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Someone’s Story January “The Fast & The Flow”

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

* Any and all videos not from Tia Khaleesi’s Story Time are for reference only and are not affiliated with this site. They may be removed at any time.

Welcome to my Garden wisdom seekers! I’m so glad you’re here this week. If this is your first time, please don’t forget to re The Garden Entrance before you continue onward. If you are here now, you are ready to enter a New timeline with me. Let’s dip into the pool of wisdom and shine light on how we can learn from someone’s experience. Is it your story? Perhaps something feels right or aligns with your own life in some way, that is where the wisdom is hidden in this story for you to find and feel. Not all that is shared here is meant for you, and that’s okay, leave it here. This is space to practice using your inner guidance as your compass. May you only receive what is meant for you and is of your highest good. And so it is.


There was a young man who grew up with humble beginnings. Going for many years in lack, he learned how to save for things that might come, and only spend when he absolutely needed to. These survivor skills set him up for a quite hefty savings and when his circumstances increased, he found that so did his savings! Greed overtook him and so did fear. instead of feeling safer in his finances, he felt a desperate need to hold on tight to it. He allowed his furniture to ware, and his clothes to fade. He didn’t buy anything that wasn’t on sale. As if suddenly he noticed the money stopped moving. As within so without, and his emotional poverty and refusal to see his own patterns, lead to an expensive lesson. There seemed to be an emergency after an emergency and his savings began to fall. He felt like this was inevitable he became angry and frustrated that he couldn’t seem to get ahead. Would he ever be able to break this cycle?

He couldn’t figure out what was blocking him, and I wonder what he’d say if he knew he was standing in his own way….

What Belongs in the Past

Someone is moving out of a vibration of lack, and they are being asked to make room for a life of new wealth. In order to do this, they must be willing to sacrifice their impoverished mentality. Which is a challenge at the moment, because they don’t even realize what their own patterns are that reinforce that mentality. There is a grudge being held against their upbringing. Taking a closer look, they may see the skills they acquired in this lack that may lead to a successful future. In order to actually gain from this experience someone is being asked to forgive the people, places and circumstances surrounding this wound with money. Are they ready to leave this in the past for good??

Someone’s Impatience

Lack has been around as long as they can remember. Wether this stemmed from a childhood of poverty, or a change in circumstances as an adult, they have been in a state of survival, hand to mouth living and it’s causing impatience. There is a lesson here as well and a question that they might ponder is simple, What assets are they ignoring? What do they already have that they didn’t have last year?

Weekly Affirmations:

Money Flows Freely and Effortlessly to me from all sources, seen & Unseen…

Money is energy and it flows to me. I release fear of lack. & I make room for it. “

I am generous and I receive generously, I am In flow with wealth & I receive it in all forms for my highest good. It is so, it is so it is so!

CLAIM IT! It’s yours

Seeking Advice:

For strong individuals who are capable and powerful, it can be humbling to ask for help when they need it. Someone would be wise to ask for help making a budget from someone that has made wise money choices such as a professional advisor. Money is energy and when we hold onto it like it’s going to disappear we are calling that into existence. (If that makes sense then this is for you. ) Spending money on their needs they are not only affirming that they are worthy of having their needs met but by meeting them themselves and releasing the tight hold they have on their finances, they are opening the flow of money energy. (If this makes sense, again, this may be for you.)

The Gift:

Someone is about to get a lot of money. They have the ability to get their finances in order and open the flow to money again by not living in fear. Changing their mindset slowly, will prepare them for this money coming soon. There’s something important they are learning right now. It’s important on a soul level and it’s okay to recognise that now. Because once they truly understand what it is that they need to learn, they’ll skyrocket out of their current situation and into a life they dreamed of! It may seem slower if they resist the change. But every choice to move forward with faith and choosing to stop avoiding looking at the state of their affairs and taking an honest accounting of where they stand and go from there.


Where someone has honest and kind connections, they will also have dishonest and jealous connections. One of the lessons someone is learning at this time is being able to discern who they can trust, who they think would be good for them may have a hidden agenda. Before they can join someone in a healthy beginning, they must heal the wounds still lingering from the past. They must learn to trust the most important source after the most High, themselves. That intuition has never been wrong no matter how many times they’ve betrayed it.

There is a need to release grief from a past lover who was so deceitful, that someone made a decision they couldn’t trust themselves to choose someone right now. With healing comes growth after growth after harsh truth comes to light. Growth may also come through someone who was not being honest with how they really felt gets revealed. Someone is learning to leave this behind.

Dearest Soul who needs this,

Surrender. Your need to control this is not allowing for growth. Push past what you see, what wealth can look like. Don’t settle for wealth in monetary form. If the only wealth you see is in money than you are missing a plethora of blessings in prosperity you’ve been given. You may have assets that you don’t realize are available to you that you don’t know exist. Be patient and be still. Choose each step wisely lead by the Holy Spirit within you. It just takes one decision to go against that stagnant feeling that comes from feeling overwhelmed and quieting that mind that says “this is how it will always be.”

