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Someone’s Story February “ The Situation”

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

* Any and all videos not from “Tia Khaleesi’s Story Time” are for reference and educational purposes only and are not affiliated with this site. They may be removed at anytime. Viewer discretion is advised.

Hello and welcome to my garden wisdom seekers! I’m so glad to have you here! If this is your first time, or you haven’t visited in awhile, make sure to go through “The Garden Entrance” first as a gentle reminder of the etiquette of this sacred space.

Just like Sam in the above clip, Someone visiting the Garden is working through accepting the inevitable outcome of a pattern in their lives. This week, they’ll have a chance to break free from a long time pattern that has kept them stuck, and they can break it for good.

This last retrograde was a TOUGH one for many of us and we all made it through, congratulations! There were many lessons learned that I didn’t expect to learn, and I was definitely shown more places needed to be explored, people that needed to go, and found room to grow. There are times like this one that I’m reminded to be grateful for the struggles and lessons we learn, because they bring us a greater level of understanding, abundance, healing, and freedom! I’m so honored to be here with you in the year of the water tiger! This is a year of many changes and for some challenges. Those who actively work on themselves never need fear these things focusing on your healing or maintaining your healing is a powerful path to choose. They know they are held, supported and will learn & grow with each one! Thank you for choosing the garden to assist you in your growth! Not all that is shared here is meant for you to take with you and that’s okay! The garden is space for you to practice listening to your inner guidance that shows you the path meant for you! May you only receive what is for your highest development and your highest good, and so it is!

The Beginning

There is a beautiful soul who loves to do for others. They love to come through and give to others when they need it most. They love to help when help is needed, they love to encourage when others feel down. This beautiful part of them is not the part that is stuck in a loop, it’s important to remember that as we continue on, because they are kind, loving, generous and these are beautiful qualities to grow. This nature does not need to change.

This beautiful soul has surrounded themselves with takers. this is what needs their attention right now. They take, take, take and TAKE. Whatever this beautiful soul grows, they line up and take their share greedily without much gratitude or respect for the one who gives, even less to the one who provided the giver.

(If you know, you know)

Somehow, this beautiful person has found themselves stuck in an energy of low self esteem and angry bitterness, depleted too often to recharge any further. Every time they find themselves blessed, they see a taker ready to leave them stressed! This lovely soul has been taught how to give, and that they should but perhaps they've been misguided in whom they should give to. There is a solution yes, there is another way!

The magic word

How does this beautiful soul get out from this loop? How do they stop this from happening once more? The magic word for this person is NO! They are in need of knowing their boundaries and enforcing them and the beginning of the week is about being bold enough to say NO when the time is right to do so!

It’s not that their giving nature is the problem. NO. They were created special this way, they are not meant to be selfish, the lesson they are learning is whom to give their spiritual pearls to. Right now, they have chosen to give these precious pearls of love and kind offerings to people who were undeserving, ungrateful and greedy. You could say they through their pearls before swine, like the good book says! ( if you know, you know)

Someone is beginning to see their value comes from within, and they are ready to remove anyone who expects them to make them happy. They are cleaning out their social media of unnecessary connections that don’t exchange energy in any positive form and they are done giving attention to things that don’t uplift their mood or educate, or empower them. They are ready to break free!

The Middle

Trusting the inner voice

Someone is beginning to see the biggest mistake they have made is ignoring that inner voice that tells them something isn’t right. They are starting to notice that when someone isn’t being honest with them, their stomach churns, or they feel a tug on their solar plexus, (Chakra two inches below the breastbone ) They feel jittery and uncomfortable around this person too. This is a clear sign something is not right! By taking time to listen to this feeling, they are preventing some serious problems that someone or something would have caused by ignoring it. Someone’s ability to trust themselves now brings them a freedom from a pattern of toxicity they were previously stuck in.

The End

The Return to Sacred Space

Someone is turning their environment into a sacred space. They are creating a place inside their home that is only for meditation, contemplation, and spiritual growth. They are choosing to make it a priority to start their day with gratitude. They are thankful for waking up in the morning, they are grateful for their NOW. This is also the space they choose to dream of the future, plan new exciting things they want to do. There is NO doubt, no obstacles, just this person, The Most High, and their dreams! By making the space in their place, they are going to see their outlook change, and their reality will follow them too!

IF this story was not for you, perhaps the ONE Daily Focus will do!

ONE Daily Focus


Heal. This May be the beginning of the week, but it is needed for someone to focus on healing. There is something beautiful changing within you. Allow yourself space to be alone and focus on your growth.


Call your power back to you, from all the places you have allowed it to be taken from you. This is a day to reflect on all the people, places, and things, that you have willingly given your free will away to. Who have you allowed power over how you feel and what you do? Do you say yes when you want to say yes? Do you say no when you need to say no?


Time to start moving! This is and excellent day to work out! This is a day to get fresh air if you can, and move your body! If dancing motivates you, it’s time to dance!


Get clear on what you want. It’s time for someone to evaluate what it is they want their life to like by the end of the year. Are their actions taking them in this direction? What needs to change?


The bigger picture needs to be seen. One piece of the puzzle does not show the entire picture. There‘ s more to the story, there’s more to the situation. Take in a wider view today. It will broaden your perspective.


Someone may feel triggered today. It’s important to remember that when we have unhealed wounds, they can affect things happening in the now. When something triggers you, allow yourself time and space to heal a deeper wound, only you know what it is, if you don’t it’s an excellent time to seek out counseling with a professional to help you find your way.


It’s time to change stale patterns and ways of doing things! Make a plan to shake up your routine in a positive way! Make fun plans for the Valentine’s Day! If you’re single treat yourself to a relaxing night of you time.

