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Someone’s June 2022 Experience “Weeds”

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

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"Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light"

-Albus Dumbledore "The Prisoner of Azkaban "

In honor of Pride month remember love is love 💗

Hello Garden Visitors! Welcome Back, and Welcome to Someone’s June Experience! As our beautiful plants grow so do the weeds! Some are so beautiful we forget they don’t belong and they choke our healthy plants 🪴 June will be a month of discernment recognizing the flowers from the weeds.

(If this makes sense, then this story may be for you.)

This has been a very tough year collectively. Like any garden, we must maintain our spiritual garden removing what brings rot..

With the pain of the collective consciousness invading our media, we must find a way to cultivate peace. We must do our part individually in our own lives to bring more love, joy, peace, patience, KINDNESS, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control.

More so, we must stomp out, rip out the darkness that is our own responsibility in our homes, in our gardens, one weed, one ugly thought, word or action at a time.

When we gather in the garden, we have an opportunity to relax, and bring love to our individual lives as well as the communities surrounding us. In this space, there are many different experiences happening so all that is shared here may not resonate for you, and that is okay. Allow the Garden to be a space that you can practice using your inner guidance to lead you. May you find all that you need to have a successful beginning to your summer. I believe and so it is.

(Some ) June Dates to remember

June 3rd-

Mercury, Goes direct. Taking some time to meditate and reflect on what this retrograde period brought will be a wise investment of time. Use those communication. Skills to bring peace and cooperation to trying situations. Be still. Be patient, be cooperative.

June 4th- October 23rd

Saturn Retrograde begins

Especially when dealing in business, now is the time to hold firm to those boundaries you have put in place. Knowing your boundaries, and respecting others will be highlighted at this time and a key 🔑 to success.

June 14th

Strawberry Full Moon

(More in the weekly story)

June 19th

Father's Day/ Juneteenth

A day to Celebrate the DADS! To the hardworking, present, strong, capable fathers that may not do it right every time, but they show up! To the Uncles, to the Grandpas & older brothers who show up for the abandoned and Fatherless children, today we honor you!

let us educate ourselves and honor traditions of others as well as our own!

June 21st

Summer Solstice

For some, this is a very special holiday. This is how some choose to Celebrate the turn of seasons

June 28th- December 4th

Neptune Retrograde begins


The time of Aha moments and reality checks. Be patient and gentle with yourself. Remember that you are learning. When learning something new you will make mistakes and this is a time you’ll see those mistakes and have a chance to own and correct them.


“I release and let go with ease all that no longer serves my highest good, with gratitude for all I’ve learned ”

For Someone, The month of May created life changing shakeups. For the visitors that have been growing for quite some time, this was expected, and may have even been executed with grace and dignity. Though they were prepared, and crushing their goals, they may have also been drained by the sheer amount of changes that needed to take place in order to start moving forward.

Relax, breathe, you’re almost there.

Someone has been shown the blockages, the toxic people, the lies, the rumors and the painful truth about disappointing situations.

June is all about closing out those cycles and situations that came up for healing. Leaving all of it behind, for good.

For someone this is releasing irresponsible habits in money and unfaithfulness and deception in relationships. Releasing shady actions of others, poverty and victim mindsets, all of these things have no place moving forward into the new space they are preparing for. This doesn’t mean they won’t come in contact with these things again, but it does mean they are prepared to remove themselves.

Like weeds, these toxic vibrations need to be pulled out by the root and removed. Sometimes the root of the problem is someone or somewhere very close to their heart.. Being around places and people indulging in activities that bring those toxic vibrations into their space cannot and will not serve them going forward. It’s time to get rid of the “weeds” for good.

There could be a struggle to release old friendships that have run their course simply because someone is still uncertain if this is the right move for them. They want desperately to do the right thing for themselves and others. They just don’t want to regret losing someone later. They have the courage to move forward, and choosing to rip out the toxic person place or thing to give themselves the room to grow is just what they need and this will help them succeed! Once they have rid themselves of the unnecessary energy draining weeds, they’ll be able to undertake the positive transformative gifts coming their way!

June’s recipe for success:


“I am ready to reset and refresh my energy.

