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Someone’s Story: The Will

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

Welcome to a Bonus Story for the wisdom seekers!

May you only receive from this space what is meant for your highest good. You have been brave facing shadows and releasing what doesn’t serve. This moon may bring another twist in, let’s hear this story now, shall we begin?

FULL Moon In Aries ♈️

The mighty protector is showing his head, the successful, the one who knows without understanding why, the provider, the leader of the zodiac is Aries ♈️

Children born under an Aries Moon are the pioneers who are bold, flexible and have an enthusiasm for all the good happening in their lives.

When the Full moon is in Aries, Someone is given an incentive through a blessing in disguise, what seems like a brutal truth is simply a powerful catalyst to activating the dormant strength that has been awakening slowly, for this time.

NOW. Now is the time for someone to act NOW is the time for the their battle cry, lead by spirit, not by ego, they are standing and fighting for what they believe in!

The Exposed .

Like a silk string of carefully planted stories, it is a delicate web that has been spun. Thread by thread, loop by loop, someone has been lying. The pain and discomfort their bodies must have felt, hiding these secrets. The mental anguish they must have felt trying to hold on to the story lines that have been keeping them stuck in the patterns of the past. How lonely it must feel for the one who knows but knows alone.

All it takes is one to be undone and the entire web will fall. Crashing to the ground exposing all that has been hidden for so long. There will be no time for shrewd misdirection, their powers of persuasion have been broken. This will be the day that they will have no choice but to face themselves and the raw naked truth

The exposed truth is always to set someone free. The pain, shame, stress of holding on to secrets is just not in their highest good. They have exposed others truths to distract from their own tails and drama fearing judgement. What they didn’t

Know is that the most high is watching always, and what we send It is wise for someone to remember the only truth that is yours to uncover is Your own.

For the honest, there is nothing to fear, what is told in this story may be hard to hear. It is not you but another that is about to be exposed, possibly a brother. It is not for you to pass judgement, or assert yourself at will. This is a time to move away from what’s toxic after a moment of being still.

Strength under Fire

Aries the leader, wherever someone has Aries in their chart, or fire of any kind, the courage to move in the right directions comes and it’s fierce. They are given a new upgraded strength to face battles head on. The desire and the will to move to another timeline away from the pain of this past painful one they’ve been stuck in will overcome their fear of the unknown. There is a sense of passion that arises. ONLY their destiny calls them at this time. In order to fly they must first release within, the chains that weigh them down.

The Will

These heavy chains of story lines that no longer fit their lives. Stories of the wounded child, can they see them, forgive all involved and release? They have the will.

Can they allow that raging fire within to be tempered by allowing it to come out? They have the will. Can they choose today to release their trauma, their villains of the past in order to move forward in a world where they are no longer weighed down by these? They have the will.

Can they forgive themselves their selfish ways and discontent of their lives and where they are? They have the will. Are they willing to face that they’ve brought on more drama and toxicity in their world by focusing on it? They have the will. Yes, they have the will they are strong, they are wise they bold, and the fear IS LEAVING! The darkness they feared is coming from within and only they can choose to release it. They have, the will


*This recipe is for the Collective and may not be for everyone who reads this story. Please check with your healthcare professional if you have any inquiries about the ingredients below before use. Use at your own discretion.

What you’ll need:

1 bath tub

1 lavender or rose scented candle

1 glass storage bowl with lid

1 cup Epsom salts,

6 drops of Rosemary essential oils

4 drops of Lavender essential oils

Mix salt, & oils in container stirring clockwise until all ingredients are well married. Use as much or as little as you’d like!

Release all the worry, all the fear using earth & water to cleanse imagine it all being released down the drain when you’re done!

Solar Plexus balancing

Someone who has felt powerless & hopeless or has been domineering and controlling over the people around them may have an imbalanced Solar plexus. Eating foods such as yellow squash, bananas, mangos, grilled corn or black bean salad support the health of the solar plexus and could be very beneficial.


“ I am Powerful with my Creator, I am Powerful when I work with others, I am powerful when I stand in my sovereignty. I am worthy of my Power "

*All videos not part of Tia Khaleesi’s Story Time are for reference purposes only and are not affiliated with this page.

May all that is not meant for you be released back into the pool as should

Thank you for spending time with me this full Moon! Don’t forget to move forward bold and afraid, and watch as you overcome that fear! I believe in you, now YOU believe in you.

-Tia Khaleesi

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