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The 12 Battles of Light & Shadow for Libra ♎️

Happy Birthday Beautiful, magnanimous, fair, loving,

compassionate & kind Libras!

The world is balanced when you are!

We as a collective are lucky to have you in our lives!

As I’ve been delivering these stories and messages

for the signs, I have found that many of my visitors have resonated.

(Thank you for that feedback)

For some, they’ve had the opportunity to change direction to avoid pitfalls that would have been of their own making.

For the beautiful hearts of my Libra visitors, the stories that have come through are a battle of light, and dark. We have the capacity to do great good, and great evil. Not unlike the rest of us.

In the Solar year to come, a Libra that visits the Garden may find that their personal journey is shifting their perspective in powerful ways. Only YOU can determine how your story plays out.

You and you alone are responsible for your choices. Make them wisely and remember that nothing shared here is absolute.

You have the ability to change the outcome.

Not all that is shared here is meant for you and that’s okay.

Tia’s Garden is a space to use your intuition to guide you to what is helpful for you and what is not meant for you.

It is my intention as the keeper of this space that you only receive what is for your highest good.

I believe and so it is! Let’s begin story time, shall we?

The 12 Battles of Light & Shadow

Retreat Vs. Fight

There is a Libra that has found themselves campaigning and fighting a war that was never theirs to be in or a part of. Spending all their time and energy focused on this matter has drained them of their resources. A Libra is starting to see that someone they considered to be a destined connection is actually using them to fight a battle they not only cannot win but is bringing bad Karma their way. Libra may be feeling drained, exhausted, exasperated and confused. If this person is truly the victim, then why is everything falling around them? Is this really Libra’s fight? Perhaps it’s time to allow themselves time to rest, rehabilitate, and reflect on what kind of love they desire. Is Libra truly receiving what is theirs or are they taking from what belongs to another stolen by a liar in a mask that will do the same to them?

Light- Libra sees the good in all the connections where they find love. They are fiercely protective over those whom they see have been wronged and they have low tolerance for injustice. The Battle for Libra will be to really search within themselves to see if they’ve deceived themselves. Have they been on a smear campaign that is not only toxic but flat out false? Have they chosen to believe a lie and deceive themselves? Libra may have been lied to by someone who knew they could lie their way into their heart. ♥️

Shadow- Libra is asked to drop their crusade before they reap the Karma meant for another. By aligning themselves with someone they are intuitively aware only offers superficial clout and short- lived 15 minutes of fame, they have unwittingly trapped themselves in some heavy consequences that were never intended for them. They are being asked to speak up when they see tactics used that are unfair and can be used against someone that doesn’t deserve it. Libra is also asked to drop the lies they have told themselves in order to believe they are on the right side of the situation. What are this person’s motives? Are their solutions from a

Truthful, Helpful Inspiring Necessary, and Kind place? Or are their actions self-serving leading to innocent people’s downfall or struggle. The first battle Libra will need to fight is their need to hold on to codependent connections that lead to their own destruction.

Community Vs Isolation

Libra may find themselves feeling alone. They may find that they have removed themselves from their close friends afraid they may see what Libra is going through, and they may feel ashamed to share this with those that know them best. Libra has had a truth come out in a love connection that shattered the illusion they had happily lived in for quite some time. They were NOT the “only one.” A lover painted a picture of Libra being their angel, that saved them from a crazy lover that they needed to get away from. A beautiful tale of forbidden love was created until the lover finally came to be with Libra. Now that they have them, Libra is beginning to see that they are the next “crazy ex” in the story, they were fooled by a narcissistic & Codependent liar.

Light- When Libras choose to lean on close friendships that have always supported their highest good, they find that wounds from their friends can be trusted. There is love, acceptance, and raw truth given from a space of sincere concern. Even when isolated, they can return and be honest with their tribe.After all, these are their people and when one falls, they all come together to help them rise! They will not only find compassion, they will find support in getting themselves out of a tangled web spun just to trap them. People who truly want the best for Libra will not shame them, but their words may be convicting and may cause Libra to reflect on what their own actions were that brought them here to this unfortunate place. The beauty is, they have everything they need to change direction.

Shadow- The temptation to spin the story, leave out details, and paint their lover in a positive light may be too great for a Libra. Self-Deception may be happening here. Libra may be convincing themselves that they are not in a toxic connection, that they are not being deceived. They may be trying to convince themselves that it wasn’t a mistake to become involved with someone already in a long-term commitment. They may have turned a blind eye to all the ways their love interest cheated others to give them a fantasy. Will Libra balance the scales and leave this toxic connection for their highest good? Will they make the choice to make it right for another by coming clean or risk the karma that comes from remaining in a lie?

