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Someone’s February Experience 2022 “Fruit”

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

"The pain that accompanied pruning the rot from the tree

left her wondering, was it necessary?

( Yes sweet one, it was)

She lives in another world.

The focus here is not on outward goals,

instead, it comes from within.

She’s left the world of not feeling validated. Of feeling unseen.

Here, in this time & Space she see’s herself.

She’s acknowledging what she needs.

She gives, and she receives.

Surrender fills her heart and all begins to flow,

She nurtures her dreams

She runs her home she is the queen.

The fruits of her labor reap beautiful things.

Her kind, loving, generous heart bring that fruit to her side

bringing to her table more

More abundance

now that she’s pruned the rot from before."

- J.L. Parker

February Astro & Events

February 1st New Moon/ YEAR OF THE TIGER BEGINS

February 2nd Ground Hog day

February 4th Mercury goes direct in Capricorn ♑️

February 14th Valentines Day ♥️

February 16th Full Moon in Leo ♌️

Hello and welcome to my Garden wisdom seekers! I’m so glad you are here with me This month! Can you believe how different this year is compared to the last? I know that so much has changed in my own life. I'm honored that you chose this space to be a small part of your journey!

If this is your first visit, don’’t forget to visit The Garden Entrance first. So much is coming to the Garden and winter blossoms are blooming! This month is all about receiving the first fruits of some intense work done in 2021.

So if you were doing some heavy self reflection or work on relationships or business ventures, this month may be for you.

Not all that is shared here is or will be meant for you. That’s okay, use your inner guidance to help steer you to what is, and leave the rest. All of our experiences have a lesson perhaps you'll see one here for you. Sweet fellow travelers, it my intention that you receive only what is meant for you and your highest good from this space, and so it is.

The Fruit of Courage

Someone is finding the inner strength to face their fears with confidence. it's not about no longer being afraid. No, someone is still plenty afraid. They are learning how not to let the fear take over them. They are choosing to give their focus to something else. Their faith. They are learning to set their boundaries firmly and moving from a passive state of being.

Someone’s practice in being assertive is what will help them succeed.

Every Time they've taken a step forward they've proved to themselves that they are not stuck, this is not the end. Someone has shed the lies about their limitations they now know their truth.

Saying Goodbye to the lie

Someone spent a very long time making a very big mistake. Their pride hasn't allowed them to move forward. In order to move at all they would have to face the truth of their situation. They haven't been willing to that yet. This would be much easier for them if they could blame another for their circumstances but the person in this story is no longer blaming others. Standing up boldly, they are facing the truth; They are the problem and solution to their current situation. This is temporary and their ability to fight through their toxic habits that hold them back is the only way out of it.

Living and standing in their truth saying

The Fruits of Surrender

Someone is learning to Prioritize their needs. Surrendering to their awareness of their own humanity leads to a much healthier state of being.

(If that makes sense, this may be for you)

They are left fulfilled instead of running on empty congratulations is in order. They have achieved more by trusting in all that is meant for them in perfect time. They have surrendered things that don’t serve them as well. “Goodbye worry, goodbye fear I’ve given you to the Most high Now only peace is welcome here” They say with their soul

Someone is no longer dreading what may come. They have learned to Embrace change. Things are coming together effortlessly with each moment of surrender. They no longer fear the unknown, and their faith has truly, deeply grown.

No longer living conditioned to believe they are incapable of moving forward, someone is choosing to Stand in their higher truths

”I know I’m safe always, Worthy and capable of great things. I am powerful and lovable, and trustworthy, I’m learning I know myself well, I am connected to themselves, and the most high I’ve released the false prison I’ve broken free from their hell “

Planting for the Future:

Now is the time to truly reflect on what someone wants to see happen in the upcoming year. Where do you want to be financially? What kind of friendships do they want to allow in their lives this year? What do they want their family life to look like? Romantic? There are so many possibilities and Someone is going to make changes and choices now that will shape their lives starting with this year! Every step someone takes towards the goals they set now, matters. Just imagine how beautiful that garden will grow when the seeds that are planted are rooted in love!

Communication strategies by the Mercury Sign

There are many ways to communicate, not just the ones we favor. Perhaps you'll find a new way here, a new one you'll like and the rewards you'll savor!

Aries ♈️

The Challenge:

Embracing change Something that needed to change does, and permanently.

Someone has been protecting their heart and they are calling into their space exactly what they have put out. So by choosing to protect their heart at the expense of another, they are calling in their own heartbreak 💔. (See January for a reminder of the year’s strategy” Someone is in danger of losing someone they hold on a pedestal by choosing to show them only darkness and unkind almost cruel words.


leaving love triangles, and jumping into new situations before healing from endings behind, will heal someone. Releasing fear of loss will prevent it in some situations. Spreading love through kindness and believing they are worthy of healthy partner, will help them become exactly what they desire.

