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Someone’s Story: “The Seen & The Unspoken” July 11th- 17th

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

Hello Subscribers and welcome to another beautiful week in Tia’s Garden! I am so glad you made it here today! I have so much to share with you! How is water season treating you? Are you feeling raw emotion? Are you becoming vulnerable in all the right ways? Are you resting? This is a season that affects everyone in different but powerful ways to help push them forward into a brighter future.

As we dip into the pool of wisdom may I remind you that not all that is shared here is meant for you, and that’s okay. Use your inner guidance to lead you to what is useful for you. It is my intention as the holder of this space that you only take with you what is for your highest good and the highest good of all involved. I believe and so it is. Let’s begin shall we?

(Some) Astro & Events to remember:

Until October 8th

Pluto Retrograde

Things you don’t like about yourself may have been making an appearance lately.

Maybe you try to ignore it, maybe you even deny it exists. Pluto is inviting you to see yourself truly by not letting you look away. Take this time to see , heal and fix the issues that have been holding you back while left unhealed. You are worthy of this change

Until October 23rd

Saturn Retrograde.

Did you learn from your past mistakes? Have you made the necessary changes? Are you living your truth regardless of how it looks to others? Then this time will feel like an easy breezy ride in the middle of chaos. For others, they may feel the heavy burden of lessons unlearned and they may have a harder time as they are being asked to change unhealthy patterns. Consequences are more severe at this time. Be mindful of what you say and do.

Until December 3rd

Neptune retrograde in ♓️

This is a time to go within for the answers. Sure, outside opinions of wise advisors is an asset, but this is a time where your inner voice should be followed. Don’t give in to temptation. There is a lot of energy surrounding “nobody’s looking” that doesn’t lead to anything good. Restraint. Practice, practice, practice!

Until July 20th

Cancer ♋️ Season

This is a time where temptation to retreat, to nurture yourself and find safety in solitude is heightened. This is a time of great preparedness for what is to come. Take time to evaluate what tasks need to be done and organize them. This will be a huge help in a period where time seems to flow quickly and work piles up while we’re unmotivated to move. Those who push through and do what they don’t desire to, will make space & conserve energy for the more daunting tasks ahead.

July 13th

Full Super Moon 🌕 in Capricorn ♑️

Heat wave 🔥

Wear sunscreen, stay hydrated and stay in cool shady places. This heat can get overwhelming for some. This is not the time to be reckless with your health.

This full moon carries intense energy. Now is the time to practice radical acceptance, release and gratitude for blessings in the present time. It’s been said by greater than I that Remembering what someone has will help them in the month’s to come.

Monday- There are many ways this week can go and you get to choose. Your choice to start your day in high vibrational space, is very important. Today focus on keeping your vibe high! There is no room for negativity or fear today. Every time your mind begins to wander to worry, turn your focus back to what is working.


It’s easy in times when we are tested, to forget what we have, and appreciate it. Today, focus on gratitude. From the smallest to the largest blessings, what do you have this month? Air conditioning? Electricity? Water? Make a list of Gratitude for all that you have and has been provided for you. This will not only remind you of your comfort, but it will open you up to more to be grateful for.

Wednesday-Super Full Moon

When unfortunate news comes to light, this is a time to be quiet as well as still. This is not a time to react, this is not a time to respond. Instead of making a move, focus on observing the environment, the situations and the people involved. This will give you clarity on your part if any. Like any full moon, what we put our energy into matters. Is this really worth it?


Work like it all depends on you. Someone has been working on letting go of the past, and letting go is the focus today. When we don’t get something we ask for, we can feel disappointed. Perhaps that is why we must remember that it will be this, or something better. Instead of putting time thought or energy into a situation that is over or didn’t work out, someone can put all of that into moving towards what’s next and get there much faster.


By shifting their focus every day, someone has a clear view of what has been holding them back. It may come as a surprise and they may need all their courage to release it, but today is the day to focus on freeing themselves from that habit, person, fear or belief. It’s okay to boldly move forward while still being afraid of the unknown. It will be known soon. Trust your inner guidance.


This has been a week of intense inner work for someone who followed the One Daily Focus this week. Today is all about recovery. Focus on replenishing your energy and strength. Whatever helps you feel relaxed and comfortable would be great today.


Focus on defending what’s yours. Today is a day to give generously when called to do so. Giving freely feels much different and the exchange is more beautiful than obligatory giving.

A recap from the monthly Story

🎁 Gift 1: Clear vision

Someone is in the process of making some big moves and life changing decisions. In order to make room for success they must first see their failures and learn from them. All that is coming to light is being shown to them for their highest good. It’s beautiful how freeing it will feel when they move forward in the truth. Knowing that they are coming into this new space and time where there is no illusion about the choice they are making, and they are pleased with the outcome.

Challenge #2 Exposure

Someone may feel like their life is on display in July. They may be at the center of some gossip and this could be overwhelming at first.

Though this is challenging, someone has what they need to endure this and there is nothing to fear. A breathe, and faith is required at this time.

Taking some time to move back and observe their situation and reflect on themselves honestly may take determination to surrender to. When they do, they’re reminded that They were made for the pressure and they will overcome this moment. That is what this is after all, a moment. By choosing to see themselves honestly for all their flaws as well as their attributes, someone is able to comfortably face themselves unmoved by the judgement around them.

Others may not be willing to see themselves and find themselves hiding deeper behind a mask. They may be too afraid to see what is on the other side. Sometimes it’s a necessary lesson to shrink down and hide. Sometimes we need a little more time. They may find that taking this time has a price, and they need to make a choice to pay it or not.

