling it, they are inflicting it onto those around them methodically.

This aquarius is causing stress and anxiety in people they love that they never would purposely hurt. That is why they are in need to change their communication strategy in March and really ask themselves, why they are focusing on others around them and avoiding their own work? The imbalance that has taken over is hiding all the wisdom they’ve learned from the past, and regressing. Aquarius is facing a very big battle to remember why their pain came because there was a purpose. This purpose is the key to moving past the past and into all they have been working towards. Struggling with a painful anniversary of what they’ve lost an Aquarius is going to have an opportunity to feel and heal that pain permanently. Laughter and joy are on the other side of this. The most important things in life always seem unimportant in the moment. Communicate honestly with others what you need and projection onto others will end.

That’s what I have for you in the Garden this week! May all that was not for you, or your highest good be released back into the pool where it belongs.

May this Spring bring you the love and blessing you need and can handle. May they arrive in perfect time.

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