For One Aries, your daughter is just like you. Pay close attention to her. She holds the key to what’s going on with you. She’s your mirror. What bothers you about her demeanor? You’ve been projecting your inner turmoil onto her.

To prevent an ending, for someone, think before you speak, don‘ t make rash decisions and take time to think. Anything that demands a quick decision, the answer is NO. ( IF that made sense, it’s for you)

Taurus ♉️

The Challenge;

A partnership has gone sour. A mask has come off of someone truly ugly inside with a beautiful lie they hid behind. Someone is feeling stuck. Something did not go as planned. Someone chose to hold back rather than speak their truth. Someone doesn’t feel enough and stuck where they are. They find themselves deep in the darkness.

Someone is weighing out their two options: A younger energy that has creative way of doing things that is a risk, or someone that offers stability but may be less adventurous. This one may lack excitement but they are stable, and that is who they truly love! They aren’t sure they are ready to settle down however and this is making them feel like this choice is impossible. Will Lust win out over love?


Self love and reflection open doors for union and romantic encounters. It’s time to stop making decisions based on pleasing others. It is time to realize it doesn’t matter what others think if they have not made choices that give them peace. It’s time to ask themselves what will truly make them happy? Are they truly happy with the superficial?

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder “- an old proverb

Gemini -♊️

The Challenge:

Something is hidden from a Gemini they aren’t getting the full picture. Someone is taking back an offer they made. They aren’t sure the person they made it to is to be trusted. This Gemini has decided not to settle for what doesn’t serve them.

The challenge is to stop giving someone a meal that is asking them to survive on scraps. This Gemini sees that they are being “Breadcrumbed”

The strategy:

Be still. Ground. Bring your energy back to present time. This Gemini needs to be still and not make any decisions lightly. Taking time to be sure they have the whole story before deciding their position in any situation will be very helpful. It’s time to recharge and revitalize. (It would also be helpful to revisit their choices of January to observe )

Support your goals Gemini, look at more efficient ways to manage your time. Work smarter not harder as it’s been said. The words you speak will come into existence. Speak words of LOVE

Cancer ♋️

The Challenge:

The throat chakra needs balancing. Ears nose and throat are affected and it would be wise to take extra precautions and seek professional medical advice if necessary. Someone is need of speaking their truth.

While everyone else is try to make love, cancer is seeking solitude and being alone. They are not spending another month in 2022 feeling like someone’s second choice! It’s time for them to speak up. Someone wants to bring them low, Will they allow it?


Gaining control of their emotions before addressing conflict will bring them the results they desire instead of their emotions controlling the outcome in a devastating way.

Standing in their truth, Cancer is done lying to themselves! Someone needs to walk away from a love interest who treated them like an option. They need to do this calmly without causing their own downfall. In order to do this is cancer needs to take some time to choose their words wisely. Everything is rhythm and what they put it will surely come back to them. only healing words out of their mouth.

This cancer is facing their own role in a toxic situation., It’s time to Apologize for what is cancer’s to own, and forgive what’s theirs to forgive.

……To be continued.

In Someone’s Story each week!

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What’s growing in the Garden

for February?

Someone had to face the past in a harsh way. Someone is about to see the consequences and delays in their journey. Will they choose discipline over instant gratification? There is a lot that can sidetrack us in this world. A lot that can make someone feel things they never thought they would feel, do things they never would have done. When they look back at the things they regret, Someone is starting to fear the consequences. (Leo, Virgo, Libra and Scorpio readings found here)

Someone has been stuck in a loop. Can they escape this never ending pattern?

This lovely soul has been taught how to give, and that they should but perhaps they've been misguided in whom they should give to. There is a solution yes, there is another way!

(Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius & Pisces reading found here)

Initiation energy coming in. Someone is ready to move forward to the next level in life. They’ve earned the rewards that come from positive change and moving on to more challenging lessons and situations with greater reward. Someone is receiving an offer they didn’t expect and it could change their life. Out of all these offers will they choose the best one for them?

February 21-27th

Someone’s making a life changing decision between something quick or something that takes time. What will they choose?

That’s just the beginning of what I have for you in the Garden this month! I do hope you enjoyed your Monthly Preview & you‘ll come back and visit this month for more! May all that was not meant for you or highest good be released, back into the pool where it belongs!

I wish you blessings you can handle in perfect time fellow travelers! Thank you for being with me here!

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