Stagnation Vs Transformation

Wildly talented, innovative, and naturally appealing to their customer base, there is a Libra that cannot understand why their business has become stagnant and isn’t growing. They have incredible & Original content and products that aren’t bringing in the money they once were. They find that the culprit of this lull is being connected to someone that has accrued some karmic debt that needs to be paid and isn’t the wisest choice for a business partner. Being a sign that values fairness and equality, Libra may be torn on parting ways. Can they leave this partner to regain balance in their finances? Will they lose a connection in order to grow themselves?

Light- When Libra chooses themselves, in a situation that is unhealthy, they find that healing and transformation is not only possible, it’s inevitable. All things begin to shift. Their perception changes and hidden truths come to light. All things begin to work for their highest good, and they see themselves and their responsibility clearly. For the Libras that choose to move forward in authentic truth of where they were, where they are and where they are headed, they have everything they need to steer themselves in a positive direction. They are finding that they natural attract good and beautiful things as that is their natural essence. Dropping the toxic tendencies of the past unblock the wealth that has been waiting for them. This was always the purpose of that lesson. They never needed to align themselves with another’s destiny. It only got in the way of what was truly meant for them. Now, they can have it and they didn’t really lose anything.

Shadow- Libra may struggle with letting go of what they’ve always known. Their is a toxic comfort that comes from staying stagnant. Comforting lies can feel better than transformative uncomfortable truths. It may be easier for a Libra to believe they need a partner in order to have the life they desire. It may be easier for Libra to believe they cannot be successful or have the lifestyle they want any other way. The work being asked of Libra requires sacrifice. The good news is, they are being asked to release what was never theirs in the first place. Will Libra choose themselves? The proof is in the results. Libra believes in fair outcomes. If someone is being cheated in order for another to find success, then is it really for Libra?

Spotlight Vs No light

Manipulation is a dirty weapon. Someone has preyed on a Libra’s natural desire for justice. Wanting to be what someone else clams they’ve never had, a Libra has made themselves small to lift another up. They have placed them on a pedestal and given them undeserved praise in order to prove they are not like the rest. In the process, Libra may have found themselves depleted of their energy, resources and confidence. Something is being set right, and Libra is about to see that they are not helpless, they are not stuck, they have everything they need to take their rightful place in the spotlight, where they’ve always belonged!

Light- There is a Libra that is gifted wildly with a talent that very few possess. There is no need to doubt themselves or allow others to make them feel that they need to prove themselves. Those who are meant to see a Libra’s greatness, will! They will not only see it but appreciate it and elevate this Libra for their talents and abilities. There is never a need for Libra to make themselves small. They don’t have to force any situation either. They attract their energetic match every time. As they elevate their energy and vibration, what doesn’t meet them will naturally fall off. This is a kindness as we can’t take old devils to new levels.

Shadow- a reoccurring theme throughout these battles is the draw to staying with what is comfortable. Changes to greatness for this Libra requires a lot of uncomfortable growth and facing truths that are not easy. Letting go of connections that have served their purpose can feel like loss at first. Libra cannot lose what was never theirs. Some things and people come into our life for season, some for a reason. They are all a part of our story and mirrors that show us where we are at and where we need to change. Can Libra leave what they’ve outgrown for a more positive life they’re being shown?

Elevation Vs Dissension

Rather than feeding into gossip or even setting the record straight by sharing their side of the story, a Libra is being asked to rise above the situation. Taking the high road and choosing that classy removal from what is being said, is what sets Libra apart from the toxic group of individuals that love a good tragic tale full of trauma and drama. Libra has no time for people playing victim. They know what is right, they know what is wrong. They are no longer willing to participate in a game of shifting blame to avoid consequences that another is playing. The truth sets them free.

Light- A wise and cunning Libra found the “right” Side of a situation through careful observation. If the lies they were told were truth, then the results of this would have shown by now. Libra desires to be on the side of justice and they have called back their energy & power to remove themselves from toxicity. The beautiful bright shine of their inner light may be blinding to some, but those are the ones who were trying to dim their light to begin with. As Libra separates from untrustworthy connects, they find themselves elevating to higher places they never thought they could reach!

Shadow- arrogance is a thirsty trap. It’s easy to believe that twisting the truth can lead victory when the option is presented. In fact, someone may be counting on this as they present a solution that is not coming from a good place. A Libra will need to decide if they really trust their intuition or if ignoring it is the choice they want to make. Unlike the person who loves to play victim, this Libra will not be able to do so. Their self accountability will kick in when the consequences of their choices come about. Those consequences may be rewards, or they may be punishment. Only Libra can decide what they want to experience. Only they know what they truly desire for their next journey in life. Set back, or spring forward? Libra needs to be their own judge and jury and not worry about what other people see.

