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12 Messages For a Virgo

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

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Every sign is different and they need different things as their solar year begins. This Story is about a Virgo that is learning to let go of many people, places, and situations that have held them back for far too long. Growth, is a process. This year, there will be many opportunities to do just that. This birthday brings so many chances to learn from mistakes and move forward boldly and unapologetically. For some born under the sign of Virgo, all of these message may apply. For others only a few. Remember that Tia’s Garden is a space to practice using your inner guidance to lead you to what is meant for your highest good. It is my intention as the keeper of this space that you receive just that, and all that you need come in perfect time.

I believe, and so it is. Let’s begin shall we?

The 12 Messages for Virgo

A Message of Independence Vs. Codependency

Fear is a paralyzing state to be in. It robs us of clear and precise decision making. It can sometimes even make us feel safer staying stagnant in old limiting patterns and beliefs. There is a Virgo that is being challenged with fear from past situations including an impoverished childhood that may be driving them to stick to a path that makes them depend on another for their stability. Staying stuck in this pattern may feel safe for a time, but this Virgo is starting to feel the weight of the complacency that goes along with this old belief and situation.

A Virgo is being called to take a break from codependent relationships. Someone they are attached to may be the blockage to their growth. Remembering that emotional independence is just as important for their growth as the financial independence they’ve found will serve them well.

A Virgo may be afraid to face the challenges that come their way. They are determined to dodge any trouble or conflict without learning the lesson. Fear is their driving force. Anything born from fear will be riddled with conflict and delays. This Virgo may learn between now and their next solar return that blocking all challenges has also blocked their destined path. What suffers? Their spiritual, physical and financial growth. Relationships that were meant to blossom may wither, their goals dreams and ambitions stagnate. They don’t need to go through everything alone, but they do need a healthy separation from people, places, and things they have used as a crutch or perhaps they have received the illusion of control with someone who agrees with them.

A message for this Virgo ♍️ in the year to come is to remember that challenges will help them learn new skills, finding new strengths they never knew they had. Life can bring hard and somber situations. They have the strength; they have the will. Now it’s up to Virgo to decide if they want to watch their goals and dreams deteriorate in front of them, or will they rise up and change the way it’s always been for their highest good.

“Wounds from a friend can be trusted, but an enemy multiplies kisses.” - Proverbs 27:6

“Even when I detach, I care. You can be separate from a thing and still care about it.” David Levithan

A Message of Forward Movement

It’s easy to stay in a comfortable space. On a cloudy rainy day, a hot cup of coffee or tea and a warm comfy bed can be bliss. The opportunity to sleep in and enjoy a hot cup of soup while snuggling in your favorite blanket on a snowy day can be tonic for an over-worked body that desperately needs rest. Staying too long in these states, however, can bring lethargy and apathy. The will and the drive to clean a messy house may be lost. Work may pile up and become overwhelming. A Virgo may find that they need to discipline themselves in the year to come. They are finding ideas and opportunities that came in a time of rest are no longer flowing. What came to them ease may be blocked off. If this Virgo wants to see the flow of ideas returned them, they will need to reevaluate where they have become complacent. A Virgo will be challenged in this next year with moving forward when the motivation has been lost. It’s much more comfortable to stay in the same physical, spiritual, or energetic space they have been in. Will this Virgo make the necessary changes to bring in the rewards they seek? Their life is beautiful, and the next destined space they have the ability to move to, will be even more so!

A Message of Cautious Discernment

Tabloids are great for spinning situations to look more scandalous than they truly are. Many lives have been ruined by fictional stories spun into truth and spread by trusted sources who didn’t check their facts before relaying what they’ve heard.

When we spend a large amount of our time observing toxic behaviors and reactions, it’s easy to become jaded and believe the worst in people or situations.

A Virgo is at risk at making foolish assumptions based on half-truths or blatant lies they receive from a source they sought out to get more information on a puzzling situation. Someone around this Virgo benefits from feeding a Virgo a sob story that is a pure form of fiction painting themselves as a victim. This may also be Virgo themselves who are assuming the worst about someone they have no contact with.

The reason for the separation or actions of another may be more complex and personal than Virgo realizes. They are being warned not to engage in gossip or spreading misinformation based on temporary feelings or ignorance to the full picture of a situation that doesn’t truly have any basis on their own being. This Virgo may realize that they actually get a high from people discussing another in a bad light. Perhaps they have felt inferior to them and enjoy the attention they are getting by sharing stories that aren’t theirs to tell or maybe even aren’t true. Or perhaps someone feels this way about a Virgo.

