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Someone’s Story May 23rd - 29th “Earned Progress”

Updated: May 30, 2022

Welcome to The Garden! I’m so glad you’re here. This has not been the easiest Month so far, and yet you are here, you’ve made it! I am so proud of you! Take a moment to relax, and remember that all the lessons you are learning now, will be your wisdom later. The wisdom gained from the past, is part of what has brought you through this time whether you noticed it or not. I do hope you are proud of yourselves. As you push through the obstacles placed by others, yourselves, and circumstances you couldn’t of seen coming for reasons beyond your current understanding, you are persevering. You have come so very far from who you once were. Let’s take a look back to January and revisit old ideas that may help you now. Not all that I share here is meant for you, and that’s okay, Remember what this space is for, using your inner voice to guide you. It’s my intention and belief that you will receive only the messages for you and your highest good, and so it is.

There is Success coming for someone and when it arrives, they are preparing for the lifestyle change it brings. Whom will they share this life with? Loyal friends are drawn in through inner guidance leading the way instead of outside sources. This releases friend groups that were no longer in the same vibrational space.


Are you feeding your faith or your fear? What needs to be nourished and what needs to be cut off? In faith, are you also taking actions?

How can someone handle the money they are asking for if they have not yet learned to budget and live within their means? How can someone handle the friendships they desire if they are not living in honesty and authentically connecting with the people in their life right now? Fear can paralyze and blind you. Someone may not realize that they have the solution to their blockages right in front of them. Fear is not the answer. Time and repetition will get them there along with patience.

Their evolving and this requires a look around at what they have in their life right now. Their happiness has been hidden from them by their fear of

“what if this is as good as it gets? What if it never gets any better?”

They would never admit this to those around them, but they may be struggling to face the truth, that they are addicted to the struggle.

If they are brave enough to face this truth head on, they may actually be shocked at how well things are going for them right now. How small their problems really are at the moment and how BIG their current blessing really are. Not in comparison with anyone else either, no. They are in shock at their own growth since January of this year.

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When someone stops to really look at where they are and where they decided they wanted to be going this year, they may find that they are ahead of schedule, not behind. Opening their eyes to all the different ways they’ve chosen to move forward and leave toxic traits behind has been paying off! They have been learning to love their life where they are at, and by looking back this week at where they started whether that was January or longer, someone is beginning to see the power in contentment in the present.

It’s good to have a desire to move forward in friendships. They desire a tight group of supportive and trustworthy friends. The problem is, someone has known for some time that the people they have allowed to be their friends are not in a place of high vibration. They are in fact very low vibrational and it’s bringing them down with them. This may be manifesting in their professional and family relationships as chaos or discord.

Someone needs to be honest with themselves about why they doubt their own ability to see the truth behind the lies. They are highly intuitive and they have had to endure a lot of unfavorable opinions. Revisiting their hope and faith in where they want to go will help them remove the fear that has been paralyzing them and blinging them to their solutions. Feeding faith, feeding confidence, believing that what they have here and now is all they have ever needed will bring them out of this space of stuck and discontent.

There is no far distant future of happiness the happiness they seek is available to them NOW, and it require their acceptance of that and choice to be happy today in this time, and space because they say so.

It’s okay for them to be skeptical of their ability to be happy. They’ve been through a lot. This is a time to trust in their journey and the lessons they have learned along the way. They are highly intuitive and they can see or feel the “bad” that could be on it’s way in the not so distant future. This gives them an opportunity to redirect their own steps so that they only take them with integrity.

There is nothing that cannot be changed that has not yet happened. There is no need to stay stuck in their head thinking of the worst possible scenarios. What if instead they considered the good possible outcomes?

Seeing things ahead can give them al they need to make choices now that could prevent catastrophe all together.

As for another, they are being reminded that this is their lesson of surrender. Surrendering their need for control of what they cannot.

someone may avoid a painful lesson altogether just by accepting this truth.

The Throat Chakra

Is it time to rebalance that throat chakra? Truth can be gentle sometimes we need to pause before we speak to come from a higher place when speaking. In that space, we can deliver the truth in love. When we are not speaking our truth, or over using our words to communicate, we can create blockages and imbalance our chakra point. It may be time for someone to rebalance their throat chakra to communicate what they desire to instead of what they are currently communicating. They may not realize they are creating situations of mistrust.

