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Someone’s Story February “Apples or Vinegar?”

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

If this is your first Time visiting the garden?

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Happy New Year! Welcome to The Garden in the Year of the Water Tiger! 🐯 Or, as I like to call it, “The year of Power with.” The Year where focus on connections, the strength that comes from authentic relationships, strong family bonds, and working with honest and driven to succeed partners brings a whole new level of success!

I’m looking forward to all that this year has to offer and I’m ready for a new level of growth! Are you ready to do the work with me? There is so much to look forward to and you’re about to see what all this means for you!

This week we will be exploring the healing of both the sweet and sour parts of the experience. Both are healing and offer beneficial lessons and rewards, but they certainly don’t feel the same. What you need and what you receive, may your highest inner guidance lead you to. Not all that is shared here is meant for you and that’s okay! Sometimes we learn from another’s experience, or another’s story along the way. It is my intention that you only receive the messages and guidance from the “pool of wisdom” that are for your highest good, and so it is.

Astro Reminders and Events:

Tuesday, February 1st- NEW MOON 🌚 in Aquarius ♒️ this is a excellent time to set intentions for the year! How would you like to see your connections flourish? What are you ready to cut out for good? Where do you need stronger boundaries?

The Year of The Water Tiger Begins!

Wednesday February 2nd Groundhog Day!

Thursday, February 3rd- Mercury goes direct

Don’t put it off for tomorrow, no not even one more day,

Don’t say you’ll do it and forget about it anyway

The thief of all your blessings is exposed and it’s quite clear

It’s you it’s always been you, blocking your own path this year

“From craving arises sorrows, from craving arises fear,

but he who is freed from craving has no sorrow and certainly no fear”

-Gautama Buddha

If it’s for you, may you see

The End/ Beginning:

We start the week with endings. For some, this has been a trend for sometime. For others it’s just part of the cycle of life. As they end of the year of the ox, someone is looking at all the work they put in last year, or perhaps the lack of work. Some are wondering if they were foolish with their time and pursuits. Did they utilize the energy of the last year needed to propel them forward? All of this may be pondered as we enter the week.

There’s also the end of Venus Retrograde. Someone is taking a look at all that has transpired in January. Venus retrograde brought back feelings that were stuck hidden away deep within from the past. Perhaps it was too painful to visit at the time in this case, someone is taking time now to truly feel what needs to be felt before moving into the next month.

Journal Time📓

Write down a list of what you have experienced in January that is not in alignment with who you are and who you are becoming in 2022. Looking at your list with an honest heart, What is within your power to eliminate?

“Education is the passport to the future,

for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today”

-Malcolm X

The Education of a Beautiful Soul

There is a beautiful and powerful soul destined to touch many lives with their gift of teaching. They have a lot of knowledge to share from their life’s journey and all it requires is that they move forward in their own learning! Even though this is something they’ve wanted for so long, and their soul seems to cry out for this path, someone is choosing not to move forward in their education.

Why do they hold themselves back?

Do they fear success?

Are they afraid of the jump forward?

I wonder, wisdom seekers, if they would pursue this heavily

if they knew it was their destiny to succeed

at whatever they put their effort into.

“ When one feels no shame in telling a deliberate lie,

there is no evil, I tell you, he will not do”

-Gautama Buddha

For someone else, they ran from every uncomfortable feeling lying to themselves and shifting blame on to other parties rather than experiencing their grief. They covered it up in other ways burying themselves in the problems of others claiming responsibility all in an effort to hide from what they don’t want to FEEL. Either way, someone is facing consequence of avoiding this. Someone who didn’t do the work is now faced with an overwhelming amount of work to do if they want to heal properly. Facing this now will make the week (and the new year) Much easier.

The Liars unraveling.

Lies only have power so long as someone else believes them. Once the lie is revealed, it’s power dies with it. This, is when it tries to bring the innocent down with it. It’s a heartbreaking truth someone must face, when a lie is exposed. A trusted friend and a trusted source was no more than a hidden enemy. Just as they’ve been warned they came with compliments, gifts and praise all while hiding their own evil agenda. The truth that comes out that changes someone’s situation significantly and now there’s a lot of work to be done.

This change is massive.

Someone is stuck between 2 paths

Someone had a choice between something fake or something real.

And Someone else who wanted the best of both worlds, lost both options. Now, they are panicking, stuck in indecision of where to go and what to do.