Bottom line: The source of a Virgo’s gossip is unreliable and may cause them a ton of embarrassment in the future.

In order to take the steps necessary for a Virgo to transform into the wise & successful person they desire to embody, they will need to focus on what they know to be true. Choosing to refrain from participating in any form of gossip brings peace to a Virgo and their relationships with others. There may be someone close to them that benefits from their downfall, and it will come from spreading misinformation.

A Message of Deeper Perspective

“I was thinking that it might do some good, to rob the cynics and take all their food. That way what they believe will have taken place, and we’ll give it to everybody that has some faith” - Jewel “I’m sensitive”

When times are hard and money is tight, some people allow themselves to succumb to the fear of lack. There is a Virgo that is being continually tested with faith over fear. When a situation comes in to shake up their comfortable world, they may find themselves in place where strategy is needed to overcome their fear of poverty. A proud Virgo is afraid to ask for help when they need it most and another Virgo is stubbornly ignoring the problem at hand living above their means.

Instead of ignoring the problem, they are being asked to face it head on. There is a hidden reward in a difficult situation or set of circumstances a Virgo may find themselves in. When a Virgo digs deeper into it, they will find it underneath this trying time. The lesson being presented is teaching them that asking for help from a space of courage and humility is much more efficient than feeling victimized and repeating a pattern that has long worn out it’s usefulness. New levels of existence require this virgo to use their skills acquired in limited means for sustainability in a time of uncertainty.

A Message of Clarity

In a room full of opinions, a Virgo may find it difficult to hear their inner guidance. Everyone around them may have a solution to their problems and it may become overwhelming. Whom does Virgo listen to? Where should they focus? What is the right decision for Virgo? There is a need for a Virgo to remember that they are a sovereign being. that there are answers in silence. Taking time to remove themselves from the endless chatter, allowing time to be still, will bring them clarity. Meditation is a powerful tool for the sign of Virgo in the year to come. When they are confused on what to do, they are being advised not to do anything. Patience is warranted in a time where chaos and impulsive action is being advised. Will Virgo take the time they need to reach conclusions that truly serve their highest good?

Does this Virgo believe in themselves, and have they developed a strong intuition? To discipline themselves, Amethyst may be the stone to carry. It may assist them while meditating in gaining clarity for tricky situations requiring careful and thought-out responses.

A Message of Response Vs. Reaction

There are some that get a thrill from causing conflict and spreading misinformation. They gain their power by taking another’s away. They even enjoy watching someone lose their temper and feel they are in control of them when they can stir up anger and make them react in a negative and embarrassing way.

There is a Virgo who either embodies this or is easily controlled by their anger.

For the Virgo who enjoys controlling others by exploiting their weakness, they may be embarrassed by another’s ability to remain calm in a situation that they may have reacted harshly to in the past. Their instigating and passive aggressive actions may bring them to a humbling state if they are not careful! Watch out! For this Virgo, a warning is being given. NOW is the time to learn that they cannot control others. Eventually all that they put out, will be returned. like it or not, they can dish it, but taking it is not what they are known for. Learning this now could spare them embarrassment and the loss of something truly valuable.

For the Virgo that is finds it hard to control their temper, choosing another path is necessary at this time. They may benefit from more exercise, and time alone in still, quiet places. Practicing walking away when they are not in a space to respond will bring them clarity on what matters and what doesn’t. When they see their own intentions clearly, and they know who they are inside, they will not be easily controlled by their emotions. Virgo will learn to control their emotions instead.

A Message of Creating Space

There is a Virgo that is being called to move from a familiar place, to a new one. This is asking a lot of a Virgo that has become quite comfortable where they are. This place may give them a feeling of safety or perhaps it’s lush and peaceful. Where they are being asked to go may not seem so at all.

There may be a fear that wherever they are called to go, will not make them happy. This Virgo is being shown that happiness is not a destination. Happiness is a choice made within. Outside circumstances can no longer dictate this Virgo’s happiness if they are to thrive in the next year. There will be many things that ignite fear. There will be many situations that may become stressful and there may be a divide in a family situation. This Virgo is being called to create a space in their environment dedicated to reminding them of all the blessings they have right now. A reminder of all the ways they have overcome painful circumstances in the past. They are not a victim of their past or current circumstance, but a pioneer on their way to understanding true, lasting bliss. Virgo is learning to love themselves as they are, wherever they are, regardless of their circumstances.

