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Someone’s January 2022 Experience “Cake”

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

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Welcome to My Garden! First time? Don't forget to stop by here first! Let’s dip into the Pool of wisdom together. What you seek is seeking you and what is meant for you will find you, in perfect time.

It’s a New Year, with New Experiences adventure awaits the brave and those ready to rise moving bravely forward into a new timeline of wealth and deep harmonious connections. I’m honored to explore those possibilities with you in the year to come. This experience is not without it’s twists and stomach dropping moments. If that sounds interesting, welcome.

Not all that is shared here is meant for you, and it’s important you use your intuition on what message may resonate with you and what you should leave behind. Whatever is not yours to carry don’t pick it up. Remember who you are, and remember in this space, be kind.

It is my intention for the year of 2022 in The Garden that all that visit are nourished Soul, body, and mind with the wisdom that is meant for them and only what is meant for their highest good and the highest soul elevation. May it come only from highest Source, and so it is.

First Time Visiting the Garden? Don’t forget to begin this year reading The Garden Entrance

Someone once said: “ I can relay the information to you, I can’t comprehend it for you” This is the theme for 2022 If it makes sense, it’s for you to remember.

Astro Alerts:

New Moon in Capricorn January 2nd 2022

Release to manifest. What are you holding on to that is holding you back from healing? The easiest answer is part of it, but NOT the whole picture. Sometimes we need to take another look. Have you addressed the heartache? Have you healed the deeper wound? What attracts you to the toxicity you’ve allowed in? Are you ready to release it to move forward?

For someone, It’s time to take action on what they’ve been waiting on, a new beginning! In order to a have a NEW beginning, old patterns MUST be released. Signs are all around them, what have they been putting off that needs attention? It’s time to get their affairs in order so they may comfortably focus on the new goals and make a solid plan toward their desired results. Generosity and compromise are rewarded greatly at this time. It may be difficult for someone to adapt to sudden change right now. The key is surrender.

Mercury goes Retrograde in Capricorn January 14th

Here we go again. Mercury’s Retrograde makes communication more difficult and message less likely to be understood clearly.

This is a good time to put into practice the art of "The Sacred

Pause" Taking extra time to express what you need, listening more intently and getting that car checked and tires rotated will help prevent many unfortunate normalities that happen around this movement. Taking your time, and double checking your work is favored right now. Mis understandings happen and much more often in this time. Common mantras to remember in this time “Rejection is God’s Protection” & ”The past belongs there” is the other.

FULL MOON in Cancer January 17th, 2022

The raw rush of emotion may be too much for some to bear. For others, It is a time of welcomed cleansing. This is a time with or without your permission, hidden held in emotions may flow and flow freely! For someone they have a choice to prepare now and boldly face what they have still denied that is affecting their ability to move forward in a healthy way or allow the consequences in for the unhealthy denial and betrayal of senses that refuse to live in the lie. (If you understood this, it’s for you.) For a long time it’s been needed for someone to see that they have overindulged making things that can be healthy in moderation a real problem. Consequences for a past behavior may be harsher for those unwilling to dramatically change the way things have been done. It’s time to be more strict in an area that’s becoming a problem, perhaps even abstaining from it all together.

Venus goes direct in Capricorn January 29th, 2022

Whew! We survived the toxic ex returning or the toxic patterns of relationships from breakups past, hooray! 🥳 Now is an excellent time to reflect on all we learned in this time. journaling is favored with Mercury in Retrograde it can help sort the confusion that accompanies this time. What you learn about your own loving patterns? Were you focused on your healing and feeling or did you choose to focus on another? Who came back from your past? Did you release them for good? Did you rekindle an old flame? Did you release pain, trauma, drama and blame?

From the 1958 film “Auntie Mame

“The Cake”

Once upon a time in a land of make believe someone has indulged in pretend relationships and identities that are easily created in what they call an “online profile “ Superficial connections bring a sweet high, and a decadent indulgence of faint praise and disloyal followers who care nothing for the soul. Nevertheless, the delicious fuel that is siphoned from the little red hearts on the bottom of what the photos and videos shared is delicious and sweet.

It isn't wrong to enjoy such things when they are a small portion of life. If life is a banquet, someone has moved forward to the dessert table and has been engorging on the sweetest, most delicious, decadent delicacy of a cake. The layers of sugar have given someone a Sugar high and what goes up, must come down…

Someone has learned to surround themselves with positive thinking individuals only. The People around them are quick to praise their accomplishments and lather on a thick layer of praise when they share their life. In person praise, social media praise, likes and comments flood their inbox full of positivity and joy. There has been no escaping the encouragement and the positivity feels somehow far fetched and laid on too thick what was meant to lift them up begins to weigh them down. This has been one of the sweetest most comfortable times that someone has had in quite a long while. This may be why they feel completely unprepared for the come down from the high all this praise has created.

The Crash

Someone is unprepared for the feeling that comes when too much of a good thing brings unexpected aches and pains. Sugar-coating and unwavering agreement with every choice made by those they surround themselves with leaves someone vulnerable. The avoidance of having hard conversations has lead to an exhaustion. The mask they’ve worn is heavy. Still another scoop of sugar goes down the hatch and it causes a distraction.

The distraction leads to stagnation, missing huge mistakes that lead to even bigger loss. In the midst of a fantasy world created to distract from the true core of the journey, someone has lost their way. Someone has a lesson to learn and someone will grow as they learn that what’s good for them isn’t always sweet it doesn’t always agree and sometimes it can be facing the mess that needs attention and moving away from patronizing and distracting connections that have only set them back farther from their goals for this experience.

The Detox.

In order to get back to normal, someone is making a tough choice to cut out the metaphoric artificial sweets. They are taking an inventory of all the people places and things that they feel have been offering them a false sense of fulfillment. They are determined to end this month in a more honest space than they came from. They are ready to enter this new timeline wiser, making choices that serve the highest of others as well as themselves.

This year has the potential to be one of the most successful years some have had in awhile. Much needed repairs and reconciliations have great potential right now when coming from healed space. Reaping what someone has been sowing isn’t slowing it’s only growing! The cure comes in being honest and being willing to compromise for the highest good of all involved.

"Tia Khaleesi" by JIP

“A PEEK into the Pool of wisdom”

The guidance whispered through trees brings the answers someone needs. As the wind kisses the water and she dips into the pool, she is reborn as a wise and fortunate fool.

“Controlling the appetite “

Someone is Learning to heal what can be healed while it can be healed. Will they stop overindulging on their vices to receive abundance and growth?

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“Dedicated Listening “

Someone is learning they can’t always expect others to give them the truth, but they can trust their inner voice when it tells them something just isn’t right…

January 17th -23rd

Someone is ready to release the blockages from true love, in order to do this, they must face a new wave of forgiveness. Just when they thought the work was done, it intensifies. Will they choose to handle it with grace?

January 24th - 30th

The sweet taste of success

After a long beautiful month of new beginnings someone is taking a look at all they have experienced this month and something new is beginning to blossom are they ready to explore?

I wish you positive and productive conversation. I wish you gentle correction and mercy when needed. May you find peace in your dealings with others and harmonious agreements. I wish you blessings you can handle and gentle lessons with purpose. I wish you detachment from all that would mean you harm and lead to your destruction. May you find yourself standing in your truth, blossoming independently. I wish you financial freedom and wise decisions. May you remember the sovereign pause, when your emotions overwhelm you. May you never feel too much, too little, not enough or alone. For none of this is true. You are enough as you are. This is an experience and we’re here for the whole buffet. May whatever is not meant for you be released back into the pool where it belongs to be washed away.

Enjoy your experience!


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