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12 Messages For a Virgo

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

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Every sign is different and they need different things as their solar year begins. This Story is about a Virgo that is learning to let go of many people, places, and situations that have held them back for far too long. Growth, is a process. This year, there will be many opportunities to do just that. This birthday brings so many chances to learn from mistakes and move forward boldly and unapologetically. For some born under the sign of Virgo, all of these message may apply. For others only a few. Remember that Tia’s Garden is a space to practice using your inner guidance to lead you to what is meant for your highest good. It is my intention as the keeper of this space that you receive just that, and all that you need come in perfect time.

I believe, and so it is. Let’s begin shall we?

The 12 Messages for Virgo

A Message of Independence Vs. Codependency

Fear is a paralyzing state to be in. It robs us of clear and precise decision making. It can sometimes even make us feel safer staying stagnant in old limiting patterns and beliefs. There is a Virgo that is being challenged with fear from past situations including an impoverished childhood that may be driving them to stick to a path that makes them depend on another for their stability. Staying stuck in this pattern may feel safe for a time, but this Virgo is starting to feel the weight of the complacency that goes along with this old belief and situation.

A Virgo is being called to take a break from codependent relationships. Someone they are attached to may be the blockage to their growth. Remembering that emotional independence is just as important for their growth as the financial independence they’ve found will serve them well.

A Virgo may be afraid to face the challenges that come their way. They are determined to dodge any trouble or conflict without learning the lesson. Fear is their driving force. Anything born from fear will be riddled with conflict and delays. This Virgo may learn between now and their next solar return that blocking all challenges has also blocked their destined path. What suffers? Their spiritual, physical and financial growth. Relationships that were meant to blossom may wither, their goals dreams and ambitions stagnate. They don’t need to go through everything alone, but they do need a healthy separation from people, places, and things they have used as a crutch or perhaps they have received the illusion of control with someone who agrees with them.

A message for this Virgo ♍️ in the year to come is to remember that challenges will help them learn new skills, finding new strengths they never knew they had. Life can bring hard and somber situations. They have the strength; they have the will. Now it’s up to Virgo to decide if they want to watch their goals and dreams deteriorate in front of them, or will they rise up and change the way it’s always been for their highest good.

“Wounds from a friend can be trusted, but an enemy multiplies kisses.” - Proverbs 27:6

“Even when I detach, I care. You can be separate from a thing and still care about it.” David Levithan


A Message of Forward Movement

It’s easy to stay in a comfortable space. On a cloudy rainy day, a hot cup of coffee or tea and a warm comfy bed can be bliss. The opportunity to sleep in and