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Water & Fire: Strategies in Communication for June 2022

Welcome to my garden, visitors. I’m so glad you made it here today! It’s very busy in The Garden this month, there’s a lot of work to do and there are a lot of rewards to enjoy as well! If this is your first time visiting, Welcome, don’t forget to go through The Garden Entrance before you continue.

It’s the last day of Mercury’s retrograde and I for one am grateful to have learned the lessons that were presented to me. We all have our journeys and we were given an opportunity to learn and grow those who did the work about to be pleasantly surprised. Congratulations all of you! As we move onward and forward in June, there are a lot of opportunities to put into practice everything learned in May. Are you ready?

Remember, not all that is shared here is meant for you and that is okay. Use this space to practice following your inner guidance and allow it to lead you to what is. It is my intention in The Garden that you only receive what is for your highest good and release the rest. I believe, and so it is. Let’s begin shall we?

Challenges & Strategies

in Communication

For water & fire

🧿 ♋️ Cancer ♋️ 🧿

Water, water, and more water. That is the theme for June

Did you release the toxicity and drink water in May?

If not you may want to focus on this right now. If so, it will be a continued focus into June. Staying hydrated could ward off a lot of negativity this month, and a Cancer may find themselves grateful they chose to continue this healthy habit. Water feels scarce for a cancer in June. Or perhaps they may discover they have pouring into relationships that no longer thrive and cannot be revivedd. It may be time to stop watering the "weeds" or people, places, and things that don't belong in their space at this time.

(Can I say it enough? Drink more Water! )

There is a cancer that doesn’t feel inspired. It may be difficult this month to find their creative flow or feel worthy of taking time for relaxing. There is a Cancer that is feeling guilty for how much time they have had to spend outside of their home, they may be feeling.

Now is a time for someone to rebalance their time and energy and make space to replenish. It’s time to release what they have been holding on to. Something from the past has been making them feel dark and unforgiving possibly very bitter. These are blocking them from their highest good and achieving all that have been dreaming and working hard to accomplish. Their ideal life, is possible, it’s time to recognize their own responsibility in changing their circumstances.

When Cancer releases the anger, resentment, bitterness and unforgiving feelings they have toward another, they open themselves up to receive their creative flow abundantly.

The Strategy for Cancer in June is to communicate compassionately, releasing others with love ❤️ knowing it will come back to them exactly as they need it.

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🧿 ♏️ Scorpio ♏️ 🧿

“Graceful as a butterfly sting like a Scorpio”

June is a time of obstacles being removed and plans falling into place for a Scorpio visiting The Garden. This is not a fluke or random luck, this Scorpio has been working very hard and deserves all the rewards coming to them!

Overcoming their own ego traps, they freed themselves from a repeating pattern that kept them stuck. They have come out of a time of unfair outcomes and are slowly moving into a space of opportunity and grace. When this Scorpio unblinded themselves to the toxicity that was poisoning some of their closest relationships, it slowly started to lose it’s power over them. June is the month of communicating with kindness, as it will bring more of this into their space and life is about to get a whole lot sweeter!

For another Scorpio, things have been harder and dark for too long. The patterns have been repeated, the hard cycles have been repeated one too many times. . They have been forced to face what has been hidden or rather what they refused to see. June may be a time of harsh lessons that didn't have to be this way.

Letting go of past resentment becomes the challenge for this Scorpio in June. They want answers, they want to live in truth, that means asking hard questions and having eve more difficult conversations. Will this Scorpio allow themselves to be uncomfortable in order to grow?

A Strategy:

Don’t worry Scorpio you’re just on a different stage of your journey. Once you face what you have been avoiding you may see that it wasn’t as bad as you thought. Your capabilities surpass your troubles. If it is as difficult as you thought, perhaps you’ll be relieved to have it over with.

Your intuition is strong. You have a sense of being right about people when you meet them. You can feel their intentions or at least that seems to be the case as you haven't been wrong! Why do you doubt yourself? That is a talent you posses is there for a reason and it's ready to be unleashed. You are strong, brave, powerful, capable and you know it. You really do.

Your strategy is being honest with yourself and others about what you need, and holding yourself accountable for what is yours to change.

🧿 ♓️Pisces ♓️ 🧿

“I can love you from way over here”

There is a Pisces that has been borrowing from the reserves of their energy. With more and more people relying on them to fill their emotional cups, this Pisces has allowed their reserves to run dry. A fish out of water is NOT happy.

This Pisces may have been feeling so disconnected from themselves, from their passion and from their peers. Conversation has become forced and they are leaving them feeling more depleted than before. All they can see is the burden ahead. How do they get back to their highest selves? This Pisces is in need of some alone time and separation from relationships that have become a little codependent. This is confusing for them as what they need isn’t what they want.

Will Pisces give themselves the Time and space they need to recharge?

