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Water & Fire: Strategies in Communication for June 2022

Welcome to my garden, visitors. I’m so glad you made it here today! It’s very busy in The Garden this month, there’s a lot of work to do and there are a lot of rewards to enjoy as well! If this is your first time visiting, Welcome, don’t forget to go through The Garden Entrance before you continue.

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It’s the last day of Mercury’s retrograde and I for one am grateful to have learned the lessons that were presented to me. We all have our journeys and we were given an opportunity to learn and grow those who did the work about to be pleasantly surprised. Congratulations all of you! As we move onward and forward in June, there are a lot of opportunities to put into practice everything learned in May. Are you ready?

Remember, not all that is shared here is meant for you and that is okay. Use this space to practice following your inner guidance and allow it to lead you to what is. It is my intention in The Garden that you only receive what is for your highest good and release the rest. I believe, and so it is. Let’s begin shall we?

Challenges & Strategies

in Communication

For water & fire

🧿 ♋️ Cancer ♋️ 🧿


Water, water, and more water. That is the theme for June

Did you release the toxicity and drink water in May?

If not you may want to focus on this right now. If so, it will be a continued focus into June. Staying hydrated could ward off a lot of negativity this month, and a Cancer may find themselves grateful they chose to continue this healthy habit. Water feels scarce for a cancer in June. Or perhaps they may discover they have pouring into relationships that no longer thrive and cannot be revivedd. It may be time to stop watering the "weeds" or people, places, and things that don't belong in their space at this time.

(Can I say it enough? Drink more Water! )