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Someone’s Story: “The Diamond & The Explorer “

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

Hello & Welcome to my Garden! I’m So glad You’re here! It’s a beautiful week of harvest and a great time for reflection on all this year has brought. We’ve been working hard on exploring all that needs to be released this year and working towards what we want in my home. It hasn’t been without it’s challenges, but the reward is beautiful. Thank you for connecting with me here as we learn together. We may have our own journeys but we all connect through love. As we dig into the stories of this week remember to use that inner guidance you’ve been listening to this year to discern what lessons you can learn from and what’s not for you. May you only receive what is for your highest good, and so it is.

Someone‘s Messages: AS ABOVE

Journal Prompt📓

Use what resonates, release what does not. What do these messages mean to you? How can you apply them to your life right now?

“Whatever you ASK for in prayer you will receive…” - Jesus Matthew 21:22

Jesus repeated this many times, some of us need to hear it over and over again. Ask, Believe Receive. A simple formula that can feel so difficult for those of us who struggle with worthiness. Being gentle with ones self is needed when practicing something new. Every situation in life is a chance to practice. Where do you need to ask for what you need? Do you believe? Are you making room to receive?

“To be idle is a short road to death and to be diligent is a way of life;

foolish people are idle, wise people are diligent.” -Buddha

Where in your life do you need to take action?

Hermetic Principle of Vibration:

Everything rests, everything moves, everything vibrates

What is the vibration you are putting out into the world? What have you allowed to rest? What direction are you moving in?

The Videos Shared Here that are not from Tia Khaleesi’s Story Time are for reference only, and not affiliated with this site.

The Diamond

Powerful are the words out of someone’s mouth. Sometimes, because they see multiple obstacles in their path, they doubt that this is true. As they’ve grown this year, they are seeing just how much their words have affected their reality in the past. They are beginning to see how their world is affected by what they speak into existence. In the past they predicted the worst and spoke it into existence and as they look back, they see how that manifested exactly what they predicted. Seeing their responsibility has been life changing.

This lesson is being remembered now so they can see just how powerful they are. Words have power. This is something they are very aware of!

There has been a turn in circumstances, someone has been doing more than listening to inner guidance, they have begun to act on it! The world that they have desired, the LIFE they have always wanted is coming to them. This week someone is going to see how powerfully their words affect their world. When they choose to use this power to lift up another into the spotlight, they too are uplifted into the spotlight! When they choose to believe that their unique personality, wishes and dreams are not only valid but possible for themselves, they stop getting in their own way by blocking another with their jealousy. The heaven they want to see created on earth comes from the vibration of love they put out for another to receive.

Powerful Affirmation for the week:

“My words have power, I am choosing to use my words to create the best life possible for myself and those I influence with my presence. I choose to use my words to co-create a life that brings joy, love and prosperity for the greater good of all involved and so it is. “

This week There comes a moment that someone begins to see that where they are right now, with the influence they have, is solely to help another. They have learned many lessons recently and they felt the hardship of learning something new and feeling like a failure. They see the struggle in another and want to help. It’s very important that someone not compare their past struggle to someone else and expect them to do as they did. Remembering that we teach by example will serve someone well. Instead of preaching what they want someone to practice, and expecting them to take the same path, they choose to be a living example and begin to incorporate the changes in their own life. This makes them a mentor to someone just beginning.

In the quiet stillness of their heart, someone is beginning to see what their purpose at this time is. It looks different than what they expected. Sometimes the biggest impact we can make in the world comes from the seemingly small acts we preform every single day. Someone is beginning to search themselves for what motivates them and as they figure this out, they are beginning to surrender the need to know how it will all turn out, and start enjoying more of what lights up their passion for life.

Crushed like coal:

If someone is stuck still believing that healed looks happy all the time and joyful and never seems to see the bad, they are mistaken. Everyone struggles, everyone has suffered. We learn from each other, we heal from each other. There is no need to be stubbornly strong on our own. This week, Someone will need to speak up. They have been through so much and they have been hiding this from everyone. It hasn’t been the easiest road recently, and someone has been hiding behind forced smiles when it’s unnecessary. We learn from our pain and when we need assistance and emotional support it’s important we open up to our trusted support network. Someone hasn’t felt supported and all they need do is reach out to express the need. They have learned so much about trusting The Most High, and having faith in what they haven’t seen. This has brought them a wealth of knowledge that can help another that is close to them, near and dear to their heart.