I am no longer choosing people, places,

and things that do not serve a higher purpose”

When we rid our lives of what’s not good, sometimes it takes so much the space can feel empty. When this happens, it’s time to fill that space intentionally. No longer waiting for someone else to fill it, someone is finding independence and radiance in filling the void themselves. Filling it with Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control. It’s time for renewing positive energy, placing their faith in a bright future. Someone needs to trust that wealth is on it’s way! This is not some blind trust either. Someone has been working hard all year putting in the work to get where they want to go financially. Manifestation is a powerful thing. Though they have seen progress, it’s been slow creating a need for the faith to be real, in order to truly receive what’s waiting for them!

Renewing their dedication to health and healthy friendships and connections will be the focus in the beginning of the Month. Someone will need to take responsibility from this time forward for whom they allow in their space.


“ I choose to abandon extreme viewpoints

that no longer serve my highest good.

I abandon any habit of taking past the point of necessity.

I enjoy the pleasures of life and balance this

with work and appreciation for all I have. “

By making a choice not to overwork, someone finds themselves with some time to relax this summer. In this space of rest, someone may find that they’ve sparked their creativity and are ready to express themselves through their own artistic abilities. Remembering to laugh at themselves in situations where they make mistakes will keep someone balanced. This is a month of moderation. Allowing enough to be enough. Accepting going to extremes is their enemy.


“I choose to keep moving forward when I see results and when I don’t.

I know that time & repetition are what I need to succeed. ”

There’s a need to push through this month. Keep going. Even when it gets hard, stay consistent. Don’t worry about the results, they’ll come in time, be consistent. Remind yourself of what you wanted, when you began this journey. When you decided to go into this direction, when you made your plan, you knew it would take time and you knew the steps you were going to take. Well most of them. So keep going. Don’t slow down now. You can do this.

As someone pushes through the temptations to become stagnant and to give up when results are not seen, their consistency pays off in a a big way! Someone who chooses to push through the boring and easy to quit moments by staying consistent will not be sorry because it leads to abundance! Quitting the habit of quitting has truly paid off. Accepting that they cannot control the outcome has brought their desired outcome to them!

Strategies in


June 2022

Air signs

Gemini ♊️ Libra ♎️ Aquarius ♒️

🧿 🧿 Gemini 🧿 🧿

Happy Birthday Gemini ♊️ Don’t forget to check out

Hello you adaptable, adventurous, witty, curious souls! You have broadened the minds of those around you with your willingness to move outside your comfort zone. You charming and vastly intelligent beings are exactly what we need in a time of chaos. May you be blessed physically, spiritually, and financially this solar return. I believe and so it is.


Someone is exhausted. This year has taken a lot out of them physically, emotionally, intellectually. Someone needs some good old fashioned rest! The challenge is, this Gemini has very weak boundaries in a strong relationship. Someone may be constantly asking a Gemini for more than they are capable of giving at this time and Gemini has a very difficult time standing up for themselves to a demanding loved one.

This is causing a chain reaction of short responses and arguments that lead them into a fluster.

A Solution:

Sweet Gemini, Giving to others comes easier for you than you may believe. You have molded your life to look exactly the way you thought would make those around you happy. You strive to make your family and friends all feel seen, important and loved. Have you forgotten someone? Could you be awakening to what you truly desire for your life? Have you been feeling like you are giving too much? You are correct. You were meant to live for so much more than arguments and constantly trying to make someone happy who may be incapable of being so at this time. Gemini, the thing you fear most in this time is the very thing that will set you free. Honest communication about what you want for your life going forward. This may include a radical change half of you has been denying needs to happen. By first reminding yourself of what you desire will give you the confidence to express this honestly with those around you that can help you achieve this. Not everyone will approve of your changes, but in June, YOU are being called to stand up and give yourself the love and advocacy you so passionately give to others. NOW is the time for Gemini to do what is best for Gemini and free others to face themselves and their own responsibility for their happiness.

Did this resonate Gemini? Leave a ♥️ below!

🧿 🧿 Libra 🧿 🧿

“ I face myself boldly, and make the changes that are necessary. I choose higher vibrational actions, and transmute all the negativity I’ve brought upon myself. I am capable, and I am ready”


There is a Libra who is getting over a heart break of their own making. This is not something they want to see or hear at the moment, but it is something they NEED to. They need to see where they have chosen less than honest actions. Taking what was never theirs has come full circle and now they see that they lost much more than they thought they “won.”