There is no remedy I can offer you, sweet soul, but you, yes YOU have more power than you know! The Truth, is a powerful, powerful force, and when we stand in it, boldly and unashamed, it truly does set us free. Can you release all that is inauthentic to who you are? Can you release the lies you tell yourself and others? Can you recommit to only offering truth in your connections always with the intention of love behind the delivery? This will heal wounds deeper than have been revealed.

Stop worrying.

Nothing has been accomplished by worry. Many more problems have been created, however. Someone is spending too much time thinking about matters of the home and not enough on their job or career. This is causing a huge blockage in their progress both financially and in their goals for work. As we begin the year of the Water Tiger, It is encouraged for someone to leave matters of the home at home while at work. This will not only sharpen their skills but increase their money flow as well!

For another, it’s time to put away that phone, stop checking that email and please, please PLEASE remember, that they are only this small for a brief moment, and then they are grown.

Though there are other meanings of this angel number, this one is for someone visiting the garden, when we are prepared, we can avoid unnecessary stress.

Overcoming Fear /worry

When we desire to be in the energy of love, we are setting an intention to release all that does not resonate. This is why someone is shocked to see what and who has been torn away from their life. These are the people and things that were not in that frequency. How can one move forward when attached to such things? How can one see truly, when their vision is clogged by things not meant to be in their sight?

There is a lot that can sidetrack us in this world. A lot that can make someone feel things they never thought they would feel, do things they never would have done. When they look back at the things they regret, Someone is starting to fear the consequences. They are worried that the sins of their past will be uprooted.

The fear someone or something may try to collect the debt that they owe.

For that someone that visits this garden, that is NOT how this goes.

It’s time for them,, to see that they have paid their debt, through repentance or changing their ways to put it bluntly. They have never had to carry that weight. They did learn their lesson. They are no longer engaging in the behaviors of their lowest form. They’ve chosen to be a higher version of themselves. It’s been a long time since they were that lower version, there is no need to worry or fear, for someone else has already paid the price. They’ve been forgiven and have changed course completely!

“For God So loved the world he gave his only son that whoever should believe in him will not perish, but have everlasting life” John 3:16

Remembering your favor remembering your protection, remembering your FATHER in heaven, that is the way out of the storm… it is the way out of despair. If that resonates, truly, it is for you.

The Middle

A battle

Someone is feeling exhausted from the extra work they’ve had to put in. On top of the physical world of demands, There is a lot of work to be done spiritually and it’s all happening simultaneously.

This is not a time for being still, now is the time for action.

Intentions need to be pure and Communication needs to be honest and precise. With Mercury moving direct there are less blockages and this is pure will. Someone would be wise to remember to replace lies with honesty in order to get out of sticky situation.

Someone needs to Stop ruminating in the darkness of what has gone wrong and what could go wrong too. When they are honest in all their dealings, worry seems to disappear quickly, someone needs to live in integrity and drop fear of what they will look like when the truth exposes their darker side

God will only meet you where you are walking in truth.

“I accept all things happen in divine order”


Someone wants to be done with the pain, and done with a terribly painful situation. They are unaware of the damage done by their lack of faith in perfect time. (Which is something we all struggle with, you are not alone, sweet soul) I’ve said it before, and I wasn’t the first, I won’t be the last, there is no bypassing the work. Time is the alchemy needed to heal this deep wound, and it will not heal until everything needed to be felt and realized for growth, has been. Patience is needed, willingness to release is needed.

Find your peace sweet one, find time to dive deeper into your spiritual connections and pursuits..

Success and Financial abundance are Here for someone is it you? Believe, and receive! So it is.

The End:

This weekend, someone is being offered something that takes strength to walk away from. This offer isn’t what they think it is and their intuition is screaming at them to walk away from it . Still, it’s so tempting and it feels like the solution to all their problems! Why can’t they take it? Why shouldn’t they? All these questions are important to ponder. Could their higher self be speaking to them?

They are more worried about what people think than what they are feeling called to do. The right thing isn’t always easy, but it is always the path that leads to growth. Ignoring inner guidance is one road that seems easier the other way seems harder and it’s more of a sacrifice.

Remembering not to hold on to fear and remembering the lessons of the middle of the week are truly important tor the rest of the year and many more to come.

Everything happens with purpose. This doesn’t mean we see it right away or that we should be looking for it while learning the lesson. It simply means that even pain isn’t wasted. It’s okay, to allow yourself to feel in the moment, and simple let yourself be.

