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Someone’s Story:“The Hidden Truth ”

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

Hello Wisdom seekers! Thank you for visiting. Welcome to my garden! Welcome to a Brand NEW MONTH! As we head into this next month, we are headed toward harvest season! What are you receiving this harvest? Love? Joy? Something else? Let’s dip into the Pool of Wisdom,and see what lessons we can find! Using your own inner guidance to see what’s for you learn and what is simply to observe. May only what is for your highest good be received,

And so it is.

This week’s story is rooted strong in a feminine energy. For this purpose I’ll refer to this energy as “she.” Let’s not focus on the pronouns. This may be a very nurturing male take it as it resonates.

The only way to healing, is through feeling. There is no spiritually bypassing the work.


What is her reaction trying to say?

At any given time she has the ability to recognize that her emotions are teachers. She is learning more about herself and where her unhealed wounds are. This week, she’s learning past denial and numbness did not release her from her pain, it only buried it. Her uncomfortable emotions are the powerful signal that it’s time to face and heal those wounds for good.

It’s not pretending these things don’t bother her, it’s admitting to herself that what she’s been through, hurt. It hurt a lot. She had to deal with some unfair situations. Not facing them could lead her to outbursts that have been boiling under the surface for sometime. Right now, that won’t be helpful. This is why she’s called to focus on what she hasn’t let go of, what is still wounding her, how far back it goes, so she can heal it and release it for good. Recognizing the pain that was there, realizing that she sees bravely that she was hurt, deeply. Her heart has been broken and she’s been betrayed, even by herself.

It’s also time to ask for forgiveness for her own involvement in what’s caused her pain. Denying her truth, ignoring her intuition time and again, not believing in herself. Forgiving herself is the key, letting it go. She can start to believe in herself now. She can listen to her intuition now.

Can she see that what was done by someone she cared for, was never about her? She needs to let it go for good. Let go of the anger and the pain that was never meant for her and choose to rise with the wisdom that came for her highest good.

Challenge #1

Two sides

There’s a long overdue conversation that is taking place, or long overdue information is coming to light, either way, She’s being challenged to first, observe her inner reaction, before responding. Why is she feeling untrusting? By reminding herself that her emotions are unhealed parts of herself coming up, She is choosing to look at both sides of the situation.

She can struggle inwardly trying to figure out how to push through the situation experiencing as little as possible, or, she can use this valuable learning opportunity to heal. When she faces the truth boldly, and HER truth, how she really feels about it without judgement, she opens the door to acceptance of what is, and acceptance of her power to choose another path. When one person is focused on selfish motives and the other is looking for what is fair, can there be a compromise?

Questions for her Journal 📓

when her emotions overwhelm her:

What does it physically feel like ?

Is this feeling familiar?

Has there been a pattern of this?

Is she ready to release it?

Challenge #2


Compromise isn’t the option she wants right now. She wants justice. She feels wronged, and feels she deserves much more than she’s being given. As she’s learning to listen to her emotions, and take a moment to breathe, she’s learning she doesn’t have to stuff her emotions down, she is the one that needs to acknowledge them, without allowing herself to impulsively give them control over her words or actions.

Peace is her goal, As within, so without. She makes peace with what is her responsibility to heal, and understands now that it is not her job to fix or punish anyone. Compromising for the greater good of all, This will lead to her seeing an offer that brings justice and happiness that she desires so desperately.

Challenge #3

A new beginning

She’s being asked to seek a new beginning away from what she’s known and experienced. She’s been involved with a miser, someone who promised stability and ripped away. This reinforced her beliefs in lack, and now she’s being asked to let that go. Will she? She’s ready to embody the powerful nurturing energy that is her hidden strength, to believe in abundance. She was wise with her choice to heal instead brewed and letting go of the past to make room for something new will bring her something better than she expected. “Forgive the selfish one, they will fail, you will rise” a voice from within speaks. She’s being reborn and her work is blossoming. Choosing not to allow the circumstances around her to dictate her feelings or change her course without consulting her inner guidance will lead her to success.

Her journey

She’s on a path of self discipline. Learning to trust her inner guidance, learning to control her reactions & to temper her emotions. Instead of allowing the outside world to overpower and overwhelm her, she’s learning to quiet the storm inside by facing the pain head on with dignity and grace. Like a dance, she falls, she slips, she tips, and with every intentional movement and choice not to give up she rises. She masters another step day by day. She will succeed, because she’s learning to believe in herself. She’s learning to trust she’s not alone even when the crowds are gone. Somehow she can sense the power behind her. When she feels abandoned or alone, there is a strength and comfort in what is unseen. The Holy Spirit.

She knows her options, she knows she can choose more of the same and battle toxic energy with toxic energy. She knows she can also sacrifice her right to destroy, for the right to Peace. Which includes examining and healing her own toxicity.

She’s taking responsibility for the power she allowed another that broke her heart. She felt stuck but she’s not. She is learning to get over her victim mentality. She’s moving past the pain, it’s all paying off! She’s overcoming this.

She leans on her faith, and listens to advice from her trusted sources. She may choose a therapist, a Rabbi, a priest, a priestess whatever feels comfortable, but she’s learning to humbly seek advice and listen. She’s staying in the divine energy she’s embodying because it feels good! She’s ready for that beautiful energy returned.

Scriptures in the Garden

John 3:16 & John 14:18

Someone has a very Strong connection to The Christ. They are being reminded of the Unconditional Love that comes from our Creator. The lies that have held them in this sadness and lower vibration can be shed remembering the truth. You are worthy of love,

You are not abandoned

You are loved always

You are not alone

Believe, Receive,

Amen, and so it is 🙏

Did you find the hidden truth? Do you see and know your own? Thank you for visiting, May all that’s not meant for you be released back into the pool to be washed away.

I’m wishing you success on your journey, be gentle with yourself, there’s only one of you in the entire world!

-Tia Khaleesi

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