All the Sparkly

That someone, near and dear to their heart, is watching them. This has all been divinely orchestrated for someone’s highest good, and someone is beginning to see that they went through everything to teach another. This week someone is realizing they are meant to be a mentor themselves. They have looked up to others and now it is their time to shine! This person they love is struggling in silence and needs the example to move forward in their own life. Speaking up and standing in their truth is exactly the healing needed in this situation. Not everyone deserves to know their story, and that is why this week someone will be relying on their intuition and signs from their spiritual helping hands to bring them the right people at the right time. Someone is shining in their purpose!


The Explorer

Another’s Story has different challenges and victories that are beautiful and worth exploring


“ I am ready to enjoy life in every way possible for me at this time. I claim my power now. I claim it as I claim my love, Joy, peace, patience kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control now!

I am believing in what I haven’t seen because I will receive what’s for my highest good in perfect time and so it is”

Someone has been working hard on creating happiness. They are busy at work, busy at home with family, busy in their hobbies, busy in their friendships and busy in their spiritual life. The word repeating here, is BUSY. The vibration of busy accomplishes a lot of tasks, but rarely does it observe the moment. Rushing through their life feeling like they are barely making it on time wherever they go isn’t working. It has been a blockage that thankfully, ENDS this week!

This week, someone is seeing the need to take a time out from trying to accomplish things. It would be helpful for them to remember to allow themselves to just BE in the moment. Any opportunity to be silly and have fun will fill their home with higher and happier vibration! When they find themselves overwhelmed with racing thoughts, they can find their center by grounding in the joy! When laughing with others they can allow their ears to fill their hearts with the laughter around them, taking it in through each breathe drinking in the moment. Allowing themselves time to be silly and say silly things or sing silly songs will bring out the happy child they once were.

“ I explore new traditions and new ways of celebrating Gratitude “

Do- over Holidays

Someone is ready to rewrite their story of the holidays. No longer wanting to live in the storyline of discord and family trauma and drama around gatherings, Someone is choosing to change it. They have made a choice this year to surround themselves with people that they are truly grateful for, and they are choosing to start over and come from a place of love and welcoming friendship to those they used to see as a problem. This isn’t something they have to force it feels natural right now. If they do feel they have to force something, they may choose to recognize this and shift away from that situation for now. Nothing needs to be forced and it’s better to stay away from those situations at this time. That Vibration is affecting those around them in the most positive way! Even their inner child is healing!

That inner child has been needing attention, and the wounds of the past were deep. Someone may be triggered and tested as they are making true positive change. Remembering that resistance to change is inevitable and not everyone will accept this or be happy with it is important. The conscious decision to change what the holidays mean to someone, has healed wounds they thought never would heal. It also meant facing some pain and realizing that in order to have something new, sometimes old things must be removed. Some people like the old way of doing things and will choose to stay there. That doesn’t mean forever and it’s okay for someone to accept that this year this is so. All of these positive changes came with a lot of struggle for someone

This may be taking place this week, but this didn’t happen overnight. Someone has been slowly working on themselves for years. They now see they weren’t broken. They were conditioned overtime to believe that the drama and trauma were necessary and unfixable.

They are bringing the change their ancestors hoped for. It may have felt difficult to create their own traditions and they may have felt uncomfortable facing themselves but it’s paid off! This holiday they are able to create new memories and happier traditions and more joyful responses in all situations! They are learning and observing and this is the beginning of a beautiful Thanksgiving and it’s ushering in a new era of true and Happy Holidays.

Hanukkah Starts 🕎

With so many visiting from different backgrounds I feel we can all learn from each other! Hanukkah begins at the end of this week. Here is one of the ways someone is celebrating and their explanation of the holiday.

This year I’m Thankful for you, Wisdom seekers. Thank you for connecting with me here. May all that is not meant for you be returned back into the pool where it belongs.

From my home to yours, may you be blessed another year! Happy Thanksgiving,

-Tia Khaleesi

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