This is not so. This is temporary. You are learning something in this space and in this time. I cannot tell you what that is, only you really know. When you learn it, everything changes starting with your perspective and it only goes up from there! You have everything you need right now and at any given time. (I’ll repeat that later just to be sure you hear it) You don’t need to worry or live in fear of lack. Trust and have faith Choose wisely knowing The Holy Spirit, The Universe, The Most High has your back! You are NEVER alone. There is a spiritual team behind you, cheering you on! If this speaks to you, then it was for you all along. Sometimes the blockages we set up for ourselves are distractions. We distract ourselves from our own work by focusing on what another could do, or should do. Are you done? Are you ready to heal? Nobody is coming to save you. It’s only you. Here’’s the magical part, YOU ARE ENOUGH. Yes you are! You always have been. Rise and know, you are always and forever enough. Those who have eyes to see it, will. Not all those eyes will mean you well. Just work on where yours are, and what you choose to do with your beautiful energy. Will live in integrity or allow someone to lead you off course in deception? You have the power here sweet one, will you use it or pretend not to see it? If this is for you, may you see it clearly.

To assist you on this journey, If you are called to this offering, I leave this hear once more.. Don’t forget to start your Year off with this Ganesha Mantra for removing obstacles. Removing obstacles can be a powerful and uncomfortable change At first. It reminds you that you must put in the work, there is NO spiritually bypassing it.

May it serve it’s highest purpose for the highest good of all who hear it!

Someone’s ONE Daily Focus:

If you didn’t resonate with the above messages, then perhaps someone’s one daily focus is for you! Quotes, verses and affirmations for each day of your week!

Monday: Transparency

“I choose today to be honest, authentic genuine and present in all my dealings. I will also be honest with myself”

Someone has a need to take good, hard, long look at themselves. Something has to change.

“The greatest Victory has been to be able to live with myself, to accept my short comings… I’m a long way from the human being I’d like to be. But I’ve decided I’m not so bad after all”- Audrey Hepburn

Tuesday: Power Moves

Someone is ready to call their power back to them from all places they’ve allowed it be taken from them. Someone is ready to claim their power and balance their solar plexus!

Don’t forget to drink lots of water after listening:

Solar Plexus balancing here

Wednesday: Escaping the Cage

Someone has felt caged like they were unable to access their full potential. Their soul seemed stuck deep under a pile of broken promises and dreams. Someone is ready to release the weight of it all and move forward, for good.

Journal 📓 Entry: Who/what are you ready to forgive? Can you release it all and leave it there for good?

Thursday: Surrender

Someone is in a space where realize they are not in control of everybody. They are only in control of themselves. There is a need to accept that there are some things that require faith without proof, and understanding that their understanding of the most high’s plan for another isn’t needed for it to happen accordingly.

There’s nothing for you to do here, surrender.

Friday: Dream recall

Someone needs to pay close attention to their dreams there is a message trying to come through. Writing it down will be helpful later

Dream Log 📓: Write any and all details of what happened in your dream you can remember. Reflect on them later. What do you see?

Saturday: Know Thyself

It’s time for someone to spend some time looking in the mirror. Physically and spiritually. It’s time to see themselves clearly. It may be time to asses what it is they truly want. Who they truly are. They have worn so many others faces as their own, they can’t remember what they look like. It’s time to take a good, hard long look. Because that’s the key to their success. Who they truly are underneath it all.

Mirror 🪞 exercise:

Write down something about someone you aren’t happy with (example: “ Joe looks like an idiot when he talks about his toy collection” )Now replace them with yourself and reflect (Example: “I look like an idiot when I talk about my interests” ) Now in the examples you can see that the reflection is an insecurity, not a truth. But by unearthing the insecurity they can replace it with a truth. “My interest are unique and I’ll find the people who will enjoy them and appreciate them too.” By removing the insecurity we are free to release judgement over others and heal what really wants to be seen.

Sunday: Grounding

Someone needs to take some time to touch the earth. For some it’s walking by the ocean and grounding through water and sand combined. For some it’s colder and the ground is covered in snow. Even if it’s for 30 seconds in the snow ( if you’re at a safe temperature to do so) connect with the earth today. Go inside and be present for every moment of the day.

Electronic Fast: have you ever tried unplugging to regain your thoughts? We connect with so many people online, sometimes we forget just how many people we attach to. IF you are not awaiting emergent communications, the world can wait for an hour. Turn off all devices. Reading is fine, no electronics of any kind for 1 hr. Relax, reset and reboot!

That’s all I have for you this week! It is my joy to assist with what is shown to me in this space. I am on my own journey and it truly is my honour to connect with here. May everything that is not meant for you or your highest good be released back into the pool where it belongs.

Thanks for visiting The Garden! You’re already enough. All you ever need at any given time, you already have within. Remember there is nobody just like you. Your unique purpose for this time is something only you can give. Be authentically you. There’s nothing else to do! Just know that you’re valuable! Yes, I’m talking to you!

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