They need to see their motives have been dark, selfish and not at all who they really are. This Libra needs to acknowledge all of this for their own healing and growth. This Libra is determined to control their situation by focusing on the money. This Libra is being forced to see where they are grasping for control and power over their financial life in a low vibrational way. Because of this they are calling blockages into their life. They can fool the world but they cannot fool The Most high, and they cannot fool the energy they have put out. The Challenge Libra faces in June, is their own role in their misfortune.

A Strategy:

Sweet Libra,

You have a dormant super power that is calling to be brought to the surface. This is your ability to bring balance to lives of others as well as yourself. Your needs matter, your desires matter, who is responsible for making sure these needs are met? Well Libra, that would be YOU. Codependency Is trap for you. One you can easily avoid by spending sometime alone. When you learn to be enough for you, when you solve your own issues, when you choose to take responsibility for yourself and your happiness, you will find that you don’t need the illusion of power over others. You will see that you have never been in need of another for support. Libra, you bring joy, beauty and balance to your world when you are taking responsibility for your own world. When you control others through lies, gossip, and choosing to be someone’s dirty little secret, you devalue the light that was placed in you to create. Do you see? Remember who you are Libra. YOU are mighty. Your soul is beautiful, you are wonderful. Your truest nature is calm and considers the best possible outcome for all involved. Spend sometime in June alone, and remember who you are. It’s time to rip out the weeds that are choking the flowers that could blossom. The Love, joy, peace, Patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control that grew so strong in your emotional garden before. Let June be the month of LIBRA becoming their truest and most beautiful self.

There is someone waiting for you that you don’t need to manipulate, you don’t need to “steal.” YOU are enough on your own. Break the cycle. Take your power back, and your power lies in your ability to see yourself authentically. Love that true authentic version of who you are Libra, so you can become who you desire to be.

Did this resonate? Leave a ♥️ below!

🧿 🧿 Aquarius 🧿 🧿

“ I am not stuck, It’s an illusion. I am moving forward, no matter how slowly, I am always in motion. I believe, I act from my highest vibrational space, and so I achieve”

The Challenge:

There is an Aquarius who has come a long way in their journey. They have felt stuck for a long time uncertain where to go next. Where they used to make decisions based on what everyone around them needed excluding only themselves, an Aquarius has been working very hard on releasing their codependency and this month it pays off in a big way! By removing themselves from toxic connections they have been forced to focus on their own motives, inadequacy, and strengths on their journey. This has helped Aquarius develop their intuition strongly this year, and can see the right choice for their lives clearly. The Challenge will be whether or not they choose to listen to their inner guidance when an offer comes in that stinks, isn’t in alignment with their highest good but has some pretty packaging. This is tricky as Aquarius will need to use their intuition NOT their mind. Their mind will take them in several directions bringing confusion to their path. Given that this is their go to method for problem solving, can this Aquarius remember to use what they’ve learned and listen to that gut feeling that says this offer is hollow? Can Aquarius rip out the weeds choking the flowers they’ve grown this year?

A Strategy:

Smart, wise, cunning Aquarius,

You have spent so much time feeling out situations this year. All that you have been through has prepared you for this. YOU KNOW what a hollow offer looks like. For someone specific, remember the pretty foil covered Easter bunny with a Hollow middle. It looks big, it looks pretty, it looks like a lot more yummy sugary goodness is under the wrapping than there really is! The offers that come in June will look like this. Some are solid, others are hollow. Use your intuition to guide you through your decisions. Your mind plays tricks sometimes but your inner knowing will lead you exactly where you are meant to go. You will have more favorable outcomes when you trust yourself. You have been preparing for this all year. You can do this, you can make it. Believe in yourself and alll you have learned. It WILL serve you well!

Did that resonate? Leave a ♥️ Below!

That is just the beginning of what I have for you this Month Garden Visitors! May all that is not for you, and does not resonate with your highest good be released back into the pool Where it belongs,

Wishing you strength, when you need it and a peaceful June Garden Visitors! Thank you for visiting. Until Next time, Remember you are enough and you are very capable of living the life you desire.

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