Trusted Friends Vs Hidden Enemies

There is a Bible verse that says,

“Wounds from a friend can be trusted,

while an enemy multiplies kisses”

So it is for a Libra that has been seeking counsel from their friends. A Libra may be forced to release a connection they’ve valued due to a hidden motive that profits from a Libra’s downfall.

Light- When a Libra loves you, they love with their whole heart. They are loyal to those they deem worthy. The same, is true of the opposite. When a Libra is finished with you, they are really finished. There is a Libra that is headed for greatness is releasing all those that are weighing them down to the wrong side of the scale. There will be no doubt for a Libra that leans into their intuition. There is something peculiar about a friend that continues to advise them that their bad habits are healthy. Libra is choosing to judge the quality of their friendships by whom chooses to tell them the truth at the risk of offending them.

Shadow- Being called out for something we are justifying, can feel uncomfortable. Libra may have surrounded themselves with people who only tell them what they want to hear, and they may have isolated themselves from people who tell them what they need to hear. A Libra may come to realize someone they saw as a cruel enemy in disguise was actually an angel of mercy trying to show Libra where they went off path. By acknowledging where they went wrong, a Libra brings balance back into their lives and can see clearly the way out!

Truth, Love, and Justice lead them where they were always meant to go.

Work Vs Play

A Libra is known for their work ethic. They have dreams and goals for the future and they can get lost in the work. A Libra has been so focused on gain that they have forgotten why they are dedicated to their craft to begin with. This can bring blockages no matter how hard they work. They may find that their ambition is overshadowed by their fear of lack. They may be making ruthless moves to secure themselves in a situation that ends up entrapping them in a maze of constant roadblocks and exhaustion. Someone they see as an Ally may try to recruit them to take someone else down in the workplace. Libra’s intuition may scream at them that this is a mistake even when the temptation to get ahead is great.

Light- Libra’s natural need for justice and fairness in situation works as a shield against people who would want to have them betray their own morals. They desire peace where many find war, and when they utilize this strength, they always come up on top! When a Libra’s eye are open to the truth of a situation they can easily avoid the greed trap. The balance they seek is in taking time to run, play and enjoy life outside of work instead of perpetually staying “clocked in” energetically.

Balance is a Libra’s best friend. In the year to come there will be many moments where self awareness will be a huge help in getting ahead in their career. Integrity, fairness and choosing the high road lead to success. Libra’s natural need for justice and fairness in situation works as a shield against people who would want to have them betray their own morals. They desire peace where many find war, and when they utilize this strength, they always come up on top! When a Libra’s eye are open to the truth of a situation they can easily avoid the greed trap. The balance they seek is in taking time to run, play and enjoy life outside of work instead of perpetually staying “clocked in” energetically. Balance is a Libra’s best friend. In the year to come there will be many moments where self awareness will be a huge help in getting ahead in their career. Integrity, fairness and choosing the high road lead to success.

Shadow - Libra may have a friend that benefits from their loss of perspective. Someone who enjoys “stirring the pot” knows a Libra’s desires and vulnerabilities. They also know how to easily get a Libra caught up in their head and treat them like a puppet. When Libra realizes their own vulnerabilities, it would be wise to keep quiet and only share information with a trusted source such as a life coach or a licensed mental health professional. A Neutral source that does not have anything to gain is a useful tool for a Libra that is struggling at this time. There is a moral choice that needs to be made and a Libra may feel that doing the right thing will come at a personal cost. Their decision will define their success in business as well as their personal relationships for a long time to come.

Help vs Hindrance

When their motives come from a space of healing energy, and community, a Libra is bound to be successful. There is a council of higher knowledge that is waiting to assist a Libra in their journey. What they are advising requires some sacrifice. The good news is, Libra will be given everything they need to be successful spiritually, physically and financially when they surrender what isn’t working. There is a touch of illusion looming around this Libra about what is good for them and what isn’t. Will Libra choose to leave the past in the past?

Light: Libra’s are natural beauties. They have a way about them that attracts people to them from all forms of life. They make those around them happy just by being present. They are thoughtful and considerate when they are in their highest frequency of being. Due to their desire for all to be happy around them, they attract guides that are waiting to assist them in the direction that will be most profitable and abundant in all aspects important to them. Sometime this requires separation from people, places, and situations that are in a lower vibrational state. Libra is ready to grow, and not everyone around them is ready to go where they are headed.

Shadow- Libra may allow a past mistake to block them from their intuition easily if they are not careful. When a wound comes up for healing, there may be a friend group trying to advise them to ignore it rather than facing their mistake and making right a situation before moving on. Carrying this baggage into the future could delay beautiful gifts that are waiting for Libra. It seems to be a repetitive lesson for some. When they are ready to move forward, the past will be faced, mistakes will be made right, and the temptation to move forward without leaving the baggage behind will wane. A Libra is ready to move to higher spaces and for one Libra their unapologetic shadow for cutting people off will serve them well!

