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Someone’s Story January: “The Sugarcoated Mess”

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

*Any and all videos not a part of Tia Khaleesi’s Story Time are for informational purposes only and not affiliated with this site. They may be removed at any time.

Hello Wisdom seekers! Welcome back to my garden, I’m honored to have you here! If this is your first time visiting, don’t forget to go through The Garden Entrance First.

I want to remind you that this week can be tricky. Even what’s shared hear may not be as clear. we start in the shadow and by Friday we enter Mercury in Retrograde, a period of time when the planet mercury appears to be going backward. When a Retrograde takes place, we find ourselves forced to listen closer, double check our work, & pause before speaking. Now is the time for action, no more procrastinating on what needs to be done. Now is the time for repurposing, reflecting, and reassessing not for starting something new. As we take a look into the pool of wisdom I want to remind you that not all that is shared here is meant for you nor will it apply, and that’s okay. Use your inner guidance to discern what is, and dismiss the rest. May you only receive what is for your highest good, to set you on your highest path and so it is

The Sugarcoated Mess

She was layered in decadence she seemed to have her own. This is what attracted him to her, even if it was something his mentor would not condone. He slid away to meet her knowing this was wrong. But like his favorite dessert, one taste, and the guilt was gone.

She came to him like sugar, sweet and melted on his lips, she hid in the syrup and the manufactured flavor that sneakily went straight to his hips. Lost in the slow drip of the sweet words, and similar taste of honey, he somehow missed that he’d been tricked and taken for his money. The artificial woman wasn’t hard to spot, she never seemed to make a mistake, and her make-up was like icing smothered on and she wore a lot. He chose not to see her delighted by the fame. He was lost in all that glittered he was blinded forgetting his own name.

Soon the end is coming where she’ll reveal the finale to this game. She always wanted him away from HER, Now his match is gone, and he’s left with shame.

If it is for you, let it be heard.

A lesson

Someone is learning that they can’t always trust others to give them the truth. They have been lied to and hurt by someone very close to them. The frustration that comes from not being able to trust those around them leaves them wondering who CAN I trust? The answer is, they can trust their inner voice. This is a time that someone is learning that as they are truly inside, it will show on the outside (If this makes sense, it may be for you) They have dismissed their inner guidance so many times it’s no wonder they’re at war with those around them.

They are in desperate need of self-reflection and time alone to get in touch with their true voice and listen. Someone has been feeling something isn’t right for a while. They don’t like this feeling and it’s uncomfortable but intuitively they know they can trust it. Looking back at all the times they ignored it and were terribly let down by others they learned. Now is the time for them to choose to listen and learn.

The Dark Night-

The intentions set at the beginning of the year are making way to come into fruition. This is creating a confusing time as all people, ideas, motives rooted in dishonesty are being ripped up and removed. Mercury in Retrograde is not helping the confusion in the air. Someone is really beginning to see deception where they were certain there was unquestionable honesty. Their world is seemingly being turned upside down. Could it be someone is experiencing The Dark night of the soul? Someone is coming into a time of great confusion they may need to choose solitude and unburden themselves of where they’ve been in the past. The reason we reflect on our past is to acknowledge where we’ve been. We are not meant to live in the pain or relive our mistakes. Someone is revisiting their past choices to find the lesson. They are ready to remember what they learned from that experience. They have a choice now to either stay in the past with their regret and mistakes or leave that behind and choose wiser in the future knowing they’ve always had the option to move forward and grow. Once the lesson’s learned there is no need to experience it again.

Someone’s Lie:

Someone’s heart is breaking from a lie told and a friendship dissolved. Someone is rediscovering who they are. Not only was a friend not to be trusted, someone is facing a period of having to be single and this isn’t something they’ve experienced before. They are used to having someone to go through their hardships with and they are being asked to stand alone at this time. They cannot discover who they truly are when with someone else. This solitude will bring them to their true selves.

The New Timeline

For someone else someone is worrying far too much. Their focus on what could go wrong, did go wrong, might fall apart. Someone is forgetting they’re in a new timeline with new rules and new experiences. We bring the lessons from the old one NOT the Karma, drama or trauma. They don’t have to repeat the patterns of the past. It is safe for someone to decide to move forward in a new direction alone. This new timeline requires creation through reflection and discovery of their truest self. Only they can create the world they desire, and this is the time to reflect not act.

