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“ Someone’s Story, June 2021”

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

Someone’s Story For

June 2021

“Love as Motivation ”

“On their trip to the garden, They had no idea what to expect. Told of the wonderful things that happened here, they stepped across the threshold with love in their heart and an open mind to what they might find! They take with them only what is meant for them, leaving all that doesn't serve their highest good" Amen, and so it is.


The Challenge: Giving or Receiving Unconditional Love


Consistency & Sacrifice

“As I have loved you, so you must love one another”-John13:34

There is power in your nurturing nature. Male/ Female physical bodies do not matter to energy. Feminine energy & Masculine Energy both exist and have a purpose in all of us. The nurturer, has an abundance of feminine energy and it is absolutely a powerful force that has the potential to heal emotional wounds in all who experience it in you, including yourself.

If you have hidden it, it’s time to focus and embrace it. Starting with, yourself. Have you neglected yourself in some small or big way? When was the last time you took time to stretch, breathe, and just be? What if you chose to do that every morning for 5 minutes to start? Maybe it happens at different times each day, still, what if you make sure that each day, you take those 5 minutes (regardless of when, as long as it’s done?

What if you chose to honor another, and allowed them the space to nurture themselves?

What If you honored your dreams and took tangible steps each day to move toward making them a reality?

If You only knew that everything you were about to experience had a purpose and all of it was needed, this month would be a welcomed adventure.

Self love. Includes being aware of those around you. LOVE is dependable, are your relationships consistent? There’s nothing wrong with space, there’s nothing wrong with time apart, we have our own lives, our own journeys . This in mind, when you are together, is the feeling mutual? Is it consistent?




When it comes to sacrifice, there are those that are pure, that come from the heart with a gentle knowing that when done in love, a sacrifice can bring about healing, love, and freedom & abundance. Some sacrifices come in with a knowing that what you are giving up is so small in comparison to the good that will come to another, or the collective, or even just yourself. Sacrificing an addiction, a comfort zone, a toxic connection, a desire that harms another, these are just a few that need to go. IF YOU PROFIT OFF ANOTHER’S SORROW how tainted are your rewards? Some sacrifices you were never meant to make. IF the sacrifice you are making is destroying you, If you are unable to move spiritually, physically, or financially, it may be time to reassess the sacrifices you’re making. Are they necessary? Are you giving too much? The one sacrifice that will truly wound, is when we give up being true to who we really are. IS this you? Is it time to take your power back from what has held you back, kept you trapped and what you freely gave away? Before making any sacrifice, is this for the highest good?


Fortitude / Experimentation

With the recognition and embrace of Feminine Nurturing Power within you, Male or Female in body, It’s no surprise that this week, it’s embracing the warrior, protector, the problem solver, masculine lead energy would be the focus.

Whenever we better ourselves, whenever we are ready to move past an outdated, worn version of ourselves, or beliefs that no longer really make sense to us or our situation, we come in contact with people who challenge the “new us. “ They can mock you, relive your greatest missteps, embarrassing blunders or taunt your dreams as irrelevant. They may paint you as a fake, or a fraud tell you what you aren’t doing right, and NONE of this, is yours to carry. If you choose to, you can leave this all behind knowing that you are better without it. In Every quest, adventure comes and a moment of doubt, what to do when you or only a few believe in your dream?

Fortitude as defined by the New Oxford Dictionary, is “ courage in pain or diversity”

When on a new path, we have to choose new habits, be open to new perspectives and ways of doing things, this can separate us from people we thought would always be there. They are not ready for this part of your journey. This is why the sacrifice and consistency toward the new journey of last week will give you the strength to move forward with FORTITUDE. I see your pain, I see what the unseen cost to move forward, All that really matters is that YOU do. You know your bigger reason to keep moving forward. Even when it’s not returned, could choosing loving acts in all circumstance be the key to moving forward?


What if you believed you are perfect as you are, when you looked into the mirror? Not your choices, or your circumstance but your body, your face, your appearance. What if you stopped judging the passing of time? What if you saw your light, your love? What if you embraced yourself as enough, as you are? What if I told you that you cannot force things to be, it all happens as it should, would you believe? What if you took a pause, and thought over your motives. Why are you looking into this? Is this really your business? Is it time to release a need to control?


Feeling The HEAT/ Transparency

When it’s time to make a change things can get moving and fast! Now is not the time for being stagnant. The consistent changes made at the beginning of the month are in high effect now. Did you choose to move forward in a positive direction? Keep moving forward. Finding new inspiring ways to further your goals is possible now. Keep trying, when it doesn’t work, you now have new knowledge! Can you keep your mindset on success, on everything happening for you? Can you see passed your own situation to bring inspiration to another? Will you let that be what takes you far this week?


Honesty, is a healing balm, honesty is a key that frees bondage of a spiritual nature. Yes, Truth really does set you free. Are you being truthful with yourself? Are you hiding in half truths? Is someone delivering half truths to you? You have an inner voice one that moves with the rhythm of your body. You know it well though you may not always choose to listen to it, will you choose it now?

When dealing with business and contracts, it is wise to be informed and know exactly what you are agreeing to. Are you doing business with honest and transparent people? What steps can you take to ensure that you are protecting your interests? As within so without, are you being trustworthy yourself? Are you feeling a tickle in your throat at the idea of your lies? At any moment, the truth is your healer, facing yourself is your answer. Is this your inner truth?

Week 4- End of Month

Balance / Falling in Love

If this has been your story, Exploring both sides of yourself both nurturing and problem solving. you have all the things you need to make it a significant difference in your life at this time. Pretending that you don’t see the issue in front of you doesn’t serve you, what can you do to manage your stress in a healthy way?

Diving deeper:

There is nothing quite like the feeling of falling in love. It has the power to lift you off your feet, feel as high as the sky will allow you to go. Finding yourself wounded by that same person, has the opposite feelings attached. Perhaps this is why, it’s so scary to open up again, can you have compassion for yourself in this area? Can you understand the need to feel safe? Can that be ok? Can it also be valid to recognize now, that to stay there,behind your very powerful wall that nobody can get through, also means your price is being unable to receive the good that is also waiting for you? Are you ready to trust again? What if you believed what happened then taught you everything you need to know about where to move forward? What if you saw the wisdom in the mistakes? What if you believed that you are worth more than you believed back then? What if you chose to use the knowledge you gained from the pain you endured to make wiser decisions? Are you ready? Can you believe?

What if choosing to let your own wall down, with discretion brings everything you ever wanted?

Thank you for your time and attention, May the wisdom that came into the pool match your highest good and all that is not, be left untouched. May you find the answers you seek.


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