The Seen:

It was someone’s intention to keep someone trapped, controlled and stuck in circumstances they created are about to change for the better! Someone may not realize the power they have in being underestimated. It’s assumed they are easily controlled through anger, resources or a memory. This is an old version of someone however, and someone has grown beyond their past limitations. They will be successful if they choose to fight for a better life and not this person. They do not need to defend themselves or their reputation at this time. The actions they choose right now, speak much louder than any defense their words could communicate. .

It’s important that someone take some time to accept that they lost time, money and peace involving a close personal matter. Accepting the loss frees them to move on. Someone wasn’t expecting their lives to be exposed in the spotlight, yet still, it happened. Accepting this helps free them. They have been mocked, ridiculed and by people they thought were their friends. Accepting this, frees them. This has only brought them to a higher state of awareness. This has taught them so many lessons. They have learned new skills, coping strategies and have learned how to thrive with less. This was not a complete loss. There is loss to accept and move on from, but they can and will. Little by little, moment by moment. The sun will shine brightly and all that was hidden will be seen. The masks fall off, and the false ones are left exposed. Will someone have the heart to let go?

For someone who has every right to vengeance, to give full vent to their anger and move forward in anger, they are being tested on their resilience. Now is not the time to give in to their darker tendencies or try to push forward in haste. Someone is realizing that not only do they need to be still, but they need to do so while also releasing the heavy burden of bitterness and resentment.

The only way to the end of this chapter is through allowing themselves to feel through the pain of the situation and forgiving themselves for engaging in it as well as for the person causing it. They too, are human living with their choices and their own lessons.

This is a time to stop unnecessary battles and allow the end to arrive where called to.

The Unspoken:

There is power in someone’s silence. They are acquiring more strength, peace, patience, and compassion with every step they take in silence. Now is not the time to engage with fools. Silence is an answer. Absence is an answer. There has been an unspoken understanding that has brought confusion as one upholds to this and another is feeling betrayed.

Remembering to think before we speak, and collecting all the information can be helpful when trying to make a decision. We can ask ourselves, am I responding while still feeling intense emotion? Is this going to resolve the issue or escalate the problem?

Someone may need to keep their new found wealth quiet. Not everyone will be happy for them or their success. This may be a time to meditate on how they will bless another with their windfall who cannot pay them back. This is a time of great change.

Someone is coming out of impoverished thinking or circumstances and into a brighter new time! This is why they are asked to keep it to themselves for the time being. It is being protected from those who would use it for their own purposes.

Sagittarius ♐️

You are magnetic, majestic and your fire is hot hot hot! In Cancer season however, it’s all about feeling and healing. Are you ready Sag?

A Sag’s Challenge;

There is a Sagittarius that feels disconnected in July. They haven’t been trusting their intuition. Signs and gut feelings have been coming up for a Sagittarius and they know what they are being called to do. Will they trust it? It’s much easier for them to doubt their intuition because as it grows, they may not like what it shows. Their choices may bring them to believe they cannot do the impossible task set before them. The Challenge in July will be to allow trusted sources to help them move forward leaning on them for support. It will be important to believe in their good heart and naturally kind and giving nature and let go of their toxic patterns of the past and the hardened mask they have used for survival. This is a time they will find themselves questioning why they took so long making others happy while allowing themselves so little happiness and contentment. Sure they can get by and survive, but do they really want to? Could it be time for Sag to get out of survival mode and into a time of thriving? Can they recognize the separation that took place in their life needed to happen and are they ready to celebrate? Do they trust that all things work together for their good?

A Strategy:

When Sagittarius is faced with an overwhelming amount of guilt for this separation, they will need to remind themselves of what they have asked for. Letting go includes the pain of their choice. If they have asked for peace, ending of fighting and stress, they may come to realize that the separation that took place relieves them of much of that. This is a divinely guided divide and taking time to accept this, and form gratitude for their support system around them will be important. There are people in Sagittarius corner if they truly desire that support, it’s available. Reaching out to a trusted source, remembering they’re intuition is strong, their inner compass leads to their true north and now is the time to believe in that for their highest good. They can trust themselves the question is, will they?

Capricorn ♑️

All the yucky love stuff.

A Capricorn’s Challenge:

There is a Capricorn Sun with a water placement moon who is regretting a past choice they made. Confused and afraid of making the same mistake they made in the past, someone is learning a lesson in trusting their intuition. Like Sagittarius, Capricorn made a decision to cut someone out of their life as a romantic, platonic and or friend option only to find themselves regretting it now. They don’t know how to approach this person as they seem out of touch and out of reach. A Capricorn may find themselves questioning why they let this person get away! Cancer season has a way of bringing out the regret of listening to others ignoring their instincts. They have been choosing to give into the fear and let past relationships lead them there. In July will Capricorn finally see the lesson behind the mishap? Will they choose to believe in themselves?

A Capricorn’s Solution:

This is a month for Capricorn to accept that they have good judgement. They have worked very hard on themselves, they have incredible intuition. When they find a choice based off others opinions backfires and they lose out, it is an opportunity to recognize their ability to choose accurately for themself what they need and to take more risks betting on themselves. Others advice is valuable when coupled with using their inner voice. Running from their gifts does not bring favorable outcomes. Using this experience will help a Capricorn make better decisions going forward.

That’s what I have for you this week wisdom seekers. May all that is not meant for you and is not of your highest good be released back into the pool where it belongs,

Wishing you blessings beyond counting, the courage to walk away and be silent. Love and support when needed most,

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