Someone is waking up to their divinity. This week is about someone returning to recognizing their true and higher calling. Their body is a temple to be loved, cherished but most of all respected. It’s a beautiful magical life they lead. They are ready to see it all.

If this did not resonate in part or full, perhaps the ONE daily focus is for you!

ONE Daily Focus


Trust that feeling

Your intuition. Is strong and that feeling you’re getting is trying to tell you something. Take some time to listen to it and trust your inner guidance.


Chinese New Year

It’s time to Rest! Someone has been doing a lot more than they expected or the work just feels harder. Take some time to do nothing…


Armor up!

Someone needs to remember to protect their belongings and change their passwords. Someone has been watching them and it’s time to change it now. Today’s changes save someone from a devastating loss



Someone is being called to lead a situation to justice. Focus on what will be of the highest benefit for all involved and leave the ego out of it.


Stay on path. Now is not the time to tread from your plan. It may seem easier to do so, but right now getting off track will surely make you lose your path altogether for much longer than you want. (If this is for you, then you already know)


Dance it out

Today is an excellent day to shake up the energy and bring more positive vibes in your space! Dance, Dance, Dance to your heart’s content!


Have fun

Someone is in need of a Sunday FUNDAY! Instead of doing the same old thing go out and enjoy life! You deserve it!

Strategies in Communication February 2022

Leo ♌️ Virgo ♍️ Libra ♎️ Scorpio ♏️

Remember, if this does not resonate for your Sun sign, check your Mercury sign!

Leo, you may be challenged with balancing your actions and emotions. Remember, Patience and balance. Think before you speak. You know what you have to offer this world , you know the way you need to say what needs to be said, Be sure that you are being honest with yourself about who you are allowing into your space. Are these connections bring you life? Or are they dragging you back down into the depths of despair?

Be true to yourself Leo, Be true to your heart. Do not allow the actions of others to dictate your own, you are not a follower, you are a leader, and you deserve to know this, you deserve to realize your truth. What will bring fulfillment but this? Ground yourself and serve those around you. How can you do this? Your community needs you, all great leaders learn to be first, they must first be last. Follow the example of the Christ, and recalibrate where you have been. YOU ARE PROTECTED remain in healed space. You have been doing the work, you are highly favored and protected you are shielded and while you continue to do the work, you will continue to be protected. Keep your eyes on Christ consciousness and away from the fire below. Keep truth in your words and look for it in others. You can learn a lesson with ease if you make a choice to look at both sides of an argument, before even giving yours, by acknowledging the validity of another’s perspective, you will wisely choose the higher path for all involved. Be the nurturer and unleash your feminine energy by taking care of yourself. (Especially you Male Leos)

Where does Leo need to compromise and where does Leo need to stand firm? There’s a time to act, there’s a time to be still, and by getting in touch with their inner guidance, Leo will be sure to make decisions based in leadership, humility, and mercy. not low Vibrational ego, arrogance, and pride.

The Key to healing is Feeling for Leo

Sweet Virgo, this message is hard to hear, but one thing that doesn’t belong in this space, is fear! For a Virgo visiting the Garden this is the month of reaping what you’ve sown. As the hermetic principles state Vibration. Nothing rests, everything moves, everything vibrates. What you have put out will eventually make its way back to to you. Do you remember what it is you’ve put out? For a Virgo who has bravely chosen to face this here, they are losing a friendship or a lover. They have no choice but to realize that this is due to what the virgo has been planting in this relationship for years. They have been rude, and snide when virgo was the one on the “up” side of the coin, and now that they are wishing to restore balance, they are beginning to see that their cherished (yes you hid it well but this was on cherished relationship) bond has not only been severed but they are now on the “outs” with this person. They want absolutely nothing to do with Virgo.

The strategy: For the Month of February, Virgo you are being asked to take a moment to really think about what you have been allowing yourself to align with. Someone’s desperate need to fit in a certain bracket of society is what has caused them the most discomfort. It has lost them all that made them the most authentic version of themselves, or truthfully, has HIDDEN it from those who would benefit this Virgo’s life. Now is the time to mourn the loss of your friendship and relationship with the understanding of where your responsibility is and move forward with humility. This Virgo is learning a lesson that is not easy but it is necessary. It’s time to treat people how you would like to be treated. Say what you mean and mean what you say, if it’s possible do it with love and kindness, (it’s ALWAYS possible you just have to find the way)

Libra ♎️

Did you leave the liar in the past, Libra? If you did (See January Pt2) then this is probably not for you. You are healing and you see your worth. I’m so so proud of you!

