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Bonus: Tea in the garden, Full Moon In ♍️

Happy Holi, and welcome to my Garden! I’m so honored to be here with you.

Do you celebrate Holi? It’s such a beautiful way to spread love and positivity!

Don’t forget to stop by The Garden Entrance before you continue

if you haven’t done this in awhile. Thank you for being here I wish you happiness, joy and blessings beyond counting for your highest good.

🌕 ♍️🌕♍️🌕♍️ Full moon in Virgo 🌕♍️🌕♍️🌕

What’s the Tea?

*Any and all videos not from ”Tia Khaleesi’s Story TIme” are not affiliated with this site and are used for reference only. They may be removed at anytime. Viewer’s discretion advised

Someone has been feeling very present, and grounded in their life. So grounded, that they cannot even remember their dreams when they awaken in the morning. They can’t remember a single one and if you asked them the last dream they remember having, they may not be able to tell you what it was. This is why they are coming to the realization that their crown chakra has been blocked.

Someone may spend a lot of time worrying about the future and things they have no control over. They haven’t been planning, or making moves to protect themselves, they have only been worrying about what might happen in the future. Fear and worry are very low vibrations. This can block the crown chakra making it difficult to connect with the higher self & Holy Spirit. It’s time for someone to decalcify their third eye. Someone has no idea just how much this is affecting them, they are unable to hear the help they are asking for from their ancestors or their guides.

Someone is need of changing their little habits that show a much bigger problem with addiction, specifically to electronic devices and social media. Someone has an ending approaching and it is happening faster than they expected. This ending is destined, and it must happen. This ending is going bring about new and beautiful things. They have to be ready for this however, they can’t keep trying to stir anger in another to feel others are on their side.

“ Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you”

The words of Jesus found in John 14:27

When someone’s mind isn’t riddled with anxiety over this matter, they’ll be given a chance to relax, and drift off out of their conscious mind, going deeper in their meditations. To receive the messages that have been waiting for them. They have been waiting a long time to hear these messages too. It’s time to accept this ending and allow things to happen natural. Someone is asked to Allow for healing, allow for change to come in perfect time.

Freely you have received freely give

Matthew 10:08

Someone is being called to give to others the way they have received. Someone’s been generously given items, food and money that they’ve needed in the perfect time they didn’t expect. Those blessings are being called to be paid forward. They are being asked to use their discernment in how they choose and who they choose to be generous with. Many are in need around them but the ones that will truly benefit show gratitude for the smallest of miracles and someone is being called to recognize the difference of need and greed.

It is time to give what someone can, that they feel will make a difference in another’s life.

Some possible physical Signs of a blocked Crown Chakras:

*reminder: Tia Khaleesi is not qualified to give medical advice. Please use at your discretion and consult your doctor with any changes to diet or healthcare regimens r, or other licensed medical professional. Any and all Frequencies should be used intuitively and sparingly.

Headaches, migraines, unable to concentrate, nerve pain, depression, insomnia thyroid issues, inability to set or maintain goals. Poor vision. Sinusitis, sciatica, nightmares, are just a few of the signs that you have a blocked crown chakra.

Foods that help balance crown:

Holistically, accompanied with any physician based plan for physical symptoms, you can assist balancing your crown with the following foods:

Cacao, blueberries, blackberries, purple cabbage, kombucha, ACV (and many more!)

Frequency: The frequency to balance this Chakra is 963 hz with more water intake with any frequency use, when this is used accompanied with meditation it's a powerful healing.

Breathing is an excellent tool as well. Someone may consider breath work as an exercise to help unblock the crown chakra.

If this resonated, please don’t forget to leave a red heart ♥️ below


Appreciate the lunar cycles

A specific message came through:

“Something is coming someone’s way based on their decisions this full moon. How do they choose to see themselves? Are they going to see themselves as strong, healed and ready, or are they going to hide choosing to stay stuck in the victim mentality of what happened to them? “

Someone’s vibration is rising. Someone’s vibration is rising, going from a place that once had them stuck and moving on to something new. They feel their energy is sitting in some sort of initiation. This feels like the beginning of something HUGE. There seems to be a new chapter opening up, in order for someone to really see this, they must be willing to go through the tests ahead. This is a right of passage for the path they have chosen for themselves. It’s how they get to be what and where they want to be. Every step, every hardship, every humbling awareness is part of the journey. It’s part of the initiation. It’s part of the purification process and ( someone in the garden knows exactly what that means, because it’s happen to them)

“Your father already knows your needs.”

The words of Jesus

Luke 12:30

Someone has been afraid to ask for what they need, but this Full Moon it’s time to ask for what they want, They have already been deemed worthy by God, or the universe if that’s how you see the most high. Whatever it is they would ask, it’s already theirs! This is a reminder that time works different here, sometimes our blessings are held back because the people around us would rob us of them. That’s something to think about hard as they make their request and honor their sacred duty to be aware of what they have the power to change.

Someone needs to have faith in their experience. Someone is too focused on death lost in world events and what’s not working. They have a lot more to offer than what if? What happens when I’m gone?

What happens when their here? This is part of their initiation that is part of their journey. Enjoying this day, becoming wise in this day, this is part of it!

Someone is integrating all the messages they’ve received. Someone is doing this from now until the next full moon .

That’s what I have for you this Full Moon Bonus! You can listen to the story as it came out originally here:

May all that was not meant for you be released back into the pool where it belongs

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