Faith Vs Fear

New territory is often unfamiliar. There may be some similarities from where we’ve come that be comforting when in a new place. A Libra that has moved physical locations to give themselves a new start may find themselves questioning their decision. It may be difficult to adjust and there may be family standing in the way of their ability to adjust to this new place with guilt for leaving.

Light- A Libra is capable of great things. They are more than prepared for this journey and they will find their tribe. The hardships they face in a new place are their initiation into freedom and Independence. This new space is a reward for all the ways they have served their family and community with selfless consideration of what those they love needed. Now, they are being asked to move out of their comfort zone and prepare a new chapter of their life. knowing that they will be connected through their heart space, and communication is available through many different forms. They aren’t leaving anyone; they are simply finding their own space.

Shadow- There is a familial shadow of fear of independence that surrounds a Libra. There may be a parent or an extended family member that is projecting their own codependency onto a Libra. This may give libra a moment of pause allowing fear to creep in. Can they do this? Will they be okay on their own? Doubt and fear of what could go wrong do NOT belong! By preparing themselves they can easily counteract this fear. An action plan before leaving will help a Libra feel more at ease with their decision. They can do this; they aren’t ever alone. Failure only brings them closer to success and that’s all they need to remember when someone tries bringing in fear. They do have what it takes, they will be successful because that is what a Libra has decided.

Focus Vs Distractions

There are many things that Libra is used to carrying as their burden that will not be theirs to bring along on their new path. Others may forget this and try to pile on troubles for Libra that can distract them from what they need to do. Separation is healthy and even necessary for a Libra at this time who is learning emotional independence. They are learning to stand on their own two feet. They are learning how to be successful without the interference of obligations that were never really meant for them. Guilt is a powerful and manipulative weapon that someone close to them is using in order to maintain the illusion of control over a Libra. Will Libra allow themselves the space to become their own version of new?

Light - A Libra loves to make a difference in the lives of others. They enjoy knowing that their helpful nature is useful and brings joy to those around them. This is why it’s so tempting to go backwards and help those that are capable of helping themselves. It may be difficult for a Libra that is coerced by someone close to them that is fully aware of this, and exploits it to hold them back for their own purposes. Staying focused and grounded on their own goals will be very important.

Shadow- A Libra is capable of saying no. Their intuition is telling them that someone they love is vindictive and they have seen this person tear unsuspecting family member’s reputations to shreds. They know that there is an inner nature to the person they love and this can distract them from their purpose. How? Their fear of becoming the chum in the water for the shark disguised as a caring family member may make them forget their personal path. It’s easy to succumb to another’s will when they carry the illusion of power. By moving forward boldly, they may find that this person’s power is limited to their very small pond. Libra is headed into a completely different ocean and this person has no power there. They can only cause a distraction and Libra has the power to ignore it.

Rest Vs Exhaustion

A Libra has been working so hard on themselves this year. They have removed blockages, toxic habits, people, and environments. This has not been easy and it has been a ton of work. There is a time for work and there is a time for rest. Now, may seem like the worst time to take a break and just relax, but it is needed for a Libra that has been working overtime. There is nothing productive that comes from being exhausted. They need their strength. They need their rest. That is why for this space, there is no need to weigh the light and the dark, but simply a time to rest, relax, rejuvenate. They have worked hard all year. It’s time to just enjoy themselves and reflect on all the beautiful ways their life has changed for the better. A Libra is called to enjoy themselves and the life they have built. They are exactly where they are meant to be!

Acceptance Vs Resistance

Another time that Libra does not need to weigh light and shadow, but a time of YES, YES, and YES! When this time comes. There is a need for Libra to remember that they are worthy of happiness. They don’t need to feel guilty for achievement. Sure, there are others that started this journey on the same level. They had choices just like libra and Libra chose to stay in their integrity, helping those that helped themselves. They did not choose to take what was not theirs, they chose their own path, they chose justice and fairness. They chose independence and they chose love, forgiveness, change, and acceptance. This is why they are successful. This is why they are no longer stuck in the past, this is why they no longer feel chained by obligation that was never theirs. They are ready to live this new life unapologetically. This is why they must remember that those still in resistance will continue to be bitter, ugly, and resentful. This is not their fault nor their problem. Moving forward being kind, loving, and generous with those their heart leads them to be generous to will bring more and more abundance. They serve their new community with dignity, and they are rewarded by the Most High.

That is all I have for you Libra and Libra placements! May all that does not align with your story and your highest path be released now back into the pool of wisdom to be removed as it should,

May you have a blessed year & find love wherever you go,

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