The Challenge: Releasing excess options. Libra the journey has been long, and the people you’ve surrounded yourself many, in the month of February you are called to make a choice. Will you dive into something new or will you choose to cling to what was NEVER meant for you? The offer that came that taught you that you can’t gain from taking from someone else was a painful one. Yet for some Libra struggling with their higher self, they are beginning to see that temptation to take the easy way is growing. Greed and the thought of taking from another seems enticing, it seems like a victory but it’s a trap! This offer is coming from someone who is damned to repeat their foolish cycle over and over because it’s their choice to live in deceit and cheating. Libra the challenge for you is to realize you deserve better. You deserve a place of honor! Will you take it? Will you honor yourself and others? The reward is beauty but when you choose to cheat lie and steal, that is all your life will be and betrayal is all you will feel. Always the secret, the second choice and mistress? Or do you deserve to be the main goddess, or the main man no longer the second option hidden and used for what will wither with age?

Libra libra you are sacred treat yourself as such. You are beautiful you have a lot to offer the world!

You deserve to be the lead role not “The 3rd Party” Don’t manipulate your true form. You don’t want to lose yourself pretending to be someone else! February is all about being yourself and being true to yourself, holding yourself to a higher standard and start respecting yourself. You are more than a side chick, side piece and someone’s second choice YOU deserve someone who respects you enough to wait until they are single to be with you. You lose them how you get them, be aware of your future loss if in February you continue this path!

Speak life into yourself, speak life into others, choose to be honest in all your dealings. You are not a copycat of another, you are an original model! Stop speaking someone else truth as your own! You are pretty great, it’s time to start listening to your dreams, addressing deeper wounds. This is so important. Hold yourself to a higher standard. You really are worth more than you are projecting. As within so without. You have the power to change your circumstances but it will take courage to leave the past of toxic 3rd party drama in the past. Your journey in February is one of self worth, and facing the consequences of your actions. Will you do this? Only you have the power to change it around!

Scorpio ♏️

Hello scorpion, you have worked so hard, the challenge this week is to stop calling loss into your own life. Someone has forgotten the power of their words. Someone sees everything they worked for turned upside down. There is an enormous weight of responsibility on their shoulders. it’s much easier for this Scorpio to be manipulative and force what they want to happen then to wait on The most High and perfect time. This is temptation to return to their old ways is here because everything they’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear, and they may not even be aware of the test they are in RIGHT NOW. The best option feels like being powerful by force, this feeling of being powerless is the illusion that they are being given. It doesn’t feel they can succeed by being honest. They see others around them flourishing in their deceit. Scorpio oh Scorpio, don’t let this be your downfall, this will not be your ending. YOU CAN prosper by being honest, and choosing your higher self! It may take longer but easy come, easy go and your playing for keeps. Why would you give that all away for the lifestyle of people destined to lose, they lifestyle of creeps? The darkness is cunning and you may feel the pull of being unfair. You know you can go either way, and for this test you had plenty of time to prepare. DO YOU TRUST in perfect time? Or do you not see what you are being given? Your greatest trial of today is your triumph for tomorrow. You are co-creating your experience, whom are you allowing to influence your motives? Are you listening to your inner voice? Your strategy for February is to STAY ON COURSE. Keep your eyes on the Most High, and stand firm even when that easy road is calling your name. For those this resonates for, never forget that the ascended master and savior Jesus, too was tempted by the devil himself. He knew his power and yet he still chose to move forward with integrity. He lived, he taught and it is for you to see this now. Look at the past that brought you to this situation. What demons have you overcome that are coming back to test you? YOUR WORDS ARE POWERFUL and they are creating your reality. Move forward with strength and tenacity speak words of love, wisdom and assertiveness. Stop using others pain against them, it won’t get you far. It may feel good in the moment, but you will feel the sting 100 fold. This is YOUR test and nobody else can pass it for you. Have you grown? Have you really? You can hide from the best of them but not from your maker, and that’s the one who is waiting on you to discover who you really are, where you really are, and where you are headed next. The fruit of your actions is being crafted RIGHT NOW. This is your cheat sheet. This is your study guide, will you boldly face your responsibility or choose to hide?

That’s all I have for you this week wisdom seekers! May all that is not meant for you be released back into the pool where it belongs..

You are co-creating the world around you and you are creating something beautiful. I am so proud of you.

Welcome to February! I wish you blessings you can handle delivered in perfect time! Amen, And so it is!

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