Message of Acceptance

Nostalgia can be a blindfold to what is possible moving forward. There is a Virgo that is trying to recreate a past experience in a new setting. This may be with the same people or with very different people and circumstances. They may be clinging to an old feeling or belief of a person or situation. They may also be trying to keep a tradition going that is no longer meant to be. By denying that things have changed and choosing to hold on to the past, a Virgo may be disheartened to realize that what they are chasing, no longer exists.

In another situation, a Virgo may be clinging to a past version of a person that doesn’t exist in the present. Someone who has outgrown their old way of being is trying to move forward and others refuse to see it. Virgo is being asked to let go of what was, and embrace what is. They may find that the new traditions fit them even better. Getting acquainted with someone in their current position instead of expecting them to appear as a worn out version of themselves, may bring a closer bond. The person that Virgo won’t let go of may also be a version of themselves that has limited their potential. Growth is possible when surrendering the past and embracing the present.

A Message of Fortitude

There are many that give up on themselves right before they reach their full potential. Many that have incredible talents and abilities that could take them to higher places, prosperous states and blissful relationships. For a Virgo, the only way to what is meant for them, is through acknowledging, healing, and releasing their past. through acknowledging, healing, and releasing their past.

Letting go seems to be a consistent lesson in this year to come for a Virgo. Letting go of limiting beliefs, toxic connections and more of the same rooted in the mundane. This will be a slow process and it may be easier for a Virgo to distract themselves by shifting blame on to another. It may be a tempting notion to believe they are the victim instead of owning their responsibility for their actions and beliefs.

The truth is much better. Virgo has the power to change their circumstance, to push forward through adversity. This Virgo has everything they need to succeed within themselves. They are the solution they’ve been searching for! They are not stuck, the illusion has no power once acknowledged. They are not helpless or weak. They have power to move forward and allowing discomfort for a moment will bring a much longer period of peace. Virgo is worthy of this peace.

Will they believe in themselves?

A Message of Efficiency

For a Virgo that likes to lead, they may be given an opportunity to shake things up with a new routine. This may be off putting at first. Shake ups can bring out hidden kinks in the system. Once it becomes routine, they may find it a more efficient use of their time. This Virgo has learned so many lessons of Surrender in this year! They don’t resist anything that is new and may bring wisdom in an area they were once ignorant. They have not only made wise decisions in their work life, but also in their personal life. Physical, spiritual and financial wealth are showering down on this Virgo. By exploring emotions, they once ran from, they have found insight to their own blockages and remove them with ease! This is a profitable time for a Virgo that no longer sees others as their competition.

A Message of Perception

There is an old saying that goes: “The Devil is in the details” A shrewd Virgo may find that their careful observation while remaining silent, brings the answers to a confusing situation. There a plenty of opinions and gossip surrounding a chaotic or unsettling mess. Virgo's ability to step back and observe gives them a clear perception of the whole picture instead of one side. The answer to conflicts is hidden in the details. A toxic person spreading lies is easily exposed when Virgo sees their motives for what they are. Learning to discern through the chatter is a skill they’ve practiced all year. Will they put it to use to bring success in their professional and personal life. Taking a closer look at what is being shown to them as well as seeking answers outside of this is very important.

A Message of active Listening

An intuitive Virgo may be reminded that listening to another’s viewpoint is just as important as “knowing” the correct answer. Sometimes a conflict can be avoided when we listen to why someone sees things the way they do. There may be circumstances that have formed someone’s opinion of the world and it may be why they don’t see things from a Virgo’s perspective. To reach a peaceful resolution, listening to someone close to them express themselves may bring them a new level of clarity they didn’t have before. Perhaps Virgo may find that their perception is the skewed one and adopting another may bring them success!

Will Virgo drop their pride and listen to a loved one's grievance?

Those are the messages received for you this time. Happy Birthday Virgo! I wish you all the success you can handle!

May All the messages not meant for you Virgo, be released back into the pool to be washed away,

You are safe, worthy, powerful, lovable, truthful, inspirational, and intuitive, never forget this.

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