If this resonates in part or whole you can use sound like the video below to assist you.

(Drink extra water when doing so.)

Sometimes we can be blind to our own toxic behaviors. The energy surrounding this week will not allow someone to hide from themselves much longer. This is a kindness to help someone grow. In a time where communication blockages are likely and stubbornness rules, someone may need to go into hermit mode and realign to a higher vibrational space. As within, so without and someone’s home is a mess! Cleaning up the mess in their home, brings clarity to a situation where they may have missed an enemy right under their nose!

Remember your divinity, your femininity, be your best and highest self now. Remember your masculinity you are capable and worthy Your future is beautiful. Believe it. You have no idea how much the love you carry for yourself will be the key to bringing you al that you desire for your highest good.

There is a mother and or a Father visiting the garden that is beginning to see their influence and impact on their child’s view of the world. They are watching their child love others the way they have loved their child. For this parent it is endearing. They see how trusting and honest this child loves with whole and full heart. Their child is trusting and has very firm boundaries. (Perhaps there is more than one child.) The little mirror also shows the way they might love conditionally, or have trust issues, and this is being shown right now to give this parent a chance to correct their own path. It may be time for someone to get really honest with themselves.

As it is within, so it is without. A child is outwardly expressing what they believe their worth is by their harsh words and treatment of others. Someone is being called to realize that every small bit of love given matters. Every patient moment this child receives counts. Every kind response to shocking and unkind behavior brings this child what they need. The faith that they are lovable, unconditionally. This, is why this parent must not give up. The child is crying out for love and for someone, this is learning to discipline with love and be vulnerable.

Someone may be in need of assistance when they feel overwhelmed will be beneficial for someone willing to be honest with exactly what they need help with. People around them are willing to help asking is al that is needed.

Heaven = (under construction)

Someone has left a very toxic situation and a pattern behind them and the repercussions of being with someone so vile for so long are bubbling up for healing. Someone is being asked to accept their loss. This relationship robbed them of a lot. They don’t enjoy accepting this loss but it is important they acknowledge it. They may find accepting their willing participation in the situation lead to a lot of those losses and this frees them of a victim mentality. Sometimes things are broken apart so that better things can be brought together. It’s easy to forget our powerful words. When we say hateful things to curse another, we block ourselves.

Recognizing that moving forward only looking back to wish healing for the other person. They call in a better life for themselves and will find themselves in the healed space they deserve.

Sometimes we can drain ourselves of our own energy by being in our head about a situation that we cannot control. By intentionally shifting our focus onto the immediate tasks that help us in the moment, we take our energy back from sources we didn’t even know we were giving it away to.

IF none of that was for you or you want more to do, then the one daily focus is for you!


Someone has been giving to others for a long time. A generous heart draws in generosity too. Today, Focus on being open to receiving. Enjoy that reciprocity that you have earned.


When we are given new blessings at new levels, we attract new challenges and sometimes new “devils” Focus on spiritual protection today. Resist the temptation and it will not be. Illusions are likely


( Tia Khaleesi’s Garden is not offering professional medical advice. )

How long has it been since someone has seen their healthcare professional? Routine maintenance may be on someone’s mind. Focus on wellness today and consider a check up if needed.


Someone has allowed others too much power over their life. This is an opportunity to grow and stand their ground. Focus on taking your power back where you have chosen to give it away.


Social Media / electronic Detox Time!

Someone has had an intake of way too much social media. Between celebrity, friend and family drama someone is overloaded with information. Focus on unplugging from everyone and everything for a day. It’s time to find your center.


Following a cleanse of electronics and gossip, someone needs to continue this trend into the weekend. Today is a day to focus on calling in and standing in peace.


Someone is facing an ending. Today focus on the gratitude for all that came from a situation that has run it’s course and is now evolving into something better for everyone who chooses so.


You and you alone know what speaks to you, what feels like your truth. Honor your highest truth always. You are the key to your healing, to your prosperity, to it all. Believe in yourself, feed that faith that you are worthy.

That’s all I have for you this week Subscribers. Check in later for your exclusive look at June’s story. May all that is not yours, and does not resonate with your highest good be released back into the pool where it belongs.

I wish you loving exchanges in the week to come!

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