The Unbothered

Someone really has nothing to worry about right now. They are living in their truth and listening to their inner voice. They feel highly favored, connected to The Most High. Those who mean them harm are blocked. Those who thought they were getting away with evil find their plans thwarted and for not. This is Someone’s time to truly rejoice. they’re walking in their purpose, and this is going to be beautiful. Hello Divine Feminine I feel this is for you. You will be successful. You are ready, but it is time to pause. To be still and stand in this space with gratitude. Steady.

While Someone's waiting

Someone needs to remember that this is a calling. They are on a spiritual journey and there is a time to act, and a time to reflect and right now, even when they find themselves doing all the things in the right time, they are being asked to be still. While sitting in this sacred space, this movie came to me for someone here may need to see. “Fireproof” is a Christianity based film about a married firefighter in the middle of a divorce and on a spiritual journey of self-reflection and faith in a higher purpose and power and true unconditional love. The song below, is meant for someone here today, to remember when the days are hard and they feel it’s almost impossible to be still, there is a plan and a purpose.

“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you a hope and a future” - Jeremiah 29:11

For those this does not resonate, perhaps the One daily focus is for you! Here you may find something new in each day to reflect on and grow from in that space!

One Daily Focus

Monday- Silence

The shadow of Mercury in retrograde causes confusion and miscommunication to come early. This one is hitting fixed signs hardest. Someone has no shortage of people trying to give them advice. Everyone seems to think they know exactly what they should do. It’s time for someone to excuse themselves from all company and get some quiet time to sit and connect with The Divine. They already know what to do, it’s time to filter out the noise of others, and go within to hear the truth.

Tuesday- Recharging

Someone is in need of a fast. If only for today, avoid coffee and sugary drinks. Drink lots of water. Water, water, oh yes, and more water. It would also be a great idea to take a salt bath and release the stress and mess of the week. Release is healing and removing that negative energy and releasing it down the drain. Here is the reset needed.

Wednesday- Creative Flow

Someone is ready to authentically show what their passionate about to others. They are ready to share their unique ideas and collaborate with like minded individuals. Now may not be the best time to start something new, but it is an excellent time to start gathering your own unique ideas. This, is the time to for someone to be honest with themselves with what they truly desire and own it.

Thursday- A gentle Voice

Someone has a child that has been harshly spoken to. The first response is frequently aggressive and full of anger. They need a gentle soul to hear them because it might not be that this child means to misbehave but is simply misunderstood. Today is a great day to remember practicing the sacred pause before speaking and practicing T.H.I.N.K before you speak: Is it True? Is Helpful? Is it Inspiring? Is it Necessary? Is it Kind?

Friday- The Best Possible Outcome

Today, someone is asked to look at what is best for all involved. There is a need for fairness. If it doesn’t come from you, it will come from the Most High, and someone won’t like the results. It would be wise to be the one on the side of truth, transparency and in the spirit of coming to an agreement that works for the greater good of all.

Saturday- Calling in More Blessings

Someone has had quite a long week. It is easy to get lost in what’s wrong. Now is the time to take a look around and see what they have been blessed with. Time to make an end of the week gratitude list and see all that they have. By acknowledging their abundance, Prosperity flows and a long-awaited blessing arrives in perfect time.

Sunday- Removing Judgement

Someone has been expecting another to be farther in their journey than they are. Someone is being called to be compassionate. Now is the time to remember how far they’ve come in their own journey which means they were once in the same place. This is not a race, and some go at a slower pace. “Drop your high and mighty attitude, you’ve been worse” ( If you felt that, perhaps this one is for you)

Is the message of this day. Once that is seen it’s then time to release the judgment on yourself. Compassion is the key. Compassion for where you have been, where you are now, and for others as well. Compassion is your focus. Compassion releases judgement and that is a powerful thing.

That’s all I have for you this week wisdom seekers! I’m honored to relay the messages from the pool in this space. Don’t forget to like below if it resonates. May all that is not meant for you be released back into the pool where it belongs.

You are enough. Yes, you. You really are worth knowing so take the time to really know yourself. Thanks for visiting me here. I wish you so much happiness,

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