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Someone’s Story May 30th - June 5th “Release & Revitalize”

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Welcome back to the Garden, Visitors! I’m thrilled to see you have all made it this far! This has not been an easy retrograde, it has been challenging for most of us. With those challenges have come lessons and valuable knowledge that we will need going forward throughout the year. Here in The Garden, we have been focusing on growing in faith, and choosing intuitive responses instead of reacting in fear and frustration. For some of us, that has been more than a little difficult. Know you have not been alone and every step you have taken to face your fears and face the unknown with grace, and dignity has not been in vain.

All the chaos, misconceptions, miscommunications, roadblocks and endings have also not been in vain. They have all been used to bring each of us closer to or directly on our divine path and to remind us of a deeper purpose. As I’ll remind you every week, not all that is shared here will be meant for you or resonate with your experience and that is okay. This is a space to practice using your inner guidance to lead you to the information and wisdom you seek for your unique path. It is my intention for this space that all that visit here leave only with the wisdom and guidance that is in alignment with and for their highest good. I will it, i believe and so it is.

(Some) Astro reminders:

Pluto is in Retrograde until 2023

Look deeper for answers. Sometimes the lessons we are learning go back much farther than our current choices. What do you need to change to heal?

Monday May 30th

Memorial Day / New Moon 🌚

The New Moon is an opportunity to start fresh but it is also a time to look back. January was a time you had hopes and dreams of how this year would look. Are you pursuing your passions?


We know you’re in Valhalla celebrating with your tribe,

We picture you being celebrated, happy. Peace being your everlasting vibe.

Proud of every day we make it on this battlefield I see you cheer us on

It does make it easier, more bearable when I remember you are gone.

Those of us still fighting, those of us still here,

Have never forgotten your sacrifice, you’re with us everyday we feel your essence near.

Don’t ever think your sacrifice was void

Chains are broken freedom rings, and enemies are destroyed

We honor your life

We honor your death

Thank You 🙏

June 3rd

Mercury goes direct

June 4th

Saturn 🪐 Retrograde Begins

“The Lord of Karma “ Fight the need to be impulsive things aren’t as they appear.

Now is NOT the time to succumb to the darkness, let go of all remaking fear.

There is much that demands attention, what is being forgotten?

Can the truth be faced bravely, even if is our own fruit that is rotten?

Go deeper for the answers, don’t settle for surface level responses

Raise the vibe in your home, in your relationships and release what haunts this!

If this resonates, you already know.

👀 👂 🙌

Where does he need to improve? Where did she slip up? Where do they need to correct themselves to reach their highest good? Looking into this week’s solutions,

Calling back their power

Someone is learning to sit and contemplate all that has happened. There is a lot to recall this month. They have seen where they are not happy and they also have seen where they have contributed to this. As they look deeper, they see where they have willingly given away their power in a situation that they may have not felt confident in.

Now is the time to remember that your power is your own.

Nobody should have power over you.

You should not wield power over others.

Power with others empowers others.

Where does someone need to call their power back to them where it has been taken? Is this affecting other areas that are unrelated? Is there a power grab misplaced by a need for power where one has given it away freely to another? Someone is getting an opportunity this week to finish off the season strong and fix what is within their responsibility to fix, and become a team member where they have not been giving their all.

By choosing mediation as the start of their day in contemplation of where they need to improve, they will have a lot they can contribute to their journal answers. Someone’s energy is contagious and when they stand in their truth they encourage others around them to stand in their truth as well. Healing comes when someone stands up for what is right and not what is popular. Someone is being divinely guided and it’s time to for someone to live their unique path that does not look anything like another’s. Someone has an opportunity to let go of the need to compete with someone close to them and this is the weed that has been draining them of their self esteem.

Someone has an opportunity to pour love into their child/ren this week. By taking time to really enjoy their children’s company they heal their own inner child that has been neglected for some time. By opening their ears someone hears the calling they have been deaf to while their mouth has been moving. This is a humbling time but also an empowering one for the one that chooses surrender.

Calling in their strength

There has been a moment of painful realization. There has been back and forth debate, and guilt surrounding an important decision that someone knows they have to make. The outcome of a current situation is not a good one. Too much has happened and a cycle could be repeated that devastates a family or possibly even an entire community. There is a lesson that someone has been learning and this week they are given an opportunity to reverse the direction of a complicated problem with a simple self sacrifice. Someone is changing the outcome of a situation by simply walking away. Someone needs to remember that in order to create the future they want they are going to have to make sacrifices that didn’t bring happiness to begin with and only lead to many losing in the end . This brought them so much joy and even though it was at the expense of others, that joy had become addicting. Walking away won’t be easy. For the person bold enough to take this step, this ends a lot of misfortune that was headed for them, and they didn’t even know it. Someone will grateful for the storm that never was, because they are aware just how quickly this situation could spiral if they continued.

“I am boldly standing in truth

I am no longer allowing myself to succumb to illusions

My Path is straight and it is narrow,

there is no temptation worth delaying me from my blessings”

The lessons

For someone this week included that what they put out comes back. This has brought them to understand what it truly means to “Do to others as you would have them do to you” How they choose to exit others lives, how impeccable they are with their word, how honest they treat vulnerable situations, that is exactly how others are beginning to treat them. For some, this is the reward they have been waiting for. They have earned it and should enjoy all that is headed their way as summer continues to heat up and their talents become amplified. For others, the lying, the gossip, the story changing to save themselves or start drama, begin to get out of control in areas they had no idea would be affected by their slander. Now someone is stuck in a web of their own making, the only way out is through the truth. Will they take that lesson with humility and change their ways moving forward?

Someone else may consider acknowledging the impact they make in others lives. Believing they make a difference (because they do,) they have hidden themselves away from this long enough. Becoming silent and listening to others opinion may help someone see their worth in others lives. This may be a pleasant surprise. Fear is dying and Faith is growing.

Monday -

Focus on compassion for yourself and others. Every person you come in contact with is going through their own quests on their own journey. You are learning more every day, and you weren’t always this way.


Focus going within instead of looking to outside sources for the answers. You know what you want to do, you know now what is right for you. Trust your Inner wisdom


Focus on being bold and courageous. Facing stressful situations for what they are take away the power anxiety and avoidance gives them.


Focus on believing you deserve the blessings coming your way. By opening yourself up to the help and gifts being offered you are inviting more of that energy into your life


Focus on resting up and revitalizing your energy. Refill that energy tank because it’s been a rough season.


Focus on creative pursuits. How much effort are you putting towards your creative projects?


Focus on accepting change and seeing it as a blessing rather than a loss. Endings are opportunities for new beginnings.

Did that resonate? Leave a ♥️ below!

The Month is ending, Mercury is finally going direct, and in many ways this ending is actually a really beautiful beginning. May we all use this time and this experience to better our lives and start fresh in areas we may have gotten too comfortable and don't want to change. That’s what came through this week for story time, garden visitors. May all that is not for you, and/ or didn’t align with your highest good be released back into the pool where it belongs,

I Wish you success, I wish Strength, Humility and Surrender where you need it most for your highest good,

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