February 2022
Strategies in Communications for Sagittarius ♐️ , Capricorn ♑️ , Aquarius ♒️ & Pisces ♓️

Remember these are strategies for communication based on what comes through the pool and not all will be for you. May it only resonate for those who need it, may only lessons needed be gathered for the highest good of all who read it here, and so it is.

Sagittarius ♐️

The Challenge :

There’s a Sag visiting the garden that has uprooted some unresolved issues in their relationships. Someone has started this month very angry with the events of the past. They have been dealing with the consequences of what someone else’s actions have brought them and it’s causing a lot of resentment and bitterness to build into an inner rage. The more they take this turmoil inward, the more problems it’s causing in their outer life. (AS within, so without) It’s not this Sag’s favorite thing to do, but they are now faced with having to explore why they allow this situation to control them. The Challenge in February will be to face where they are wounded, feel it, and heal it! This will require Sag to open up with a trusted source and most likely a professional (counselor, pastor, religious leader, etc) and explore what they need to heal in private rather than sharing this with their friends. This is a challenge for this Sag in particular because they have only known their friends to be honest and trustworthy with their advice. This may have caused more problems for this Sag than they realized in the past.


Think before you speak, Sagittarius. You need to pause. Take some time to be honest with yourself before allowing another’s opinion to influence you. You are ready to face your inner truth! YOU are the sign of truth! You feel it in your bones, you are a human lie detector and you already knew that! Your actions will lead to a positive outcome when you are lead by truth. When you compromise and try new things, releasing the past pain for good and keep the lessons, life turns around!

(As it should!)

Capricorn ♑️

Welcome to February Capricorn!

The Challenge

A very painful exchange.

Ego has been leading a Capricorn. They want to be in an open relationship and so are… Sort of. They failed to tell their partner this is what they want, or the person they’ve involved in this “open” relationship. This is causing a Capricorns own misfortune and heartbreak.

They are staying in a relationship or a marriage that isn’t growing and is slowly dying out of stubbornness and not love for the other person. The exchange for this way of being and this way of thinking is that everyone involved is miserable, uncomfortable and the challenge will be for this Capricorn to speak their truth, and free the unwilling parties from their illusion of what this relationship really is.

The Strategy

Arrogance, pride, thinking they are above someone else because of their circumstances, all of this needs to leave this Capricorn! Throw it in the trash Cappy!

These feelings are all born from a deep seeded jealousy within this Capricorn.

Where did this silly idea that others were better than you, or you are better than others come from?

Capricorn we all struggle in different ways. When you realize that economic status does not spare you from stress, illness or death, you begin to see the world suffers differently but we are connected by our ability to feel joy, suffering, loss, pain. Though our experience may be different, we all FEEL, that is the same.

Choose not to be jealous of anyone. Change your story for good. Choose truth, honesty and remove the blame you’ve put on others for what you have not achieved. You are ready to face the truth. Own your responsibility for the words that come out of your mouth.

Aquarius ♒️

Someone has a decision to make in love

The Challenge:

Love is in the air, and someone is doubled up on their face masks 😷 to make sure they don’t catch them wicked wiles! Sorry Aquarius, it looks like you caught the love bug anyway! Someone is feeling twitterpeeted and it is causing an inner turmoil as the past floods this Aquarius with fear that the beautiful feeling they have is just a case of the same old PAIN that was caused by their last heartache. This Aquarius ♒️ doesn’t know if they could withstand another like that again. So the challenge they are facing is how to communicate what they need to feel safe in a relationship without over sharing their experience and trauma bonding.

Another Aquarius has been swept off their feet by a past love that once broke their heart. This person has brought them pain with their words many times and now they’re back for another round. The challenge for this Aquarius is walking away or choosing another round of painful lessons with this person.


An Aquarius is learning they cannot heal, fix or change anyone. They have a hard enough time doing this with themselves! They can empathize with another without taking their problems on as their own. That is their strategy for this month too! They are learning to walk away from situations that require them to “fix” Them or that they feel compelled to put themselves in the middle of. They are choosing to leave the healing to their therapist and in their dating life learn to get to know a person slowly, with no rush is exactly the change they need.

Pisces ♓️

The Challenge

There was a Pisces that was taken advantage of by their friends and family often. They were hurt by many they loved and trusted and taken for granted by others. This contributed to feelings of being separate. Someone is feeling disconnected. They feel not grounded. Everything is feeling uncertain for this Pisces. Their words aren’t grounded. They don’t feel they have a solid thought, they feel tongue tied and unable to express themselves. They haven’t found a way to communicate what they want with whom they want to communicate with. This may be because someone they trusted to be kind turned out to be cruel and controlling. This changed the way Pisces communicated with others forever. Now they are challenged to hold to the new boundaries they’ve set for themselves with the people who are used to being able to trample over those boundaries.

The Strategy:

First, let’s get grounded Pisces ♓️ grounding is so important! If you cannot go outside to ground yourself due to weather, take a salt bath and allow yourself to connect through water. Take time to really be present in the moment. choose to face those uncomfortable feelings rather than run from them. YOU are worth it Pisces!

Stand firm in your boundaries. When they challenge you remind yourself that you too have a right to feel safe, seen and heard. If someone is refusing to respect your boundaries, do they really deserve a space in your life?

It’s okay sweet Pisces you’re going to be alright, you are safe sweet Pisces ♓️ hold on to that inner light

That’s all I have for you this week! I do hope you found what you needed here, May all that was NOT meant for you, and does not serve your highest good be released back into the pool where it belongs,

This is a beautiful and magical time! You have the power to love choose it each day to bring more of it in every way! Believe in yourself and then go make yourself proud! I wish you success this week

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