A Strategy:

Taking time to replenish is not selfish at all. For someone as giving as this Pisces, they not only deserve the “me” time, they’ve truly earned it. We can't pour into others if we have nothing ourselves. By holding their boundaries firmly, June can be a time of excellent communication.

Taking a time out from social media with internet fasts, and silencing their phones when needing peace and quiet will help a Pisces disconnect from toxic energy as well as recharge. A clearer perspective will be possible, and people who give not just take will be more noticeable.

The Strategy for June is to be assertive with what they need from others and holding their boundaries firmly.

🔥 FIRE Signs🔥

🧿 🔥 Aries ♈️ 🧿

There is an Aries that has been lying to themselves about a painful ending. They have been awakening to their true worth. The truth that they are enough as they are, has not been an easy lesson. They are also learning to be fair and how to be strong in the face of endings. The growth is tremendous and this month is going to require more of this strength

This Aries has been worried about things they cannot control wasting a lot of their energy trying to do just that. Their growth is obvious by the empathy they carry where once there was judgment. . June is a time for Aries to put themselves first, and allow themselves time and space to heal from a difficult situation or loss.

A Strategy

This Aries needs to remember their sovereignty. Their steps are to be taken in honesty and transparency without their familiar and easy to revert to toxic behavior. Someone is being asked to be strong and not allow themselves to lower into gossip, slander or revenge. Authentic communication that is kind and necessary will be the greatest strategy for Aries in June. As the old saying goes “If you don’t have something nice to say…”

🧿 🔥 Leo ♌️ 🧿

Masculine energy :

There is a Leo who is telling a tale of a heavy burden that they have. They are telling others of a loss that they feel was necessary but very painful. In this narrative, Leo portrays themselves as being powerless. This, seems very un-Leo like . It wasn't their intention, but a masculine Leo is creating a narrative of victimhood. The unintended consequence of this is the unfortunate vibration of loss in areas that once were flourishing.

This Leo may be trying to convince themselves by convincing others that their burden was too heavy to bear and it was all they could do to let it go. The problem is, this Leo cannot seem to find their happiness though they are good at hiding it from the outside world. In June, the mask is truly becoming to difficult to keep on. This Leo will be faced with seeing the truth. They will have an opportunity to heal a very deep wound with a very dark energy attached. All it will cost them, is opening their eyes to their own responsibility and choosing to do the work necessary to heal themselves. Will Leo return to their strong inner nature? Or will they choose to enter this cycle again with new characters and even tougher lessons with much bigger consequences?

A Strategy:

Leo your ability to see past the present is outstanding. Long term you can see your best interest is always in facing your flaws hard as it may be. To overcome your self placed obstacles, Leo must reevaluate where you want to be by this time next year. Are you headed in the right direction? You’re the loyal royal of the zodiac and if you are not living that right now, then it’s time to heal the wound!

To find healing and success in June, the strategy for this Leo is to be impeccable with their word and agreements. The vibration they have been stuck in can easily be shifted by changing their behavior to match their regal status.

It's time for this Leo to be moving out of destructive and dishonest energy. Taking responsibility for their own actions with dignity. This will bring a Leo out of a cycle they have repeated more than once in more than one form of relationships. Choices made in June could be the key to freeing them to move forward into a new and beautiful life.

🧿 🔥 Sagittarius ♐️ 🧿


June is a month of new beginnings… Just as soon as a Sagittarius takes care of the unfinished business that’s been piling up in the meantime!

June is a month of new beginnings… Just as soon as a Sagittarius takes care of the unfinished business that’s been piling up. It's time to take things off hold and finally make room for the blessings headed. It means having those difficult conversations and ending relationships that have needed a proper ending for some time.

For another they have been placed in life's waiting room.

There is a Sagittarius that is waiting on communication from others creating an opportunity to grow in patience as well as surrendering what they cannot control. This Sag is being tested and June is the training ground for patience.

A Strategy (or Two)

The strategy will be for Sagittarius to choose not to avoid tough conversations while waiting on a specific person to return a message. There are many loose ends that need to be dealt with before they can move forward. By choosing to end cycles that need to be ended and engaging in healthy exchanges and goodbyes, June will be a month of significant growth. Will Sag allow themselves a month of waiting and ending what needs to be ended?

Waiting is not standing still. For a Sag in June, their strategy will be to focus on what they can do NOW to prepare for the future they desire. Adventure is calling, you might as well prepare now, and when the time comes, you'll enjoy it so much more!

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Earth signs will be in Storytime weekly June 6th-12th not subscribed? Join story time Here!

That’s all I have for you for now Visitors. Thank you for stopping by! May all that was not meant for you, or in alignment with your highest good be released back into the pool where it belongs,

I wish you happiness, joy and healing this June and love in perfect time!

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