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Someone’s Story “Perception”

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

You are the awareness behind your senses.

Welcome Back to the Garden! I’m so glad you’re here, May this week bring you all you need to be the best version of yourself today, and may all that’s not meant for your highest good, be released far, far away.

This or better, and so it is.

THE CHALLENGE: Perception Do you trust yourself?

Do you see things as they are? Are you moving strictly from emotion? Are you allowing others control? Is this your story? As we grow, we learn to be open to others opinions, feedback and criticism. Sometimes this serves us well and we learn about others in our environment and even a little about ourselves. The person in this story, could be challenged to trust their own judgement. They have opportunities to strengthen their intuition but they may come as challenges to their authority, boundaries or possibly reality. They never need to fear, all emotions are safe and teach us more about ourselves. Observing this without judgement on themselves will bring victory. Pausing for reflection is their greatest weapon against uncertainty. Does what is coming at them feel like confusion? Do they recognize the gaslight when it arrives? Do the words match the facts?

Keeping Promises:

When they make promises, they’re sure to keep them. It means a lot to you that you can be relied on to do what you say you will, even if it takes them longer than expected to keep a promise. (It would probably be a stressor until fulfilled for the person in this story. ) It's time they gave themselves the same respect. How many promises to leave the house, to explore the world around them have gone unmet? How many plans for new routines, habits and hobbies for their own enjoyment have all gone into the realm of “someday”? IT could be time to release the excuses they give to deny themselves. Time to embrace self care, adventures, connections. These are the parts of rhem that crave attention.

Only you know what you’ve neglected in yourself and you know it’s time to replenish and keep your promise to yourself.

Are you ready to take that risk? Can you believe you’re worth your time?

Reclaiming Their Power

Every time they deny their truth to appease another, a little of their power is given away. Every time they believe someone else is to blame or “the cause” of their own behavior their power is stripped away. Little by little, piece by piece their power has been freely given away. But no more not today! It is time to rise, rise and claim what is rightfully theirs! Every Morning, this week it will serve them well to claim their power! They have the power to choose in every moment Respond or React? Be still, or join in the chaos? Stay firm in their boundaries or allow another to cross them again? They have everything they need to make the positive changes they’ve been requesting to the creator. Will they take action? It’s in their hands now.


Power with, is not power over. Being hurt by others can make it hard to trust. Who can see you when you don’t feel so powerful? Who can remind you of your strength when you need a friend? Trusting people who weren’t worthy of their truth has had this person guarded and closed tight in their own shell. They just wanted to feel safe. This week they’re called to remember the feeling of trusting their intuition. Trusting their senses rather than ignoring them.

You are intuitive, trust yourself. Do you have all the knowledge you need to make the decision?

The Power in Vulnerability

They now see a power in the side they hid away, it’s endearing it’s beautiful, it’s mysterious and sexy. An untapped resource, they are ready share. By the end of the week, they may be called to open up and become their powerful, vulnerability. Not everyone is worthy of this side of them, but for too long they have worn a shield against those undeserving. They possibly have unmeaningly wounded trusted sources with their shell of protection. This shell was developed to keep them safe and it’s valid. This shell however has outworn it’s purpose and doesn’t belong here anymore. When they choose to trust their intuition and take the risk with a trusted loved one, they will be rewarded.

The reverse is also true for the person in this story as above so below, and as someone comes closer in their vulnerability, someone trusted is no longer so. They’ve proven to be toxic and unsafe and it’s time for the person in this story to remove themselves. Will they trust themselves to do so and protect their vulnerability? Will they have the courage to remove themselves?

You deserve your full attention. make sure you're seeing what your emotions are trying to tell you.

Are you getting enough of what you need? What can you give yourself?

What do you need to release? Where do you need to ask for help?

Thank you for visiting! Your best is good enough. be gentle with yourself.

Tia Khaleesi

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